We Had Got Drunk Together

We had got drunk together numerous times, as part of a group, and just us I suppose, once or twice, he’d crashed at mine as well, a few times, came back for some chilli, a floor space. He was sort of funny, a little older than me, smart, he lived miles away. Once we were at mine, a room in a shared house, we were sitting on my bed, and he started to stroke my back, sort of, affectionately, drunkenly, just stroking the backs of his fingers up and down, I let him, not to make a scene, it didn’t bother me much, then he turned his hand, I felt his fingers on my side, through my shirt, until the movie ended. 

I suppose I knew he was hoping I would reciprocate, in some way. He did, also, I still let him, he let his other hand rest on my thigh, and stay there, and just, gently enough, squeeze, sort of, affectionately, drunkenly, stroke, massage my inner thigh, I felt him move up, I was watching the film, sort of engrossed in it, he gently stroked my thigh, moving up, and, okay, I felt his hand touch me, so softly, accidentally I thought, but I felt the slight pressure of his hand on my cock, the side of his thumb, he straightened it, rubbing over the surface, the length of me. I still waited for the movie to end. When I could get up, and brush my teeth. He didn’t do anything else. I might have looked, glanced between his legs, and noticed that the slight bulge there might have increased. I thought, I suppose I realised he had a hard-on, the beginnings of one. I put it into different words: his cock had become stiff. 

I think the next day, when we woke up, Saturday morning maybe, he was standing up after having slept in a sleeping bag on the floor, and casually asked why men had erections in the morning. I looked, he had one, protruding from under his briefs. 

I said I didn’t know. I might have said something about dreams, or full bladders. But I think I looked, I more than glanced, at the long and thick looking arc bulging from under the tight grey cotton, at the shape of it, the wide and curved protrusion, I was sure I could make out some small ridges, the long soft tube of a vein, it bent to the side, down to his thigh, I could see the shape of his glans at the end, the large oval of his swollen tip. He stepped about my room, unaware I was looking, or not caring, still just in his underwear, still with an obviously engorged cock stretching, pressing outwards against the thin material of his pants. I asked if he wanted a shower, if he wanted to borrow a towel. He said he did. 

I got out of my bed, walked to my chest of drawers to see if I could dig out a fresh towel. As I did I saw him looking, standing, glancing down at my crotch. I handed him a towel. I knew, but I looked anyway. I followed his gaze, to my own groin, down to the bulge my own hard cock was making in my own briefs. Looser than his pair, my stiff penis was sticking out almost horizontally. I’d got an erection, my cock had become hard. We faced each other, saying nothing, both looking at the other’s bulging prick.

“You’re okay if I use the shower then?”

“Sure, go for it.”

“Brilliant, cheers.”

Before I realised what he was doing he had thrown the towel over his shoulder, bent and whipped his underwear off., tossing onto his small pile of clothes. I couldn’t help but look down as he did, as he stripped naked, in my bedroom, and stood before me, his half hard penis jumping up as it was freed from his pants, springing up away from his leg, outwards, straightening and stiffening. I looked. I looked away. But I looked, and, well, I reacted, I felt my own cock pulse and tremble at the sight of his swaying stiffly, solidly in front of him. He turned at the door. And faced me again, still naked, the towel still over his shoulder.

“You showering?”

I looked again, at his bare body, his tight slim hairy body, the dark thatch of pubic hair, I took in the tight pouch of his balls, and the long swinging rail of his thick cock, pointing out, not up, but certainly out, unquestionably in a state of arousal, his foreskin tight, the glistening purse of his urethra just visible, swaying, hanging hard and heavy. It was an invitation. I knew, I felt my cock react, my stomach. Despite my physical reaction though, which I ignored.

“Huh? Yeah, you go first, I’m alright for a bit.”

And he turned and walked through the door to the bathroom, showing me his bare ass, his small firm smooth ass. I imagined him walking past housemates, I imagined my female friends opening their doors and seeing a naked man, with a full swollen cock leaving my room, I imagined what they’d think, that we’d fucked? That I’d had that hard penis in my mouth, that I’d sucked it, and had him take me in his mouth, that we’d sucked each other to orgasm? That I’d had that man’s cock in my tight little ass, perhaps that I’d then fucked him, that I’d held my moistened tip to his soft anus and slid my stiff cock inside him, his asshole closing tight around my thick stem? 

I let him go shower. But as soon as he was gone I stood in front of my floor length mirror, and whipped my own pants down, and let my own prick spring free. I looked at myself, at my hardening rising penis, I let it grow, without touching it, I watched myself get harder, longer, thicker, until I was standing again in front of this mirror, completely and wonderfully erect, and held it, I gripped my stiff penis and stroked it, and looked at myself and masturbated, fast, and hard, but with such sudden shocking pleasure. I stared at my bouncing shaking testicles, wrapped and held in the tight skin of my scrotum, at the exposure and obscuring of my tender swollen tip, already slippery wet, already alive with impending climax, I knew it wouldn’t take long, I felt it rise from my feet, through my legs, consuming, controlling me, my cock filled, I pulled my foreskin back, I let my orgasm fill me, I imagined him looking, next to me, naked, hard, the sudden image of reaching and holding his erect cock consumed me, pushing him onto a bed and kissing his hard penis, taking his smooth tip inside my mouth, fuck, I started to come thinking of my mouth filling with his, his cock dancing and spurting, warm cum flooding my mouth, as I reached critical mass, as I pass the point of being able to stop the door opens, he is standing, still naked, stiff half erect, now able to see me naked, and completely erect, with my hand stroking my bare cock, my wet glans exposed, as I start to ejaculate. I see him in the mirror, looking, I can see his cock reacting to the sight of three spurts of semen splashing from the thick shiny tip of my prick and onto the glass in front of me. 

Anyway, this was a while after that, after I graduated. We’d gone out with a few others, we were staying with another friend, who got together with a girl, sort of, at least enough that he was at least going to walk her home. He gave us the keys to his flat and said to head back, make ourselves at home. One of us could take his bed. 

So we did. Can’t remember if we walked, or got a cab. It was pretty uneventful. We got back, may have had a drink when we got there, but more or less got ready for bed. He may have persuaded me to share the bed, I probably would have gone to sleep on the sofa.

“Come on mate, it’s a big bed, plenty of room.”

I took my shirt off but certainly kept my trousers on, like some prim little virgin, despite, probably because I had a fairly firm memory of having been naked in front of him a short while back, naked and erect, naked and ejaculating.

“Take your trousers off Thomas, come on, do you think I’m going to rape you?”

I kept them on, he stripped down to his briefs, a similar pair to before, though white this time. I could see the shape of his cock under the material, soft, but pointing out still, I knew I was looking, I knew I was fascinated by the look of his soft cock. 

“Tommy? Really?”

He gestured to my trousers.

“What? Oh, bloody hell, okay then.”

And I did my belt, and button, and zip, and pushed my jeans along my legs, stepping out of them, tossing them behind me, glancing at him, who was looking at me, at my midriff, which I had to glance at, the waist had caught and been pulled down, exposing the first few tufts of my pubic hair. I could see the shape my own cock was making within my own tight white briefs, the slight bulging outwards.

We both got into bed. Lay next to each other with the light on, for a bit, the covers half off, both of us on our back, inches apart I suppose. I looked at his tight toned chest, the covering of thick hair, his belly, the outline of his dick. And me, and mine, the long-ish bend curving up in my pants. We chatted for a while, we wondered whether our friend was getting lucky, we lay on the bed, covered only by the thin cotton layers of our underwear, him a little taller than me, both of us pretty slim, showing some signs of fitness. 

His chest and belly thick with dark hair, compared to me, smoother, paler. Both of us still undraped by sheet or quilt, both of us letting the other look at the protruding shapes of our genitals, the points and curves of our soft cocks, the bulges of our tights scrotums. He turned onto his side, facing me, I could see his cock move, shifting as he did, dropping so it hung sideways along his hip. I could see its shape, its long stem, I looked at the soft length of him, the outline of his glans. 

I must have turned the light out, and turned over onto my side, suddenly not quite as sleepy as I thought I was though, aware of both of our breathing. After about five minutes I felt him turn towards me, not touching, but facing me. He shuffled around slightly, I felt his bare leg brush against mine, then his shoulder rested on my back, I could feel his arm, by his side, laying along my bare skin. He turned again, close to me, I could feel his chest, I could feel the soft thick hairs on his chest and stomach, then his hand on my back, on my naked waist. 

And, well, I didn’t move. I thought I’d pretend I was asleep, I suppose. He moved closer, he had his hand on my side, left it there, holding me, not moving, then he stroked me a little, I felt the hair on his chest touching my bare back. I still didn’t move. I mean, I knew I should get up, or just say something. I didn’t. He carried on, he touched my arm, my back, my neck, then my side, the side of my abdomen, and he shifted closer still, and, I felt it, against my ass, I felt his cock, pressing into me, suddenly I did feel like some wedding night virgin, he was stroking my bare back and his cock was hard, he wasn’t pushing, or thrusting, or forcing it at all, he had barely moved his hips to be closer, but I could feel the solid length of his stiff cock touching me, I imagined it getting stiff, growing, pushing out to touch against me, to press against me. 

It touched, it pressed, I still didn’t move. He did. Closer. His cock pushed some more. He hand moved, he moved his hand, from my side to my front, to my belly, he was so gentle, just barely touching me, but touching me, stroking my naked belly. I could feel his breath on my neck, his hair on my skin, his swollen cock bent down onto my cotton covered bum, the hard rod of his shaft pressing between the cheeks of my ass. 

I was ready to say something, to get up. I felt his lips on my neck, jees, he was kissing my neck, barely, not even kissing, brushing, breathing, I felt the soft wet tip of his tongue on my skin as he let his hard prick rest against me, then stroking my belly, I felt his fingers stroking my tight abdomen, moving lower, jees, he moved his hand lower, I felt his fingers thread through the soft hair of my stomach, circle my navel, open up and cover my abdomen, run along the line of my waist band, he stroked the skin underneath the elastic, just, squeezing, just, a finger touched the course matt of my pubic hair, threaded through, I felt him move his hand, up, he lifted it, slightly, and went over the crotch of my underwear, oh come on, I opened my eyes, enough, come on, I’m not gay, please, I’ll go next door mate, then I felt his hand on my cock, pressing, covering me there, he pushed closer again, I felt his stiff prick against me as he placed his hand over mine. 

I didn’t move. I felt him, he didn’t stop moving, he didn’t stop kissing my neck, he continued to let me feel his sweet soft breath on my neck, and he squeezed my cock. I didn’t move, I didn’t say anything. I said nothing, I felt his hand on my hard cock and said nothing. He moved his fingers over it, fuck, over my cock, I was hard, I really was so fucking hard I couldn’t move or tell him to stop, his cock pressing against me, my cock, still in my pants, but being stroked by him, I had an erect penis which was being touched by another man. All of a sudden this thought, this taboo, this transgression was the most erotic thing I could think of, him touching my stiff prick as his was pressing into me. He moved his hand around, opened his fingers and closed them around the thick stem of my erect penis.


He was whispering into my neck, his soft warm breath driving me crazy.

“Tommy, your penis is stiff, Thomas, your cock is so fucking hard. Tell me to stop and I will. Do you want me to? Do you want me to stop holding your hard cock?” 

I managed a whisper, a barely audible “No, fuck, don’t stop.”

I felt him squeezing, rubbing, pushing, breathing. And, and I turned over, onto my back, I saw him sit up slightly, he was to the side, leaning up on his elbow. The light from the street allowed me to see him, his bare chest, his tight strong hairy chest, his tight white briefs, the large curved bulge of his turgid member, his hand on me, I looked down at his hand still covering my groin, pressing my own swollen member, holding me, massaging my throbbing cock through my underwear. I looked at him, up and down. 

“I can’t believe this, I can’t do this, I mean, I’m not, I’m not gay, I’m not into men.”

He looked down as I said this, at his hand, which he took off my cock, I looked, at the bulge, the prominent and large point my penis was making. My breath was ragged, I could hear his was the same. I looked up at his face, he looked quite beautiful, strong, handsome, and I pulled him to me, his face, his lips, onto mine, and we kissed, fuck, I kissed a man, with passion, with uncontrolled arousal, his lips were full and soft, his tongue teased and stroked my own, and I touched him, I held his tight shoulders, his smooth cool bare back, I felt his hand over me, over my belly, my chest. I felt a hand on my back, then suddenly underneath my pants, I felt his hand on my bare ass, holding it, gripping my soft smooth bum, stroking my cool skin, pulling me closer to him. 

“Stop, fuck, wait.”

I pushed him back.

“Put the light on, I want to see you, see this, I want us to see each other”

He turned and flipped the bedside lamp. Soft yellow light covered both of us. I was still laying on my back. As aroused as I could remember, as hard as I could ever think of being. I looked at him, at his bulging cock, his toned belly and chest. I sat up, faced him, slid off the bed and stood on the wooden floor and grabbed at my underwear, I hooked my fingers underneath the waist and tugged with clumsy fingers, pulled, but found myself hesitating, not wanting to be the first to strip, I watched him lying on his back, looking at me, the same thick arch of swollen straining cock. He knelt up and took hold of his pants, at the waist as well, and pulled without waiting, looking at me, at my groin, up to my eyes, I watched him strip naked, I watched him pull down his underwear and expose his erect penis, fuck, I watched, suddenly frozen, as he revealed his prick, his dark thick pubic hair, his tight balls, but his cock, fuck, I saw another man’s erect penis again, how many times was this? 

He pulled, it bent under the material of his boxers, I saw hair, then skin, pale, then a thick rail of flesh, he pulled and it sprang free, his cock bounced up, fuck he looked big, his cock looked huge, long, thick, hard and smooth, his testicles large, full, held by the tight skin of his crinkled pouch, so tight, so high I could see the tops of his thighs, the swell of his buttocks, the shadowy cleft of his firm ass. I stared at the seam running up the centre of his scrotum, at the dark hairs, up into the soft swollen ridge along the underside of his prick, all the way to the foreskin covered slopes of his large bulb. I couldn’t stop now, couldn’t wait, I waited, I watched, standing, holding myself back at this border, at this crossing. 

I looked at him, naked, supremely erect, I felt myself trembling with pulses of arousal, I looked, my prick was sticking out straight, a large damp shadow had formed where the tip of my stiff member touched the white cotton. I finally pulled the last item of my clothing off, gripping the elastic and pulling, and felt and looked as my own hard prick sprang out from my pants, bounced up thick and long and so fucking stiff. I kicked my underwear off and stood in front of him, my legs slightly apart, letting him look, savouring the caresses of his gaze, he stared at me, at my exposed erection, at my balls, drawn up, drawn in, up, he knelt up in the bed, I stood, we faced each other, naked, both of us now naked, and looked, stopped to look at the other, I looked at his long thick hard cock as he looked at mine.

“Fuck Tommy you look so fucking good, you’ve got the most beautiful fucking cock, it’s so hard isn’t it? Tell me, so fucking hard?”

“Yes, yes I am, my cock is fucking rigid, god, I’ve never been so fucking hard.” 

I looked at myself. I was. My cock was utterly stiff, sticking up straight in front of me, tight, almost painfully erect. He was larger. I realised. This turned me on, suddenly all thoughts of being smaller didn’t matter, it turned me on his cock was longer and thicker, fuck, at least, I don’t know, at least an inch, at least, he looked huge. I stepped and knelt on the bed, almost touching, both of us tight and drawn, small round pouches, and our cocks, supremely erect, sticking up in front of us, between us, inches apart, his up past his belly button, mine not as long, not quite, not nearly, slight curves of sexual organ pointing up from our groins, both of our stems thick and rigid, mine thicker in the middle, his straight and long, rearing up from inside his body, both of us with large round bulbous smooth cock heads still hidden by soft foreskin. 

I took hold of my penis and stroked myself, pulling my prepuce back, exposing, showing him the shiny wet tip of my cock, I watched him copy my motions, I watched as he gripped his thicker stem, his fingers barely fitting around his large stem, and slowly ease back the soft shield from over his large bulb, I saw him, I saw the tip of his cock for the first time, dark, red, smooth, fatter than mine, bigger, but already as wet, shiny with the fluid of his arousal. 

“I want, fuck, I want to masturbate for you, I want you to watch me, I want to watch you.”

“Yes, fuck let me see you stroke your hard cock for me Tommy, hold it, go on, stroke your beautiful hard cock for me.”

I did, I held my rigid stem and started to masturbate, looking at his erect penis as I did, looking at him looking, at me, at my hand, as I moved up and down, showing, exposing my tender swollen tip, the lips of my opening, I watched him do the same, he held his cock and moved his soft skin over his long shaft, longer, god, I watched him grip and stroke himself, longer thicker, I stared at his stiff penis as I rubbed mine, our glistening bulbs almost touching, then touching, he moved himself forward and stroked the slippery tip of his prick against mine, I let him, I didn’t move away.

I carried on masturbating, for him, with him, looking at him looking, I sat up straighter, we both did, closer again, I could see his tight beautiful balls, the hidden root of his swollen rod, and again the dark cleft of his ass, I knew he could see mine, the soft skin of my buttocks. We stroked our bare pricks together, matching the other’s rhythm, hearing the wet squelch of skin moving over slick wet skin, I sped up, we both quickened our pace, I felt my balls slap as I saw his move and jump within his scrotum, banging against his thighs.

“Oh fuck I’m close, I am so fucking close, oh, oh… oh fuck.”

“Come for me Tommy, don’t hold back, fuck, let me see you come, let me see you shoot your hot cum out of your beautiful hard cock. Come for me, oh god, come on me.” 

He sped up again, his hand moved quick and hard up and along his long stem, I could hear myself breathing heavily.

“Oh, oh, oh my god, oh fuck, I’m coming, oh this feels so fucking good, this is so fucking good, I’m…, I’m coming.”

“Do it, fuck, I’m there too, come for me, let me see you come…”

My climax rose through me, through my feet, my thighs, my groin, I felt my cock fill, stiffen even more, begin to pulse and quiver, I watched him stop, holding his foreskin back, pointing his wet helmet, his pursed slit at me, my orgasm crashed over me, over him, I watched the first spurt of white fluid leap from the exposed tip of his prick, a thick creamy ribbon of cum splashed out and onto me, I felt a warm plop as his semen landed on my hand, I rubbed it onto my penis, and crashed into my climax, a bolt of semen spurted from my cock, through my hard shaft and out of my tip and onto his abdomen, we worked our exploding pricks, stroking and increasing our pleasure, I watched him fisting his penis and sending thick spurts of white cum splashing out over me, he seemed to have so much of it, five, six large blasts of creamy fluid were pushed out of his cock and over me, I felt his warm cum, I spread it over my own spurting jumping prick, pulled and jerked four streams of white ejaculate onto his pulsing cock. 

I let myself go, a fat drop of cum oozes from the tip of my penis. I look over, his larger prick is started to drop, a thick blob of semen falling from the still exposed end.


That should have been that, more or less, we should have shared a cigarette, and drifted to sleep. For once though, after an orgasm, I didn’t feel tired. We did have a cigarette, once each, what a treat, and smoked, and chatted, remaining on the bed, uncovered, both of us still naked. We leant on our elbows, sat up against the pillows, breathed in and blew out grey-brown clouds of lung-filtered tobacco fumes, chatted and looked at each other, both of us still naked, our legs almost touching, each other’s cum drying on our skin, I could see the wafting flakes of his semen on the soft tip of my penis. He asked if this had been my first time with a guy. I said no, not really, not quite. He asked me to tell him. 

I told a few tales, about camping, about looking at magazines with friends, meeting an older couple on holiday, summer threesomes, about adventures with housemates. Once I got going I realised this was far from a one off really, that I had some form here, some previous. I looked at him, without shame, as I spoke, hoping he was looking at me. Each blast of nicotine seemed to provide a fresh hit of erotic energy, just, some, a replenishing. I spoke and told my tales and looked at his bare body, the thick dark patch of pubic hair, his soft slim belly, his cock. I looked at his cock as I spoke, still soft, but still long and heavy, his creamy brown shaft draped over his leg, his foreskin still retracted, a wrinkled collar of pink skin around the smooth soft slit bulb, a last pearl of clear fluid showing at its opening. I breathe in and out and look at his now soft stretched scrotum, his large testicles hanging low within their hammock of thin dark skin. 

“Mostly girls though?”

“Yeah, mostly. You though? I’ve seen you lust after girls. Rarely getting anywhere, is that just for show?”

“No, no, I like women, like their shape, their softness, the feel of their sex, when they are aroused I mean, soft and thick and wet.” 

“Men too though, or mostly?”

“Well, too, yes, obviously. Mostly? Not sure, probably. I am turned on by both, by women, and by men, I mean, well, seeing a guy naked and hard, seeing a guy naked, his cock stiff, sticking up…”

“So, are you gay? Or bisexual? Are you confused? Is that it?”

“Thomas, I am not the one who came to bed with his trousers on.”


“Human sexuality is a spectrum I think, fluid, we’re all slipping and sliding between two extremes, rarely completely one or the other.”


“You disagree?”

“No, not really, it’s all about transgression I think, this is the key erotic moment, the moment a barrier is overcome, not by force, that’s just horrible, that’s getting off on violence, it’s a separate category, but when you cross a barrier, social, or physical, of cultural even, uh, when you traverse your own preferences, or upbringing, religion, I don’t know, undressing, seeing someone naked for the first time, as simple as that, or when you spread a woman’s legs, mm, when you open her, show yourself her sex, like you said, thick and dark and damp, or, when she undoes your trousers, sees your cock, hard, sees you aroused. This is the reason a blow job is so appealing I think, the combination of physical sensation and aesthetic transgression.”

“And tonight?”

“Oh, well, it’s the ultimate taboo isn’t it, for mostly straight men, overcoming your own inhibition, your own identity. This is why lesbian scenes are essential for otherwise heterosexual pornography, so straight men can safely get off on homosexual acts.”

“Glad you said acts. I’m not sure I believe in homo or hetero as an identity, not fixed anyway. They describe acts, not people. They are adjectives, not nouns.”

“Right, alright Gore.”

“Go get me a drink, go on, get your sweet little ass into the kitchen and see if you can’t rustle us up some booze”

“Right, you lay there, you stay where you are.”

I get up though, naked, and walk to the kitchen, hoping he is looking, hoping he is looking at the soft pale skin of my bare ass. I walk, feeling my soft cock wobbling in front of me. I start to rummage, hoping there is the obligatory bottle of vodka crunched somewhere within the freezer. I get a bite first time, a three quarter full bottle of something generic (Kirov, or Bolshoi, or Volga, some such 37.5{041eef37a7f5b4db29dcc3cd09231a71295f4b2233e89afb6c97dccfcef67ea6} stuff). I source a couple of glasses, fill them with ice, carry everything back. I hand him one of the glasses, and cover the clinking cubes with a good pour of half frozen spirit. I set mine on a bedside table and repeat the process. I leave us the bottle, climb back onto the bed. Sit up, take a large tingling sip. 

The walk, I don’t know, the breath of the freezer, the cold air, I sit with my legs crossed, my scrotum has tightened, my soft cock has reacted to the environment, it’s retreated into itself, is bobbling as I shuffle, a soft prong of wrinkled skin nestling in my pubic bush. I see him looking, I look, as I sip, comparing my now small little cock to the thick length of his, his bare tip almost touching the bed sheet as he lays on his side, facing me, facing the vertical wobbling parody of mine. A shudder or arousal trembles through me though, through my stomach, that I am still naked, that he is, that we are still sitting as close as we are, our bare genitals in such proximity, that I can see another man’s cock, that it’s right next to me, to mine, and that his cock looks so large, with mine currently so small, that we’re being looked at, I am, he is, my bare body, his long stretched naked male form, lines of muscle, the firm concave cheeks of his ass, trails of dark hair leading to curled thickets surrounding the long pale protuberance of his soft exposed penis.

I see him looking. Staring at my groin, my cock drops backwards, onto my stomach, as a small flood of arousal issues into it. I shift onto my side slightly, facing him more, letting my dick fall towards my hip, my balls are still drawn up, now pushed out by my thighs. I look at his, I look, still hanging low, plump and large. The vodka buzzes in my stomach, loosens my head. He gets up. 

“Need a piss.” 

I watch him roll off the bed, his cock flopping as he moves, his tight ass pulling taut shapes as he walks. My cock pulses some more. I fight an urge to follow him, to watch him piss, to hold his long soft prick as he empties his bladder. I listen, I can hear the plash of his urine hitting the water, I imagine him holding his cock, his tip still bare, the strong clear force of piss as it is released from his body, I have the sudden desire to hold his soft cock and direct his hot piss onto myself, onto my hands, my belly, I have the image of him pissing over my stomach, my own bare cock, I see us pissing over each other’s stiff penis. 

I take another gulp. I hear a flush. I turn to look at him come back in. He walks, barefoot, bare everything, his cock swaying in front of his balls, tighter looking, his scrotum has pulled itself together. His glans still shows, shiny, glistening. I feel my own cock bubbling with fresh excitement. I glance, following his, it looks unmistakeably fuller, fatter, regaining some interest in the situation. He sits back on the bed and takes a mouthful from his glass, looks at me, looks slowly down at me

(in this second I think, I fantasise, that in one gradual smooth movement he bends over, down, and takes my erect penis inside his mouth, that I feel my hot stiff cock engulfed in the warmth and wetness of his lips, his hands on my waist, my thighs, his mouth sliding over my hard prick, then his fingers stroking my tight scrotum, pressing, pushing against the swollen buried root of my member, teasing the base of my penis with his hand, my soft sensitive slick tip with his mouth. I look (I feel my stomach churn with arousal, my prick pulses and oozes its own invitation), I think of him kissing my glans, I watch him opening and closing his lips around the engorged tip of my penis, sliding softly, slowly, letting me slip in and out of him, then holding, keeping my tender bulb inside, letting me feel the warmth and wetness of his mouth, his lips, gently sucking, working up and down, and his tongue, I want him to lick the length of me, the rigid length of my stem, to my balls, bending, taking one, taking one in his mouth, letting me see him lick his way back up, and around, up and down the exquisitely pleasurable underside of my glans, I watch his tongue sliding, moist and soft over the rim of my helmet, then over, deep, taking my hard penis deep inside his mouth, and up, down and up, I think of his smooth soft wet lips sliding over my hard member, and again stopping, closing over my cock head, and hold me in his mouth, I can feel his tongue swirling over me, his lips massaging my corona, his warm thick saliva washing over me, and his fingers, his fingers are delving, I let mine reach over and grip the solid pole of his huge stiff prick, still sticking up I his lap, I want to stroke his soft skin over the hard ridges of his shaft and the spongy soft tip of his cock, I want to pull him closer to me as I feel his fingers push my thighs apart and reach between my soft smooth buttocks, I feel him touching my tenderest hidden part, I feel him fingering my asshole with his mouth softly sliding over the end of my cock, I lift myself, I let him enter me, he pushes a slim moist finger into my asshole, then another, I can feel my climax building inexorably as he sucks my stiff cock and fucks my tight ass with his fingers 

( we are staring, I am not looking down, I want to, I don’t, I know my cock is stiffening again , I know I am getting hard in front of him)

I fight it, I want to fight it, it’s too good not to, I try to think of other things, to make these unbearable sensations last, his mouth and tongue and lips move quicker over my penis, his fingers fuck my ass harder, quicker, pushing deeper in, filling me, stroking, reaching my explosive spot, I feel my anus hot and raw, his fingers pushing into the hot moist flesh of my ass, my orgasm blows through me, I feel my cum rising, I look, I see my balls tighten, my cock pulse and jump, I feel myself coming and know his mouth is being filled with my hot thick semen, my orgasm consumes me, wave after wave of pleasure erupts from me, his fingers thrust in my ass, my cock erupts into his mouth, as I come and come I feel a sudden warmth on my own hands, I look, I see creamy white liquid spurting from the swollen fat tip of his huge prick, I see him ejaculating, large geysers of thick cum shoot up from his pursed slit and cover my hands)

looks down at my swelling prick, I look at him, at his, we sit and watch the other getting hard, and once it starts, once I see it and feel it both of us are taken over by our own and each other’s evident arousal. I watch his penis roll upwards over his leg, jump and pulse up, getting straighter again, I feel my own and watch his, thicken, lengthen, my rising erection feels utterly delicious as I watch his prick reach its full size, it grows up over his navel, pulls his balls up tight, he opens his legs, we both do, facing the other, our feet crossing, spreading ourselves, opening ourselves, his cock sticks up straight, so fucking long and thick, sticks up vertically from deep between his thighs, rising in a hard column of skin and engorged tissue. 

I glance down at myself, at my equally exposed, equally hard, equally offered prick, I compare again, and feel a fresh pulse of excitement at our sizes, at his larger girth, his huge thickness, his more formidable length. 

And then he reaches over and wraps his hand around my stiff stem. My breath leaves me. 

I see him reach, I watch him move his hand towards me, towards my cock, I watch him reach until I feel him, until I feel another man hold my stiff penis, curling his fingers around my hard rod, I watch, transfixed, he, he, another man has his hand wrapped around my prick, he pulls, he strokes me gently, I felt him stroke my hard stem and pull my foreskin back again, I see myself being further exposed, I see him push back my soft skin and expose my smooth fat glans, slick again with pre-cum, showing a translucent pearl of easing fluid seeping from my cock’s tiny slit, I watch another man hold my erect penis, with his inches from me, I look over, at his larger cock, as hard as I am, thicker, god his dick looked huge. 

And I reach, I watch my own hand traverse the small space between us and move towards his rearing organ, and I touch, I finally touched his stiff prick, I felt it, fuck, I felt another man’s cock, hot, hard, soft soft skin covering his stiff swollen shaft. He feels enormous, wrapping my hand around it, the angle unfamiliar, the size surprising the muscle memory of my fingers, another man’s warmth, another man’s arousal, another man’s hard cock. Fuck it is so stiff, so big, smooth, long, the same small ridges as me, I hold his foreskin back, keeping his tender glans exposed, his last hidden part, large shiny smooth dark red, I stare, closer than I’d been before, as slippery wet as mine, as full and visibly leaking his own sweet clear fluid. 

I feel him gripping and stroking my stiff shaft as I touch his soft tip with my fingers, feeling the spongy smooth flesh of his glans, I touched his opening, his tight little urethra, taking some of his oozing liquid and spreading it over, around his large cock head, running a soft moist finger around his tender rim, looking, looking at his hand on me, stroking me, gripping my rigid shaft. I pull another drop of pre-cum from his tip, smear it behind his glans.

“Fuck Tommy, oh fuck, that feels so nice, oh fuck.”

“You have such a fucking lovely cock, I mean it, it looks so good, it feels incredible, it’s so fucking hard, so fucking big. Oh, oh, your cock looks so fucking good, fuck, I want to, I want to…”

“Tell me, say it, Tommy, oh god, please say it.”

My voice drops again, to another ragged whisper.

“Fuck, I want you in my mouth, I want to taste you, I want your stiff penis in my mouth, I want to suck your big hard beautiful fucking cock.”

I feel him pulse and swell in my hand, his thick shaft gets even thicker, even harder.

And I push him onto the bed, our bodies touch for the first time, our chests, our bellies, our penises rub and press against each other’s, we kiss, our soft moist tongues touch and fight, dart in and out of each other, caressing and crossing, I feel his hands on my back, on my bare ass, pulling me closer onto him, stroking my smooth skin, we rub up and down, our cocks stroking, we rub the tender tips of our penises together, using each other’s hardness to pleasure out most sensitive spots, I hold us both, I grip both of our stiff cocks, stroking myself up the solid length of his, until I push him back, with some abandonment. 

And lower myself, I push his hands away and lower my mouth to his chest, kissing, licking him there, biting, stroking every part of him, down to his belly, I can feel his prick on my chest, my neck, I raise my head up and take hold of him, I grip his fat cock again and hold it to me, and I find I do not stop or hesitate, I want this now, his cock feels delicious in my hand, so stiff, so thick and hot and hard, I pull it to my mouth and take his erect penis inside my mouth, I open myself to him and feel his soft swollen glans push inside me, onto my tongue, I cover his beautiful big dick with my soft moist lips, he feels huge, in my mouth, enormous, stretching my lips, filling my wet opening, I kiss the tip of his penis, I am kissing the swollen tip of a guy’s prick, and licking around his fat bulb, and tasting him, fuck I am aroused. 

I can hear him moan, he feels huge, so hard, the skin so smooth and velvety soft, covering the engorged proof of his own arousal, steely stiff, giving off its own musky smell, I can taste him, his man’s odours, the sweet flavour of pre-ejaculate, I hold his thick shaft, touch his scrotum for the first time, I open my hand and close them over another man’s cool tight balls, they feel as huge as his prick, large full oval balls, I massage them, hold them, I lick up and down his shaft until I can feel the tight crinkled hairy skin of his scrotum, I kiss him there, I lick his tender pouch and take one of his testicles in my mouth, and the other, and kiss and lick the hidden root of his fat prick, I hear him moan, and breathe.

“Mmm, Tommy, oh my god, that is so fucking good, oh god, oh fuck.”

I stroke his cock and lick his moist perineum, pushing his legs apart, and up, I touch his bare buttocks and search with my eager tongue, pressing, pushing, tasting all of him, feel his huge cock pulse and quiver, feeling my own prick oozing arousal, I push him over onto his back and hold his buttocks, I loiter there, I stroke and massage his tight smooth ass, then pull his firm cheeks apart and bury my mouth between them, I search and touch his bare anus with my lips, I slide my tongue out and run it over his tight asshole. 

“Oh, oh, fucking, fucking hell.”

I pull him up slightly and stroke his cock as I lick and tongue his tight soft hairy asshole, pushing in, tasting him, feeling his strong anal sphincter close around my probing teasing tongue. God I feel depraved, shameless, filthily aroused. I masturbate his stiff cock as I eat his tight little asshole, feeling him clench and quiver, feeling each spasm of intense pleasure, finally turning him, pulling him around and taking his large full prick deep inside my mouth, I feel him move, down, around, I feel his penis turn inside my mouth, against my wet lips, I let my tongue slide around his spongy soft swollen tip, the tender rim of his glans, licking his corona, the underside of his bulb, I let him fill me, let his hard prick fill my open mouth, moistening him, sliding my lips up and down his thick shaft, pushing my tongue onto his soft seam, feeling the crevice between each solid ridge of blood filled tissue, lick the length of him as I feel him on me. 

I feel his hands on my bare ass, touching me, touching my tight anus, pressing, rubbing me there, fuck, his cock in my mouth and his finger pushing against my virgin asshole, and my cock suddenly engulfed with warmth and wetness, I manage to look and see myself sliding inside his mouth, we have our cocks inside each other’s mouths, we have spun into a sixty-nine, our bare asses in each other’s hands, our cheeks spread, I follow his lead and touch his anus, as he touches mine, fingering his tight soft hidden opening, wanting more, I devour his huge prick and push harder, I slide my finger inside his asshole, feeling him tight, clench tight around me, his cock swells even more, stiffens, I hear him gasp, his balls tighten, I kiss and lick and suck his sweet prick as I feel him finger my own asshole, as I feel him slide his mouth up and down over my rigid prick, I touch his balls, taste and suck his cock and sink my finger deep into his humid rectum, I fuck his tender ass, his cock pulses and quivers, I hear him, my prick falls from his mouth, I feel his hand stroking me, gripping my hard stem tightly.

“Fuck, oh Tommy, oh fuck, fuck…” 

I fuck his soft smooth ass with my fingers, savouring the strong clenching tube of his sphincter, I take more of his cock in my mouth, feel his thick shaft against my lips, I slide my lips back down, to his tender glans, I lick around his tip, close my soft wet lips over him, and without warning I feel my mouth suddenly full of hot thick fluid, then more, and more, spurt after sudden spurt of warm salty-sweet jetting fluid, fuck, I realise, stupidly, he is coming, another man is ejaculating in my mouth, filling my open mouth with hot thick semen. 

I slurp and slather, close my mouth over his trembling jumping dancing glans as I finger his asshole and grip his hard stem, as he comes and empties his hot cum into my mouth. I lose myself as I feel him ejaculate, as each forceful bolt of semen hits my taste buds I feel my own orgasm build up from my toes, through my legs, I sense my cock starting to pulse and jump, and feel his hands, his fingers stroke and hold my tight balls, and his mouth covers my sensitive pleasure-centre, I feel his lips and mouth hot and wet over my cock, my mouth full of his flowing juice I feel myself release my own store of cum, I feel wave after wave of exquisite sensation erupt over me, through me, out of me, out of my hard hard prick and into his mouth, sealed over my cock head, taking each thick drop of my creamy seed, letting his mouth fill with my salty fluid. Another smaller wave of pleasure sends more pulsing jolts from me to him, and lets me squeeze more of his cum from his ejaculating prick, I feel it seep inside my mouth, clinging to me, coating my palate, my tongue, I drop his cock from my mouth and pull my own from his, and kiss, and take my own cum inside me, we open our mouths to each other and swirl our hot creamy cum from one to the other. We break, we let ourselves see ourselves swallow. 

“Another drink?”