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Hello ISS lovers! Another story with the Dining Room as the backdrop. This is inconclusive and would need another 5 stories at least to make it complete. I assure to send them one by one. Enjoy!

If it was difficult to smuggle the book into my house, it once looked as though it was almost impossible to read it without being caught. It was during a local train journey that a middle aged man had jokingly remarked about the book and the author, fueling my curiosity to read it. It took me more than a month to finally lay my hands on this book written in plain colloquial language depicting erotic fantasies about everybody under the sun. It took another week for me to read the book in one go and since then life never looked the same to me.

Initially, I was a bit amazed reading about the author’s fantasies about his sister and mother and naturally I felt like a worm unable to make eye contact with both my sisters and my mother. However, after the first hasty reading, I became lucky getting more opportunities to read the book somewhat leisurely and the descriptions in the book kept lingering in my mind even after I finished reading. My eyes strayed on my sisters and soon I even started staring at my mother whenever she inadvertently exposed her flesh portions. The wet dreams about my sisters and my mother and the masturbation session which followed became memorable affairs. I felt ashamed to have fantasized about my own sisters and mother but every time thereafter, whenever my hands reached to my dick for jerking, it was invariably either my sisters or my mother who were the subjects.

My mother Suseela must be hovering around 45 although she looked a bit older due to her loss of hair. My elder sister Kamalini was 26 and the tallest in our family. She is blessed with huge firm breasts and chubby cheeks worth a million kisses. My younger sister Subhashini is the most pampered of we three and thanks to some additional adrenaline flowing, she looked sexier than her age.

I had different fantasies for all the three. I preferred fucking my mother doggy style in the kitchen holding her sagging tits from behind. Kamalini always aroused me whenever I dreamt of screwing her on the sofa holding one of her huge breasts with one hand while lifting her leg high enough. Subhashini had breasts akin to a pair of oranges and I always felt like licking and sucking her nipples and areolas. These fantasies somehow remained unchanged and every time I jerked thinking about them the scenes unfolded predictably. It was a long wait before I could finally turn my fantasies into a reality, that too with a pinch of salt.

It was a Saturday and I was at home. Kamalini and Subhashini had gone for their coaching classes and were not expected to be backing home before evening. Daddy had left early in the morning to attend some special duty at the Airport and other things being normal, might return only late in the night. While my mother kept herself busy in the kitchen, I managed to read the book yet again and kept reading the chapter about the mother and son episode repeatedly. Within seconds I had a hard-on and as I kept reading my prick let off the pre-cum. I unzipped my trousers and pulled out my erect dick from the brief. That was perhaps the defining moment for me as a wicked thought flashed inside my mind. I should better try my mother today!

I dressed up again and walked towards the kitchen where my mother was busy preparing the lunch. She had casually wrapped her saree around her waist which revealed her slightly bulging stomach from the firmly tied petticoat. As she kept bending back and forth picking up a few utensils from all over, I could see that her breasts weren’t as bad I had thought before as they still looked tantalizingly sexy. My hands started itching to pounce on my mother from the back, hold her breasts from behind and give them a nice squeeze. What a feeling it would be if my hard long prick smashes against her firm round ass cheeks! Our kitchen did not have an exhaust fan and hence she was profusely perspiring making her blouse wet to reveal her dark bra beneath. Suddenly, my mother turned back and seeing me standing at the kitchen door asked me with a wry smile,” What? You need another cup of coffee?”

I nodded my head sheepishly without batting eyelids and kept watching her as she made my coffee and started walking out of the kitchen. I followed her closely till she reached and let the cup of coffee on the dining table. I was standing menacingly close to her and as such while she turned around to return to the kitchen, I stood right in front of her. She was momentarily startled.

“So, what’s with you this morning?” she asked. I preferred not to reply and kept staring at her for a few seconds. My mother looked apparently confused unable to comprehend what I was up to. As she attempted to walk away from me, my arms stretched across stopping her either ways and I could see a glow of irritation in her eyes.

“Hey, I have lot of things to do,” She tried to push my hands away. “For me, it is no holiday.”

Something was stimulating me. I wasn’t sure if it was her proximity or the gentle feminine odor emanating from her saree. My eyes descended onto her chest and strayed onto her semi-exposed breasts under the cover of her blouse. My mother looked perplexed for a while before gauging where my eyes went. She hurriedly tried to cover her bosoms by sliding the saree over the flesh mounts.

“Ravi, you are not supposed to look at me like this,” My mother spoke as if she was outraged.

“Mom, I want to kiss you,” I opened up with a smile.” You are sexy.”

If I need to explain her immediate reaction in just a sentence, she looked shocked.

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“I said, I want to kiss you”

“Stupid,” My mother fumed. “I can’t believe this. I am your mother.”

“Yes. You are,” I retorted.” My problem is not exactly that. You are sexy.”

“Disgusting,” she screamed and covered her face with her hands as if I was about to pounce on her lips to kiss her. I glanced down to have a look at her waist void of any cover by her saree and just above where she had inserted the cutely folded frills of her saree, I could partly see her naval. I quickly got on to the closest chair and leaned forward to let my lips press on her silky stomach. My mother in a rage pushed me violently backwards and as she attempted to move away, the top end of her saree slipped off her shoulder thus revealing her cleavage. My right hand immediately clutched the tail end of her dropping saree while she struggled to pull it over to cover her exposed breasts.

“Wow,” I exclaimed mockingly.” I never thought of seeing those so soon.”

My mother almost screamed, “Ravi, that’s the limit. Now, let me go.”

“I will,” I smiled. “Just kiss me once and I will let you go for sure.”

“Never,” she sounded firm and kept pulling the saree from her clutches.

“Then let me watch your cleavage for a while before you agree to kiss me,” I started rolling the top end of her saree around my forearm so that she wouldn’t be able to free herself that easily. In the process, she was pulled further towards me and as I looked up, her breasts were hanging over my head. My lust knew no bounds as my right hand went around her waist while my left hand moved up to cup her right breast and God, what a feeling it was! The moment my palm brushed her breast, my mother’s eyes closed like magic and she bit her lower lips. My hands started crushing her breasts and her body swung back and forth as I lowered my head right in between her thighs and shook it a few times. At the same time, my mother’s grip on the saree loosened and her hand rested on my hair. As I looked up, I was amazed to see her squeezing her left boob with her right hand. It looked as though she was smiling with closed eyes.

“So, is that your weak spot?” I asked while rising from the chair and sat on the dining table. I pulled my mother as her back pressed against my chest and her ass cheeks between my thighs. It was the turn of my left hand to clutch her left breast while my right hand reached on the top of her saree-clad mound and started rubbing her covered clit with passion.

“Mom, your tits are still firm,” I acknowledged while her head swayed sideways as my lips planted a kiss on the back of her shoulders. I realized that it was my teasing of her clit that was arousing her and hence continued to rub between her thighs. Her right hand came back to hold my head while her left hand reached to her right breast and continued playing with it.

“Stop playing with your tits,” I ordered.” They are mine from now onwards. I will take good care of them.”

She turned around in a flash and our lips met instantly. Her tongue ventured into my mouth and traveled inside while I felt the warmth and sweetness of her lips with closed eyes. Her hands inadvertently rested on my bulging crotch and immediately repelled. I now had both my hands on my mother’s breasts with boundless lust with my thumb teasing her prodding nipples and fingers pressing her flesh with ease. Every time her nipples were teased, my mother was raising on her feet a few inches from the floor. Our kissing lasted for a while after which, my hands reached to her waist to pull out the frills off her petticoat. Her semi-cotton saree fell in a heap beneath her feet after which I untied the petticoat knot without much fuss. Now, my mother was undoing her blouse by herself and followed it up with unclasping the bra hooks. Her huge breasts were swaying in front of my eyes with erect nipples inviting me to pounce on them. Her areolas were relatively big and brown while her hard nipples stood firm like the cap of a fountain pen. I leaped on to them and started alternating between them by sucking them while my mother started letting off sexy moans. My fingers teased her upright nipples and my mother was almost groaning as my foreplay went far beyond imaginable limits. I descended from the table and freed myself from the trouser. My mother stared at my dick as if she was unable to believe what she saw as my hard dick with some pre-cum was pointing at her like a loaded canon. My mother held my manhood with her right hand once and sighed.

“You want a blow job?” She asked smirking.

“Not now,” I winked at her. “I want to blast my cum inside your pussy first.”

My mother caught hold of my erect dick and started walking towards the bedroom as if she was holding my hand. The moment we got in, the door bell rang. I got into my trousers again, rushed to the door, looked through the peep hole and was instantly shell shocked. Both my sisters were standing outside. I immediately gathered my mother’s clothes from the floor and rushed back to the bedroom and cautioned her. I opened the door only after my mother rushed back to the kitchen. My sisters looked visibly disturbed.

“Why did you take so long to open the door? Already, we are irritated because our classes have been cancelled.”

As my sisters moved to their respective rooms, I helplessly glanced at my mother who looked out of the kitchen with a mischievous smile on her face. Somehow, well begun is half done? The other half would surely follow sooner than later.

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