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Walmart Encounter Chapter 2 (Continuation of Walmart Encounter)

It has been almost a year of Nat and I seeing each other secretly from our married counterparts. We have found a rhythm with our schedules and have been meeting at least 3 times a week to fulfill our sexual and intimate desires for each other. There has been times where we have gotten close to getting caught by someone. Once I was walking in to Nat’s house and her neighbor happened to be leaving his house at the same time. Luckily, Nat and her husband had been considering remodeling their kitchen so she hinted me and in and I had to play that part.

Anyway, things had been amazing between us and we had been sharing our fantasies with each other and we were doing whatever we could to fulfill others fantasies or fetishes. One day we were both off and our partners were not so we spent the day at my house and after our first intercourse I fell asleep. 30-45 minutes later I was dreaming about my cock being played and sucked on and the intensity of the dream jolted me out of my sleep and I woke up to see Nat with her mouth around my semi hard cock It was an instant turn on for me and my dick sprung to erection as she sucked and licked it. It was an amazing experience to have this fantasy being fulfilled. After only maybe a minute I was ready to cum and Nat again swallowed my load and licked me clean before coming up and laying down beside me.

Me “Omg that was amazing, I have fantasized about this since I got married and you gave it to me, it was so amazing, thank you so much”Nat “well, you have filled all of my fantasies so I figure I should start repaying them as well, plus I was horny and we only had another hour left, I didn’t want to wake you without a good reason”Me “good? this is a great reason to wake me up, please wake me up more like this haha”Nat “I am happy you enjoyed it and I will keep in mind to do this if you fall asleep on me again hahah”Me “im sure it will happen more and more and we get more comfortable with each other, you gotta tell me more of your fantasies too so I can do my part more”Nat “well, I wanted to see you shoot your cum on to my breast”Me “oh yeah that was fun……….. we can do that more often”Nat “honestly, it was fun that time but I enjoy the taste of your cum so much that I rather you cum in mouth, and if not in my mouth than I would only want it inside my pussy where I can feel the warmth of it when it comes out of your cock and feel it drip out slowly after “Me ” good because I was going to say, I did enjoy coming on your tits but your blow jobs are simply amazing”Nat “well, lets try to do more”Me “More BJs?”Nat “haha yes thats a given, but I meant more fantasies and fetishes”Me “ok what do you have in mind?”Nat “honestly, you have done all I could dream of, the only one I want is borderline wrong but ill share if you won’t get upset”Me “please, share away, I will not get upset, I promise”Nat “well, you heard my husband fuck me, I closed my eyes and imagined you”Me “yea I remember, I remember my jealousy also lol”Nat “yes, I …….I know this will sound weird but I ……. somehow……wanna see you make love to your wife”Me “Ok thats easy………”

I pulled out my phone and pulled a video of me and my wife in our bathroom

Nat “omg, you can’t be serious…………”Me “lets watch…..”The video plays and my Wife and I are just having regular marital sex, nothing crazy other than the camera, the video is only 5 minutes long and you hear my wife coming and then a few strokes later I came also.

Nat “omg that was awesome”After saying that she pulled the sheets off from us and grabbed my semi flaccid cock in her hand started kissing me passionately and told me she wants me to fuck her hard. After a few minutes of kissing I was able to get my erection to full and she got on top and rode me until she came, I turned her back to the bed and finished myself inside her.

Nat “I did feel a bit of jealousy watching you fuck your wife and im sorry for having you made to listen to my husband fuck me”Me “Its ok, honestly I think it made our relationship much better and much spicier because I want to out perform your husband lol”Nat “yea, I feel that I need to be better than your wife…..”Me “honestly in most aspects you are better than my wife hahah”Nat “thank you for saying that, so tell me some more of your fantasies so that I can continue to be better hahah”Me “men are simple, remember? I only have 2 fantasies”Nat “hahah what the BJ wake up call and what else? a threesome?”Me “Yup, simple minded men haha”Nat “ok……..lets suppose I agree with sharing you with yet another woman……..who would it be, how will it even work, have you thought about it?”Me “have I thought about it? YESS, a lot hahah”Nat “omg Nick…….ok so tell me, who is the other woman?”Me “well, im a guy so the ones that are possible are not the funnest to imagine”Nat “possible? so which ones ARE possible haha”Me “like a random person that doesn’t know us or we join a swingers club and pick up someone there, but again not very fun”Nat “ok, im scared to ask…….do you have a person that you HAVE imagined being with at the same time as me?”Me “of course, remember I am a guy”Nat “ok lets hear it, who is it? someone I know or some other crush of yours or what?”Me “well, when I first met you, I wanted you……..and……my wife……….”Nat “omg you are naughty……..”Me “I know, there were days where I imagined you 2 together with me and it made me extremely horny so it was fun but thats NEVER gonna happen so because of its impossibility its a good turn on”Nat ” gotcha, yeah I don’t see this ever happening either….. who else have you thought about?”Me “well, it was a joke at first but honeslty it has helped me when im home alone and horny”Nat “omg not that again……..please don’t say my sister”Me “haha like I said, it was a joke, I was teasing you when I first said it, but remember when we watched your wedding video?”Nat “yea, what about it?”Me “well, in the video you see her dancing with her husband I liked her curves and ……you get the idea”Nat “haha if you knew my Mandy, you would know that will never happen”Me “thats what makes the fantasizing more exciting hahah but why do you say?”Nat “she has been with her husband for 19 years, she has a doctorate but because of her husband she is a stay at home mom”Me “thats not helping haha, a domesticated woman and you at the same time, sounds fabulous”Nat “shut up haha, she sacrificed everything for her married life, she is not the cheating type”Me ” are you saying you are the cheating type?”Nat “no…….I mean…….its different………”Me “ok………”*I teasingly say*Me “well, if not older sister, we can always try younger………”Nat hit me in my arm for saying that before giving me a smile hahaMe “of course im kidding, your entire family is gorgeous but I have not fantasized about your younger sister, you and Mandy keep my mind occupied haha”Nat “omg Nick you are ……..crazy……..lets put it this way, if hell freezes over and somehow you get Amanda to cheat on her husband and then pigs start flying AND you get her to agree to a threesome, I, myself will invite her to my place and convince her why a threesome with the man she is cheating with and her younger sister is a good idea”Me “haha sounds like a deal hahah”Nat “haha you think its funny? if that somehow happens, ill even get my younger sister to join is so you can have the trifecta cuz thats how impossible Amanda is mister.”Me “well………I believe you but you know you just gave me a new fantasy right?”Nat “hahaha, Nick shut up and make love to me so I can go back to my husband and away from your fantasy world haha”Me “hey you asked about my fantasies *I say this in her ear as im kidding her cheeks and neck*Nat “omg Nick yesssssss, make love to me baby”

We make love one more time before we both had to get back to our normal lives.

Things were pretty steady and normal for several months, not much happened, we met before or after our work and kept it discreet for the entire time and were very careful of not getting caught and keeping our relationship going. Until around the holidays.The year before my wife and I went on a trip and did not spend much time with the family but this year my wife wanted to spend the holidays with them and their place which was about 8 hours from home. We would be gone for 2 weeks, with an hour 8 hour drive there would be no way for Nat and I to see each other during these 2 weeks and the weeks leading up to the holiday our schedules were a mess and we saw each other only twice in almost weeks and she knew I would not be able to see here again until well after the holidays. Going in to this holiday I was extremely horny and my wife was not used to me wanting to fuck her every day she turned me down, a lot during the weeks leading to the holidays. We packed out stuff and drove to my in laws.I was horny and bored at the same time, within the first 2 days I needed to relieve myself but with all the family around I had no place to do my business and my wife would come to bed until super late due to mingling with her siblings and chatting all night.The next day I decided I needed some fresh air and did not want to be stuck in the house for 2 weeks so I decided to go hiking at a trail nearby. No one else wanted to go so I went by myself. The trail wasn’t bad but my heart was not in it, I called Nat to tell her how much I miss her but she didn’t answer, she was probably with her family too. This was a 6 hour hike trail, I made it 45 minutes before I decided to cal it quits and find something else to do in the city. I got back to my car and decided to look at movie times to kill some time and take my mind off Nat and sex for a bit. I drove to an AMC theatre nearby and called my wife to let her know what im doing so she doesn’t get mad if she tries to call me.There was a showing starting soon so I locked my car and started walking to the theatre, I wasn’t truly paying attention when I reached the elevator, I walked inside and saw a women fast pacing towards the elevator and without paying much attention to anything I held the door for her, I was looking at my phone so didn’t really care or see her. I was reading reviews of the movie I am about to see. Once we reached the third floor, again I held the door open for this lady and once she was out I started walking towards the theatre. I glanced at her and she did have a nice frame, again I was horny so I just eye balled her from behind and continued towards the theatre. Being horny, I did want to see what she looked like so I walked past her and opened the door to the theater for her. She looked extremely familiar, she said thank you you are very kind and went to the ticket counter.It was just us 2 in line, with 1 cashier. She got a single ticket to the same movie and the guy told her the total, she started ruffling through her purse but after a few seconds she basically told the cashier that she left her wallet at home. she seemed upset, stood to the side and continued to look thru her purse. I had already purchased my tickets online and I don’t like sitting next to anyone so I usually always buy a corner or a divided seat and then the seat next to me so at least I have some elbow room and breathing room nd not be annoyed by anyone. The lady said to the cashier that she has to go home and get her purse and to hold her ticket. I saw her sit down on the benches outside and still looking in her purse. I don’t know if I was being nice or that I was horny and she had a nice frame and I thought I recognized her I decided to help her out.

Me “Hi, im so sorry I don’t mean to intrude but I was right behind you at the line and heard you left your purse at home”Lady “yea, i feel silly but its ok”Me “well I was going to watch this movie with a friend but unfortunately he can not make it and these tickets are non refundable, If you don’t mind, you can have this”Lady “wow, you are super nice, thank you but I don’t know if I can”Me “Well, if you take it, it would make me feel better that its not going to waste, you don’t have to sit in that seat, im sure they will let you sit wherever you wanted, but I will leave it here if you want it ok”

I left the ticket to her side and started walking back inside to pick up some pop corn and a soda. She got up, and fast footed behind me Lady “thank you, you are very kind”Me “well, like I said it would have been wasted if you dint want it, im glad they aren’t getting free money”Lady “thank you, again, thank you so much”

I heard her call someone and tell them she is going inside the theatre and only call her if its an emergency.

I went inside the theatre, still trying to figure out who she was and how I knew her, where ive seen her. Nothing was coming to my mind because at Nat’s house those pictures were older and especially her wedding video was when she was younger.It took me a really long time to realize that this was Amanda. Once I figured it out I was in total shock. I was dazed and staring at some of the light of the exit doors before the movie or even the previews started. I heard someone talking to my right. the theatre was not fully packed but there were 10-15 other people. There was an employee that was telling Amanda where her seat was. She started walking towards me and sat down right next to me and the employee left.

Amanda “well, its been ages since ive been to movies, apparently thy have assigned seating”Me “oh wow, I have not been under a rock, I knew about assigned seating but didn’t know they cared with an empty theater”Amanda “well, you now what they say bad luck comes in 3s, I picked a seat that was paid for”Me “im sorry to hear, but what are the 3s?”Amanda “I forgot my wallet at home, and I picked the wrong seat and watching a movie without the typical movie snacks”Me “well, forgetting your wallet at home bumped you in to me, not so bad………picking the wrong seat bumped you in to me again…….not so bad, but if you want snacks all you have to do is ask haha”Amanda “you are funny, but not thanks”Me “what do you want to drink?”Amanda just looked at me, its ok, I don’t know you to spend any more moneyMe “its ok, just tell me what you want unless you want a random drink that even if you don’t like you will have to drink…”Amanda “you are funny, ok a sprite please”Me “and popcorn or candy?”Amanda “pop corn I guess”

I went back to stands and got her a pop corn and a sprite. After giving her her food I was sitting down, she extended her hand, I shook it.

Amanda “I am Amanda, its very nice to meet you, thank you for being kind”Me “and being nosy…….right ? im joking, im Nick, very nice to meet you”Amanda “yes a little nosy but it was for a good reason……………so yea”Me ” are you sure?”Amanda “sure about what?”Me ” that it was a good reason?”She looked at me for a few seconds ……Amanda “Nick you seem like a nice guy but………”I cut her off Me “Amanda, you seem like a nice person but I was just joking, trying to lighten the mood, im happily married, sorry if I made you uncomfortable”Amanda “I am happily married as well, for 19 years now”Me “well im here to avoid my in laws for a few hours thats how you know im happily married”Amanda “that sounds so bad…….but im here to get some free time from my kids, my husband has them and since I don’t have any real hobbies I just chose a movie”Me “almost the same, I went hiking couldn’t enjoy it so cut a 6 hour hike in to 45 minutes and came here”Amanda “hiking is so much fun, why didn’t you continue?”Me “I was lonely and needed to occupy my mind, this seemed like the better option……..”Amanda “well I hope you get to hike after”Me “If I have some company, Yes I will”The movie started, but I saw her looking at me when I said that last part. I really had no idea what this movie was about, and my brain was elsewhere and couldn’t keep up with the story of the movie or the plot and honestly didn’t know when the movie ended. All of a sudden the credits started rolling and the people in front of us started to get up and exit the theater. I stayed in my seat because I knew that once I leave the theater I lose Amanda and any chance to have any more chat with her. I looked at her, she was sipping the last of her sprite she gave me eye contact but didn’t look like she wanted to get up either.A few minutes go by and the theatre is empty and the lights are on.

Me “did you enjoy the movie ” trying to come up with anything to get our conversation going againAmanda “honestly I was confused throughout the most of it”Me “me too, it was a very confusing movie”Amanda “yea, that or our minds were occupied with other stuff………”Me “yea, thats a fair statement, you were missing your family?”Amanda “No…………….” she looked at me with a really long pause after her no.

Theater employees came back in and started cleaning the theater, which gave us the sign that we needed to leave as well.We both got up and stated walking towards the exit, we were both walking slower than normal but neither of us said anything, until we were only a few feet from the exit.

Amanda “Thank you again Nick, I need to use the women’s room”Lke ripping a bandaid off she turned and walked in to the bathroom, giving me no reason to wait and not look creepy. I was lost, did not know what to do but I figured if she thinks im being creepy that would be the end of it and if im not here that will also the end of the it so I decided to stay, wait for her and risk being creepy. It seemed like I was waiting forever for her to come out. She finally came out, saw me, gave me a confused smirk type of a smile and walked towards me. I started walking towards the exit and held the door for her and we started walking towards the elevator.

Me “you didn’t give me a chance to say good bye……………I figured we are both going down, might as well do it together”We got in the elevator together, Amanda “you are really nice genuine guy, your wife is lucky to have you”Me “I try to remind her of this daily but she doesn’t like my jokes haha”Amanda “haha you are funny”We both just looked at each other for a few moments and no words were said, the elevator door opened and she walked out in front of me while I held the door for her. We continued to walk for a bit more together in silence………

Amanda “so……are you going to finish your hike?”Me “well, I tried it earlier alone and it wasn’t much fun so im not sure”Amanda “yea, hiking alone can be boring……………I only enjoy it with company as well”

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We stopped in front of her car, we were both finding really hard to say our byes, neither of us could come up with the words. Then it finally hit me, that our conversation earlier was about and I reached in and grab some courage………

Me “well, if you need more time hiding from your kids, I still have the hike pass and we still have 4 hours before that trail is closed”Amanda “haha im not hiding from my kids, but hiking is fun, my husband and I go every now and then but he is always busy and …..”Me “no excuses needed Amanda, hahah im joking, lets go its only like 15 minutes from here”She playfully hit me on my arm, then told me to get in the passenger seat.While in the car she called her husband and told him she will be home in 3-4 hours, she is going hiking with a friend. Her husband seemed very nice and was ok with her doing whatever she wanted today.

Amanda “you wanna call your wife and let her know also”Me “ill text her but she is with her whole family, siblings and friends, she doesn’t even know I exist today and she won’t even notice haha”

We got to the hiking park, I got a pass for Amanda and we started on the trail, there was only one couple with us but they were much faster pace than us and pretty soon we couldn’t even see them. This trail was basically a spiral to a small mountain and down the other side so on our trail it was just us. We chatted a little bit about our families, even though I knew about her I pretended to be surprised.

Amanda “I have 2 younger sister, she stated where they both live”Me “oh wow thats a co-incidence I live there”Amanda “oh wow…… where?”Me “umm kinda in the middle of the suburban neighborhood but im not too far from Island Park which is the nicest park in the city”We sat down at some rocks to take a quick break.Amanda “that is scary, whenever I visit her, we go to that park to relax and we used to take my kids there also”Me “wow small world”

We were near the turn and I knew on the other side people could see us So I took another break before the big turn but we happened to be facing west the sunset was upon us. The rock wasn’t very big so Amanda sat next to me and we watched the sun set in front of us. She was super close to me and in my mind I felt her leaning in to me, getting cozy and closer to me as we watched the sunset for 15 minutes or so. I thought to myself I can try to put my arm around her, if she pushes away or doesn’t like it I can pretend I was doing so to get up from the rock. Wasn’t thinking too much and my adrenaline got the best of me.She was sitting to my right, I raised my arm over her head and pretended I was stretching.She leaned in a bit more to me with her head closer to my chest. I threw all caution away and took advantage of the moment and put my arm around her. She grabbed my hand and held it in place for a few seconds until moving away a bit and moving my arm back to me.Neither of us said anything but my heart was beating like crazy……..Amanda “im sorry, i……….it ws just the sunset………..”Me “im sorry as well, I thought………. im so sorry “Amanda “its ok it was just you……anyways, lets get back to the car, ill drop you off”

Awkward silence for our descent back towards the parking. neither of us said anything, I wanted to say so many things but knew this wasn’t going anywhere and just kept walking. We were at the final steps

Me “Again I am so sorry, I will take an uber from, please forgive me and I hope you enjoyed the movie and the hike despite me “Amanda “don’t be silly nothing happened, let me drop you off, don’t make this awkward”Me “to late for that hahah”She looked at me, looked away and turned towards the exit, she must have not been paying attention as she missed the last step and landed awkwardly and fell down. I went down to check on her and helped her back on her feet, she said thanks but she was in pain I could tell. She had put too much pressure on her ankle and it was hurting her.Luckily there was medical staff from the park still there and that looked at it and it would be fine in a day or 2.I sat with her on the bench outside while she was catching her breath and massaging her ankle, while the staff from the park locked the remaining gates and drove off.

Me “are you sure you going to be ok or should I drive you to the emergency room?”Amanda “ill be fine once I get home, they said it will be fine in a couple of days”Me “Ok well lets get you home so you can rest”

I wasn’t thinking about anything else anymore, I was kinda worried for her and wanted her to get home and get better.She got up and walked 2 steps before she started to lose her balance and I had to grab her before she fell. I decided to just carry her to the car since it was only 20-25 feet from us. As I picked her up, she put her arms around my neck and I walked us to her car and got her on the passenger side.She gave me the keys, I turned her car on, checked mirrors and turned on the headlights as it was already pretty dark, I put her car in reverse and was about to back out.

Amanda “can you stop for a second”I put the car back in park and pulled the hand brake Me “are you ok, is it hurting bad?”Amanda “im fine, I wanted to apologize”Me “apologize for what?”Amanda “for making you feel uncomfortable up there………”long pause but I did not want to say anything I wanted her to finish her thought before interjecting.Amanda “it felt nice, and I loved it”Again I did not want to say anything, but continued our eye contact and waited for her to continue her statementAmanda “I only pushed you away……………”Me “I understand………and now?”Amanda “I don’t know………..I feel…………….ive never met someone …………………….I don’t know Nick”She had lots of pauses, between her incomplete sentences but I knew what she wanted and I wanted it to.Me “and now because you couldn’t decided earlier we have a sprained ankle haha”Amanda “im sorry, I shouldn’t have pushed but you must understand, I love my husband……….”Me “And I love my wife, but we both got here in this moment and the moment with the sunset without them………”Amanda “please……………”Me “I know Amanda, and I won’t pressure you or force you but ……………. ill give you an option”Amanda “ok……………what kind of option?”I started driving, we drove past the garage where my car was and I pulled up next to a Hilton. I parked her car at the lobby entrance, went inside and got a room for 1 night. I came back in the car, extreme tension in the car, I pulled to the back of the hotel in front of the room that I got. I put the car in park and turned off the engine.

Me “again, I don’t want to pressure or force you, but that room is for us to enjoy our company some more but if you don’t want to or can’t, I understand and hope you enjoyed my company”She did not say anything, stayed in the car on her side, I looked at her close to the door, she hasn’t moved, so I realized she won’t and waved good bye to her and opened the door. I was about to go in when I saw her open her door and walk out. She was still stumbling so I rushed over to her and put her arm around my should and started walking us both to the door.

Amanda “how do you know I wasn’t just switching seats to drive away?”Me “I didn’t, but was hoping you wouldn’t……………………and wishing you wouldn’t leave without writing an end to our day”

The room had a long sofa and a TV in the first room and a bed in the second room. I walked her to the couch and rested her legs up and I sat myself down across from her.We sat there with small talk and just talking about our lives.Amanda “I don’t have a lot of time left, I told my husband I will be home by 9″I looked at the clock and it was 10 minutes to 7Me “we have time, I don’t want to rush this, because ……………….”Amanda “because……?”Me “well its a once in a lifetime type of thing……..I want to enjoy every moment”Amanda “yes, me too but we………….”Me “we already talked too much hahah?”Amanda “yea, you are a super nice guy and charming gentleman, I wanna know how you are in…………”I walked over to her and kissed her before she could finish her sentence. I kept the kiss surface level only, teasing her ever time she tried to French I would pulled away and go back in. When I finally French kissed her it felt fantastic, tasting her tongue was incredible. I kept kissing her for a few minutes before I felt her hands exploring my body and trying to reach below me.Once I felt her hands feel my cock I wanted to fuck her right then and there. I broke our kiss, picked her up and walked us to the bed, not breaking eye contact, I laid her down on the bed and went back to kissing her on her lips. She once again reached down between us and started caressing my dick. I sat her up and lifted her dress and to my surprise she had no bra and no panties on. He body reminded me of Nat’s but obviously she is a little older and her stretch marks and C section was different. I moved her dress off to the side of the bed and there she laid naked in front of me and for my admiring eyes.Amanda “let me see your penis Nick, let me see it”I took my shirt off and then took my pants off leaving just underwear and my cock making a tent with it.She reached over and grabbed my waist and pulled my underwear down, I stepped out of it and closer to her and she went in, grabbed my dick and started jerking it. She looked at me and then put my dick in her mouth and started sucking it hard and fast.I could not control it for very long and I was about to tell her im about to cum but came as I was about to say it. She pulled my cock out of her mouth but not before at least 1 spurt went inside her mouth and the second one splashing her lips before she pulled away. She spat out my cum which was extremely erotic for some reason and I continued to spurt out my semen on the bed side between us.

Me “im so sorry, it was super intense and I couldn’t warn you in time”Amanda “its ok, it actually didn’t taste bad at all, im just not used to that”Me “you always spit out your husbands cum?”Amanda “yea, but trust me, his taste sour and makes me gag”Me “and mine?”Amanda “I swallowed some and if it always tasted like this I would never spit it out because I know it would turn him and you on”Me “thats true, your poor husband haha”My cock was still hard, she went back down and started sucking it againAmanda “it actually tastes pretty good, next time I will swallow it”Me “Jr needs a little break to catch his breath but let me get you ready for whats next……..”

I lifted her legs, laid down between them and started planting kisses at her pussy before going hard and licking it and eating her out. She was moaning non stop and wiggling her butt non stop while I continued to eat her out.Her moans was really turning me on and within 10 minutes or so I was feeling my erection returning. I was ready to fuck her. I felt a slight gush of liquid come out of her pussy and she finally relaxed her body and her legs collapsed to the sides.I knew she came, I got up between her, planting small kisses as I reach her breast, I suck on each one for a bit before making my way up her neck and kissing her neck and then Frenching her again while she was still catching her breath. While kissing I adjust my weight and used my hand to guide my cock to her vagina. I poked my tip inside and saw she opened her eyes. I broke the kiss and slowly inched my way inside her. Once all the way inside I heard her let out a soft moan and sighed. I made love to her. I figured if she is anything like her sister she might fall the way her sister did and I could have a chance to make this a lasting relation as well.I took my time to really go deep and slow strokes while caressing her body and kissing her lips. I was trying hard not to cum too fast but after a few minutes I felt her pussy tighten and grip my cock, I looked at her, her eyes rolled up and she eventually closed them as she had her orgasm. I kept going in and out slowly until she opened her eyes and I saw lust as she looked at me a gave me a smile and bit her lip. I couldn’t hold back anymore and thrusted deep inside her and started coming inside her pussy. She reached around and pulled me in closer while I was next to her ear I could only say omg im coming and she responded yes, yes, give it to me, thats it, right there. I didn’t think I would have came this much in such a short time but my cock was twitching with every spurt that left its tip. After what seemed like minutes of me coming I was finally empty and cock was back to being flaccid and slipped out of her pussy.

Amanda “omg that felt incredible, your wife is so lucky”Me “yes it was, your husband is the lucky one to be able to have you whenever he wants”Amanda “omg I only wish…….”Me “sex life isn’t the best or was it something else?”Amanda “sex life is ok but im sure this being the way it unfolded, the forbidden fruit, behind my husband back made it extremely more erotic”Me “I don’t think so, I agree about being more erotic but when we meet again, I know at least I will enjoy it just as much as right now”Amanda “you have no idea, but I do love my husband very much………”Me “I know and I love my wife very much too, im not asking anything more than what we have already done”Amanda “we shall see, if our story is meant to cross over again and if it does I will know that is gods plan and won’t object to it”Me “haha so all I have to do is arrange for us to bump in to each other?”Amanda “sure, if it happens, again, I won’t say no……………..especially now that I know what id be saying yes to!!”I started kissing her again, caressing her body with my hands, rubbing her pussy every few moments.Amanda “Nick…..I need you, please fuck me, please Nick I need your cock inside my pussy”Me “yes Amanda, I want this too”Amanda “I don’t know what come over me, I know im cheating on my husband of 19 years but I can’t help myself and here I am begging someone I barely know to fuck me, so please fuck me Nick”I left her around and made her sit on top of me, she guided my cock inside her pussy and started riding it hard. Her ankle was still hurting to she got off after just a few strokes. I turned her to her side to face me, I lifted her leg over my hip to be able to enter her pussy. Once inside I grabbed her ass with my hand and with every stroke I pulled her in to me. She would kiss me every time we got close. It was a fantastic time. I felt her pussy tighten again and I couldn’t hold back myself anymore and came inside her pussy again. She opened her eyes after her orgasm subsided and pulled my face closer and gave me a French kiss while I was still spurting out my last few shots of cum inside her pussy. After a few minutes of kissing , cock again fell flaccid and popped out of her pussy and she rolled over to her pillow.I got up and drank some water and saw her reach over to check her phone. I looked at mine to see it was 9:05pm she had a weird look on her face when she realized that it was already 9pm and she was supposed to be home by 9pm. To mine and he surprise too her phone rang, I didn’t see her screen but I knew it was her husband. I walked back over to the bed and pointed at her ankle hoping she would understand my signal to use that as an excuse for being late.

Amanda “yeah hon, im fine, I twisted my ankle on the hike so the crew gave me an ice pack to relax it, im fine, don’t worry and ill be home soon” Hung up the phone, walked past me to go to the bathroom, I heard her pee and then heard the water run, she grabbed a towel wet it and brought it out to clean herself, she was wiping her pussy and pushing my cum out of her vagina she got done, looked at me and gave me a huge smile and blew a kiss at me.I got up with the intentions of grabbing my clothes because I knew this was ending and we had to part ways now. I walked past her and she stopped me.

Amanda “are you still hard…………..after 2 hours, there is ……….more left ?”Me “yeah, like I said extreme erotic situation with an extremely attractive devoted wife that I shouldn’t, couldn’t have been with in my wildest dreams……..”She just stared at me and didn’t say anything Me “once in a lifetime”Amanda “doesn’t have to be, you never know we might run in to each other, if its Gods plan”Me “oh yeah im counting on it, we will meet again…………….we must, I need more”

My cock wasn’t fully erect but it was semi hard. I reached down and kissed her again and she reach in and grabbed my cock and started stroking it again. I broke the kiss………. I wanted to hear her tell me she wanted more as well.

Me “your husband is waiting for you Amanda”Amanda “he can wait a bit more”Me “are you sure?”Amanda “yes im sure, I want to suck your dick Nick, are you going to lecture me or let suck your cock and let you cum one more time?”Me “im not gonna say no to you”She bent down and put my cock in her mouth as she laid down on the side of the bed. she was caressing my balls and sucking me, she would make eye contact every few strokes, she seemed like she was really enjoying it too, I was loving it myself. After a few minutes I was getting closer and told her I was ready to cum. She pulled my cock out of her mouth, rested the tip on her tongue and started stroking it, the sight of her wanted to swallow my cum pushed me over and I started coming. It wasn’t much since I came 2 time in a short period of time, but it made it easier for her to swallow all of it. After she swallowed everything she looked at me told me she would have swallowed more if we had more time. We both got dressed and she was leaving, I told her I already kept her too long and I am ok walking to the theater which was only a few minutes walk away, But I wanted the time to myself and enjoy and re live this amazing day. She gave me a tight hug and turn around towards the door. I grabbed her hand and pulled her back to me and gave a passionate French kiss, reaching behind her and grabbing her ass and pulling her closer in to my body. We kissed for a minute or 2 and I finally broke the kiss and told her thank you.

Me “thank you so much for everything, I will never forget this”Amanda “me neither, and I hope to run in to you again, if Gods plan includes this we will”Me “have a wonderful time Amanda, I will see you again……..”She gave me another kiss before finally leaving, I Walked out with her and opened her car door for her, she started her car and I walked back to my door. I turned to look at her and she had a cute and big smile looking at me, she blew me another kiss before driving away”

To be continued………..