Watching secrets 2

One afternoon I was sleeping. Generally, when I sleep I sleep for 3 hours in deep sleep and I had my room closed. But, today, I got awake after sleeping for one hour. I open my door with sleepy eyes and went for bathroom. As I reached bathroom door, I thought of looking at mom. Her room door was fully closed, generally mom never shuts her room door in the afternoon. I pushed it slowly, thought mom would be sleeping, but as door opened slightly I saw our servant, Ramu massaging my mom’s leg. Her saree was lifted up to thighs. She has beautiful legs, not a single hair. Ramu was putting oil and massaging her legs from tip to thighs, reaching near pussy. Mom was instructing him to massage properly, massage her full thigh. Her panty was visible and she had worn white panty. Due to massage, she had got horny and her pussy had got somewhat wet. Ramu was constantly looking at her wet panty. He was slowly reaching top of thigh, touching her inner thigh just below her pussy and sometimes even touched her pussy and mom would let out soft moan, “aaahhhh.” After massaging legs for few minutes, Ramu asked, “Mam, should I massage your back.”

Mom just turned on back. Ramu put some oil on her back and started massaging her back. He was rubbing her back slowly and put his hand under the blouse to massage that side of back also. Ramu said, “Mam, massaging your whole back will give you much release from back pain.” Mom, her eyes closed, said, “ok, open my blouse button and massage that back also.” My mom wears blouse with button on back. Ramu opened her blouse button and started massaging the back, after rubbing one or two times, he said, “this cloth is coming in between, should I unhook it.” He was talking of bra. Mom just nodded and he unhooked the bra from back. He got bold now and now was massaging her back, inserting his hand in sideways, touching her breasts from side and she let out moan, “aaahhhh hhhhmmm it feels good ramu keep doing.” Ramu getting bolder, inserting his hands more in front of her boobs and pressing it slowly from sides. Then he got on down side, slowly loosened her saree from ass, got his hands in front and undone chaniya thread, mom was enjoying the massage. He slowly lifted her chaniya downside, exposing her ass in panty.

Getting bolder he took her saree pallu from top, unrolled it from her body, and took her saree and chaniya off her body. There she lay in panty only. While he was taking her cloths off, mom in eyes closed ask, “ramu what are you doing?” ramu said, “mam, just releasing your body from this cloths, so I can better massage you, lay their and enjoy the massage.” She rested her head on pillow softly. While massaging downside, he slowly also removed the panty and mom didn’t object to it. Ramu was surprised to see her pussy wet. He understood mom has got horny and needs some real attention. He removed her blouse and bra which just held loosely in front of her boobs and now she lay nude in front of our servant. He touched her pussy, it was nicely shaved, looked like pussy of small baby. He rubbing her pussy said, “mam you have very smooth pussy, shall I explore it.” Mom just nodded, and he inserted his two fingers in her love hole. She still laying on back, and ramu started figuring her. She was softly moaning, “aaaahhhh hhhhhhmmmm yyessssssssssssss ramuuu you are doing gooodd aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.” Ramu increased his speed of fingering, “yyesssssssss ramuuuu fasterrrrr yyessssssss satisfy your mam” Ramu increasing his speed further, “yes mam I will do anything for you.” And she climaxed on his fingers. She turned front and smiled at Ramu, bite her lip, “come ramu now take me all.”

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Ramu quickly removed his cloths, mom just looked his tool and voice came out of her throat, “oh my!” Ramu has 10″ long and 3.5″ thick cock. Ramu reacting to it, “mam I had already made your love hole wet, it will slide softly, don’t worry.” Mom sat on bed, “but before you enter me, now gives me chance to serve you.” She took his tool in her hand, her hand was not covering it full. She started stroking his cock as ramu sat on bed, smiling and mom too giving him naughty smile, “how you feeling ramu?” Ramu smiling, “aaaahhhh gooodd take it mouth then I will know how good you are.” At his order, mom immediately his tool in her mouth. She was not able to take it full it was so huge. Ramu pressed her head on his dick, mom was taking it inch by inch and in few strokes it entered her mouth completely. She was sucking it faster now. Ramu was moaning loud, “yyessss mam take it all yyessss aaaaahhh hhhhmm mam you are a great cock suckerrrrr” He was pressing her head to go deeper in her, it was touching her throat, mom was sucking it faster and as he was going to cum, he held his cock tight, “mam I am gonna cum” mom looked at him, held his cock tight in her mouth and he shoot cum in her mouth. She drank all the cum and sat on bed, kissed him. They sucked each others tongue and enjoying the cum.

They were kissing hard, he released her tongue, put one nipple in his mouth, mom in pleasure threw her face back, pressing his head on her boobs, he one by one was sucking her boobs, biting her nipple, mom in pleasure, “aaaahhhh yyyessssssssssss ooohhhhhhhhhh yyessssss ramuuuu suck it, its your tool, suckkk iittt aaaaahhh” He laid her on bed, spreaded her legs wide, took oil in his hand and applied it on her pussy, mom, “what are you doing?” ramu, “making it ready for real hard fuck of your” He massaged it for a minute and positioned his dick, while she rolled her fingers on his belly, biting her lip. Ramu, “mam get ready for the ride of the life..” and he pushed his dick in her love hole and she screamed with pain, “aaaaaaaa rrammmuuu” tears flow from her eyes. Ramu, “mam you tight like a virgin, seems never got chance to have such a tool like mine.” He pushed further, she again shouted, “aaaaaaeeee uuuuuuiiiiiiiii maaaaaaaaaaa” He pushed with more force the third time and it entered her fully, his 10″ cock was in her pussy. He lay on her with no movement, kissing her neck, lips, caressing her boobs to reduce her pain. He asked, “mam, are you ready now.” Mom looked at him, nodded.

He slowly started pumping her pussy. Mom was moaning softly, “aaahhhhhh hhhmmmm yyesssssssss” He increased his speed gradually, ramming his cock in the hole like steam engine, mom with pleasure and pain, “aaaahhh aaaaaaahh hhmmmmmmm oooohhhhh yyyesssssssss fuckkk me harderrrrrrr yyessss fasterrrrrrrrrr deeeppeeerrrrrrrrrr ooooohhhh aaaaahhh yyessssssss.” He slowed down for a moment, while mom raising her hips to get him more inside, he then again increased his speed, he was touching her g-point again and again and mom was experiencing the real pleasure, it was clearly visible on her face, her expression, her action, holding him tight and she climaxed. But he was not yet complete, she looked at him, “mam, I can delay my orgasm to longer period to give you immense pleasure.”

He took his tool out, covered with her juices, asked mom to turn back and sit like doggy. Mom obliged quickly as she didn’t want to waste even a single moment of pleasure. He took oil in his hand applied in her ass and positioned his tool at her ass entrance. As he pushed, mom shouted like hell, “aaaahhhh ramuuuuuuu stopppppp its paining hard pleaseee” But ramu mercilessly go on pushing and entered her full ass, her eyes looked red and tears flowing, he was pressing and pinching her nipples, held her from waist and started pumping from back. He was ramming hard, mom, “aaaahhh fuck my assss yyesssssss oooohhhhh yyessssssss.” He took his cock out, entered in pussy and there he filled her love hole with his love cum. Mom laid on bed, breathing heavy, ramu laid beside her, he too breathing heavy, a minute or two laid on her, softly they were caressing each other, her cock rubbing over her pussy, throbbing again to enter it and he smoothly entered her one more time and now they were making love softly, smoothly and slowly enjoying every touch of the skin, exploring each others body and soon they both orgasm together and laid on one another and got in deep sleep.