Ways To Avoid Pregnancy

1. You need to pack your bag or rather your purse carefully for a Valentine’s Day date. It should have things that can save you in all kind of situations.

2. First of all you need to have condoms for use if necessary. It is not always the guy who has to buycondoms. Most often he will forget. But you will need it more than him when you actually get to it. So never forget to keep some handy. It does not mean you are expecting to get pregnant.

3. If you use diaphragms or female condoms or vaginal tablets to be used just before intercourse then you should not forget to carry them with you to avoid pregnancy on Valentine’s day. Carry spares too just in case you lose one or it falls down.

4. Just for safety carry a pepper spray too in case you are not keen on using any of these contraceptionmethods and your date forces you to!

5. If you have been taking birth control pills then you must not miss even a single one in this cycle. It is important for you to know that you must start these pills from the second day of your periods and you must take them every day at the same time for them to be effective,

6. If you have started the pills just this month specially for V Day then do not bank on it. The pill takes one month to start showing results; that is, suppress the process of ovulation itself. So you cannot depend on the pill only to protect you from an unwanted pregnancy.

7. It is the easiest thing to calculate your safe period (the time you will not be ovulating) provided you have regular periods but in case you are not sure you can use ovulation strips. Insert a strip in your vagina on the morning of your Valentine date and see if you are ovulating. If you are then you have to be doubly cautious.

8. Using emergency contraceptive pills without the doctor’s prescription is not a very good thing for your system but keep one handy just in case all your precautions fail. 

Use these ideas to avoid pregnancy while celebrating the day of love responsibly.