Welcome home brother pt. 3

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By Kylo Reed Telling Marshall my friend is really my boyfriend to see if he gets jealous hopefully he doesn’t

I unlocked the door and walked in, waving bye to my best friend before closing the door, only turning around to realize Marshall was right behind me, “who’s that? Your boyfriend”? I couldn’t tell whether he was jealous or not, but to test it, I smiled and nodded “yeah that’s Kyle” Marshall smirked “does he know about us”? I giggled, at least he wasn’t mad about my pretend boyfriend, “no, you asked me not to tell. Remember, it’s our secret”? I put my shoes on the rack and put my coat up and headed to the kitchen, my brother falling to me.

“Well, mom’s not home…” He got close to me, pressing me up against the counter from behind, “has Kyle ever fucked you”? I smiled to myself, “he’s only ever touched me” the lie came out of me easily. Marshall pushed me over the counter and my head was now on the cold tile, and he lifted my skirt, “how’d he touch you”? I hummed in thought and my humming became a gasp of pleasure when I felt his lips on my pussy “like this”? He kissed my pussy and I moaned softly “mm” I lied again and this time he pushed his tongue out, licking at my clit “keep…doing…that please” I said as he went faster leaving me with my eyes closed and gasping for air.

Maybe it was the thought of me lying to Marshall, or could be it was because we hadn’t fucked in a while and my body was owed an orgasm. Whatever it was, as Marshall stuck his fingers into my wet cunt fingering fucking me I closed my eyes “fuck I’m cumming”! Marshall’s free hand went up to my ass cheek and squeezed his nails, probably leaving marks. The pain felt good, though, so I didn’t mind.

Marshall let me ride out my orgasm, leaving his fingers on my clit, so I could grind on them, which I really appreciated, then he stood up and right on time to because the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it, go to your room” I nodded to him, I needed to go clean up anyway, so as he opened the door, I went down the hall.

(For reference to what I looked like, I have brown hair in pigtail braids, hazel eyes, I am 5’1-5’2 about 118 lbs, and I was wearing a gray hoodie and a pink skirt that went a little above my knees)

Coming from the kitchen I got a shock seeing Kyle right there talking to my brother. I cleared my throat and they both turned to me. Kyle had a deep blush on his face, “uh, I was just coming to drop this off” he held up my handbag and I went towards him to grab it. Before I could, Marshall scooped me up as if I were the lightest thing in the world for him. “What are you doing”? I questioned trying to get down from the counter, but Kyle had put himself in-between my legs.

“Your boyfriend is going to fuck you right here right now” Alex said before pushing me down and holding my hands, so I couldn’t move. “I lied”! “Please don’t-” Alex pressed his lips onto mine and I instinctively kissed him back, my mind on the kisses and not on the fact Kyle had lifted my skirt and was rubbing himself against me. Oddly, enough, I didn’t mind. I never saw Kyle in a sexual light, maybe he was cute but never sexually, but when Alex pulled away from the kiss to lift my shirt, I looked at Kyle.
His brown hair was cut into a pixie his face smooth with lust, his clear glasses over his Asian eyes.

“Fuck” I gasped as Kyle entered me unexpectedly, and he didn’t even wait before thrusting into me. Alex pinning me down, I couldn’t get up, so I opted for just looking at my brother for another kiss, which he happily gave me. Alex tongued me, and his hands let go of my wrists to go explore my boobs. I moaned into my brother’s mouth, my now free hands gripped onto the back of his head as I tried to deepen the already lustful kiss. I had my best friend fucking my pussy and my older brother kissing me, it was a dream.

Kyle and Alex switched between my holes and Alex stuck his dick inside me, he was definitely bigger than Kyle, but Kyle was thicker. My body could tell, but give me not time to adjust to the new cock. Alex began to pump himself inside me. Kyle put his cock over my face, his balls hung over my mouth. “Suck them” he said slowly, as if unsure, then he looked at my brother for something and Alex pushed his cock deeper into me. If it wasn’t already, my back arched as I moaned deeply, “shit! Alex”! “Suck his balls bitch” Kyle scooted closer, his pelvic area almost touching my head and I grabbed his balls, rubbing them and sliding them, earning myself a few grunts of pleasure from my best friend. “I said suck them, don’t use your fucking hands” Alex gripped my thighs pulling me down on his cock as he pumped himself into me more. I put one of Kyle’s balls into my mouth and I licked around it and sucked it, this time earning a soft moan from my best friend. Kyle grabbed my hand and put it on his dick and I began to jerk him off while sucking on his balls and he helped me by thrusting into my hand.

“Shit I’m going to cum” Kyle announced “cum in her mouth she likes it. She’s a cum loving bitch” I let go of his cock and stopped sucking his balls, resting my head on the counter, opening my mouth and I looked at Kyle and watched him jerk himself off for a second. “Ugh…mmm” he grunted, and then his cum hit my tongue and my eyes. “Fuck” he said with a smile. His cum tasted nothing like Alex’s it was salty, kind of like pretzels, but like the good friend I was, I closed my mouth and swallowed it. Kyle lowered his dick to my mouth. I could smell the scent of his cum, “open your mouth” I obeyed and him put his dick inside me and began to push himself into my mouth. Kyle groaned and grunted as he pushed himself in my mouth, hitting the back of my throat but never letting up. “Her mouth feels so good” he commented, and I could taste his pre-cum again.

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By Kylo Reed #Incest #Teen #Threesome