Was I helping the homeless or just getting my rocks off

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By JLM I seen her at the end of my driveway, with her two little blond daughters

I live in a area that 40 below is normal in the winters. Maybe that’s why I did what I did, it wasn’t those 2 little blond girls pressed to their mom to stay warm. It was raining hard when I spotted them slowly walking wearing clothes you would, if it wasn’t raining or in the low 40s. I ran out to her asking why she was out in these conditions dressed the way they all were? She couldn’t even answer due to the way she was shivering. I knew I had to get them in where is was warm and dry.

Once inside my house I told them they had to get out of those wet things, the look on the mother’s face told me of the mistrust she had for me. I then said that I would bring they something to wear and maybe a warm bath would warm their bodies. The mother just held her daughter close as she stared at me. I went to my bedroom getting pants and a heavy top for the mom, then to my sons bedroom getting sweat pants and shirts that would be too big for them all but, better then what they had on. I showed the clothes to the mom as I took the clothing to the bathroom leaving them so they would have something to put on. I told the mom that I didn’t have underwear for the girls unless they wear the jockeys from my boys. I slapped my head thinking panties, she’s going to need panties. I got a pair of my deceased wife’s putting in the bathroom. I told her if she put what they were wearing outside the door I would get them washed as they had their bath. I had towels, soap and shampoo out for them and as the mother slowly headed to the bathroom she give me a tiny sly ‘thank you’ with the girls in tow.

I picked up their clothes she left outside the door. These clothes were maybe from a second hand store at best but would not be sold by they anymore due to there condition. I washed them twice to try to get some of the dirt out. The girls panties were ripped and oh so cute at the same time. One pair had pink pony’s and the other puppies. The mom’s were bikini type panties and were so badly stained for her monthly that there was no cleaning them. They looked to be about the same size as my deceased wife’s, she didn’t have a bra on so who knows. I made big pot of vegetable soup as I was sure they hadn’t ate today and maybe not for a few days. I added 3 grilled cheese sandwiches with milk for the girls and coffee for their mom as well as myself.

I heard the door open with the mom leading her daughters as I motioned to the table to have a seat. I flipped the grilled cheese sandwiches before serving 3 bowls of soup placing them in front each. I wasn’t sure why, but it made me happy for these 3 to be in my home. The girls went to dig into the but their mom said ‘ Girls what do you say. ‘ The girls both said thank you ever so such sir. I waved my hand and just replied ‘ Eat, you look like you need a good meal. ‘ To which the mother nodded her head. As I place the sandwiches down the mom asked ‘ What about you? Here have this.’ Offering her sandwich to me. I told her I had already ate and for her to enjoy.

After they ate the girls eyes grew heavy and I said for them go in boys room and get some sleep. Their mom put them in the same single bed before she came back out saying that when my boys got home she would get them up. I turned my head away as I said ” that’s never going to happen cause my boys and their mom are never coming home ever again.” I couldn’t stop myself, without being asked, I told her how my wife’s parents wanted to take their daughter and their grand children to Palestine the place where they were from. Once there I got a message that they would never return to this evil country that I call home. That came from my father in-law, as he burned all the passports. I was trying everything I could for over a year to get my wife and sons out of there when, Hamas decided to start a war. A building in which my wife and sons were sleeping in got hit with a missile killing my whole family.” I have no idea about my in-laws but if they were alive I hoped they died a slow hard death.

I felt her arms go around me as she said how sorry she was, and how she can understand some of my pain. It turned out that her husband become a drug addict, which got to the point he would do anything to get drugs even sold her wedding ring. She said about 3 months ago as she and the girls slept as he OD on the floor of the bathroom. She went on to say that they married way to young cause she was pregnant and only 16. Things were never good cause, he was going from job to job so she now was with 2 young girls she took late night work in a bar to put food on the table. Then came to drugs and him killing himself. Having no way to pay the rent the landlord came to their apartment and kicked them out with the clothes on their backs. No packing nothing, just thrown out. I could see she was a strong woman by the look in her eye. I told her she could have the other bed in the boys room. We would sit down tomorrow and work things out. She looked at me and threw her arms around my neck saying that if I didn’t do what I did, they may’ve died tonight. I noticed 2 things first I felt firm breasts against my chest and the second was her ass had a very nice twitch as she walked away to join her girls in getting some sleep. I know it was wrong but, maybe it was the smell of my dead wife’s shampoo or her body next to mine that started me thinking.

After eggs and bacon for all in the morning I asked the woman next door watch the girls for us. She seemed first shocked there was all these females in my house, but also happy knowing what had happened in my life. Once in the car is when I realized I didn’t even know this woman’s name. I started the car before turning to her saying ‘ By the way I’m John an d I’m sorry but I can’t seem to recall your name.’ She turned a blight shade of pink when she said ‘ Oh my god I don’t think I told you but it’s Kara and my oldest daughter is Lisa, and my youngest is Kimmy, they are 11 and 10. I smiled as I put my hand out saying how nice it was to her and her lovey family.

Kara and I got along almost like old friends with her saying every time we got clothes for the girls or her that she would make sure I got every penny back. We got so groceries for a rotisserie chicken for dinner with some salads. I thanked the woman for next door and slipped her a 50 for her trouble. Don’t ask me why but I felt like Scrooge on Christmas day. The girls were so excited with the new clothes and Lisa kissed me on my cheek saying that she can’t remember the last time she ever got brand new clothes, Kimmy wasn’t to be out done as she kissed my other cheek.

That night after the girls were in bed Kara came and sat right next to me taking my hand as she started to cry. I never have been able to understand women, but their tears rips my heart out. I turned to hug her and got a long hot kiss on my lips. I was more in shock when Kara said ‘ Please John take me to your bed.’ I looked her straight in the oh so young petty face and said ‘ You don’t have to pay me if that’s what this is about, I was so happy to.’ I was cut off by her next kiss. She broke the kiss saying ‘ John this to me is a fairly tale, and you are my prince who saved my girls and me. I won’t say I love you, yet anyway but, I haven’t wanted a man in anyway until I met you. I don’t know how long you will want us around but I want to make you happy tonight.’

She stood taking my hand leading me to my bedroom. My wife never took the lead but Kara turned my back to the bed kiss each part of my body she undressed and once naked, and hard as a steel pipe it was my turn to undress this woman who was at least 10 years younger then I am. The breast which I had learned today sat firm and her chest were a prefect 34 B tipped by cherry red nipples against her pure white skin. Her moan as I took her nipple in my mouth made me want her that much more. She was still wearing a pair of my old wife’s panties which were much to big for her but, I couldn’t get enough of the soft blond hair just above her little girl looking pussy. Unlike other women I had been with who had lips hanging down, hers only had the two cheeks as I will call them with a valley in between like little girls. I picked her up in my arms placing her on my bed before eating the sweeties pussy I had ever gone down on. I loved the way her back arched as I found her clit and then her hands holding my head she as came a few minutes later.

I climbed on the bed with her and she spun around sitting on my face as she took me in her oh so hot mouth. As I ate her letting her juices coat my tongue, I place my finger against her rosebud pushing enough to be felt. I felt her body building to something big as her first huge orgasm with hit her. I hoped the girls were sound sleepers as no woman before her had ever been that vocal with me before. After a couple minutes she went to work on me and soon had her lips to the base of my 7 inches and fucking me with her throat. I tried to slow her down cause I felt my balls getting ready but, she just was doing everything she could to make me cum including a finger pushing against my ass. I warned her a few times but she made sure I shot my cum down her throat. None of the women I had never been with had let me cum anywhere near their faces. let alone in their mouths and not in their throats.

We laid in each others arms to catch our breaths before Kara went back down on me getting me ready for round two. Once she had me hard she got on top and after a few minutes was fucking me with what had to be the tiniest oh so tight pussy ever. It would be hard to say which was tighter, her pussy or her throat. As her orgasm built so did her voice. When orgasm hit she become a wild woman on top of me, which had me right on the edge myself. She collapsed on top of me asking where I learned to be such a great lover. To me she was doing most of the work then she started working her pussy on me again but she said ‘ John I’m not on birth control, and I’m at about my most fertile time so it would be wise to let me know, cause we don’t want something we could be sorry for, do we? ‘ As she worked her magic I thought would it be that bad, but if things workout there’s always later. After her next orgasm hit I pulled out and she moved down letting me cum in her mouth. She smiled up at me as she swallowed what I had give her.

I didn’t even remember falling asleep with her blond hair on my chest, but when I woke I felt hands playing with my morning woody. I laid back letting the hands do there magic when I heard ‘ See Kimmy, stuff comes out of here and goes in here, and that’s how to make a baby.’ My eyes almost flew open but didn’t want to scare them off. The thought two very hot, blond haired beauties both rubbing my morning hard on up and down had me close to blowing. With my eyes closed my eyes and said ‘ Suck on it Kara. ‘ I said like I was dreaming, but when I felt lips take the tip in one of theirs mouth I so fucking close to filling that little girls mouth.. Oh so close when I heard foot steps on the stairs coming up from the basement. I heard Kimmy say ‘ mom’s coming.’ I almost said don’t stop as I felt the girls get off the bed and run to the other bedroom. Kara walked in just minutes later bend over to kiss me awake. She looked at my hard cock and said, ‘Sorry John, but the girls are a wake, so that will have to wait until later, lover. If she only knew that one of her daughters just had the head of my cock in her mouth. I never really though of preteen girls in a sexual way before I met these girls. I hope they want to learn so much more from me soon.

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