Weekend with sis

A few years ago a paid a visit to my little sister’s college. It was homecoming weekend and Shawna was on the schools drill team. She had always been a pretty girl, and I often had to fight off the boners I’d achieve when I saw her in her bikini or nighties around our parents’ home.

Shawna had a single room in her dorm, with a semi-private bathroom, which she shared with her friend who lived next door. The plan was for me to say on her extra bed in order to save my parents’ some money on a hotel when they arrived Friday evening. Shawna had turned twenty-one a few days before I arrived, and I was looking forward to partying with her and her hot friends. Little did I know I was in for a bigger treat!

I got to town on Wednesday and met Shawna as she got home from class. She took me up to her room, but told me she had to go to dance team practice. She grabbed some clothes and ducked into the bathroom. Minutes later she pooped out in a red sports bra with black spandex shorts. I almost died. My little sister wasn’t so little, especially the large mounds on her chest. Her sports bra showed off some impressive cleavage. She told me she’d be back in about two hours then turned to pick up her bag. She bent over, and I got a great look at her tight ass. I felt my cock twinge.

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“Do you always go to practice like that?” I asked.

“Well, it’s our practice uniform, so I have to wear it. I put a jacket on to cover these gals” she replied as she groped her globes to emphasize them.

“Oh, well I guess its ok then. See you in a couple hours.” I said.

“Ok, if you use the bathroom be sure to lock the other door. I wouldn’t want Ann to see my brother naked or anything.” She laughed as she left.

I decided to watch TV and try to get my boner down. I checked MTV, but they were showing the new Beyonce video and that did anything but help my boner subside. Next I check Aajtak News, but they had a really hot anchorwoman wearing knee high go-go boots giving the news. I glanced into my sister’s open closet. There stood a pair of black knee-high boots. Shawna looked so fine in them when I saw her wearing them two weekends ago.

“Its pointless, I better just get it over with.” I muttered as I headed to the bathroom to wink off.

On the floor I noticed a pair of my sister’s tight shorts and a sports bra in her hamper. I was intrigued so I dug deeper. Finally I hit the jackpot (pardon the pun). I found a white lace thong, then a pink Vineeta’s Secret tanga, and a blue cotton thong. I was in heaven. I took the white lace thong and the tanga into the bathroom. There was a great full-length mirror in Shawna’s bathroom. It was perfect for admiring my naked body as I stroked it off to my sister’s undies.

Just then I heard the sound of the doorknob turning from the direction of Anita’s room.

“Oh shit! I didn’t lock it.” I thought.

Then I heard a knock.

“Is someone in there?” I heard a female voice say.

“Ye-ye-yeah.” I stuttered.

“Is that you LUCKY?”


“Oh, Shawna told me you were coming!”

At that moment I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I shot my load across the bathroom floor. I had a hard time keeping quiet as the cum jetted from my cock.

“Are you almost done in there?” I heard Anita call out.

“Ye-yeah.” I managed to say as I hurried to wipe up the trail I left on the floor.

Once I had cleaned up I tossed the wadded toilet paper in the crapper and flushed it down. I washed my hands, threw Shawna hot panties into the hamper and unlocked the door. Anita was standing there waiting. She wasn’t nearly as hot as Shawna but she did have a pretty face. She was a little chubby, but her tits were very large. She was wearing a pair a tight black sweat pants like a lot of college girls wear when they want to show off their asses, and her did look pretty badonkadonk.

She introduced herself and asked if she could keep me company while Shawna was gone. I said sure. Anita used to restroom then joined me on the couch. Shawna got home about a half-hour later. She looked hot; as she was all sweaty from practicing the half time show dance. She stripped down to her sports bra and tights before heading off to the shower. I really wish I could have joined her! When she got out, we headed to a local restaurant for dinner. After a few margaritas, Shawna decided she didn’t want to party too much because she had class in the morning and she was tired from dance practice. We rented a movie and headed back to her room.

Shawna invited Anita over and then she called Kavita who lived across the hall. Kavita (Kat) came over wearing a pair of boxer shorts and a tight t-shirt. She was only a freshman and her breast were much smaller than Shawna’s or Anita’s (Ann), but she had incredible legs and a wonderful smile. Ann was also in her pj’s, which consisted of cropped pants and a tight t-shirt. Shawna went into the bathroom and came out with a similar set of pj’s. I thought I might have to wink it again before bed after seeing all this T & A.

Shawna fell asleep on her bed half way through the movie, which prompted Ann and Kat to leave for their rooms. After they were gone, I got up to change into some shorts to sleep in. I noticed I left them at home. It was already dark and Shawna was asleep so I decided I’d just sleep in my underwear. That particular day I was wearing boxer-briefs which hugged my body. I was a little nervous that Shawna would see the bulge of my penis in the morning so I tucked in the sheets.

Nevertheless, my fear was confirmed in the morning. I awoke to Shawna’s blow dryer and the incredible sight of her wearing only her lacey bra and a pair of boxers.

“Good morning, BIG brother” she said gleefully.

I glanced down a saw my morning wood was visible as I lay there with the sheet covering only my knees.

“Sleep in just your undies, huh?” Shawna laughed.

“Uh, well, it seems I left my pj’s at home.” I said.

“Well, I’m sort of glad you did. I haven’t seen one quite that big since the last time I went skinny dipping with you and the neighborhood kids.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You know what I mean. Your cock is the biggest I’ve ever seen! I was hoping to see it this weekend. Ann was too, that why she tried to jump you in the bathroom yesterday.”

“You talked to her about my penis?”

“Oh not just your penis, your balls too!” She laughed.

“Are they ok?”

“Ok, hell yes, they are great! I forgot how big a boy you are!”

Sure I’d been skinny dipping with Shawna before, but I didn’t realize then that she was checking out my package. A new sense of pride overcame me.

“Can I take a shower?” I asked confidently.

“Yeah, but you have to leave Ann’s door unlocked.”

“What? I can’t do that!”

“I promised her you would. Besides, she doesn’t know we are having this talk and she’ll make it look like an accident.”

“No. I can’t”

“Yes you can, bade bhaiya. I want to show all my girl friends your meat.”

“What’s in it for me?”

“Orgasms, and lots of them. Do you think girls will see that cock and not want to fondle, grope, or suck it?”


“It’ll be great. Let Ann she it. It will loosen you up.”

“I don’t know.”

“Fine you don’t have too.” Shawna relented, but it was a trick.

No sooner did I grab my jeans and head to the shower did Shawna de-panted me of my boxer-briefs. My dong dangled semi-hard in front of me.

“Its awesome, LUCKY. You should show it off.”

That convinced me. I left the doors unlocked. I turned on the water and adjusted it. No sooner did it turn warm than Ann popped in through the unlocked door.

“Oh my gosh, I’m sorry!” She blurted in a fakery manner.

“Oh my gosh!” She then gasped in amazement.

“Uh, what are you doing?” I asked.

“Just getting a brush.” She replied stared at my semi-erect cock.

“Well, are you going to get it?” I asked.

“Oh a yeah there it is.” She grabbed a brush the gave my cock another look.

“How big are you?” She asked.

“Well I measured it a year or two ago and it was 9 and a half inches.”

“Woow!” Ann cooed.

Ann started to retreat to her room, but hesitated.

“Mind if I join you?” She asked.

“Uh, well, I” I stammered.

But Ann was already topless and dropping her pants. Now she stood naked before me, and my cock stood upright pointing at her. She shoved me into the shower and slapped my ass.

“You have a huge dick LUCKY! Shawna was right. I big boy like you needs to be rewarded.” She said.

Ann grabbed my dick and stroked it. She soaped it up with her body wash. Then she forced my face into her huge boobs while she stroked me. Just as I felt my orgy start, she reached up, placed her hand on my head and pushed me to my knees.

“Have you ever eaten pussy before?” She asked.

“A couple times in college.” I replied.

“Well, they say hung men can’t perform well with their tongue, but I love oral so let’s test the theory.” She said as she forced my face into her cunt.

Ann’s pussy was beautiful. I smelled incredible. I immediately darted my tongue in and out.

“Slower you big cocked horn ball! I’m going to teach you to do this right.”

She shut off the water and pulled me into her bedroom by my cock. She laid down and started the lesson a half-hour later she was moaning in delight.

“That was pretty good for starters! Tonight, I want it again, but even better. Now let’s see that!” She cried as she pointed to my cock.

She stroked me to a full erection and made continuous comments about my size and girth.

“Damn you’ve got big gonads. LUCKY I want your cum. Cum for me.”

Finally after 15 minutes of stroking I began to cum.

“Oh you made my dick feel great, Ann.” I moaned when I could finally breathe again.

“Dick? Larry that monster isn’t a dick. It’s a cock! A monster cock!” She laughed.

Ann got dressed in a cotton thong and mini skirt with a tight cotton tank top and no bra. I almost popped another boner as I watched her rack bounce as she walked. Then she headed to class leaving me naked on her bed.

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