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I 22 got injured at work mainly bruising to my groin area and the doctor 36 was female. She was single unattached and okay looking, not that I was thinking about sex at the time. She examined me and said everything looks fine and started stroking my cock. It responded by going hard, but she was unable to get me off, too painful. She said she would’ve to try again after the bruising went down, adding it was the only way to see soft tissue damage and repair it before it was too late. I was off work for 2 weeks, but she wanted to see me in 3 days (Saturday) which on this weekend she was off duty that weekend, and a male doctor would see me instead of her. I wasn’t too keen on a man masturbating me and she saw the shock look on my face and said I could drop by her home, and she would do it for me but not to tell anyone. I was given the address and a time to arrive and a number to call if I wasn’t going to come. The pain eased off quite a bit and I thought I might not need to visit the doctor. I then thought it might be serious if not treated early and there was a problem. I’ve heard of some guys having blood in their semen. Believing that was what she was looking for I turned at her home, she said it would be better for me to get relaxed and comfortable. Then suggest we shower together before she started. I was still thinking of it being for medical reasons, went along with what she said. With her naked she got me off fairly quickly and she tasted my semen, and we’ll need to try something else. She had me lay back and she got me hard again and then mounted me, rode me until I came inside her. I had really enjoyed her fucking me and was willing for her to repeat over and over again. 5 times she fucked me and told me I was kay no problems, and I should be okay. I asked how much, and she said no charge, I left thinking it was the best doctor’s visit I’ve ever had. Anyway, a couple of months later I need to see a doctor and I was happy to get her, there was one slight change in her looks, she was pregnant. I found I was the father, but she wanted no support from me. I said if you need any help, I will happily provide it if I can. I felt I was a real man for the first time, I had gotten a woman pregnant. But I couldn’t tell anyone as it would hurt her career and she hadn’t hurt me in anyway. The sex I had really enjoyed, as I was willing to help, she called me to fix a couple of small problems. I fixed the problems and she again had sex with me. Now 12 years later she is my doctor still and lover still, we live apart and she has our 2 children living with her, past having children she still sleeps with me. I’ve moved up in my career and have my own home, which was lucky as hers was damaged by a Tornado. She and the children moved in with me, I was sad when they moved back into their own home after it was repaired. But she prefers her space, but regularly gives me long medical assessments over a weekend. The children know I’m their father and we get along very well and so no need to marry. She is the best doctor ever to treat me.

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