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Chapter 1 — Threesome Thursday
My wife Claire had a very active sex life in college. Of course, it was pretty active afterwards, but only with me, so far as I knew. Friends of hers still corresponded with her, which is to say sent (and received) sexts, pictures, and some live feeds. Sometimes I caught her online, naked or nearly so, with hands on her body, stroking her pussy, and watching someone else, not always male, doing the same for her pleasure. "Caught" isn't quite right; I knew she could have done this while I was at work, during the week, and for all I knew she did, but she loved my walking in on her, as I did. Every time I saw her camming with someone, we inevitably wound up on our bed, making love passionately for hours after.
An old boyfriend of hers, Bill, had divorced at the end of last year. Claire and I had happily fucked live on camera for him, as a sympathetic gesture, but a gift for her, too. She especially liked watching him jack himself off and cum while I pounded her hot, slippery pussy. Her eyes had been fixed on the laptop's small screen, and she moaned when he shot his load, cumming herself moments later.
Bill visited us a few months later, and stayed overnight; our home was near Mount Rainier, with a view of the mountain from our living room. I had expected him to watch us again, this time in our room or on the couch while we balled in front of the fireplace that reached to our ceiling. Sadly, he arrived later than intended, and had to leave early the next morning, but he still wanted to thank me personally for letting him watch.
Just after dawn on Saturday, Bill had lured me out of my bed with Claire, got me naked on the couch, and given me an incredible blowjob by way of thanks for our sexy video. He followed that up, fully clothed, by fucking my mouth on the couch, then anally, shooting his cum deep inside me. I'd never had sex with another man, and this erotic trifecta was the perfect introduction. And Claire?
She knew what Bill had planned, and slept in our bed while he and I fucked, just letting me enjoy our guest, and wanting him to visit again. Claire had always been adventurous, luring me to Pirate's Cove once for public sex on that nude beach, with a crowd of appreciative spectators. She also gave me a blowjob under the table at an elegant, candlelit restaurant; who doesn't dream of that? We fucked, mostly clothed, in one of the aisles of a 24-hour supermarket at about three o'clock in the morning. All three of these happened within the weeks since Bill had departed.
I was perpetually horny ever since Bill left, and I don't know whether Claire had counted on that, but at the very least she benefited from it. So did I. She was definitely turned on by the thought of me with Bill, and let her fantasies and hormones run rampant. Our weekends had always included long sessions in bed or on the kitchen counter or the bathtub, and a few times on the deck when it was warm enough. Now we often spent the whole weekend in bed, sucking and fucking the day and night away. "Nothing," she said more than once, "like sucking cock to get in the mood, eh?"
Nothing like it.
I came home Thursday night from work, and it was just after sundown. Autumn had just gotten into full swing, and the first delicious hints of smoke from a few cozy fireplaces already scented the air. I was ready for the weekend. Claire had persuaded me to take a personal day Friday, and my mind had run wild with all sorts of fantasies of what I would do with her for a three-day weekend. For the thousandth time, I reviewed my mental list of things I was planning to do with her until late Sunday night. We were going to fuck on the big deck next to the hot tub, I knew, and probably at least once in every one of our bedrooms, the shower, maybe in the back yard, even though the weather had started to turn, and October was only a few days away. My imagination was filled with erotic possibility, and I knew Claire would fulfill all my fantasies.
I parked in the driveway, and took the steps quickly, my briefcase swinging against my side, breathless with desire for my beautiful wife. Pulling the door open, I stepped inside and closed it, swiftly locking it, eager to shut the rest of the world out.
Claire appeared, wearing a pearl-white nightgown which trailed down to the floor. It was open, framing the cleavage between her bare breasts with the sheer fabric, the furry trim artfully arranged to conceal her nipples. At nearly fifty, she was still trim and magnificent, only now beginning to thicken around her midriff. Her breasts were a generous and full, taking a DD cup, and the rest of her body was curvy and all natural. Her dirty blonde tresses cascaded over her shoulders and down past the small of her back almost to her waist. She was also a natural dirty blonde, her pussy hair the same shade, still lush and thick, soft and kinky. She had never had any "work" done, never needed it. Everything about her body, every inch of it, was natural, and so naturally fuckable.
Claire's only concession to modesty was a pair of panties, also white and practically gleaming in the hallway lights. She grinned, swept over to me, and took my briefcase, stowing it quickly in the closet, before accepting my long, slow kiss, pressing her almost naked body against me.
Disengaging after a long moment, she stepped back, holding both of my hands. "I have a nice surprise for you, sweetheart." Turning on one bare foot, she led me into the living room.
Two figures reclined on the loveseat, sitting on towels carefully placed under their bottoms. The first was Bill, naked from the waist up, and, as I rounded the loveseat, from the waist down also. My breath caught in my throat when I saw his cock, relaxed but still thick, lolling in his thick black pubic hair. I let my gaze linger on it, and on him, remembering his last visit with a skip in the beat of my heart. His body was lean and muscular, and his eyes were blue. He was clean-shaven, his chest thick with black hair that matched the hair trimmed closely on his head.
It dawned on me this was the first time I'd seen him naked, at least more than his cock protruding from his blue jeans before he had fucked my mouth and finished in my ass a little more than two months ago. It was unexpected, and a very welcome sight. My first thought was to drop to my knees and use my lips and tongue to coax it to life, taking it in my mouth and sucking him off in front of Claire and our other guest. I knew Claire would eagerly watch, and wondered if her friend would do the same.
Shaking my head to clear that thought away, for now, I faced our second guest on my sofa. She was also naked, a not quite petite redhead with perky tits, silky smooth skin, and I caught a flicker of merry green eyes when she smiled at me. She looked to be the same age, or close to it, as Claire. Her lips were slender and looked very eager to kiss a mouth, or a cock, or maybe Claire's pussy. That thought made me even hotter, now for any of them, wife or guests. Her tits were smaller, maybe a C cup, her frame slender and wiry, and she looked naturally fuckable too. Her tanned, freckled skin was accented by pale bikini marks, highlighting her breasts and pussy. Her hand was on Bill's knee, and I felt a surge of possessiveness, odd since we'd never met before this moment.
Claire whispered into my ear, standing behind me. "Surprise, my sexy man." She stepped to my side, and indicated our guests. "Bill, you know already." The lustful little turn to her words was almost inaudible to anyone who didn't know her, which of course Bill did. He nodded and smiled.
"And here is Rita. Bill and I knew her in college, and I wanted to introduce you." The way she said introduce made it clear she didn't mean a handshake and light conversation, and I suspected that she meant knew in the biblical sense.
"Let's have some dinner, baby," she continued, and lead me to the table in our kitchen, not the dining room. I knew why; it was glass, a rounded square with plenty of room for four, not the heavy hickory table in the larger room, and nothing was on it, no centerpiece, no tablecloth. I would able to see all of them naked, head to toe, while we dined. I started to sit, and Claire said, "Wait. You have to catch up. Strip for me and our guests." I grabbed my sweater to pull it off, and she laid a hand on his arm. "Slowly. Let them see you take them off slowly."
Of course I have to be naked, too… My heart stuttering in my chest, I slid my sweater up and off, lifting it inch by inch before pulling it over my head, and slipped my oxfords off, one by one. Both of our guests, and Claire, watched with evident interest. Rita seemed especially interested, and it occurred to me she was the only one here who hadn't—sucked my cock—seen me naked.
Unbuttoning my shirt, and the cuffs at my wrists, I let it drop off my shoulders and onto the floor at my feet. My breath was coming harder, and I felt my cock twitch in my slacks. Before working on the pants, I reached down and pulled off my socks, then stood barefoot on the cool kitchen tile. I thought about whipping my pants down in one swift motion, but realized I didn't want to disappoint them.
Any of them.
Unclasping my belt and gyrating my hips slightly, I took it out of the loops and tossed it onto the nearby couch, then undid the catch and zipper to my khaki slacks. I wriggled and let them fall off my hips, and stepped out of them wearing only my boxers. "How do you like it so far?," I asked no-one in particular, and looked down. I was fully erect now, and the fabric of my shorts were tented, my arousal obvious.
"Do you mind if I help?" The question came, not from Claire or Bill, but from Rita, her first words since I had arrived. Claire smiled and nodded permission, and Rita stepped behind me. Her hands slipped under my waistband, and caressed my ass before moving around to the front. She ran the tips of her fingers over the front of my rigid cock, and cooed softly, a horny and encouraging sound, erotic and filled with promise. She slid my boxers over my hips, and, kneeling, drew them down to my ankles, and I stepped out of them, standing naked in front of all them. Rita rubbed her palm up, then down my shaft to my balls, and smiled appreciatively at my soft moan. So did, I saw, Bill and Claire.
Rita spoke again. "Very nice. Very, very nice. I can see why you let him cum in your mouth." I realized she could be speaking to either, or both of them. Rita withdrew, and took the seat to my right. Bill sat to my left. Claire went to the counter, where dinner waited, and started serving us. The plates were new, and also clear glass. My eyes drifted now to Rita, and I took in her curves and startling red bush, and, noticing my interest, she smiled back.
Dinner was baked chicken breasts, with a small salad. For dessert, Claire brought out a plate of cut fruit and small bowls of orange sherbet for each of us. We'd barely spoken, somehow waiting for permission to break the silence.
Rita timed it perfectly. She turned to me as I popped some ripe mango in my mouth. "So, does Claire or Bill suck cock better?"
I coughed around the fruit, then stammered a reply. "Claire, but Bill has a lot of her technique."
Rita's laugh was a bubbly sound, full of joyous, lustful hints. "I know. He learned from her. I watched them gobbling some guy's cock at a party. She really knew how, and Bill learned fast. Then I took a turn with them later."
"A threesome?" I was immediately embarrassed, not at that thought, but at not realizing that it was very plausible, even obvious. Of course my untamed wife had enjoyed threesomes, more than five or six, in college, and I remembered where I'd seen Rita. "You were online with her, last year. You were both naked and…" I didn't finish the thought, didn't know if I had let a secret out that Claire hadn't wanted to share.
Claire said, softly, "And last week, sweetheart. Last Wednesday, in fact. After we played for each other online, I invited her just after I asked Bill to come over. Figured we could make it just the four of us."
"So you had this planned for a week."
"Longer, babe. Bill told me the following weekend he would be in town again, and I had planned to surprise you with his visit." She looked very pleased with herself, almost purring. "Then it struck me, why not invite another…playmate?"
"So we can watch them?"
"Not just them. Maybe you would like to see Bill in my mouth, or pussy, while Rita…" She let her words trail off suggestively, and the tension at my groin grew. Rita giggled again, and Claire leaned forward. "They're here all weekend, and you have my permission to go wild, and partake of either one. And I trust I have yours?" It wasn't really a question, but I nodded anyway.
We chatted for a few minutes more, and all helped with the dishes before heading to the living room. We had a large coffee table, the loveseat our guests had been on facing the picture window and Mount Rainier. Our couch's back was to the view, and two large, wide chairs sat opposite each other, perpendicular to both. They were a matched set, upholstered in a soft denim, stuffed just enough to be firm, cushy enough to sink back into.
Claire crossed to the loveseat and lowered herself, regal and sexy, in the middle, arms flung to the side and outspread on the back of it. Her legs were demurely crossed, and her enjoyment and anticipation were obvious to, and shared by, the rest of us. Despite her outward serenity, I saw that her nipples were hard, curdled with excitement, visible to all under the soft, translucent gown. She reached into a tray on the floor, and pulled out four sets of dice. A second tray was filled with towels, neatly folded, all as white as her gown. She spoke without preamble.
"The rules are simple. Low roll does whatever the high roll wants. Whatever it is must be done immediately after the roll, and in full view of everyone else. Obviously," she said with playful caution, "nothing like leaving someone, or making a car payment, or something outside the room. These are all normal dice, although it was tempting to get a loaded pair, or two."
Claire stood and came to each of us, doling out pairs of six-sided dice, clockwise around our coffee table. First was Rita; hers had marbled red surfaces with pristine white, almost fluorescent, dots. Next was Bill; his dice were green, with sunny yellow spots. She handed me mine, which were black, with metallic gold pips. The final pair was hers, a pale violet with black dots. She glanced over at me. "Gaming store at the mall a couple of weeks ago," she explained.
Settling back down in her seat, she was still the only one of us with a stitch of clothing on, the white gown making her look like a queen, or emcee of some sexy game, which of course she was. "Is everyone clear on the rules? Oh, and we reveal our rolls one at a time, to build anticipation."
Rita, fondling her dice in her right hand, raised her left. "So, what if we don't want to do what the high roller says? What's the penalty?" She drew the last word out with a hushed, sultry sigh.
"Fair question. If the low roller refuses, then the high roller chooses something else that the low roller must do. They choose with whom, if they choose, or what they must do, but it can't be with the high roller. In other words, if the high roller says they want doggie style, and the low roller declines, the low roller won't have to do anything with them, but is stuck with whatever the second choice is."
Rita smirked wickedly. "I don't think I'll refuse anything, but I was just checking."
"I hope not…" That was Bill, cupping his dice in one hand, and looking over at Rita with no small amount of anticipatory lust.
Claire spoke again, this time to me. "Honey, you okay with the rules? Whatever the high roller says?"
I caught her eyes, and nodded, not trusting myself to say anything for now.
We all rolled at the same time, and kept our dice covered. Claire revealed first, displaying a six and a three. Nine, which meant almost certainly she wouldn't be the low one. Rita was next, and had a six and a two, for eight. Bill's roll came up two fives, for ten.
I hadn't even looked at mine. Figuring quickly, I would probably be doing something with Rita, which was a very exciting prospect, while Claire watched, or Bill would have me perform something on him, while both women watched. In the moment, either was fine with me.
Lifting my hands, I showed a six, and a five. Eleven. Rita stood up and stepped around the table to me. "What would please you most?" Her words were soft, undeniably lusty, like a velvet cloth on my skin.
My mind was racing. I didn't want to fuck her right there, I realized, and not before anyone else had gotten their turns at the game. At the same time, she was gorgeous, in a different way than my Claire, and I wanted to do something. "Sit on my lap and make out with me…for five minutes."
Claire arched an eyebrow and nodded once. Bill just watched. I saw that his cock had grown slightly. Rita sat sideways, very demurely, on my lap, and threw her arms around me. Leaning in, she opened her mouth and I did the same. Her tongue was soft and playful, and I felt her hands roaming all over my torso and hips, then to my buttocks. I kissed back, suddenly uncaring of who was watching, and drove my tongue into her mouth, less playfully, more passionately. The woman in my arms moaned, and her breasts were pressed against me. Her nipples were erect, rubbing at the hairs on my chest, and she gave a low moan, almost a growl.
Our breathing deepened, and we clutched each other tighter. My hands found their way to her tight rump, and she turned in my lap until she was straddling me, her wet snatch moistening my waking dick. The smell and feel of her juices made my head pound with desire, and she started humping me, her moans filling the room. My eyes were closed, and the rest of my senses were working overtime, reveling in the warmth of her body, her scent, the feel of her breasts against me, the taste of her lips and mouth and tongue.
Desperately, I wanted to plunge my cock deep within those moist red curls to the waiting cunt, practically drooling her juices onto my now soaked crotch. She moaned again and redoubled her efforts and her vigorous kisses became even more powerful. My cock was ready to plunge inside her, to drive an orgasm or three from the very center of her, then fill her pussy with my cum, my offering to her…
"Time." Claire's voice was just loud enough to break the mood, but only just. Rita slowly unfolded herself from around me, and rose from my lap, the musky odor of her womanhood thick in the air and my nose.
She smiled. "Claire was right. You really know how to kiss!" It was a great compliment, and my erection flagged slightly, sorry I couldn't finish inside Rita. Yet. I found myself waiting for the next roll, and if I was high, and Rita was low, I would cum inside her in front of Claire and Bill. Hell, I nearly had already.
I glanced over at Claire, who was, I saw, controlling her respiration while the heat burned inside her, eyes fiery with passion. She held my gaze for what seemed minutes, fully communicating how hot she had found my make-out session with Rita. Clearly, she wanted to see more, and do more. To further punctuate her unspoken statement, she parted her lips, and ran her tongue slowly, deliberately, over them, pinning my gaze to hers.
When she picked up her dice, we followed suit. Rolling at the same time, we covered our rolls again, and Claire nodded to me to start. A four and a three. Seven, right in the middle. I wasn't likely to be participating in this round, which was just fine with me, at least for now.

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