Wedding Day Fantasy Gets Made Real By A Hotwife Bride

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As the fourth massive load of cum erupted over my wife’s willing tongue and landed on her eager face, I knew that this day would live on in my memory forever. Looking down at her, camera in hand as she stroked a cock in each hand, she looked up at me and breathed, ‘Happy Wedding Day, Darling!’

I need to restep to let you know the whole story.

Two weeks ago, we were laying in bed after some pretty awesome sex. She cuddled up and asked me what I’d been thinking about while I was pounding her. I thought for a minute and took the plunge and told her that as we were getting closer and closer to our wedding day, I had been fantasizing a lot about watching her getting gangbanged in her wedding dress!

She’d feigned being cross with me, but asked me questions about my new fantasy.

I’d told her that there would be five boys with big cocks, making her cum, fucking her pussy, spit roasting her and finally cumming all over her pretty face. ‘Anything else?’ she had asked. ‘Yes’, I replied, ‘I’d be filming the whole thing!’

As I told her, she rubbed my cock back to hardness and we’d fucked again with her asking me more questions about the kind of treatment she’d be getting from her ‘big cocked boys’.

I genuinely thought about arranging this as a surprise for her, but decided that maybe while she got off on the fantasy, arranging to do it for real might lead to one of the shortest marriages in history.

Cut to our wedding day.

It was amazing. She looked stunning. She wore a cream dress, showing off her amazing tits and ass. I could feel the outline of the basque she was wearing through the dress. I spent the day fighting off an erection as we went through the service and mingled with family and friends at the lunch.

We had built a bit of hotel time into the schedule and I was looking forward to getting to see the outfit she had on under the dress as we got ready for the evening reception.

We got back to the hotel and she told me to wait in reception for five minutes then come up. ‘I need to make sure your present has arrived!’ she added.

Doing as she said, I paced around reception and followed her up to the room. On the floor outside the door was a package with a note. ‘OPEN BEFORE YOU COME IN’ it instructed.

I tore off the paper and found a new video camera and another note. ‘TURN IT ON AND COME IN. I LOVE YOU. HAPPY WEDDING DAY.’ My mind was racing as I opened the door.

Walking into the room, I saw her sat on the edge of the bed. Smiling at me, she told me to close the door. As it swung shut, she said. ‘Is this what you had in mind?’ and with that a train of naked men walked out from the en suite, past me and over to my wife.

I stood there aghast as the sizes of the array of cocks that were surrounding her.

‘Kind of!’ I spluttered, ‘Though I didn’t picture their cocks being THAT big!’ I added.

‘Well, I couldn’t resist when I did my search. Turns out that there are a LOT of boys out there who would be willing to fuck a bride on her wedding day in front of her new husband! I had over TWO HUNDRED relies. I had to whittle them down to five somehow.’ Before adding, ‘And, yes, before you ask. I went for the five with the biggest, fattest cocks that were available. Couldn’t resist!’

As she was talking, she slowly slipped off the bed and on to her knees. She alternated between stroking their dicks to get them to full hardness. She began introducing her boys.

She took a cock in her left hand. ‘This is Tony. As you can see, his cock is the shortest of the lot, but I can’t actually get my hand around it and that makes his the fattest. In case you’re wondering it measures 8 inches, so it’s not actually THAT small!’

‘In my right hand is Steve. His cock is 8.5 inches long. I can fit my hand around it, but I’m looking forward to him filling my pussy!’

Letting go of Steve and Tony, she reached for two more hard dicks and began stroking them gently.

‘This is Cal in my left and Si in my right. They are both pretty similar. 9.5 inches to be precise. Cal is a little bit fatter and he told me that he is a big cummer! It’s a struggle to get my fingers all the way round, but I can, just. As you know, I’ve never been with a black man before, so I can’t wait to see what Si can do with this!’ She held up her right hand to give me a better view.

Letting them both slip from her hand, she reached for the final cock that I’d not yet been introduced to!.

‘This is Ty. That’s short for Tyrone, although he tells me all his friends call him TyBONE! 11 inches of big black meat. I’m a little scarred of this, its soooo big. Watch!’

She put one hand around the base of his shaft and her other hand next to it. There looked to be a good six inches of his cock left exposed. ‘Come closer and get this on camera. I don’t want you to miss a thing.’ She added. I did as she had instructed and watched as she covered the rest of his cock with her mouth. It looked fat as she took the remaining six inches into her throat.

As she pulled her mouth away, she gasped for air. I could see the wetness of her mouth on his dick and captured it with the camera. Once she had caught her breath, she looked straight into the camera. ‘I’ve done the maths. You’re about to watch me get fucked by 46.5 inches of cock on our wedding day!!’

Letting go of his cock completely, she began to move around the circle, sucking each dick in turn. I stood on the bed to get a good view with the camera. She looked up into the lens as she passed her mouth around this posse of cock.

Looking into the camera, she asked me, ‘Would you me to try and deep throat them? I can’t make any promises that I can, but I’d try if you wanted me to!’

I nodded and suggested that they get in a line according to length. Starting with Tony, she got to work on his cock. Being the fattest, it looked like a struggle to get it in to her mouth full stop. Lifting her left hand to hold and stroke Steve’s cock next to her, she relaxed her mouth and let Tony grab the back of her head and feed his dick into her willing mouth.

As his balls rested on her chin, she looked at me and the camera with triumphant eyes. He held her head still for a few moments as he ground in to her face. Finally letting her go, she moved down the line to Steve.

Positioning her mouth around his dick, she moved her right hand to massage Tony’s balls and her left hand to rub Si’s black tool.

Groaning as Steve pulled her head on to his dick, she had him all the way down in no time. ‘Tony must have stretched my throat for you’ she whispered to him when he let go of her head.

Moving on to Si and replacing her hands onto Steve and Cal, Si adopted a face fucking technique. ‘I’ve done this to sluts before, it’s the only way!’ he said to me and the camera. Saliva was dripping down her chin and onto her dress as he picked up the pace. Pretty soon, he too, was grinding his balls on my wife’s chin. Pulling her off of his cock, he went for one final plunge and pushed it back down in one go.

She gasped as he let her go and said, ‘I wasn’t sure about this at first, but, I have to say, I’m soooo glad I got you this as your present’.

Sliding on her knees down the line, she put her mouth on Cal’s dick. Stroking the black cocks of Ty and Si in her hands, She began fucking his dick with her mouth. He stood there with his hands behind his head and commented. ‘Your wife. Such a slut. Look at her fucking her own face with my dick!!’ I was doing just that. The camera capturing every single second. In a matter of seconds, she had him all the way down. She held her head still and looked up at him. Her tongue found its way to his balls. He looked like he was in heaven.

Pulling away from Cal, she looked at me. ‘I learned that tongue thing from one of your videos!’

‘Now, the BIG one!’ she exclaimed. ‘I think I might struggle with this!’

Ty looked down at her. ‘What do I get if you can’t get it in?’ ‘What do you mean? Isn’t a great blow job enough?’ she replied.

‘Hardly seems fair!’ he added. ‘I think I should be allowed to cum in your pussy if you can’t get my length down your throat as a forfeit!’ I think my face froze, because she looked at me and said. ‘I’ll try my best darling!’ and set to work on the 11 inch monster dick in front of her.

Using both hands on his shaft, she started feeding him in to her mouth. Grabbing a handful of her hair, he adopted the Cal technique and began fucking her face. Before my eyes, he managed to get the first 9 inches in without too much trouble. As the tenth slid in, she pulled her head off.

‘Don’t think its going to happen darling. Its too big!!’

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She stood up and got on to the bed. ‘Try to think of something else for my forfeit, now, if you don’t mind, would you all have a go a licking my pussy? It is my wedding day after all!’

Quick as a flash, they pulled her dress up and pulled her panties to one side. I caught my first glimpse of the stockings that she was wearing. They looked very sexy. All her boys commented on how slutty they looked.

Groaning as they took turns to finger and lick her pussy, Steve and Ty moved up the bed to give her something for her mouth and hands to play with.

Slurping on their dicks and grinding onto the other three’s faces with her smooth pussy, she shuddered to an orgasm. She didn’t miss a stroke or a lick and encouraged Steve to carry on using his tongue on her cunt. As soon as the first orgasm subsided, a second one took over and her screams were only muffled by the cock that was in her mouth and she shuddered for what seemed like an eternity.

As she regained her breath, she looked at me and asked, ‘How’s it looking? Is it everything you dreamed it would be?’

‘Spectacular! And better than I ever imagined!’ was all I could respond.

Pulling her on to her knees, Ty moved to the entrance of her soaking pussy. Sliding slowly in to her, I moved to her head to film her face as he slipped in to her.

Her eyes were rolling to the back of her head as she was over taken with a look of pure lust. I moved back round to capture the last three inches sliding in to her cunt with the camera.

Over her shoulder, I could see Tony and Cal offering her their cocks to suck.

Steve and Si were busy freeing her tits from her dress. Opening her basque to let them swing free.

Taking the camera back to her face, she needed to keep both hands on the bed to support her from the pounding Ty was giving her cunt. Tony and Cal had one hand each on the back of her head to keep her steady and were feeding their cocks in to her mouth with their other hands. At one point I filmed my new bride with both of their dicks in her mouth at the same time. Her moaning was getting louder all the time.

After a few minutes of pounding in to my wife, Steve and Si began complaining. Ty pulled out of her cunt and pulled her around to the edge of the bed. ‘Want to try again?’ he asked and took her head and fed his cock in to her throat. She pulled away at nine inches this time. ‘Don’t think I can!’ she gasped and winked at him.

Laying down on the bed, Steve maneuvered my wife so she was riding him reverse cow girl style. Cal and Ty stood on the bed either side. She reached up and grabbed their cocks and began sucking them in turn. Her tits bounced as she rode his fat prick. Cal took the opportunity to lick her pussy some more.

Shuddering to her third orgasm, she bucked on Steve’s cock.

Si demanded a turn on her pussy and Steve obliged. Si laid down and pulled her on to of him. Thrusting up into her, Tony and Steve took turns in pushing their dicks down her willing throat.

Feeling left out, Cal moved in behind her and began rubbing his cock to the entrance of her ass. Breaking away from the cock in her mouth, she said, ‘No, that’s for him later!’ nodding at me. ‘Try and get in my pussy though, that would be amazing!’

‘You’re a lucky man.’ He said looking at me. Nudging my wife’s already filled cunt with his cock, he pushed his way in.

I was filming my wife being DPed. I couldn’t take my eyes off her stretched to capacity cunt.

Steve and Tony were still taking turns on her mouth. I moved to the side to film from a new angle. As I filmed, I could see her getting rocked between the two cocks in her pussy and the two cocks sharing her mouth.

Ty moved in and claimed his turn again.

Pushing her roughly on to the bed, he moved in behind her and pinned her down. Feeding his cock in to her cunt, he whispered in her ear. ‘I know you didn’t take my cock all the way down your throat on purpose. You want me to cum in you, don’t you? You little slut!’

She hissed back at him. ‘Yes, was it that obvious?’ adding, ‘Now, are you going to just lay there and talk to me, or are you going to fuck my brains out with your monster cock and fill my cunt with your lovely cum?’

I think they thought I couldn’t hear them, but it seemed that I could do little about it. I only hoped that the camera had picked up their whispered conversation.

He started to fuck my wife like there was no tomorrow. She was pinned to the bed and making noises that I had never heard her make before. He kept pulling nearly all the way out of her before thrusting his full 11 inches back in, in one go. Whimpering as she accepted his length, he grabbed a handful of her hair and growled ‘Ready?’ into her ear.

‘FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM!’ she screamed. Not caring who heard.

He obliged. Still pounding into her, I got close in and saw his cum bubbling out of her sopping cunt. He finished cumming and fell on top of her. Gasping for breath, she cried out that it had felt amazing.

I could see his cum oozing out of her around his cock. ‘Check this out then!’ he said out of the blue and began fucking her again. Only harder this time!

‘Tell me you love my big dick in you!’ he snarled into her ear. She did as he ordered.

‘Tell your husband how much you love my cock!’ She beckoned me in front of her and did just that as he continued to piston in and out of her.

‘Tell me you want more cum!’ ‘GIVE IT TO ME!’ she screamed again. And he did.

This time he pulled out of her. Much to her displeasure. ‘Lick it clean’ he ordered and she did sliding off the bed, onto the floor.

Her dress was still lifted up to reveal her well-fucked cunt. Cum was dripping down her thighs on to her stockings. She moved her hand to her pussy, scooped some of his cum onto her fingers and licked them.

‘Come on boys, gather round!’ she said and they moved into a circle around her. ‘No touching!’ she ordered. ‘I’m going to make you all cum on my face! It’s how he pictured it’ pointing at me.

For the next ten minutes, she stroked and sucked her circle of cock. Steve grunted that he was about to cum. Holding his balls and wanking his cock furiously, she moved her face to him. Jet after jet erupted on her smiling face. Letting him go after a little suck, she said ‘Three to go!’

Cal and Tony both grunted at the same time. She expertly moved them both in front of her and stroked them both at the same time, bobbing her head between their shafts to lick their swollen heads. They started cumming at the same time. Tony unleashed the biggest load onto the right side of her face. I thought he wouldn’t ever stop coming as I watched it drip down on to her tits. I think there must have been at least ten strong jets.

She looked in her element as she moved on to Si. Positioning herself in front of him, she alternated between sucking and stroking him. Smiling up and looking at him with her cum soaked face. After a few minutes of her sole attention, he yielded the fourth massive load to her soaking face. She had one hand deep in her pussy, bringing herself to another shuddering orgasm at the same time.

The four boys gathered back round and she gave them all another stroke. ‘Happy Wedding Day, Darling!’ she looked at me and breathed sexily.

Which brings us back to the beginning. Almost.

Ty had been watching the others getting the face attention. He moved back in to view and said. ‘I want some of that!’

Grabbing the back of my wife’s head, he started to move his cock to her mouth. Before he could get it in, she said, ‘Remember, no touching. I’ve got to do it. It is his fantasy. After all!!’

‘As you like’ he said and let go of her head.

Within a matter of seconds, his full 11 inch dick was in my wife’s throat. ‘Told you she was faking not getting that in earlier!!’ he looked at me and said.

She started sucking him as if her life depended on it. Cum was dripping on to her tits and dress. As she felt his balls tighten, she pulled him from her mouth and used two hands to wank him onto her face.

Bearing in mind he had already cum twice in her cunt, he produced even more cum than Tony. She licked his swollen end and groaned in delight.

‘Wow’ she said as I moved the camera towards her. ‘I hope that was exactly as you wanted?’ she asked.

‘It was a hundred times better than my fantasy!’

‘Good!’ she said. ‘I’m going to get cleaned up. You get rid of the boys and then you can give me your present!’

I smiled at the way that her getting the fucking of her life was only a present for me!!

That’s one of the reasons I love her so much!