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In mid-August I was invited by aunt and Valentina for a weekend by the sea, they are in our family’s house. I took the train and arrived early Saturday morning. I arrived at the house for 9 am to find them sitting on the porch soaking up the sun. They greeted me by giving me a kiss and touching my cock with their hand, I reciprocated by groping them.
V” Hi Matteo. Ready for a nice weekend?”
M” Sure. Of course ”
I put the suitcases in aunt’s room.
We went to eat and at 1pm we went to the beach. I immediately jumped into the water followed by my aunt. We embraced in the middle of the water and I felt that she already felt horny  like I was so we went back home leaving Vale on the beach.
Not even the time to enter the room that aunt lay down on the bed inviting me to lick her pussy. I heard her gasp, she cum as always in my face. I lay down and she sawed me very little with her feet.
She got on all fours and with an irrefutable gesture of her eyes she pointed to her ass. She drooled on my cock, I rubbed her hole and pushed to enter. The cock entered with a cry of pain from her, but she continued to writhe for me to enjoy her. After 10 minutes we stopped and she offered me a 69 which I gladly accepted. After several minutes she spread her legs on the bed and I thrust my cock into her completely shaved pussy. I was going to come and let him know.
A”keep going, stay there!”
I was dreaming. I was petrified.
I empty all my balls inside aunty. Five or six scary streams inside that pussy that drives me crazy. I fell on her. I was wanton after this cumshot. I kissed her neck and boobs. We lay down on the bed. I looked at the clock and it was 4pm.
We stayed in each other’s arms for about 30 minutes talking about the fuck and this and that. Enough to recover. We decided to go check out the Vale at the beach. I put on my beach suit. I walked out the door and I saw my aunt in only a sarong and a sweater. She told me she didn’t have a bathing suit on.
We arrived from the valley.
V”Hi guys, why are you here?”
A”let’s take a moment”
V” he came inside you I see”
A” how do you know?”
Vale pointed to her aunt’s legs where there were two streams of cum flowing down from her pussy.Everything proceeded normally and we went to sleep early.
We awoke at 10 am after a quiet night.
We all three found ourselves having breakfast, naked or nearly so.
Vale and I went to the beach, while aunt went to run some errands and do some shopping.
It was a day when few people came to the beach, and the area we went to is often semi-deserted.
We were lying side by side on the deckchair when we noticed the sign for the dinghy rental which offered us an hour with a motorized dinghy (they had just opened and wanted publicity). We thought it might be a good idea. We rented the dinghy for two hours and went out to sea. I dropped anchor.
There were no boats or prying eyes that could annoy us.
V: “There’s nobody there, how nice” she said, taking off that little costume she was wearing.
He lay down on the front of the dinghy and I got on top of her and played and licked her nipples. She took off her bathing suit and I put my cock between her boobs.
I turned her over and she put her head against the mattress of the dinghy, her ass facing up and I spread her asshole with my cock. I shoved it into him with a snap.
We stopped. She took my hand and we went to the back of the dinghy.
We dropped into the water and tried to fuck there. She was holding on to the ladder and I somehow managed to get it into her pussy. It was much more tiring but the situation brings me to the limit of orgasm.
M: “It’s worth I can’t resist anymore”. V:” Sit on the dinghy with your legs in the water”. So I did.
She stayed in the water and took his cock into her mouth. A couple of licks was enough. I touched her shoulder to warn that I was about to explode.
She took my cock out of her mouth and I came on her face, dirty her hair and a few drops also fell into the water around us.
M: “What a cumshot Vale”. V: “My goodness, it never ended. Superb, I really liked it”.
I composed myself while Vale stood naked until almost reaching the shore.
We found aunt at the umbrella and told her what we had just done.
Vale and I went home. She put on gray shorts and a white shirt, we had lunch alone.
We went to lie down in Vale’s room, who was still thinking about fucking in the sea, the same thing for me anyway. We took a nap and woke up at six.
In the evening after dinner I had to go home for other commitments. I left the two women alone.
I went back home thinking about my cumshots on these superb girls.

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