we understand our mutual culture I think it’s easier to come together

Francis was distracted. He tried to keep listening to Michael but he couldn’t keep his eyes –or ears for that matter — off the young woman sitting caddy corner from him at the table to the left. She’d been talking with her friend since he’d been sitting and waiting on Michael. Usually Francis couldn’t stand to listen to women drone on together but he rather enjoyed listening to this young lady.
“I think Americans need to realize their history as a people even as divided as we’ve always been. When we understand our mutual culture I think it’s easier to come together.”
In addition to being really intelligent, she was beautiful. Her hair was pulled back in a mod bouffant and she wore large silver earrings. The slanted shoulders of her cotton flower print dress revealed her beautiful neck. Light sent accents of gold all over her milk chocolate skin. The pink flowers brought attention to her heart shaped lips.
“Francis? Francis? What do you think of Zimbaugh’s latest publication? Are you even listening?” Michael waved to his colleague.
“I’m sorry, I just seem to be a little distracted this evening. The woman — don’t look now — the woman across from you is gorgeous.”
Michael nodded in agreement after a discreet glance. “A little young for you isn’t she?”
“Nah. She doesn’t look a day under twenty-five. That’s not even a five year difference. Besides, she sounds much older than that.”
“So, that’s what you’ve been listening to all night?”
“Sorry, Michael, but to be fair she’s been quite a distraction…do you think it would be awkward to ask for her number?”
“Maybe, man, but what do you have to lose? I can’t remember the last time you went out on a date.”
“You’ve only known me for three years.”
Michael was right. Between teaching and research, Francis hardly had any time to think about dating. He’d spent the last year in Egypt and several parts of the South East for a historical publication he was working on. Upon returning to the States a few months ago he’d noticed the loneliness that had crept up on him when attending Michael’s wedding. He often thought of how silly he felt after his friend had teased him because he was finally “nesting.”
When the beautiful stranger and her fellow diner rose to leave Francis made his move. “Hi, excuse me. I’m Francis Sandoval. I was really impressed with some of the statements you made earlier. I can’t say my place in academia is American history but what you were saying was really insightful. I actually teach anthropology at the university.”
“Wow, I’m a guest lecturer for the Creative Writing Workshop. What brings you downtown tonight?
“My friend Michael is a professor, too. We were just having our bi-weekly dinner. Do you dine here often?”
“No, actually my friend here, Stephanie, is visiting from out of town and we wanted to enjoy a fancy dinner.”
There was an awkward silence. Francis couldn’t believe how he towered over her curvy, voluptuous figure. She seemed a little shy now, continually glancing away and possibly blushing. It could have been some sort of rouge. He decided to make his intentions known after observing her friend Stephanie’s growing impatience.
“Olivia, Olivia Leger.”
“I was thinking maybe we could meet for dinner here at the same time next week. My treat?” He was sure she blushing now. With a panicked smile she looked quickly at her friend.
“I hope I’m not being too presumptuous?”
“Oh, um, no…I…”
“She’d love to go, you just kind of caught us off guard man!” Stephanie interrupted their inefficient bantering.
Francis smiled with shock and satisfaction. He couldn’t believe his luck; Olivia was clearly shocked as well but didn’t effuse any discontent about Stephanie’s volunteering. “May I have your number, Olivia?”
“Yeah, sure”, she wavered a little as she pulled a card from her handbag and scribbled down her name in beautiful handwriting along with her number. She handed it to him with shaky reflexes. Her nervousness was now unbearably cute to Francis.
“Olivia, what a beautiful name for such an intelligent woman. I look forward to seeing you again next week.”
Stephanie rolled her eyes as she dragged Olivia away. Olivia kind of floated along and only looked back at Francis once to smile weakly.
“Well, that smile on your face seems indicative of success.” Michael grinned at a beaming Francis.
“I hope to be a lot more successful. She agreed to dine with me next week.” Francis felt like a schoolboy; he was more excited than ever and he owed it to his beautiful distraction.
Olivia hadn’t thought about men in a while. After breaking up with Brian a little over six months ago she’d sort of shut down on the romantic front. The relationship had been serious to say the least. Everyone expected marriage from them but it had never seemed in sight for Olivia. There was always some difference they were reconciling, a weird struggle of ideas and even ways of doing things. Being friends hadn’t been easy. Despite their differences there was a strange fit and rhythm to their relationship. After a few weeks she’d wanted to cut off contact with him completely. He’d refused, irate at the suggestion. “After everything we’ve been through, given each other?” he’d exclaimed.
Their closeness couldn’t be argued; they’d graduated together, gained and lost friends, been there during the loss of siblings and parents. Brian was the only man she’d ever been with although she’d never had an avid appetite for lovemaking with him. She thought maybe that was one of the reasons that they shouldn’t be together. Either that or sex just wasn’t worth all the hubbub. Things had just come to a point where they could be normal friends.
And then Francis came soaring in tonight, disturbing the peace of her quiet love scene. The brunette giant couldn’t stop smiling down on her with his bright smile and deep sea blue eyes. They entranced and confused her through the rimless, unassuming glasses. She wondered what he looked like without them.
She had been a wreck that evening and was glad Stephanie took charge of the situation. Olivia wasn’t sure she would have said yes to the bold professor without her friend’s help. As she undressed for bed Olivia realized how excited she was. Dinner with a stranger? What would he be like? She knew he was tall, handsome, and taught anthropology — a topic she honestly had no real interest in. What would they talk about?
As she climbed into bed she was relieved that she wasn’t dwelling on Brian too much. Maybe Francis was just the distraction she needed…
Francis’s intense blue eyes stared straight into Olivia’s deep brown ones. His turgid cock slammed into her tight, sodden pussy. Her eyes closed as she tilted her head back into the pillow of her bed. He filled her to the brim, bringing pleasurable awareness to places deep within her. Francis began to rock against her hips at a steady pace as he breathed in her scent and brushed his lips against her neck. Olivia responded by tightly crossing her legs behind his back and squeezing his gigantic member with her ever-spasming vaginal walls. She had never known it could be like this…
Olivia woke and sat up straight, shivering in her cold sweat. Her pussy quivered with need. The dream about Francis had been so intense, like nothing else she’d ever felt before. How could one man leave such an imprint on her consciousness after one meeting? She lied down and stuck two fingers as far up her cunt as possible. Would it be enough to finish her off? Olivia spread her legs wide and jutted her fingers in and out.
“Francis, Francis, yes…I need you to fuck me,” she panted. The sound of her moans could be heard along with the squishing juices of her pussy. She knew she’d have to work hard to come.
Dinner was going well. Olivia couldn’t believe her attraction to Francis. Everything he spoke about interested her. He was a full professor, the youngest in his department and was working on research for his second major project at the university. She would be finishing her lecture series in a few months and was happy to see the end of it. Teaching had its perks but the next installment of the teen fiction saga she was writing would be her focus now. Her readers had waited long enough.
She and Francis were very different but enjoyed the newness of learning about one another. He smiled and listened to her every word, gazing into her eyes like he was soaking her in. Best of all, his touch was electrifying. He loved brushing her hand or touching the bare skin of her shoulder. There was no denying their sexual attraction. All these new physical sensations were things she’d never really enjoyed before.
“Olivia, I’m having such a good time. Do you want to go walking tomorrow night or something? I know you have d a lot work but I’d really love to see you again.”
“Um, yeah!” she blurted, instantly embarrassed. “I mean, certainly. Oh, wow, I’m having a lot of fun, too. Maybe we can go to Point Park. We could meet here again.”
“Fantastic,” he grinned draping her cardigan around her shoulders as they rose to leave.
When they reached the porch of her building he embraced her whole body. It sent ripples all over that settled in her now damp core. Francis had wanted to have some sort of intimate contact with her other than the invasion of a premature kiss. Although sensual, Olivia had this old fashioned twinge about her and he didn’t want to violate her boundaries in any way. He was very attracted to her and wanted to see as much of her as possible in the coming weeks.
“Have a good night. I’ll call you early tomorrow to set up a time for our stroll,” he released her, tucking a loose, silky lock behind her ear. Now Olivia’s body was on fire.
“Sounds great, good night.” Glowing, she stepped inside. Francis stared at her through the glass of the door and didn’t leave the porch until she passed the doorman’s kiosk and disappeared up the stairs. She was wonderful. It was almost scary how attracted he was to her. Francis couldn’t seem to keep his hands off of her luscious brown skin. He’d hoped she hadn’t pinned him as some fiend or noticed his slight erection after their embrace. He couldn’t wait to see her again and lamented the long commute home.

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