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Copyright © January 2021 by CiaoSteve
CiaoSteve reserves the right to be identified as the author of this work. This story cannot be published, as a whole or in part, without the express agreement of the author other than the use of brief extracts as part of a story review.
This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.
Author's Notes
Foreword #1: All sexually active characters in this story are over 18.
Foreword #2: This is a story and intended purely for pleasure.
Foreword #3: This is a tenth chapter in the Voyage of Self Discovery series. Although there is a little recap at the start of the story, you may want to read the earlier parts to get up to speed with the journey so far. If you are au fait with the story to date, then do start from the second set of asterisks.
Foreword #4: This story was inspired from a suggestion from a fellow reader, Bablee, whose name I have used in the story but for no other purpose than having a name for a character.
Foreword #5: I've put this into group sex as a category but should point out that the story is a mix of group sex, lesbian, and mild domination.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It was my darling husband who bought me this notebook, leather bound with gold trimmings, as an homage to my fifty years. It was my darling husband who also suggested I put it to good use. He even bought the pen that I have been using to write my memoirs. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to remember that it is a real story and one in which I was the centre of all attention.
So now my love life is better than it's ever been—okay, now that I am a little over fifty it is more about the quality than the quantity, but it is still better than ever. In my time away, I learnt much about myself and even more about my relationship with my darling husband. I just felt compelled to record what have been the best years of my life.
My introduction to this new world, at the ripe young age of forty-something, had been tentative to say the least. It started with a stranger on the top deck of a cruise ship. As I watched his wife getting ravaged by another's cock, he sat unperturbed and pleasured me past the point of no return.
It was just the start and left many a question to be answered. One by one they were, but for each which was answered another took its place. The more I found out, the more I wanted to discover, and so it was that I set embarked on my own pleasure cruise.
"You can go as fast or as slow as you want, everything is in your hands . . . mouth . . . pussy . . . and ass!" were the words of my wonderful teacher.
Given such a fantastic opportunity, I was going to make the most of every moment, and there were many. The only question now was which of the fantastic encounters would make it into my journal.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Back on the cruise ship, I went straight in search of Melodee, intent on sharing my good news. I stood outside her cabin, memories of that very first night flooding back to me. That night I was so nervous, so hesitant, but today I practically bashed away at the door.
"You're early," came the distant reply of a more than familiar voice. "Come on in, the door is open."
'Early?' I thought to myself, grabbing hold of the doorhandle and starting to twist. How could I be early when she didn't know I was coming? My mind was still pondering the same as I walked into an empty cabin bedroom.
"Mistress Melodee will be with you in a minute," came Melodee's voice from the bathroom.
I glanced around the room. The window blinds were closed, the heating turned up slightly, and the only light came from a soft-toned lamp on the dressing table, its bulb throwing a sultry reddish-amber glow. It was like I had walked into some Mistress' boudoir rather than Melodee's cabin. I was still pondering Melodee's comment about timeliness when her next comment took me totally by surprise.
"Hope you're stripped off and ready for action, big boy."
For sure it was a surprise, for both of us.
"Bablee!" Melodee called out in an almost shocked state as she walked out of the bathroom.
"Melodee," I replied, my eyes gawping, not so much at my beautiful blonde teacher, but more at the transformation in her appearance.
Here she stood, bedecked in shiny black. Was it leather, latex, or even rubber? I didn't know, but the one thing I was sure of was that Melodee looked fantastic as the material clung to her like a second skin. Stockings ran up to high thigh, giving a sumptuous look to her already shapely long legs, the look itself accentuated by a pair of killer heels. Two plain straps at front and back attached the stockings to a matching garter belt, framing her naked sex. Above that a quarter cup corset, pulled in tight around the waist, perfectly presented her large breasts. A pair of elbow length gloves finished her off. There was an almost wet look to Melodee's outfit, the material either polished highly, or even oiled.
If the attire itself wasn't shocking enough, then the crop in one hand—Melodee was carrying a long slender cane tipped off with a square leather tab—had me wondering whether to turn and flee. I had not walked into any Mistress' boudoir, but more into a Dominatrix's den.
"I'm sorry, Melodee. I didn't realise you were expecting company. I can come back—"
"Don't even think about it, Bablee. You're here, and I couldn't think of anyone I'd rather see. Now, why don't you take a seat. I'm all ears. You won't mind if I continue getting ready, will you?"
I sat down on the edge of the bed and watched as Melodee rummaged around in the chest of drawers, her back towards me as she bent down to retrieve something. Dressed in this gear, I couldn't avoid but stare at the paleness of her ass and the contrast against the shiny black clothing. My mind was awash with thoughts about that outfit; what does it feel like for the wearer, what does it feel like to touch, and what would I look like dressed the same, were at the foremost of my thoughts.
"So, you see Melodee, I went to the office and they confirmed it."
"Confirmed what?" Melodee replied, now bent over further at the waist as she opened the bottom drawer. A glimpse of naked snatch, smiling back at me between her legs, had me drooling. Somebody was going to be a very lucky man, or at least I assumed that big boy referred to a man.
"That I can change my job and join the entertainment team… you know, do it full time. It's conditional. I have the next cruise to prove myself and then they'll see. So… I was hoping… hoping you would keep helping me."
There was a moment's pause. I had said my thing, and asked my question, but to no response from my teacher. Melodee continued searching in the bottom drawer and I continued staring at her perfect ass. Maybe now wasn't the right time to ask. It was obvious she had other things, or more likely another man, on her mind.
I got up off the bed and headed for the door. I could make my excuses and leave her to it. A loud crack, as the leather end of the crop rapped down against something hard, stopped me in my tracks, my heart almost jumping out of my body at the sudden break in silence. I spun around, to find Melodee standing there, inches behind me.
"That's wonderful," she responded, her arms up around my neck as she leant in and placed a soft kiss on my lips. "Of course, I'd love to continue to help you. Why don't we…"
As she spoke, I felt Melodee fumbling with something behind my back. I was about to ask what she was up to, when she released her grip on me and took a half step backwards. Then, without warning, all went dark as a soft blindfold covered my eyes.
"… start right now?"
"But… Melodee. You're expecting someone."
There was another swish of her crop and an equally loud crack as Melodee once more rapped the leather tab. Unseen to me, it was the sound of crop against stocking-clad leg which made me jump, Melodee barely flinching despite the power of that contact. I on the other hand… well, I winced in imaginary pain at the sound.
"You're right. I am expecting somebody, but now you're here… I reckon this could be fun. What do you say, Bablee? Do you still want to leave, or are you going to strip off for Mistress Melodee?"
Realisation struck. Dave at the bar had jokingly called her Mistress Melodee the last time I had seen him, or at least I had taken it as one of his jokes. Obviously, I was wrong about this, as I was wrong about so many things on my new journey. My heart was pounding. I knew I should turn and leave, but I so wanted to get to know this side of Melodee's character. But then, what about the person she was expecting. Wouldn't I get in the way? Surely it had to be a man not a woman, or was that me just being a bit presumptuous?
My heart was pounding with excitement just from being in her presence, the darkness and sudden feeling of a lack of control simply adding to the emotion. I couldn't help myself. My top went first, as I slowly pulled it up over my plump breasts before passing over my head, all the time being careful not to dislodge the blindfold. The skirt followed soon after.
"Well, well, well," Melodee commented, raising her crop up and placing the tip against my naked snatch. "Aren't you the naughty one, out and about without underwear. Anyone would think you were looking for something, or someone. Am I right, Bablee? Were you looking for someone?"
I blushed. I'd forgotten about the lack of underwear, having come straight from my encounter with James. I didn't dare tell her that I was ready to fuck him at will if I needed to.
"I… I…"
"Go on, Bablee. Admit it. You're one dirty little pet, coming here to visit your Mistress, not even caring to cover your modesty. I bet you're already tingling inside at the thought of submitting to your Mistress. Am I right?"
It was like the cat had gotten my tongue. She was so right. The whole dominant thing was turning me on, and I had that tingle deep inside. I was sure I was getting damp between my legs.
"I said, am I right!" Melodee commanded the question at me.
"Yes, Melodee. Yes."
"Oh dear," came a surprising reply. "Do I have to teach you where you are… who you are… and how you should address your Mistress?"
"Wh… what…"
"I'll give you one more go. Am I right?"
"Yes, you are right. I am a dirty little pet, and I'm feeling all hot inside."
"I can see I've got a lot of teaching to do, but let's start with the simple one. What do you call me?"
There was a swish of cane and yet another crack of that leather tab, as Melodee's impatience came to the fore.
"M…M… Mistress Melodee," I stuttered, remembering her first words when I walked into the room.
"That's better, my little pet," came her response.
As she spoke, I felt, for the first time, the cool smoothness of her glove up against my naked skin. Melodee's hand caressed my cheek, before running down across my neck and over my chest. I stood there, a shiver passing through my body as she circled my left breast in ever decreasing circles, her fingers getting closer and closer to my nipple.
"Owww," I squealed as I felt first the tug against my nipple and then the hard twist.
I wanted to cry, but at the same time there was that unexpected excitement inside. The feeling was repeated on the other side, a second squeal leaving my lips as the pain hit. It was short lived, the soft stroke her hand against hard nipples taking over. It was so… I'm not sure what it was. All she was doing was running a gloved hand across my breast but with the coolness of the glove and the lack of sight due to the blindfold, it felt even more exciting… even more arousing. For sure I could now feel a dampness between my legs and an ache deep inside.
"Seems my little pet is getting all excited as I stroke her breasts. Does she want for more?"
"Yes, please," I whispered, at once realising my mistake. "Yes, please, Mistress—"
"Too late!" came a barked response. "I will take care of your indiscretion later. For now, I'll have you on your knees, looking up at Mistress."
I knew better than to delay and quickly dropped down to my knees. It was difficult, with the blindfold on, to know where Melodee was so I simply looked ahead and upwards. There was movement, the tell-tale sound of stiletto heels approaching me. I knelt there and waited, not wanting to make any movement in case it was misconstrued as another indiscretion.
Imagine my surprise when the first touch was not a hand, nor a leg, but a patch of bare flesh in between those shiny stockings. With her heels on, and with me on my knees, my face nudged right into her shaven mound. I gasped, hiding any outburst to my Mistress. Inside I knew just what was coming next, and my heart thumped with delight.
"Eat me!" came the command. "Make your Mistress cum and we'll think about that indiscretion of yours."
"Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress," I responded, an excitement in my voice at the idea of going down on Melodee once more, or in this case maybe I should have said going up on her.
I reached out to each side, my hands taking hold on her stocking covered legs as I shuffled further forward. The feel under my fingers was divine; cool smooth slickness encompassed the most sublimely toned legs. I couldn't help but run my hands up and down her stockings, enjoying the feel as my fingers slid across the shiny material. Oh, I wondered if my motherly legs would feel the same clad in such wondrous stockings.
"Owww," I squealed, as the leather tip of her crop bit down against my bare ass. It wasn't a full-on blow, but it still smarted with pain.
"You know what that was for. I said eat me, not fondle my legs!" came a barked response.
Without hesitation, I bent down a little further at the knees and shuffled forward, my mouth now nestled under her bare snatch. The faint aroma of sweet sex permeated the air as I gave a gentle kiss against her outer lips.
"That's better," came a more welcome response. "Now, make your Mistress cum and we'll forget about your misdemeanours."
Slowly, teasingly, I flicked my tongue out and traced her snatch from apex to mid-way between her legs. There was no mistaking the gasp from above, a subtle panted breath from Melodee each time I flicked my soft tip out and made fresh contact with her shaven sex.
I could take all day eating Melodee out, but I guessed she would want me to get a move on given the imminent arrival of another guest. I lifted a hand towards her pussy, intent on spreading her lips in readiness for my invading tongue. The bite of that crop rang out on my other ass cheek, telling me I had made another mistake.
"With your mouth, not your fingers!" came the response.
That second impact was harder than the first, a real sting in my naked flesh. There would be no third time. I had learnt my lesson and I would do only as asked, anything to avoid the bite of that crop and the smart on my ass. It was strange though, for all I could feel the sting of that crop, I could also feel my own arousal building. Why? I would ask myself again, at the end of the day, why did I feel that way? For now, though, I was intent on not making any more mistakes.
I circled her snatch with my tongue, applying ever more pressure as I worked her lips apart. I could taste the essence of her love juices seeping out from within, sweetness setting my taste buds alight. Sampling was not enough. I wanted to savour those juices, to lap at them as they filled my mouth.
"Ughhh," Melodee gasped, as I clamped my mouth down against her now puffy lips and sucked hard.
At first, I took as much as I could between my lips, but soon I was concentrating on one side or the other, using my tender grasp to pull her labia apart. I moaned to myself as the full aroma of her arousal hit my nose. It was time, like the bear with the honeypot, to dip right in and taste the nectar. Reaching out as far as I could, I worked my tongue between her now splayed lips and took a first lick along her innermost sex.
"Mmmm," came the encouragement from above, a gloved hand placed upon my shoulder for steadiness as my caress took Melodee by surprise.
Fuelled on by moans and pants from above, I worked her inner lips, lapping up as much sweet nectar as I could. Long licks, from pussy entrance to clit, were interspersed with short flicks as I teased that rapidly hardening nub. The more I continued, the more her juices flowed. The more her juices flowed, the more I lapped them up. And the more I lapped, the stronger the sound of panted breath and ragged moans came from above.
Yes, speed was of the essence, and from the carnal sound of my Mistress, my enthusiastic approach was most enjoyable. She would moan as I licked, my tongue now taking in the full length of her sex in a single long movement. She would gasp as I worked her clit, tiny flicks teasing the very tip. Then I did it, sucking the entire sensitive bundle of nerves between my lips, and Melodee practically screamed in delight, both of her hands landing on my shoulders as she became most unsteady on her feet. I pulled back, my mouth leaving her now sodden sex as I waited for Melodee to gain a sense of stability.
It was obviously my next error of judgement, but this time was not accompanied by the bite of the crop. If I had thought about it, with both hands on my shoulders she probably did not have the crop in her grip. It was her hands though which told me what was expected. Melodee's fingers spread behind my head and, without warning, pulled me back into her waiting sex. I wasn't quite smothered in sweet nectar, but close to it, with my nose up against her clit and my tongue now hovering over her precious opening. The message was obvious, and who was I to disappoint.
I flicked my tongue out, catching the edge of her opening, before pulling away. There was a gasp from above, and a shiver as Melodee held me tight, her legs clamping down around my head. My hearing was muffled, my ears now forced tightly against her inner thighs, so all I could do was follow my heart and react to her movements. I lapped once more at her sex, drawing ever decreasing circles with my tongue until I was rimming her opening. I intended to keep her on edge if I could, before delving deeper in search of that fabled spot inside her pussy, the one… ooh, I shivered just thinking about it.
I felt the hands behind my head push harder, as if forcing me towards her opening. It was an obvious message from my Mistress, and one I was not going to ignore. Shallow at first, I dipped the tip of my tongue inside, feeling the quiver in Melodee's legs as I continued to tease her sodden sex. And then I was away, forcing my tongue as deeply inside as I could, holding it there, then pulling out. My mouth was awash with her sweet juices, a little trickle running down my chin, as I started to tongue fuck her pussy. Short sharp pushes, followed by longer deeper thrusts, I was working Melodee as passionately as I could.
I couldn't hear the moans—suffice to say that the room was filled with a symphony of desire—nor could I hear the ragged gasping breaths as I worked my Mistress into a fervour of excitement. All I could go on was the increasing instability from above, as Melodee clamped her legs harder against my body. A little more, that's all it would take, just a little more and I would have her cumming for me, have her flooding my mouth with her sweet juices. Just a little more, just a little—
There was a noise from somewhere, a knocking and then… had I heard her right? Did she say she was cumming? I doubled my efforts to bring Melodee to her climax. With my head tightly lodged in between Melodee's legs, it was easy to mishear what was being said; the words 'come in' sound very similar to 'cumming' especially when falling on muffled ears. I never saw Melodee beckon her guest inside. The sound of another voice, a deeper voice, should have been a giveaway, but again I was so engrossed in making her cum, in feeling her love juices flood my mouth, that I never really paid attention.

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