The Wedding Crushers Part 4

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Beep Stories » And so it went for the last of the reception; we heard the clink of dishes being put away, and then the throngs of music starting up for more dancing (I assume someone found a way to pipe in music since the band was a cum-covered mess beneath us.) and we slowly picked the remaining would-be Missus Joseph Dowds off.

As fate would have it, we finished with Marielle again. She’d done such a good job keeping out of the way in the end as Rick’s dedicated ball-washer. I pulled her over to perform the same service on me before beginning to facefuck her for my climax. Rick looked enviously at me, slowly jacking himself off as I worked.

“Oh, come over here and fuck my tits, Rick!” I commanded, angling her further back so that he had unfettered access to my mind-bending, bra-breaking milk-bombs. Rick gleefully obliged, sliding his monster between my monsters, the two of us humping and pumping away as we neared orgasm, Marielle gargling out mouthfuls of bubbling slobber as his nuts bounced up and down on her head

When we finally unloaded, it was like the hoover dam had burst, the pair of us moaning jacking away as we spewed out rope after rope after rope. Rick painted every pair of tits in the room totally white, starting and finishing with my own, while I focused more on faces, overfilling mouths and pasting eyes shut with each copious salvo I unleashed. Even for us it was a ridiculously long orgasm, but it’s tough to say if that was from all the work we’d put in or the help from the little bottle earlier; either way, when we were all done each of these failed home-wreckers found themselves wearing more white than the bride. Rick and I panted a long moment, then looked to one another and high-fived.

By the time we’d managed to rejoin the rest of the wedding party, everyone was forming up into aisles to throw handfuls of rice and send the happy couple on their way. As the gorgeous couple made their way beneath our grain-assault, Cordelia caught my eye and mouthed “thank you” with a big wink. I beamed back and beaned Joseph right in the cock with my handful of polished short-grain, making Rick giggle as he managed to score a cleavage basket with his. We’re the worst. And the best.


As we walked arm-in-arm from the Cathedral, Rick whispered in my ear, “I’m still horny, wanna give me a quick blowjob in that filthy alley?”

“Oh darling, no alley is truly filthy enough until you’ve had your way with it! Let’s do!”

But as we ran into the darkened space, we caught sight of something startling, an older gentleman in just his boxers and an undershirt, hog-tied behind a dumpster. Rick was quick to get the man’s gag out and started working his ropes free.

“Who the devil are you?” Rick asked.

“I’m Dalton, a chauffer.” He responded.

“Why are you—”

But Rick was interrupted by my insistent tug on his arm, “COME! WE’VE NO TIME TO LOSE!”

I listened carefully for the tell-tale jangle of tin-cans bouncing on the roadway and then took off my high-heels, booking it with Rick through streets and intersections. Luckily for us, the Cathedral was at the heart of a spiraling cluster of one-way streets and it would have to circle back several blocks to get going the right way; booking it to FDR drive which the limo would need to take to get onto the bridge to JFK airport, we were just in time and I managed to put myself ahead of the car.

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The horn honked, but I paid it no mine, slapping my hard cock right on the hood of the vehicle, forcing it to put on the breaks and putting an impressive dent in the fiberglass. I could see the “Chaufer” who was actually Cordelia’s Maiden of Honor, Genvieve gasp in shock at the sight of me. Rick wasted no time in running around to the passenger door in the back, opening it with a grin.

“Cordi, Joey, you guys should get a cab. We’re going to be busy in this limo for a while.

Joseph opened his mouth to protest, but Cordelia silenced him with a kiss and pulled him out after her, putting two fingers to her mouth to whistle down a cab in seconds flat.

Rick got into the limo and grabbed the imposter by her shoulders, pulling her through the privacy window and into the back seat with him. I walked around to the car and got in from the other side; she was trapped between us and over forty-two inches of raging hard cock-meat.

“Mother…” she whimpered.


Rick and I were sitting in the garden the next afternoon, sipping our mimosas and dissecting the newspaper together.

I had the society pages and read Rick a nice piece.

“‘Joseph and Cordelia Dowd are the talk of Port Au Prince where they are enjoying all the best the city has to offer. After their gala wedding, there is no doubt that this is the beginning of a long and happy union which should keep the encouragable playboy well-chained for years to come.’ Isn’t that nice, Rick?”

“Very much so darling, a spot of sunshine in an otherwise hell-bound world I’d say. Just listen to this crime reporting!”

He then read to me from the police-beat section, “Residents of Eastern Manhattan reported a curious incident last night. Traffic was obstructed by a limousine with “just married” written on it for upwards of four hours. The evidently stalled limo rocked and jounced as if someone were performing some sort of arrhythmic jack-hammering the whole time, and curiously enough thick gouts of unidentified liquid sometimes spurted from the doors and windows, even when all were closed.

By the time Police managed to investigate the matter, they found only a young, naked woman who seemed to scarcely know her own name, let alone why she was the sole occupant of an empty limo, and what appeared to be literal gallons of ejaculate. No one can explain the mysterious circumstance as no mere car, even one as large as a stretch limo, could possibly hold enough people to generate so much human reproductive material, let alone account for the incredible damage done to the limos interior.

The woman was shown to her home, and no charges are being filed at the time of this reporting.”

I clucked my tongue, “Oh my, what ever IS the world coming to?”

“The sight of your luscious body, mostly,” Rick shot back, giving one of my breasts a fond little grope.

“Really? I cum to witty cute boys with giant balls and no limits!” I said, standing and drawing Rick to his feet.

“Prove it.” Rick said.

We retreated to the bedroom, and I did… about forty-seven times.