Wanting to have Children | straight story from Happy Husband/Father

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I’m 36 and well off financially and a very reserved person by nature, okay in business related company. But very awkward and shy in personal situations even with family. So, my chances of having children of my own were all but extinct. I came across stories of men buying wives and how it still happens even these days. I at first paid little attention, but as my desire to have children was still in my mind. It resurfaced and out of some curiosity I decide to do some checking, not expecting to get anywhere with the idea. But as I looked into it, it became clear it was done still and here in my own country. Not referred to as buying a wife, but as arranged marriages or business unions. The problem was who I could approach to make such arrangement with. Old Family businesses were the most common in these respects, but I had another problem, my lack of social connections. Dye to my awkwardness in personal relationships. I had a business arrangement with an old Family Business, but they weren’t from the countries that had practice the merging of family’s businesses via marriage. So, I never gave them a thought in that respect, but the head of the family was looking to expand his business interests with little or no cost. He was also a believer in the old saying Blood is thicker than water and had a somewhat awkward granddaughter 31 a bit like me. Knowing me from our business dealings he decided to at least ask. Which even those I was looking myself was a shock to me when I was asked if I would marry his granddaughter. Feeling awkward and unsure how to answer his enquiry, I said I would think on it and let him know. Later I was thinking about the offer and reasoned I had 2 problems, first I hadn’t ever met the granddaughter and wouldn’t know her if she was in the same room as me. Second was I really ready to commit to such an arrangement. Unsure of what I should do, I decided to take care of the first problem and see her. Not by making a meeting but by seeing her from a distance, but that wasn’t needed as they were on Facebook. Pictures of the entire family and helpfully each labelled with names of each family member. I saw a picture of her, and she looked bookish, not a dressed up modern woman. But she was okay to me, then I suddenly realized I hadn’t been told if she was willing for such a marriage. I had decided I was willing to marry but didn’t want to be fool and agree only to find out she wasn’t willing. So, I decided to test his resolve asked was she willing to marry by such an arrangement. He hadn’t asked her, and I thought that was that. But he rang and said she would marry as arranged if she thought we were compatible. So, a meeting was arranged, and we met in an awkward meeting I felt really uncomfortable and so did she. But the grandfather knew that would be the result and had us date for some one-on-one time. Not dinner dates or movies, just meeting in places we were comfortable and talking to each other. After a month of meetings once the first week and the twice the second, then every day or so. We found we had relaxed and had a great deal in common interests and felt less awkward at every meeting. Finally, I arrived at her grandfather’s office for a business meeting and ran into his granddaughter and we chatted like normal people do. I even asked her out on a dinner date, and she accepted. It was then I realized we were ready to marry and told her grandfather that at our meeting. I asked her on our dinner date to marry me, hoping for a yes and expecting a no. But she said yes, and we were engaged and 3 months later we married and then we started having sex, 14 months later our son arrived named after her grandfather. We never take precautions and will have as many as we can.

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