Welcome To The Neighborhood

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By AlabamaSlamma Toby moves in to his new house and finds out that he has some interesting neighbors.

(To everyone: This story is intended to be a multi part series. This is just the introduction and has very little sex. But I can assure you that the next few parts will get further and deeper.)

Toby is a 32 year old man who just purchased a home in a gated neighborhood. Toby comes from a wealthy family but he also has a company that he started. He is able to work from home most of the time. Not long after he moved in he was finishing up unpacking some things and he heard his doorbell.

Toby walked to the front door and opened it. Standing in front of him was a woman who was wearing a sun dress. She was absolutely gorgeous with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She appeared to have large tits and obviously wasn’t wearing a bra at the moment as her nipples were standing at attention under her dress.

Next to her was a young girl who was a spitting image of the lady next to her. She too was wearing a sun dress. She appeared to have the same problem with her nipples being hard as well.

Toby tried his best to not stare at her chest area.

“May I help you ladies?” Toby asked trying to talk without his voice cracking.

“Hello my name is Bethany and this is my daughter Brittany. We are your neighbors and we wanted to welcome you to our neighborhood. I hope that we are not disturbing you?” She said with a smile.

“Well what an amazing welcome! You most certainly are not disturbing me at all! Would you care to come in?” Toby asked as he stepped aside.

“Why thank you. We can come in for a moment.” Bethany said as Brittany followed her mother into the house.

“I’m so sorry, my name is Toby by the way. Welcome to my home!” He said as he extended his hand to Bethany.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Toby. You sure have great taste in furnishing your home!” Bethany said as she shook his hand and looked around.

“Well that’s mostly due to the fact that my mother is a interior designer who picked out most of my stuff!” Toby said as he laughed.

“Well I must let her know if I ever get the chance to meet her!” Bethany replied.

Toby found out that Bethany is a 36 year old divorced mother of Brittany who is 14 years old. Her husband and Brittany’s father got caught with another man. Apparently he was a closet bi sexual and he never told Bethany. She said that she needed a man who was honest with her and maybe with himself.

Unfortunately when they divorced, he made it clear that he didn’t want anything to do with Brittany. So Bethany has been raising her daughter by herself for the last 6 years. Toby and Bethany chatted for a few more minutes before she said that they needed to run as they were going to visit some friends.

“Please don’t be strangers. You are welcome to come by anytime. You can even use my pool if you want.” Toby said.

“WOW thank you for your generous offer. I might just take you up on that offer!” She replied as she shook his hand once more and walked over to the door.

“OH mommy can we go swimming in his pool soon?” Brittany asked all excitedly.

“We will see sweetheart, let’s not bother the nice man about it right now!” She replied.

Toby opened the door and watched as they walked outside.

“As far as the pool you and your beautiful daughter are welcome anytime. Even if I am not home.” He said.

“I will keep that in mind!” Bethany replied as she looked back at him and smiled.

Toby shut the door and walked back into the living room and continued with putting things away. But his mind kept going back to Bethany’s hard nipples that appeared to be pierced. He thought that maybe if he was lucky he would get a chance to see more of her if she took him up on his offer to use his pool.

A few days went by and he had finished unpacking everything. He had barely seen Bethany or Brittany much at all. He had seen Bethany walk past a widow or in passing on the road to their neighborhood.

Toby was sitting at his desk checking some emails and completing some reports for his company when he heard the doorbell. He went to the door and opened it. There stood Brittany wearing a bikini holding a towel. Coming up the sidewalk was Bethany and she too had a bikini on but she also had a wrap on covering her bottom.

Toby was in shock by just how gorgeous Bethany and Brittany were. He just stood there with his mouth open looking at these two gorgeous ladies.

“Well are you going to invite us in or just stand there with your mouth open?” Bethany asked as she giggled.

“OH GOD I am so sorry! Where are my manners? Please do come in!” He stammered as he stepped aside.

As Bethany stepped in after Brittany, she leaned over and whispered into Toby’s ear “Don’t worry, that was quite the compliment!”

She smiled wickedly and kissed him on the cheek.

Brittany had already headed to the sliding glass doors that led to the pool deck.

“I hope you don’t mind that we came over to use your pool?” She said as she walked towards the door.

“By all means please make yourself at home!” He said as he tried not to stare at her body too long.

Bethany looked to have 38DD tits that were barely contained by her bikini top. She had a gorgeous ass that looked like you could bounce a quarter on. It swiveled back and forth as she walked and would mesmerize a blind man.

Brittany was very mature for her age as she already had a beautiful set of tits growing on her chest and she had the makings of a gorgeous ass just like her mother.

Bethany and Brittany went out to the pool and Brittany immediately jumped into the water and was splashing and playing. Bethany took off the wrap and laid down on the lounge chair and started applying suntan lotion to her body.

Toby watched from the kitchen window as she applied the lotion wondering what she looked like naked. Bethany had sunglasses on and she could see Toby watching her. She decided to put on a little show for him and she made sure that she spread her legs open as she rubbed her inner thighs. She even pulled her bikini bottoms a little to the side revealing a little bit of her bald pussy.

Toby was watching intently as she seemed to be flashing him here and there while putting her lotion on. He had pulled out his 7 inch cock and was stroking it. He failed to see that Brittany had exited the pool and had walked into the kitchen.

“Are you playing with your cock looking at my mommy?” Brittany asked plainly.

Toby jumped at her voice and spun around with his cock still in his hand. Brittany was staring at it with a smile on her face.

“OH GOD I apologize Brittany. I….I…ummmm I was just…..” He stammered as he tried to put his cock away.

“I know what you were doing. I am not a baby. Mommy has told me all about sex and men and all of those things!” She replied as she walked over to Toby.

She reached out and wrapped her fingers around his shaft through the opening of his pants that were still open.

“Ummmm Brittany I don’t think that you should be doing that! I could get into a lot of trouble with your mother and others if they ever found out!” He crooked as he tried to push her hand away.

Brittany had a good grip on his cock. “OH don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone. Besides I think that you like my hand on your hard cock!” She said as she began to stroke it.

Toby glanced out the window to see if Bethany was still in the lounge chair. He looked down at Brittany who had pulled his cock out of his pants again and had wrapped both of her hands around it.

“WOW it’s so hard and soft at the same time!” She said as she studied her first real cock.

“OH GOD Brittany you really shouldn’t be doing that.” Toby moaned with little conviction.

“OH GOODIE PRE CUM!” She said as she leaned over and licked the glob from the head of his hard throbbing cock.

Toby almost cum right then. He groaned deeply as she continued to stroke his cock and lick the pre cum from the tip.

“Mmmmmmmm it tastes good!” She said as she looked up at him.

“Brittany you have to stop now or I am going to cum!” He groaned.

“I want to see you cum!” Brittany squealed as her hands flew up and down his cock.

That was all he could take. He grunted as his cock erupted like a volcano. Brittany squealed again as his cum sprayed her face and chest. Here he was cumming all over a 14 year old girl who just finished jacking him off.

She giggled and said “That was cool! I definitely want to do that again!” She said as she took a big glob of his cum and sucked it into her mouth.

“Mmmmmm tastes even better than the clear stuff!” She said as she spun around and walked outside.

Toby thought that she was going to her mother who was still laying on the lounge chair and she would see his cum on her daughters face but Brittany jumped into the pool again.

Toby stood there in shock. What the fuck just happened? Where did this 14 year old girl learn how to give a handjob? How did this just happen with her mother right outside?

He put his wilted cock away and cleaned up the mess he made on the floor. He looked out at the pool and Brittany was looking at him with a wicked little smile on her face. Bethany seemed to have that same wicked little smile on her face as well.

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By AlabamaSlamma #Exhibitionist #Teen #Virgin