Welcome To The Neighborhood Part 3

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By AlabamaSlamma Bethany and Brittany return to Toby’s house for a weekend of fun.

Toby was sitting at his desk doing some work for his company. He had a hard time concentrating lately due to the recent events with his neighbors. He still at times expected a knock at his door and find the police standing there with a warrant.

It had been a couple of days since he fucked Bethany and he began to think that maybe she was rethinking their relationship. His phone rang and when he answered it, Bethany was on the other end.

“Toby I was wondering if you would be interested in me and Brittany coming over Friday night and spending the entire weekend with you? We have a special present that we want to give you!” She asked in a sexy voice.

“I would be honored to have you both as guests for the weekend!” He replied trying not to sound too eager.

“Great then we will see you around 6:00 Friday afternoon!” She said as she hung up.

Toby spent the majority of the day cleaning up everything and making sure that everything was ready for them. He went Friday morning and got extra food for them along with alcohol and sodas.

Promptly at 6:00 the door bell rang and when he opened the door Bethany and Brittany immediately came through the door and grabbed Toby and kissed him deeply and passionately. Toby’s cock instantly stood at attention and it didn’t go unnoticed by the two ladies.

“Looks like someone is happy and excited to see us!” Bethany moaned as she reached down to grab his cock.

“I hope that I get to have it inside me tonight!” Brittany squealed as her hand reached up through the leg hole of his shorts searching for his hard throbbing cock and balls.

“Baby let’s go get ready for Toby’s surprise okay?” Bethany said as she grabbed Brittany’s hand.

“Okay mommy!” Brittany replied.

Both of them walked into the bedroom and closed the door. Toby went to the living room and sat down to wait. After about 15 minutes of hearing them giggling the door opened.

“Toby please close your eyes and don’t open them until I say that you can! And don’t you dare peek!” Bethany yelled.

Toby closed his eyes and waited for Bethany to say OK. He again heard giggling but this time it was right in front of him.

“Okay you can open your eyes now!” Bethany said.

Toby opened his eyes and immediately gasped loudly! Standing in front of him was two absolute angels. They both had on matching see through teddies without bras. They both had matching panties that were crotchless so that he could see their pussies. The both were made up and both looked absolutely stunning.

“How do you like your surprise?” Brittany asked as she twirled around so that he could see everything.

Bethany turned around the same way and she asked “Are we to your liking?” She purred.


“Why thank you sir!” They both replied in unison.

Brittany walked over to where he was sitting and she climbed into his lap. She then stood up on the arms of the chair with her legs spread open. She looked down into his eyes and lifted her teddy up and pushed her pink bare pussy against his mouth.

Toby immediately began to devour her sweet little bald pussy like a starving animal. She squealed loudly as she experienced her first man eating her pussy. She was flooding his mouth with her sweet nectar.

Bethany immediately dropped to her knees and pulled his pants off and swirled her tongue around the fat purple head of his hard throbbing cock. She moaned as she sucked it into her mouth as she listened to Brittany moaning and whimpering loudly.

Toby was running his tongue all over her pussy and asshole. Brittany had a death grip on Toby’s head as she ground her pussy against his face. Toby moaned into her tight little pussy as he felt his cock being driven into Bethany’s throat. It was just too much for Toby and he grunted as he shot his cum into Bethany’s throat.

Bethany moaned as she worked her throat and squeezed his throbbing cock milking the cum from his balls. She sucked hard on the head as she stroked the shaft. She was able to keep him hard so that Brittany could sit down on it and ride her first cock.

“Brittany baby his cock is ready for you! Sit down on it and let’s make you a woman!” Bethany moaned as she reached up and pulled Brittany down.

She guided his cock into her tight little pussy and helped hold her up until she was ready to take more. Brittany squealed again as she felt his cock stretch her tight little pussy open. When she had about two inches inside her hot little tunnel she dropped down her full body weight and drove his cock into her depths.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS MOMMY! OMFG THIS FEELS AMAZING!” Brittany screamed out as another orgasm slammed her young body.

“”OHHH YEEESSSSSS BABY GIRL! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! RIDE HIS COCK LIKE THE LITTLE SLUT YOU ARE!” Bethany moaned as she plunged her fingers into her soaking wet pussy.

Bethany watched as Toby grabbed Brittany’s ass cheeks with his hands and spread them open wide giving him better access to her tight little pussy. He lifted her up and slammed her back down onto his cock. Yelped with every thrust as his cock throbbed angrily inside her hot little pussy.

“OHHHHH MOMMY OH GOD I AM CUMMING!!” She screamed again as she passed out from the intense orgasms that crashed through her body.

Toby used her like a fleshlight. Bethany screamed out “FUCK HER GOOD! TEAR UP THAT PUSSY!”

Bethany was bouncing around on her fingers as she watched her daughter being fucked like a slut. Brittany began to moan again as she regained consciousness.

“Let’s take this into the bedroom and get on the bed so I can play as well!” Bethany moaned.

She stood up and Toby stood up with Brittany still locked on his cock. Bethany laid down on her back and had Toby put Brittany on her hands and knees with her pussy over Bethany’s face.

“Toby I want you to fuck her ass now as I eat her pussy!” Bethany moaned. Toby took his slimy cock and placed it against Brittany’s tight little asshole. Brittany squealed again as she felt Bethany sucking on her clit. She drove her pussy back onto her mother’s mouth and at the same time caused Toby’s cock to enter her ass.

“HOLY FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS SHE IS TIGHT!” Toby growled deeply as he felt his cock slice into her hot tunnel.

“OHHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK MOMMY! HE’S FUCKING MY ASS!” Brittany squealed as she felt his balls slapping her pussy as her mother sucked her pussy.

Brittany was moaning and whimpering loudly as she rode her orgasms over and over again. Toby was struggling to keep from cumming quickly as his cock was getting squeezed like a vise. He had Bethany lapping at his cock and balls as he drilled her daughter’s ass.

Bethany pushed Brittany’s face into her soaking wet pussy and Brittany immediately sucked on her mother’s clit. These two women were now Toby’s sluts. They were both lost in each other’s ecstasy and they both wanted to be used.

Toby finally couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed Brittany’s ass and drove balls deep into her ass and pumped stream after stream of his cum into her bowels.


Toby’s body was shaking as his cock throbbed angrily spewing his seed into his little slut as his big slut massaged his balls.


Soon Toby’s cock shrank down and slipped out of her asshole. Bethany immediately sucked it into her mouth as she sucked it clean. She then buried her face in Brittany’s ass and sucked his cum into her mouth. She then kissed Brittany and swapped his cum back and forth while Toby watched.

What a fantastic neighborhood this turned out to be!!

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