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First story!Wedding night fantasy of a single Gen-z girlie:

Hello everyone! This is my first post on the site, but I have been reading MH stories for many years. I finally took the step in creating my own account! This is the fantasy I have for the night I may get married.

It’s a cold November day in the Lake Tahoe International Forest. The venue is gorgeous. Shades of forest, emerald, and sage green line te chairs and tables, along with silver twinkly lights (my dream color scheme.)

As I begin getting ready with my bridesmaids, I style my blonde-highlighted brown hair in loose, beach-wave curls, then add a glistening crystal and silver tiara-like headpiece. With makeup, I create a silver/white smoky eye and tint my lips a light berry red with glittering gloss; there’s no need for blush as the cold snowy weather outside automatically rouges my cheeks. After I slip on my dress, I do a final spin in the mirror. The tulle and lace gown’s tight lace bodice with push-up bra shows off the girls just enough to tease my future husband.

My bridesmaids, in shades of green, sway down the aisle with small bouquets of white hydrangeas (my nana’s favorite flower.) Finally, it’s my time to shine as my sweet father (my hero) walks me down the aisle to the altar, where my handsome groom awaits.

Fast forward to the ceremony: the beautiful blue-green water of Lake Tahoe is clearly visible along with the powdery snow-capped banks and mountains. God’s glorious creation! My husband places a beautiful white-gold wedding set on my finger. I glance at the large emerald, the highlight of the engagement ring sparkling on my hand. It’s for real now—I’m a wife, HIS wife.

The reception is so much fun! We dance the night away and have some adult beverages. Then our friends and family bid us farewell, and we make our way to the cozy lodge that will be our honeymoon suite. The fire is already lit and has warmed up our quaint little nest for the night.

We change into casual clothes and watch some YouTube videos for a bit; then I tapped my darling husband’s shoulder and tell him I will be right back. I enter the bathroom with the little bag my best friend gave me. It holds a sexy babydoll camisole with a push-up bra and lacy cheeky panties, both forest green in color. I feel like a forest fairy.

I call out to my husband, “Baby, can youe help me with something?” As he enters the room, the view of me sitting on the bed makes his jaw drop, and a tent forms in his sweatpants.

He wastes no time in kissing me, drawing me to the bed, our tongues moving together as if in a dance. He lays me down, and then slowly he begins to take my sexy outfit off. His kisses trail down my jawbone, neck, and chest. Playfully, he sucks at my nips. As he does, I am silently praising the Lord for bringing me this heaping hunk of a man.

After alternating between sucking and rubbing my breasts, his mouth trails down my stomach. As he takes off my lacy green panties, his kisses graze my waiting (and already wet) core. I gasp when his lips and tongue find their way to my sacred garden. He lightly licks and sucks my clit while I moan his name as loud as I want to.

“Fuck, baby. Fuck yes, kiss your pussy.”

He obliges for several minutes. I feel the high peaking, and as I orgasm, my legs close tightly around his head. But being the strong man he is, he can take it.

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“Now it’s my turn to please you, mister.” As we exchange places, I kiss him on the lips. Similar to what he did to me, I tease him by kissing his neck and nibbling on his ear lobe. “I can’t wait to make you feel so good, babe,” I whisper.

I kiss down his chest and give little nibbling bites—not enough to leave too much of a mark, but at least a little. I then kiss down his stomach. At this point he is twitching, waiting in suspense.

I kiss the inner part of his strong thighs and slowly kiss his hard member. Teasing him more, I begin to lightly flick my tongue against the head and shaft of his cock. He moans with pleasure. I slowly take him into my mouth and bob my head up and down as my mouth covers more of him. Sucking and licking the length of his shaft, I start to gag as his length triggers the reflex. But boy, do I enjoy it, and it’s worth it for the sounds he’s making.

“Oh, my love, I’m going to cum soon if you don’t stop.”

I take him out of my mouth with a popping sound and lie down on my back. He crawls on top of me, and we both look each other in the eyes and whisper.

“You ready for this?”

“Yes, love, I’m so ready!”

“Thank you, God, for bringing us together.”

As he enters me, there is a tight pressure, and he moves slowly as I acclimate to his size. “Oh, fuck, you’re so big!”

He asks if I’m doing okay. The pain is subsiding, so I answer with a breathless, “Yes, never better.”

We soon find a rhythm as he rocks against me and begins to thrust. I start thrusting upward, trying to get more of him inside of me. We can’t stop the moans and exclamations now. After a few minutes of getting used to him inside me, a dirty idea strikes my mind.

“Do me from behind. Truly claim me as yours!””

”With pleasure,” he smirks.

I get on all fours and lay my head sideways on the pillow. He enters me from behind and hits my G-spot with each stroke.

“Oh, God! Oh, yes! Fuck, just like that, babe. Claim your pussy!”

Pulling at my hair with one hand and grabbing my hip with his other, my husband pounds me into oblivion, and I cum all over his cock.

“Oh, baby, fuck, I’m cumming!” he announces.

“Yes my love, cum inside of me. Use my pussy to finish yourself.”

With a moan, he fills me with his load, and we collapse on the bed beside each other with heavy breathing.

”Fuck, that was better than I could have ever expected. I love you so much, princess!”

“I love you too, husband.” I kiss his nose. As we get up from the bed, our juices flow out of me, and I add, “Let’s clean up.”

After taking care of our health (always pee after sex), we jump in the hot shower and wash each other down. Only ten minutes go by before we resume making out. He hardens again as I start to get wet (and not from the shower!)

“You ready to go again?” he asks.

“Yeah, let’s go to the bedroom,” I answer.

We make our way back to the bed and repeat the same lovemaking. It feels much morefortable now. We fall asleep once we finish, only to wake up at 2 in the morning. His hardness is pressed against my booty, and so we start to go again. And when we wake the next morning, we start the day with morning sex.

But we’ve got to get ready for our honeymoon! The week following is a full-on sexcapade in beautiful Saint Lucia—a dreame true!


Hope you enjoyed, and be blessed!