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Weekend For Four #4
Sinfully Sunday
I sleep on my side, not so well on my back, so it was natural that I was turned towards Rita or Claire the entire night. Rita had climbed into bed on my left, my wife Claire on my right, and they had stayed there all evening, sexy naked bookends for me. There was plenty of room for us, and I woke several times during the night to one or the other snuggling up against me, bare breasts and naked thighs pressed up against my body. Sometimes it was both of them, and I traded kisses with the one I faced at the moment, but things went no further, since I was, let's admit it, tired, and neither pressed the issue.
Suddenly, I was wide awake. Looking over Rita's bare shoulder, I saw it was just after three-thirty, and I'd heard something. A quick check of both sides of the bed confirmed they were still slumbering very deeply. We had no covers over us, and I gently slid down to the foot of the bed, over the bench at the end, setting my feet on the floor. Whatever I'd sensed had awakened me all the way down to my cock, which was fully erect. I didn't bother with my boxers; if I was right about what woke me up, they would just be in the way.
Stepping out of the bedroom after making sure I'd disturbed neither of my luscious bedmates, I crept down the hall and step by step up the carpeted steps up to the bedrooms on the second floor, my rigid hard-on leading the way like the majestic prow of a Viking drakkar. One door was slightly ajar, and a bedside lamp cast a yellow cone of light into the shadowed hall. This was the same room Rita had fucked Bill in before trading places with Claire, where Bill had eaten Claire's pussy early Friday morning, , and the one Claire had cleaned yesterday morning listening to me pound Rita's pussy. It seemed like a lucky bedroom for all of us.
I stopped at the door and peered in to see Bill reading in bed, wearing only black reading glasses, a magazine held in one hand, his thick member in the other. He sipped air between pursed lips as he masturbated, and the bed squeaked with the rhythm of his jacking off. I was glad he hadn't had enough yet. Instead of bursting in, I tapped lightly on the door, twice, eager not to wake the women downstairs.
He looked up. "Come."
I widened the gap slightly and slipped inside. "That's the idea, Bill." He looked appreciatively at me and licked his lips, coveting my body, and he started stroking faster. I walked over to the bed, and stood beside it. "Couldn't sleep."
He took off his glasses and set them on the table, next to the magazine, leering at me, his eyes scrutinizing the erection I was sporting. The magazine pictures were lurid, colorful, sexy; the clearest one was a man on his knees in front of a standing man he was deep-throating, while a woman licked at and between his buttocks. Bill didn't look guilty, but I hadn't expected him to. "I couldn't sleep either… I assume Rita and Claire…?"
"Fast asleep." My breathing was deeper now, and I saw his cock twitch with every stroke. "We need to do something about these hard cocks…"
His breath caught in his throat as he answered. "What do you have in mind? I think the girls would like to watch again…"
"They weren't watching the first time you sucked my cock and came in my ass, either." I sat on his bed, let my hand wander over his torso, down to his thick cock. I took over from him, gently stroking his manhood, and leaned in to him, kissing him deeply and longingly. I wanted him and was going to have him, and he knew it. "So far, we're pretty even on blowjobs, but you're up two in the butt-fucking category. I want to narrow that lead." It wasn't exactly romantic, but I wanted to return the favor he'd given me twice, and I was very ready to plunge into him. Let me fuck you, I almost blurted out, but his eyes showed his understanding.
Bill kicked the covers off his legs and turned so his face was near my crotch. Before I could say anything, he opened his mouth and took me on his tongue, a soft wet carpet of velvet, and he trailed it along the underside of my rigid cock. I gasped, fighting the urge to take the shortcut of wildly fucking his mouth and shooting my load deep into his face, knowing he would swallow every drop that he didn't share with me.
"No…" Bill grinned around my cock, and leaned forward, taking me all the way in. "Fuck, Bill, I want to…" His lips retreated and I felt myself slide out from between them.
"I know, but it was right there, ready to be sucked. You know I like to give as well as receive…" He plucked a lubricated condom off the nightstand and handed it to me. "I guess it's my turn to receive, right? I know you want that cock somewhere else." He lay back, casually glancing at my erection. "How do you want me?"
"Naked." I was panting now, almost wishing he'd kept sucking on me.
"Good… On my back or all fours?"
I thought about it for the moment. "On your back. I think I want to watch your cock while I pound your ass."
Bill stretched, and his cock quivered with the motion. "I have to be in the shower at four, so you may have to fuck me fast. Fast and hard so you can cum."
The condom, slick and lubricated, slipped easily over my cock. The cold lubricant elicited a thrill, and I saw my erection jump a little, ready for action, my balls clenching at the same time. Bill lifted his knees to his chest, and spread his ass, making sure my entry would be easy. Breathlessly, he whispered, aware of the sleeping beauties in the bed downstairs, wanting this to be just our time. "Fuck me like a woman…"
I knelt on the mattress and positioned myself, pointing myself between his buttocks, and pushed my erection slowly into his anus, penetrating another man for the first time ever. It was taut and gripped me like the first pussy I'd ever had, years ago in high school, some brunette cheerleader who'd shared my bed for a few nights before leaving for college. Pushing that thought away, I leaned into Bill, and slid all the way in. His groan through tight lips came as more of a deep, barely restrained grunt. "Keep going." Another furtive whisper, almost a plea, and I didn't wait any longer.
Rocking my hips, I start fucking Bill's ass. His dick was steel-hard, pointing like a fleshy arrow at his navel, reaching almost all the way. With every thrust, it stretched momentarily further, thick and hard, and I knew he would cum, I would make him cum, before we were finished. His hands held the back of his knees, pinning his legs up in the air. I loved when Claire did that, and seeing him do the same thing, letting he fuck him with his legs up, made me want to finish inside him even more.
"Fuck, Bill… Keep your legs in the air. That is so fucking sexy…," I hissed. Right now, I wanted to hold on, fuck him all morning and cum at noon, filling his ass in the middle of the day while the girls came upstairs and found us, settling naked onto the floor or bed to watch and maybe join in. That marathon fucking session was out of the question—this time—and I knew I was close to shooting my load. From his gritted teeth and visible effort, he wouldn't last much longer either.
I reached down to his cock and started stroking it, feeling it thick and massive between my palm and fingertips. Stroking it in time to my thrusts, I felt inspired to use my thumb on the swollen glans, tracing a delicate spiral around it while I masturbated him and drove inside his toned and tight asshole. He started to grunt with each thrust, and a pearly drop of pre-cum oozed out of the hole at the tip, a slippery white drop that clung to the pad of my thumb. I spread the slick fluid over his cock's head, and he moaned quietly.
"I'm going to cum, Bill! I'm going to fill your ass now… Tell me you want it, want my cum inside you…" Now I started pounding his ass properly, and our moans rose in the room, my groin slapping his buttocks with increasing urgency and strength.
"Fill my ass up, cum inside me, fuck me hard…" His voice was tight with the effort of keeping his voice low, and I wondered if he could keep himself from a loud orgasmic shout. Hell, I wondered if I could do the same. At the same time, I jacked him off furiously, intent on timing our orgasms to happen together, or at least overlap.
"I…" My whole body shook, and I pushed all the way inside Bill, thrusting myself as far as I could inside him, shooting hot cum into the condom, but feeling his whole body tense, his anus squeezing my hard-on in a snug, firm grip, and the pulsing of my semen boiling out drove a louder moan out of my lungs, joined by his ejaculation and gasps of ecstasy. He came, and his thick, slippery fluid spilled out onto my hand and his belly, coating both in hot and white stickiness. Automatically, I lifted my fingers to my mouth, and, cock still deep inside him, licked my hand clean, swallowing every drop.
I realized Bill was watching. "Jesus…," he whispered. Through slowing sighs, he whispered, "You really like it…"
"I guess I really do." Pulling out of him, I crossed the darkened hall to flush the condom, and turned to see Bill enter the bathroom with me, cock slightly wilted, a lustful, satisfied grin on his lips. "You finished just in time, man. Join me in the shower?" The door was open, and I thought I saw a shadow move out of the corner of my eye, but knew I hadn't. We'd been quiet, all things considered.
It was tempting, but first I had to know. "How many guys have you fucked?"
He stepped up and kissed me slowly, mouth open, arms around me, before answering. "Not a lot. Two with Claire, another guy a couple of years later which I never told my wife about, during a business trip; he and I fucked all night. After my divorce, three or four others, then you." That seemed like a lot to me. I wanted to ask about blowjobs, but I would find out later, I was sure. He grinned disarmingly. "I still love pussy, but I also love sucking cock, thanks to Claire."
"I'll thank her for both of us later. You're my first. Can't wait for you to visit us again." I returned his embrace and kisses, my hands all over his ass, pulling him into me while our hands explored our naked skin.
"You're really fucking good, and good at fucking. Next time the girls get to watch, though. Okay?"
"Definitely." I let myself out of his arms. "Go ahead and shower, Bill. I should head back down, don't want the girls to wake up and wonder what we're up to…"
He chuckled. "Alright. Thanks for helping me wake up. Suppose I'll sleep on the plane." With that, he turned the water on, and I headed out, closing the door behind me.
I descended the stairs lightly, one at a time and rounded the corner to the hallway, going back to the master bedroom, and almost collided with Rita, who stood in the middle of the hall, deliciously naked. Without a word, she came to me and let me sniff her fingers and taste the pussy juices on them, before kissing me with her whole body. "You fucked him…" Those three words were so filled with longing and horniness I wished I could take her right there in the hall.
There was no point denying it. "Of course, wanted to do him all weekend."
"I know. I heard you get out of bed so carefully, and knew where you were headed. I think I woke up at the same time, and was thinking of going up there and fucking him awake, but you beat me to it. So glad I got to watch you, baby. I almost joined in, but you were already starting, so I squatted in the hall and played with myself. Should have grabbed a towel; I'm afraid I got your carpet a little damp when I squirted." Rita pulled herself into me. "That was so sexy, watching you fuck him! I know I saw you two out on the deck earlier, right there in the open, but I felt so wicked hiding and watching you fuck…" She sighed. "And when he said to fuck him like a woman…"
I pulled her into me and started kissing her now, passionately crushing her body against mine, a lustful joining of our lips, tongues wrestling in our mouths. Her nipples were stiff with passion, and her silky skin the perfect aphrodisiac. I almost forgot what had gotten her so hot, and was momentarily disappointed when my cock continued to languish quietly, pointing the wrong direction for what I wanted to do. "I'm sorry, Rita…"
She murmured, "What for?," between breathless kisses.
"I can't again…so soon."
"I know… Just keep kissing me." So we did that for quite a while, just enjoying being skin to skin, naked in the hall and petting and kissing and holding each other. My wife was sleeping just down the hall in our bed, and it didn't feel like cheating. I'd just butt-fucked her old boyfriend, and was making out with her old girlfriend, and she'd had taken advantage of every opportunity with each of us, all weekend.
We froze at the sound of Bill closing the bedroom door upstairs, suddenly, oddly, feeling like we were about to get caught. Both our hearts skipped a beat at the delicious, naughty feeling, and we scampered quietly down the hall into the bedroom. Rita kissed me again, and led me to the master bath. In the glow of the nightlight, door closed, she grabbed a washcloth, wetted and soaped it up, and cleaned all traces of Bill's and my cum away. Then she handed me the cloth, and I gently laved away the sticky vaginal juices at her crotch and thighs.
Finished, I rinsed and wrung out the washcloth, leaving it on the rim of the sink to dry. Rita kissed me again, this time tenderly, and we went back to the bed. I resumed my place in the middle, and she snuggled in close to me, one arm around my midriff. "I so love you."
I loved Claire for bringing her here, and whispered back, "And I love you, Rita." Then we fell asleep.
The blinds were still open from the day before, whether through omission or an exhibitionist impulse from one or both women, and the ruddy hints of sunrise peered over the horizon and entered our room. I was turned to my left, almost on the edge of the bed now, where Rita had been just hours earlier. I reached behind me, still mostly asleep, and felt supple, smooth female skin inches away.
Then I heard the sighs, soft, stealthy and very erotic. I debated trying to sneak a peek, then said to myself fuck it and turned over to watch.
Yesterday, I'd had the pleasure of watching my wife perform artful pussy eating on Rita, an old friend and lover. It had been years since they'd had the opportunity to meet, to have Claire deliver one of her incredible oral performances. I knew first-hand how loving and sexy the touch of her lips on my cock and balls felt, how she loved to get me to cum, savoring and swallowing every bit of it. Rita had thoroughly enjoyed Claire's tender ministrations, answering them with squirts of sweet, hot pussy juices, trickling and gushing down my wife's throat and all over her body. It had been the hottest thing I'd ever seen in my life.
Until this.
Rita's back was to me, her feet near the headboard, lying on her side, her pale tanlines displayed to me, the muscles beneath working, tensing and relaxing. Her legs were spread, and a pair of hands were around her hips and waist. My wife was on the other side facing her, her face in the auburn bush of our guest. Her legs were also spread, and Rita had her face buried in my wife's blonde pussy. Both were licking quietly, diligently. I heard their tongues and lips meeting each other's wet labia, moist loving sounds slightly out of rhythm, and saw their hips clench and rock subtly in response to the cunnilingus they were sharing.
It occurred to me they might have been quiet in order to let me sleep if I wanted. If they'd meant to be truly private, they would have been doing this on the floor or in an upstairs bedroom, but not on the same bed I was on. I decided to enjoy the show.
My musings were cut short by a sudden tensing of Rita's buttocks and back, and I saw her pull her face away from Claire, revealing the dewy moisture on her blonde bush, restraining her throaty moan with a Herculean effort. She came, and I heard a splash of juices onto the sheets, into Claire's waiting mouth, where they were lovingly, rapidly lapped up. At this moment, there were few things sexier than the sounds of cunnilingus. Claire's hand came to rest on the back of Rita's head, lovingly guiding her back to her pussy, where Rita, winded and softly gasping after her climax, resumed running her tongue over Claire's glistening twat.
I shifted slightly, eager not to disturb them, and felt my cock slide luxuriously on the sheets they were fucking on. It was hard, and the sensation nearly drove a gasp from me, but I held back, wanting to watch them longer without interrupting. Almost against my will, my left hand snuck over my hip and began a slow stroking, promising myself I would stop when they finished, and not really believing it.
Claire gasped, little more than a breath in the room. Rita's face was running over her blonde bush, and the wet licking was more prominent. I saw Claire's grip around her tighten, and it was clear she wasn't spending any effort for the moment on licking Rita's pussy. "Uunnnhhh…" This was the first vocal sound I'd heard since waking up, a soft, covetous groan as my wife neared her own climax.
The licking was louder, more strenuous and distinct, and still Rita made almost no noise beyond the licking of the drenched cunt against her mouth and lips and tongue. Now my wife's hands were kneading Rita's buttocks, gripping them, squeezing in time to the redhead's increasing speed and fervor, and her moans joined Claire's, now loud enough that it might have awakened me, but they seemed blissfully unaware of their rising volume.
"Oh, fuck, Cee…" The words escaped Claire's throat, smoky with lust, and it was her turn to arch her back while her orgasm raced to overtake her. She moved her head forward and kissed Rita's sopping wet pussy, then opened her eyes. Seeing me watching, she locked gazes with me, and her tongue extended to gently play with the other woman's clitoris, buried in her forest of red pubic hair, regarding me as another moan escaped her mouth, this time louder. At the same time, her arms gripped Rita's midriff tightly, pulling her crotch closer.
I moved towards them, until my cock, almost thrumming with desire, came to rest in the middle of the redhead's back, and she cooed at the contact. At the same moment, Claire's orgasm hit, and her face pulled back, her eyes closing as it washed over her, her hips humping Rita's mouth, which hungrily continued to drive more of her orgasm out of her. Overcome by passion myself, I started kissing along Rita's buttocks, and reached one hand to Claire's ass, grabbing and squeezing it as another, louder moan leapt forth from her mouth.
My dick was rubbing itself between Rita's shoulder blades. "Don't cum yet, baby…" Her voice was soft as silk, undeniable in its intention, and with an effort of will I moved my hips back just far enough to keep from humping and shooting cum all over her bare back. "Soon…" The murmur carried gratitude and the implication of a reward if I could keep control.
Rita disentangled herself from my wife, and rolled over me, her beautiful ass and pussy passing over my face too quickly for me to do anything but see. She repositioned herself so her face, still wet and musky from eating Claire's pussy, next to mine, while Claire moved in closer, putting her head on my shoulder. Her face, too, smelled of cunnilingus and Rita's generous spray. She leaned in and kissed me, and we opened our mouths, sharing her friend's juices, while Rita started to stroke my quivering cock.
Rita scooted down the bed a little, and I felt her mouth take me inside, but only for a moment. "Cee, maybe we should take turns sucking him off."

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