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My wife was, at this time, young (19) and as a former homecoming queen, a real knock-out beauty. She was a virgin when we married so I was glad to not be compared to past lovers she had enjoyed. We had made several friends in our neighborhood, and one couple especially seemed to like us. I enjoyed watching M, our friends husband looking over my wife every time we were together. His wife shocked me one day at the pool by saying M likes your wife doesn’t he? I sort of stumbled saying yeah I guess. She said he loves fucking other mens wives so maybe your wife is next? I didn’t say anything I just mumbled something or other. One night they had a party and we were enjoying ourselves. My wife , I could tell had a few too many drinks and was soon a bit tipsy. I watched M dancing with her, and he had his right arm straight down at his side apparently and my wife was leaning against him with her eyes closed. I saw him whisper something to her and could see her lips moving as she answered him. M’s wife slid over next to me and said “Do you want to know what they are talking about? Out of curiosity I said yes, so she pulled out her iPhone and held it to my ear and clicked it on. I couldn’t hear very good for the background. Music but I heard his voice saying do you like when I touch you down there? And what sounded like my wife saying Oh, god yes it feels so good when you touch my pussy. I was shocked to hear my sweet young wife talk that dirty to another man. He said would you like to go somewhere we can do more? And my wife said God yes, I am so hot dancing with you. I looked again and it looked like his arm was going up and down, and I was sure he was rubbing her mound as he talked to her.His wife said come with me and we can watch to see if they do anything. We went upstairs and into a dark bedroom. She said Give me your hand so without thinking I did and she raised it up and I heard the click, and looked and she had put a handcuff on my wrist, and before I could say anything she had done the same to my other hand. She then unbuckled my belt and slid my jeans down my legs. What are you doing I said. She said you are going to see your pretty wife get the best fuck of her life, in just an minute. She started to jack my cock and said I told you M wants to fuck her so now you can watch her get totally fucked in all her holes. As I began to squirm she opened a drape and I could see through some glass another bedroom. As the door opened, M and my wife came in and M pulled her against him and began kissing my wife harder and harder and at first she resisted but then slowly gave I and began kissing him back. I couldn’t believe my eyes. M said for her to suck his tongue and pretend she was sucking his cock. And as I could see my young wife was really getting hot and began sucking on his tongue. Meanwhile M’s wife started to gently suck my cock and in spite of myself I was getting hard seeing my young wife being seduced. M began undressing my wife whe seemed to be helping him. He laid her back on the bed, and started to rub and suck her tits. She seemed to wake up and I could hear her saying “Oh, don’t touch me down there. And I can’t let you do this I’m married. And what if my husband finds out? Meanwhile M’s wife was slowly sucking my cock saying you really like seeing your wife get fucked. Look how hard your cock is getting. She said I have seen your wife’s pussy at the gym in the showers and it is so soft and sweet, if I was a man I would have already fucked your wife. She likes to,talk about sex things with me and I told her how big M’s cock is and how good he fucks with it. I could tell she was curious and she would ask questions about how he fucks me. I told her twice M had said he wished he could fuck her and each time she blushed, but I know girls and she was interested.Then M opened my wife’s legs, and I could see how wet my wife’s pussy was. I heard her saying I have wanted to be fucked by you for so long. And as I felt my heart sink, I knew she was going to give him her pussy. He pushed his cock up by her face and she said “oh, I want to suck it. And suck it she did. She would stop sucking and tell him how much she liked his cock and wanted to taste his cum. As she never hardly ever sucked me off, much less let me cum in her mouth, I knew she was really into letting M fuck her mouth. As he cum I could see her gulping down his cum, and she pulled his cock downto her pussy saying, Fuck me M, oh god fuck me hard. As he stuck his cock slowly into her tight little pussy I felt someone behind me and looking back I saw this cute girl and she was rubbing lube on and in my ass hole. She knelt and began to fuck my ass with her tongue. M’s wife said good, lub his ass hole and suck it. Show him what his pretty little wife is going to be getting. After she sucked my ass a bit I started to actually like it. Looking up I saw my wife getting the same tongue fuck in her ass hole. She was sayin God I like that., and oh god yes suck me there. Then M began to slowly push his cock into her tight little ass hole. She was squirming and pushing her ass back against his cock saying oh yes, fuck me like that M. I felt something pushing against my ass hole and the girl was pushing the head of a dildo duck into my ass. It hurt at first but the as the first wife sucked me off , the second wife started to fuck me up the ass with the dildo. I shot all my cum into Ms wife’s mouth and she gulped it down. I looked up and my wife was on her hands and knees saying fuck, fuck oh god fuck my ass. And M was driving his big cock deep into her ass hole. I relaxed from my climax and to my surprise the door opened and in came my wife and M. My wife said did you like seeing me get fucked by M? He fucks so good. I wish you could fuck like that. She begin stroking my cock saying in the future M will be fucking me a lot and you will get to watch. Do you know how many times I have had him in my pussy that you never knew about? Every day you went to work, he would come by and fuck your sweet little married wife’s pussy and ass. I especially like him fucking my ass. Did you like watching it? She then put on a strap on with a big dick attached and they made me sit down and she pushed the dildo in my mouth saying suck it baby, suck it and pretend you are sucking M’s cock after he has fucked me then she began to suck and lick Ms cock while making me suck the dildo cock.We had some long discussions about this but she is still fucking M.

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