The Wedding Crushers Part 2

Beep Stories » “Look,” he said, “the seats are lovely, but my balls just flop right over the edge. It’s obscene! What if a guest sees!”

Wordlessly, the two sank to their knees, before him. Rick played the innocent,

“What are you ladies doing?”

“Maybe…” Jessican began and Jessebelle finished, “…if we get them drained for you they’ll shrink enough to fit?”

I had to suppress a titter, even if the two were women enough to get my Rick to give up a load, that usually only made his balls grow even bigger, eager for more.

Still, at least they were handled for the moment, I heard the lewd shlurping noises as they began to work on Rick’s monstrous organ, their hands cupping that overstuffed sack of his. While they worked on my man, my ears caught wind of another ploy behind me.

“When you’re putting the groom’s plate before him, make sure to add exactly three drops of this; it will put him in the mood and you can leave the rest to me.”

It was the head caterer, apparently.

#Schtupping the Chef#

She was a lovely-looking woman really, blonde and buxom with an ass that wiggled as she whirled around the kitchen, cooking both delicious food and schemes to ensnare Joseph apparently. I glanced across the hallway to where Rick was taking just brutal advantage of the twins now, holding one’s head in place while he fucked her throat into a gagging mess, his other hand trapping Jessica in the flight-path of his massive balls, bludgeoning her face with the pair of them at every thrust. A dripping pool of slobber was starting to form on the floor beneath the three of them. It was painful to tear myself away, I do so love to watch my Ricky work.

But I had work to do of my own; I stalked into the kitchen, ignoring the various sous chefs and garçon de cuisine who worked around me as I strode in to confront the woman in the white outfit.

“Excuse me,” I said as I approached, “But there’s a problem with your kitchen I said.”

She turned to me, lips parting slightly in confusion. “What seems to be th—” she started to say, but was interrupted when I hefted my cock out from beneath my skirt and laid it out on a clean cutting board just to the left of her. My organ was limp, yet still clearly the largest she’d ever seen, trailing off in wonder at the sight.

“You see,” I explained, “Someone seems to have left all this meat out. That can’t be sanitary.”

“I…I…” she groped around for a long moment, gaze so hypnotically fixed to my anatomy that I contemplated slapping her with it just to shake things up, “May I see how it tastes?” she lowered down, not even having to kneel or squat to reach my cock in this convenient setting.

She began to lick it all over, humming and moaning her appreciation as she worked, her tongue teasing the groove behind my head as I fattened and swelled up. With her attention distracted I turned to the waitress she’d been instructing,

“Do be a love my little lamb,” I said, “fetch me that bottle you were supposed to spike Joey’s food with?”

As my cock got thoroughly licked and the waitress went about her task, I looked across the way back to Rick, pleased to see one of the twins passed out with a prodigious leakage of precum and slobber drooling from her lips, the other was on her back while Rick punished her throat from the top; she was good at what she was doing and lucky Rick was getting enough of his cock inside of her that he could bounce his fat balls on her forhead while she gorked and glucked away, a total victim to his massive size and power. By the time the waitress had returned with the little bottle, he was working on tucking his cock beneath his dress shirt so that he could get back out to patrol for more aggressive girls to subdue. The twins were collapsed over one another, tits splayed lewdly as they moaned in their catatonic states.

I examined the bottle, gasping a little as the cook sucked my cockhead into her mouth. It was unlabeled, but if it was meant to arouse I presumed it harmless enough and downed half of it, tucking the rest between my tits to give to Rick later. Within moments the dick that had been slowly bloating up beneath her ministrations was growing hard so rapidly that it fairly quivered when it hit full erection! I felt like steel was filling my dick and it made my breath catch in my throat.

Speaking of throats, between the rapid growth and the quivering, the chef was having a ton of trouble, my organ tenting a visible bulge in her neck as she gurgled and glucked nastily. Luckily for the guests, I was careful to angle her mess-making face away from all the food, letting her choke on my cock harmlessly in one corner. Of course all the staff were now just watching their boss get throat-plowed, some mix of envy and delight and impotence crossing all of their faces. Finally I pulled her from my cock and tilted her down to my nuts, getting a nice coat of slobber-polish on them before pushing her down even further, allowing her the pleasure of worshipping my cunt.

Unsurprisingly, the chef really appreciated the finer flavors in life, really getting inside the folds of my labia with her tongue between much-appreciated flickers across my clit. Soon, like a woman possessed she was stroking my huge cock with one hand, using the other to sink two fingers inside me as her thumb stimulated my burning button, and her face had moved lower still, tossing my salad so skillfully her sous chef in charge of mixed greens should have been shamed out of his job. I realized that Rick was going to need back-up soon, and this scrumptious little harlot was clearly content worshipping me all day, so I’d have to shut this thing down.

I bent her head back and buried her face in my scrotum, not just teabagging the poor thing, but really smothering her with my nuts, bearing her to the floor in a kneeling position, my knees trapping her arms. When she was clearly oxygen deprived enough, I finally lifted my slobbery balls from her face and aggressively pulled down her chef’s uniform, popping my enormous prick inside of her dripping sex like it was no thing at all.

Like almost all women I fuck, she simply howled, her brain turning into the white-noise of sheer pleasure as I fed and sawed more dick into her, pushing her over new crescendos of pleasure with every few inches of the immense organ. I looked up at the still-stunned staff.

“Does one of you have a business card for your catering company? I want to contract with you guys at some point in the future.”

Never have so many hands shot into so many pockets to retrieve so many wallets and thrust so many business cards towards someone in the history of the world. I took the one that came at me first and tucked it away, nodding a curt thanks at the white-coated young man that offered it.

I looked back down at the chef and stroked her red, sweaty, howling cheek. “I’m sorry darling, normally I do so like to take my time with a treasure as rare as you, but I’m just in a dreadful hurry today. For what it’s worth, I think you’re about to sleep VERY well.”

I kicked things into one of my higher gears, powerful hip muscles clenching as my ass bounced, just railing the poor dear at a level I normally take hours to arrive at. I had to hold her legs at the hips to keep her from sliding away from me the slap of my nuts against her ass was so powerful. I watched for the telltale signs of her petit mort, and when I saw nothing but the whites of her eyes I sheathed myself as far deep inside her as my monolithic member would fit, the final stroke in any attempt to wear a partner out for me. Her cervix literally vibrated against my cock tip and I felt the flood, pulling out as quick as I could, standing to look down at my handiwork.

With a final, unending cry she seized on the floor, bucking and slamming against the tiles as pint after pint after pint of glistening cunt-sauce just blasted out of her ruined insides. The kitchen literally erupted into applause, and I made the slighted curtsy before carefully re-arranging my cock so that it would fit beneath my dress again, making sure to sandwich the head between the bottoms of my tits, the only place to safely tuck it without showing. As a rule I don’t care about people knowing about my rather unconventional anatomy, but the element of surprise can be useful in a situation like this.

I beckoned for help, and two of the studlier undercooks came to my side, helping me drag their unconscious boss into the empty conference room where Rick’s victims still lay in a slumbering heap. We added them to the pile and I thanked them both, getting ready to get back out there. My poor nuts ached, but I couldn’t very well go inseminating every single person I was going to have to fuck today. Some lucky girl was going to be getting a VERY overpacked load at some point.

#The Deflower Girl#

I rejoined my husband in the main room; it seemed that in the absence of the two ushers Rick had throatfucked out, the guests had manage to mill to their own seats without problem. Joseph was standing in the front of the room with a celebrant, looking handsome as ever if not a little bored as he awaited the arrival of his bride-to-be. Rick put his arm around me affectionately as I joined him standing in the back, leaning over to kiss my neck and whisper in my ear.

“Welcome back dearest, I heard you neutralizing some threat back there. In fact, I think the whole city might have heard it.”

I shrugged, “The cook was a bit more well-seasoned than those two trollops you put down back there. I had to work harder to wear her out.”

He nodded, “Well I know you’re more than up to the task. I think we might need to team-up on the next one for expediency’s sake.”

“Oh, speaking of “up” drink this… I commandeered a little tincture from her that she was going to slip to Joseph, it’s given me quite the appetite.” I handed him the little bottle, smirking as he drank it down and gave a quiet whistle, clearly feeling the effects as fast as I had.

“Well that’s put some meat in my pantry! Astounding work, darling!” He kissed me again, his colossal erection grinding against my thigh.

“So why do you think we need to team up?”

He pointed to the back of the room where a raven-hared beauty in a dazzling gown stood with a basket of rose-petals.

“It’s the flower girl. Have you heard of Marielle Rubinova?”

I gasped, “Who hasn’t? That’s her!?”

“The very same!” he began to pull me along towards the woman.

If you aren’t part of the steamy back rooms of Manhattan’s uppermost crust, you probably wouldn’t have heard of her, but she debuted two years ago, famously attracting the attention of every eligible bachelor. It’s no surprise given her finely chiseled features, sparkling emerald eyes, and of course, those monsters she’s hauling around on her chest that rival my own LL cups

But even more than her simply outrageous anatomy (yes yes, I know I’m one to talk,) Mari used the whispering rumor network of New York to spread a challenge to all those interested gentlemen; she would not accept any pitched woo, until she met a pitcher who could take her to exhaustion. A few brave young men had stepped up, some of them even the true sorts of studs who might have pulled it off with a lesser woman, and she’d left them all broken and girlfriendless in the end.

I was confident Rick and I could take her of course; we operate in a sphere entirely outside what the rest of high society can handle, and at this moment we were both beyond horny and souped up on some sort of chemical super-aphrodesiac to boot, but she still might have given us a good fight and we shouldn’t let our guards down.

“Health inspectors,” Rick said, as we closed in on her.

“What?” The young woman said, the barest trace of a Russian accent in her voice.

“We have reason to believe the flowers in that basket might contain bacterial fraudulitis, we need you to come with us to make sure that you haven’t been infected.”

“But the bride could be here any minute, I need to—”

“You need to come with us, my dear. What if you’re infected? Do you want her to get it too?”

She followed along, stammering in confusion, “Wait a minute, I’m not sure if I’ve heard of fraudulitis before.”

We steered her into the vacant conference room with the three already passed out girls.

“What the fuck!?” she looked gobsmacked at the destroyed girls.

“You’re here to try and steal Joseph, aren’t you?” Rick demanded, adding “admit it!”

She stammered, “Of-of course not! Everyone knows I will only accept the man who proves himself worthy!”

I spotted something that unwove her lie, “I think you believe he is exactly worthy to be such a man. Why else would you be concealing…THIS!”

I pulled my prize from her basket, a pair of rose-colored panties that blended in perfectly with the petals; they were ornate and lacy.

She turned as red as they were, trying a feeble lie, “Oh! That’s where those went! Thank you so much for finding them! I’ve looked everywh—”

I cut her off, turning the panties inside out where a message was written very clearly on the inside of the crotch.

“Joseph, meet me in the undercroft after the reception starts. I’m younger than your wife, I’m hotter, and I have natural K-cup tits that will be all yours if you elope with me instead of her. I’ve heard you have a huge dick, and even if you aren’t worthy, I’m sure I can teach you. -Marielle Rubinova.”

“Stellar work, Laura dear!” Rick said, grinning as he began to unbutton his shirt. I followed suit, working on unzipping my dress. I could see a few of my fans in the kitchen peeping from across the way, clearly eager to see more of my work.

“All right, I’m busted. Please don’t tell Cordi or Joseph. I’ll be good, I promise!”

I cupped her cheek in a palm, “Oh no, that simply won’t do darling. We need to punish you I’m afraid.”

“But what about the weddi—”

“We’re not really into letting people finish sentences, Rick and I.”

Rick beckoned one of the peeping chefs, a cute young woman with a smattering of freckles.

“I’m deputizing you, honey. You’re now a flower girl.” He handed her the basket, sans panties, “now get out there and make Cordelia proud!” She shrugged and ran along, yipping at the gentle spank her gave her ass on the way out the door.

We both turned back to Marielle, lust in our eyes, she was exquisite to be sure.

“What are you going to do to me?!” she whimpered.

“Everything you want and more, dear little thing,” Rick answered. By now he’d undone enough buttons that the obscene head of his seventeen-inch cock was visible. Marielle’s eyes bugged out of their sockets.

“Oh my GOD!” she gasped.

“Yes you’ll find Rick’s dick is about to be very useful for you,” I said, unzipping my dress and stepping out of it, back turned to Marielle.

“He’s…he’s ENORMOUS!”

“Yes, and that’s a very lucky thing for you, little bird.”

“Wh-why do you say that?” she was drinking him in, her breath catching when his balls flopped out next, those churning mangos of manliness. But she tore her eyes away long enough to look at me as I turned down, dramatically revealing my own absurd endowment.

“Because he’ll get you ready for ME!” I grinned wolfishly at her, twenty-five iron-hard inches of girlcock bobbing out, long enough to tap her hip as I swung around.

“OH MY JESUS!” she seemed to not care at all that we were in a church!

“This is a house of worship, young lady,” Rick growled in a delicious rumble as he stepped close and tangled his hand up in her hair.

“Yeah,” I agreed, doing the same on the other side, “So it’s time for you to start WORSHIPPING!”

Together we pushed her to her knees, grinding her between our massive obelisks. Ever the man’s man, Rick was eager to get at those huge tits and pushed her dress down, freeing the massively impressive pair.

“Oh man, look at those things!” I squealed gleefully, giving them a great big smack with my great big cock, jiggling them violently to the left, her torso leaning with them a little bit.

Rick is always up for a friendly game of tit-tennis and he slapped them right back my way. Her head went from side-to-side, at once aroused and appalled as we carelessly bludgeoned her prize pumpkins one way and then the other, really getting into it, precum spurting out from both of us to glaze her massive madams in layer after layer of hot spunk.

“Well, we’ve kicked the tires and slammed the doors,” Rick said, spinning her around to face me, “How’s about we take ’em for a test drive?”

“Capital idea, my manly tiger-cake!”

Rick reached around her from above and cupped her beyond-luscious melons together, giving me a truly grand canyon to fuck my grander dick up between, spearing through her pliant flesh like so much soft-serve ice cream in two head-sized scoops. Rick was not one to be denied, however, and crammed himself down from the top, his mammoth balls resting heavily on her head.

Together we sawed through, selfishly titfucking her like she was some common scullery maid instead of the heiress to a microchip fortune, my big nuts spanking the bottoms of her breasts with every thrust, Rick’s hammering her head.

“Oh she’s exquisite! Let me try that mouth, darling!” I clapped excitedly as I withdrew from her bosom and aimed myself up at her mouth, holding her cheeks wide with my fingers so she could somehow accommodate my ridiculous cock-bulk, the girth of it stretching her jaw down in a grotesque parody of a human face.

“Of course darling, have fun in there, I’ll get her cunt warmed up for you!” Rick eager tipped her forward, forcing her to take more of my prodigious dick as he lined himself up with her cunt-lips, grinding his immenseness on her clit, sawing back and forth. She responded like a well-scritched cat, arching her back and offering her ass up to him higher and higher, encouraging his brutish antics.

I think she moaned with pleasured, but it was pretty hard to tell when I forced myself into her throat. It made quite the impact on her: Her throat bulged, her eyes bulged, her nose got sniffly as reflexive tears started from her eyes. But her reputation for toughness was not exaggerated; she cupped my huge balls, one in each palm and forced herself down even further, the bulge of me continuing to show until it disappeared somewhere behind her massive boobs.

Rick plunged in finally, making her writhe like a snake on methamphetamines, his cock gaping that young cunt beautifully. I admired the sight of him as she choked and gagged on me, her strong throat muscles rippling up and down my length.

Rick caught my gaze and silently mouthed “spit-roast?” to me as he cocked his head. I nodded and we enacted our well practiced maneuver.

My hands went beneath her tits, cupping them heavily and supporting her torso as I sawed my dick even deeper. Rick plunged to new depths as well and seized her magnificent alabaster thighs. Getting a sense of our respective depths, we slowly stood together, lifting her completely off the ground, our hands supplementing the support she was mostly getting from our cocks stuffed deep inside of her. She rolled her body from her hips to her head, flailing a little as what must have been an extremely intense orgasm shot through her, at least judging by the ball-basting blast of cream she squirted out all over ricks dangly-bits.

Now we truly had her skewered, gravity simultaneously increasing the challenge for us but also aiding the pressure we were able to give her, Rick especially just conquering her G-spot with his size and angle. We just toyed with her for a while this way, Rick pulling out as I sawed in and vice-versa; then we would pull out and cram in simultaneously, sending shockwaves that rippled her jiggling flesh with each massive double-pound, her feeble gags and coughs on my own dick becoming a messy puddle of slobber beneath us, mixed with strands of my copious precum.

to be continue..