The Wedding Crushers Part 3

“Oh Rickey, she’s got an incredible throat, but I do so want her cunt!” I pouted as she coughed up another wad of gunk onto my dangling nuts.

“Of course, darling, let me set you right up!”

Rick took hold of her huge tits, and I was about to chide him for selfishly milking her instead of doing what he’d said, but he had a plan. He lifted the lass up high, her semi-conscious form resting back against him as he slowly lifted her high enough to withdraw his now-glistening cock. She looked concerned when he teased it between her cheeks and her mouth formed an “O” of stunned shock when he grunted and thrust himself into her tight rim.

“Oh splendid darling, let’s really wear her out!” I clapped, moving forward to give her tits a few slobbery slaps with my cock before angling down and positioning myself at her pussy.

“Th-there’s no way you’ll fit that monster into me! Especially not with him in my ass!” she reached out, clenching my arms protectively.

“Oh,” I said, “Not comfortably, but I did say this was a punishment, dearie, and trust me when I say that you’re about to cum a LOT!”

You could almost hear her sex stretching as I slowly stuffed my doorknob of a head inside her, but her wail of pleasure and pain covered it up too much to really tell. My girth was such that the whole focal point of pressure was behind her clit, and you could see the little nub engorge to new stiffness as I moaned and slowly worked my way inside more of her.

I leaned in, wrapping my arms around her, our humongous pairs of breasts crushing together in a vast avalanche of titflesh as I embraced her. She puckered her lips as I leaned in, but she was cheated out of the pleasure of my pillowy dicksucking-lips, I moved past her and kiss Rick instead, the two of us making out around her like she was nothing more than an object for our cocks to ravage while we made out.

“OH GOD! OH GOD! OHGODOHGODOHGODOHGOD!” was all she said about the matter as I helped myself deeper inside of her. It really was a good thing Rick had been here to loosen the poor dear up, if I’d taken her cold I might have literally split her at the seams!

Just as before, Rick and I toyed with the rhythm of it all, fucking her in alternating and simultaneous strokes depending on our whim at the time, gradually increasing speed. Our members were so girthy we could feel the movement inside against one another and that only made our fervor all the greater as we bucked and fucked away, giving her more inches-per-second than most horny housewives see in a full year.

As we gouged her insides with our brutal organs, she was out of control in every conceivable way, her hair flying in sweaty indeterminate patterns every which way, her mouth screaming things that might have been Russian obscenities or possibly just a recipe for a delicious pie that she was choosing to scream at about four-thousand decibals, her legs and arms swinging around, sometimes accidentally kicking, slapping or punching at Rick and I, but all clearly in good fun.

Then there were her tits; those were in a state of utter madness, jiggling so fast and hard at the impact of our body-bouncing thrusts they went in every direction and configuration possible. They would sometimes clap together with so much impact you’d swear a bomb had gone off in the cleavage between them for all the concussive force that seemed to come of it, they would jump high, one or both striking her in the face, and at times when her torso twisting particularly far she would even smack Rick’s ribs with her ravaged rack.

Finally we did the unthinkable, giving her a massive simultaneous thrust that threatened colon and womb alike, pushing down on her shoulders as we crammed our dicks up inside of her as deep as they would go. She went dead silent and still for a moment, her face slowly turning from red to violet, then she howled and dumped what looked like a solid gallon of cunt-sauce out all over my cock and balls and thighs, just raining liquid for several long, long moments.

“What do you say Laura, have we finally earned a nut?” Rick said with uncharacteristic vulgarity.

“Yes, I think we should unload at least one, yes. If there are more bitches to take down after this one than we’ll want to be able to last; it will be embarrassing if we climax after only a few hours or so!”

“On three?” He asked, his famously massive nuts lurching up tight in their gigantic sack.

“Three!” I shouted abruptly, unable to hold back for the other two seconds.

Let me tell you, it’s a good thing we had a firm hold on her shoulders and arms or else it’s all but certain she’d have burst from our shafts like a compressed water-rocket. Her body went through a grotesque transformation, wad after gooey huge wad of our respective cum-clumps hosed away inside her, her womb filling up visibly, fattening and rounding out as a separate bulge started to grow higher up in her stomach. We reached some sort of capacity as we blasted away, and finally her ass and cunt started frothing over with boiling seed, the uncontainable portions of our huge loads dripping and spattering out every which way.

It felt so good to finally have that load off of my balls, I sob-laughed in sheer bliss as I finally pulled out of her, using both hands to jerk myself and milk out more and more sperm missiles out to paint her luscious face and full tits, completely obscuring every inch of both in a thick sweater of white glop. I sighed happily and hugged Rick as we let the cum-glazed wench collapse to the floor. It was tough to say whether she or the blanket of sperm we’d left on her was in a more liquid state at present.

“I think Joseph is safe from her, for now,” Rick chuckled.

“Darling, I think the world is safe from her. She’ll be lucky if she can fuck again.”

“Fuck again? She’ll be lucky if she can walk!”

“Crawl!” I added, one-upping him again.

We availed ourselves of the sink in the corner, cleaning up our massively messy parts before tucking them back away under our formal clothing.

“I’m getting about darn tired of having to re-tie this tie,” Rick lamented as I zipped up my dress.

#And The Band Played On…Our DICKS!#

Just as we managed to rejoin the throng in the narthex of the church they were giving a round of applause and a mild cheer, Joseph had Cordelia bent back in mid-liplock, apparently they’d just been pronounced Mister and Missus and he was kissing the bride!

Taking a look around it seemed clear that we’d neutralized most of the possible threats. As we mingled our way through the reception, finally getting into some of that food (which was pretty good!) and champagne we monitored all the remaining women for signs of trying to steal moments with Joseph. On the one hand, they were married now, and it would seem poor strategy indeed to try and take him now, but on the other, young Ms. Rubinova had seemed hell-bent on getting him after things were sealed all the same, and she might not be the only one planning such boldness.

Still, no matter who we got close to, there were no signs of further designs, I even got into a conversation with the bridal party and found nothing but genuine happiness for their friend. Curiously absent though, was the young woman who’d originally showed me to Cordelia, the maiden of honor I believe. I hissed to Rick to keep an eye out for her, but gave everyone else my stamp of approval for the time being.

For a time, I thought we might be in the clear, until it was time for the couple’s

First Dance. The guests moved pews and re-oriented banquet tables until there was a clear space for it, and the wedding band took the stage. Judging from the writing on the bass drum they were called Lisa and the Logriders, and that already gave me pause. Perhaps they’d had the name for years, but my suspicions were not eased when they came to the stage to take their instruments, five young girls of varying curvaciousness, all with very pretty faces were turning up.

Rick joined my side, giving me a glance and nod which showed that he shared my skepticism about the validity of this particular ensamble. The one I presumed to be “Lisa” took to the mic, she had very full lips that matched a similarly stacked top in her stunning sheer top. None of these girls were quite in my league or even that of Marielle’s, but she was definitely more than a few handfuls, and the biggest of the band to be sure.

“Before we begin,” she said, her sultry voice commanding the attention of all over the speakers, “we’d like to request that the groom come and join us on stage, we have a special gi—”

“BEFORE WE BEGIN!” Rick bellowed in a voice loud enough to overpower even her microphone in volume, cutting her off she listened, “The bride has requested that we prepare you to perform a very special number she wanted to surprise Joey with! We can’t give it away, so if you’ll come with us for some vocal warm-ups, that would be magnificent!”

The band looked around in confusion, but when they looked to Cordelia she only nodded, a mischievous smile playing about her lips. It was good to have the bride on your side in matters such as these!

The confused band followed us to the same room we’d left the other ruined women in, their jaws dropping at the mess of cum and limbs on the floor.

“What the hell?” One began to ask, but with an ominous ‘click’ they turned to see that I’d locked up the door behind us.

“This is our daycare center for wayward sluts,” I said, plunking the key firmly between my tits, “You will be joining the rest of these slags after Rick and I have had our fun with you. You’re not going to be stealing Joseph away today, I’m afraid.

“You said these were vocal warmups,” Lisa said, folding her arms beneath her tits angrily.

“Oh don’t you worry about that,” Rick said, deftly unbuttoning his shirt to reveal that fantastic physique of his, “your voices are about to get worked out PLENTY, trust me.”

“NOW!” Marielle Rubinova shrieked, struggling to her feet along with the chef and the Ingraham twins. Apparently they’d organized some sort of escape plan in our absence, but they likely hadn’t accounted for us locking the doors.

“They can’t possibly take us all!” the Chef said, (I’d have to learn her name at some point, if I could ever get her to stop screaming mine,) “let’s get ’em!”

“Nine girls!” I said, delighted glee in my voice.

“Yes!” Rick said, “That makes four and a half for each of us! That’s what I call a fun afternoon!”

“How will we get half a woman, Rick?” I asked with a grin, unstopping myself so that my intimidatingly huge tits bounced free.

“Half?” Rick scoffed, “Darling, knowing us they’ll be lucky if there are eighths of them left after we’re through!”

These poor girls, all they’d wanted to do was wreck a wedding with sexual sabotage in the name of naked self-interest and big dick, but instead they were going to have to go toe-to-toe with the Coyles, a mistake they wouldn’t have the vaginal elasticity to repeat in the future. Ah well, the best laid plans of mice and whores, gang aft agley.

The debacle that followed was impossible to capture fully, but I can give you a few scenes of what went down:

The first dance is happening in the absence of the band, I can hear someone has put their phone up to the mic and it’s warbling out Stardust Melodies, I can only assume Joseph and Cordelia must look divine as they whirl about the floor. As much as I’m enjoying the task Rick and I have drawn, it’s a shame to miss so much of the wedding. Ah well…

Meanwhile, Rick and I have each of our hands tangled in a different head of hair. I’ve got one of the twins and a band-member on their knees, grinding their faces into my swinging balls, moaning as they each feast on the succulent nut-meat on offer. Rick is being a selfish pig, using his superior testicle size to keep four different women locked onto his nuts, the other twin, the chef and two more band members. Lisa is looking dazed in the corner, her face covered in brutal cockbruises Rick and I left on her when she tried to jack us both off to get us to cum quickly. Mari is cradling the swooning singer’s head on her massive rack, trying to soothe her from the daze our dicks beat into her. Mm, my nuts are getting nice and drippy now…

I can hear the toasts being made. The best man has a really funny story about the time Joseph bet a girl his dick would wrap all the way around her calf when soft; she didn’t believe him and now that girl is sitting next to him in a white dress, looking like the cat who ate the particularly well-hung canary! Clearly they’re going heavy on the champagne given how well the audience takes this story…

Meanwhile, tits are getting FUCKED everywhere. The six bustiest girls are all in a tow, each serving a triple-layered tit-tunnel to each of us. Even Rick’s huge dick is totally swallowed in breast-meat, disappearing between all the pairs; even on his deepest thrust his cock just isn’t quite long enough to emerge. I’ve got both Rubinova and busty Lisa on the same team, and still my cockhead is sticking out for enough for the twins to kiss and suck it every time it pops out. I’m not going to rub Rick’s face in it of course; for one thing I’m too classy, and for another I’d much rather by rubbing his face and cock between my own massive mammary glands, that’s what makes me feel like a dutiful wife every time. I think the girls have given their all until I hear Rick give a surprised start and see that the Chef is working him up a heaping helping of tossed-salad from behind, her hands rubbing his slobbery balls against all the boobmeat she can reach with them.

I can hear the click of dozens of cameras, some of the professional type, others the more obviously digital type that come with phones. I can only imagine what a striking couple Joseph and Cordelia make as they pose and mug for their public; what a wonderful couple they make.

Meanwhile, Rick and I are running a sort of reverse train on the increasingly sweaty, slobber-and-precum covered girls before us, giving each a deep, fast railing into one wet cunt after another, giving no girl more than a minute or two of massive-dick impalement. Each time the girls are howling in pleasured confusion both when we start and stop; their pussies are being gaped wide and then left starvingly empty, an even greater discomfort to anyone who knows the joy of big cocks like ours. What can I say? Rick and I are famously addictive, and in our case, withdrawal of our cocks can often lead to, well, cock-withdrawal. Still, we were keeping the addicts fed as best as we could, and Rick’s prediction about vocal warmups were more than true when I finally took the first crack at Lisa; she was the only girl I didn’t let Rick open for me first and her cunt clearly did not know what hit it. She screamed the single word “Cock” for a solid minute and thirty-eight seconds without even taking a breath; with lung capacity like that it’s clear why she’s the lead singer.

Now Joseph is presenting guests to his groomsmen. I can’t see what they are of course, but one only assumed the traditional things, flasks, wristwatches, cufflinks, all those silly things that men like. I don’t remember what Rick gave the grooms at our wedding, but I do recall him giving the bridesmaids seventeen inches of the best, an experience I’m sure none of them have ever forgotten.

Meanwhile, Rick and I are obliterating the poor chef. Whatever time I didn’t take with her before is being made up for now. Rick gives her a few minutes of intense throat-fucking that has her gagging and choking so hard I’m afraid for her, but then he’ll cockslap her right over to me and I’ll do even worse. Rick and I have a history of one-upping one another when it comes to sick, and while I generally come out on top, the dear boy always does put in serious effort. A few rounds of turning her face into a mess of slobber and cockbruises and I start to give her ass the works, rimming her gleefully before I part her cheeks with my girlgirth and make her feel sympathy with every Cornish game hen she’s ever stuffed in her life. Knowing he can’t top that on the same girl, Rick swings one of the band girls over and gives it to her just the same way, sticking his tongue out at me tauntingly when his huge balls start to make a much louder noise than mine as they slap her thighs. Before we’re done with these two wonderful, round asses we bring over Marielle and another band mate, letting them get eaten out by the girls we’re assfucking, a quartet of non-stop orgasm occupying our time for a while.

That abrupt laughter and accompanying “awwww” sound can only be the cutting of the cake. I did get a glance at it when I was in the kitchen earlier, a beautiful thing covered in golden fondant and shaped to look like parapets; Cordelia must have a thing for princesses, I imagine.

Meanwhile, Rick and I were treating nobody like a princess in this bawdy brawl. Rick had taken to showing off his muscle a little; he had one of the twins by the ankles, but with her back against him, bent into a sort of triangly that I could conveniently fuck while he fed her his huge nuts, roaring with triumph as she choked on his humongous ball-meat. I can’t remember if this was Jessica or Jessebelle we were ruining, but whichever one was getting an impressive amount of my rampaging ramrod inside of her cunt; I could feel the sucking softness of her cervix with every savage thrust, loving the way her juices would shoot out so fast they made spirals in the air. The floor by now was at a level of messiness that posed a very serious safety hazard; there was so much sweat and slobber and especially cunt-cream on the hardwood that it was a haze of dotted beads everywhere there weren’t bigger puddles, and there were plenty of those. My little sadistic streak saw me pushing girls faces into whatever mess I could find while I fed them my abhorrently long cock.

The sudden silence and anticipation in the air betrayed that the bouquet was about to get tossed. I smirked to think of how small the group of girls lining up to catch it would be, after all, we had most of the single ladies at our mercy, or rather, lack thereof. Still, someone must have caught the thing, because we heard laughter and applause a moment later

Meanwhile, Rick and I deserved applause of our own as we wound the thing down. The Chef, most of the band, and one of the twins were completely passed out, their respective climaxes taking them into a still, dehydrated sleep. The other girls were in varying states of semi-consciousness and delirium, the oddest being Marielle who crawled around after Rick wherever he went, worshipfully tongue-cleaning his balls every time they were in reach; she had apparently committed herself to life as a professional ball-washer. For my part, I went around testing the girls that remained, fucking a throat to the gag point here, parting an ass there, seeing if anyone had any holes left that I hadn’t gaped to obscene dimensions already. Rick was playing the part of something between an interrogator or a triumphant wrestler refusing to just make the pin.

“You finished?” He asked the remaining twin, letting his giant dick splat down onto her face with a loud smack as Mari’s lips went POP one of his balls.

She only groaned in response.

“You want more?” He asked again, cockslapping another part of her face this time.

“Fuck me!” she begged.

“Darling? Be a cupcake, come over here and fuck this slut,” Rick beckoned me with a finger. I do so love when he’s stern. I stalked over, held her wrists, and proceeded to just RAIL into her at my fastest speed. You could see many emotions on her face; lust, fear, surprise, joy, nausea, bliss and then madness. She howled the loudest I’ve ever heard anyone howl, came so hard it was like someone had popped a water-tower inside of her, and then abruptly went silent and collapsed, totally spent.