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(This is a work of fiction and all characters are above the age of consent (18 years of age).)
It was a bolt from the blue when he declared his love and proposed, an action that astonished him as much as it did her. But surprisingly there was no follow up on a task that seemed to be well begun, he had inexplicably run out of steam. It was as if the effort put into the proposal had left no gas in the tank, and the road ahead seemed shrouded in fog.
She despaired to her friends after they congratulated her on hearing about the good news, pestering her with queries on how far they'd gone down the path of intimacy. "We've had plenty of time alone together, but he shies away from even holding hands, so what do I do? I am so frustrated," she told her closest colleagues eN and eM. She knew that eM was going steady for some time, with another colleague eL, as she sought out advice from her more experienced friend, "Does eL behave the same way with you? How do you get him interested?"
eM's cheeks burnt a bright red as she recalled how far they had progressed down the path together. The very thought made her wet, as she recalled the things he had done to her and how much she had enjoyed them. "I have precisely the opposite problem, an embarrassment of riches. So much so that I'm literally exhausted, fighting to fend off his advances" she confessed before trailing off blushing, her secret revealed, as the other girls looked on incredulously, waiting expectantly, for her to divulge the dirty details.
"What, you sly fox, you didn't tell us, aren't we your friends?" "It's not something a girl would boast of, besides you'll never asked me earlier," she said saucily. "Okay, now we have, give us the lowdown, you've got to come clean with us."
But she would only cryptically reveal that, " the final frontier hadn't been breached as yet," leaving it to their imaginations to fill in the blanks about the steamy minutiae.
S requested eM, "Can you at least use your wiles on eL, make him use his influence on H, and drill some sense into his thick head."
"I can try, but there's a price to be paid, there's no such thing as a free lunch," eM said, as she salivated at the thought of the things he'd been doing to her of late. Contrary to her good girl image, she really was quite a minx.
eM was enjoying the attention that came her way. She volunteered a piece of advice, "You'll need to make some serious changes girl, if you want to get in on the action. Even a fleeting glance confirms your entire look and body language is that of a cloistered nun, that screams out a loud message of hands off. Baby you need to entice him, lay out the welcome mat, not the no entry sign. Give him a glimpse of the goods, show him some flesh." She trailed off realising that she had exceeded her brief, "I am sorry, if I've said too much."
S needed this wake up call that set her alarm bells ringing; in her single-minded pursuit of academic excellence she had neglected her own feminine wiles and charms, to the point that she felt positively dowdy. He hadn't proposed on the basis of her looks for sure. "But it's never too late to start," she vowed to herself, a complete makeover was in the works, now that academics were dispensed with, and the time and money at hand to help her effect that transformation from scholar to seductress.
She struck whilst the iron was hot, wanting to take full advantage of eM's expertise in the matters of men. Emboldened, she asked eM, "Can you give me some hints on how to snare my man and keep him in my grip?"
eM was only too glad to help out her friend, besides share her secrets and joys that she could barely keep under wraps. She asked eN to latch the doors whilst she guided S to the full length mirror in the room, asking her to take a hard look at herself. She started in earnest, "Look at yourself, probably your grandma is more attractive than you. Do you fancy yourself all bundled up? Show some skin, give him some hints of what charms lie hidden under all those layers. Treat yourself to some TLC."
She now slid up beside her to accentuate her point, " Learn from me, guys need some access to the goods, and the package must be attractive enough to make him eager to see what lies beneath. Wear sexy clothes and you'll feel sexy too. Get a new wardrobe that will accentuate your curves, not hide them," she said. She proceeded to undo the buttons of her friend's kurta, so that a hint of cleavage and the top of her brassiere were visible when she stood alongside.
eM took S's fingers, guiding them up her own arm, into her flowing sleeve, till they reached her shaven armpit. "Do you like the smooth sensation; it does take a little maintenance, but drives men mad." S blushed, feeling a warmth surge through her, as she realized that she had not cleared the undergrowth or even had a waxing for ages, a depilation was long overdue. She had her task cut out for her, but there was still much that she wanted to learn.
Hesitatingly she asked eM, "Can you teach me to kiss? I've never attempted one before, and don't know if I'll measure up." Their friend eN who was enjoying the tutorial for free looked on wide eyed, never expecting S to be so forward, eager to get a few pointers under her belt, herself.
eM opened her purse, took out a couple of mints, popped one herself and gave one to S, asking her to relax and just follow her lead. She then dipped her face to S's open mouth and started kissing her much to her astonishment, as eN looked on spellbound.
S, after the initial hesitancy, started enjoying the feel of her friend's lips on hers, first the soft pressure, then firmer bites, and her mouth which was initially stiff with lockjaw, started responding almost naturally to eM's advances. She was surprised to find eM's hand on her bosom and buttocks, squeezing them, even more so when her friend's tongue found its way into her mouth, and wrestled with hers. She enjoyed the sensations that ran through her body thoroughly, and was a little wistful as they broke off for air.
eN was looking on in rapt attention, her face flushed at the intimate scene before her, wishing she was part of the action. eM glanced at her, hungry for more, and saw no reason why she had to miss out. She invited her to join in, and they embarked on another round of frenetic kissing, this time as a trio. By the time they broke apart, their faces were flush, more from excitement and just a little from embarrassment at indulging in illicit pleasures.
S had tasted blood and wouldn't rest till she got what she wanted. The stage was set, the tinder was dry and the spark was lit, the fireworks were primed and the conflagration just waiting to happen. So the plan was hatched. S knew of his Pune apartment, and with valentine's day coming up, she would somehow put the idea of a weekend break into his head. It presented the ideal opportunity to put her newly acquired seductive skills to the test, although with a car load of colleagues there would be little privacy that could be expected.
But she would have to bring her A game to the table as he was no expert at striking while the iron was hot. It was their first outing together after his declaration of love and he sure was in for a surprise. If things went according to plan he wouldn't know what hit him and she would have him in the bag, hook, line and sinker.
As she went over the plan in her head after her friends had left, she found herself strangely aroused and feeling hot even though the cool winds were blowing through the balcony window. Her parents still hadn't returned from their shopping expedition, so she shed her clothes, after bolting the door of the bedroom. As the garments came off, she looked upon her pale complexion, staring at it for the first time.
Though she was meticulous about her baths, the attention was on cleanliness, not on observing her physique. As her tunic and pyjamas lay discarded on the floor, she stared at herself, clad only in her undergarments. "Not half bad," she thought, though the odd wisps of hair that poked out here and there, were decidedly unladylike, and the grandmotherly knickers did nothing to flatter her assets.
She put her hands behind her back to undo the clasp of her bra, and let her breasts free of it's confines. Though not as big as she would have liked, they had shaped up well, though a little pasty as compared to the remaining skin tone, where the tan lines of the brassiere were strikingly evident. She blushed as she saw her nipples aroused to points and as her hands brushed their tips, the darker pink of the areola quite sensitive to the softest caress, a current coursed through her, terminating at her groin. Her hands went lower to her belly of their own accord, and lower still to the hem of her panties. She hooked her thumbs onto the sides, and slid them down with a flourish.
For the first time that she could recall, she was completely naked, outside of the bathroom. Even while bathing she preferred to keep her eyes closed, ostensibly to prevent them from smarting when the soap got in, but more so as she felt guilty at looking at her privates, they were forbidden territory, even though her own. Also without her specs she was as blind as a bat, things were quite hazy. She would put on her undergarments in the bathroom itself, drape herself in a humongous towel and get ready as fast as possible, not even letting anyone so much as glance at her body, even herself.
But the events of the evening had activated her hormones and awakened a curiosity about her body. It was imperative that she got to know herself intimately, before he did. The gusset of her panties was wet, like on the days preceding her period, and the unruly tendrils that carpeted her privates were moist and sticky down there. Her bottom was well rounded and her thighs were toned, tapering down to well shaped calves and petite feet.
She sat on the bed before the dressing table mirror, and spread her legs, trying to get a glimpse of her hidden treasures, but her dense undergrowth prevented it. She would have to go by feel, and gingerly inserted her finger into her crevice. She let out a moan as her fingers brushed her nub at the top of her slit. She had tended to consciously avoid touching herself until now, having been brought up under the assumption that good girls were not supposed to think sexual thoughts, it was something dirty to be avoided.
But today the pleasure overrode the guilt, and soon her fingers drummed up a rhythm of their own. They started moving in and out of her vagina, which grew wetter with every ingress. It wasn't long before she felt her abdomen throbbing with a life of its own, and the convulsions of an orgasm coming on. These were novel feelings to her, she didn't know quite what to do or make out of them. As her body tensed up and went beyond her control, sending her into throes of rapture that she'd never ever experienced earlier, she felt like she'd died and gone to heaven.
She lay back spent, enjoying the sensations, her heart beat wildly, her breath ragged. As her breathing slowly returned to normal, she became aware of her surroundings and a blush spread across her countenance as the musty smell of her discharges assailed her nostrils. Her parents would be returning any moment now, it was already dark outside, and they would be scandalized if they even got a hint of what their darling daughter had been up to.
She placed a hand under her loins, now sopping wet, to prevent the evidence from dripping onto the floor, and dabbed herself with her discarded underwear to soak up some of the spill, noticing stains on the bed too. She cautiously opened the room door walking to the washbasin, letting the flowing water soak her panties thoroughly, using the wet cloth to rub out the stains on the bed sheet till they were almost invisible. She switched on the fan, gathered her clothes from the floor, grabbed a towel, and closeted herself in the bathroom to treat herself to a long languorous hot shower.
As the warm water invigorated her, she closed her eyes reveling in the sensations, imagining him caress her entire body, her body responding to the stimuli, in arousal. Her eyes closed, her hands caressed her whole face, her lips parting to suck on her fingers taking them within. She traced the contours of her lips and down her neck, lower still, cupping her breasts, playing with her stiff nipples, pinching them, moaning. The hands moved of their own accord down the belly, finding the nub of her clit, sensitive as ever to her touch.
Like a seasoned pro, she touched herself, groaning in delight, manipulating the pleasure points with the ease of a master. She felt so good, that she wondered why she hadn't done this earlier. Her legs splayed wider, as the soap and warm water aided the ingress of her fingers into areas that she didn't know existed. She felt herself nearing orgasm once more, and sank down to the bathroom floor, as her legs gave way and waves of pleasure washed over her like never before.
She was just getting her breath back, when there was a sharp rap on the bathroom door, and heard her mother call out her name, announcing they were back. "I'll be out in a moment," she said, opening her eyes to take stock of herself, sprawled on the bathroom floor. She rinsed her panties, putting them at the bottom of the laundry heap, so as not to arouse suspicion, and then directed the shower flow to her loins enjoying the intimate massage, as it buffeted her tender inner walls of her womb.
She patted herself dry with the towel before putting on her nightie. She had carried her favorite satin nightie into the bathroom, enjoying the smooth feeling as it slid over her naked flesh. She hadn't carried any underclothes with her, and hoped that the stiff points of her nipples wouldn't be visible through the silky material, as she stepped out, concluding her bath.
Her mom was waiting for her in the hall, and remarked that she was glowing as soon as she set her eyes upon her. As her mom displayed the shopping that she had purchased earlier that evening, she asked her if she liked the items she had selected for her.
S was feeling a surfeit of love, and hugged her mom tight, saying that she loved them and couldn't wait to wear them. Her mom, though surprised by the effusion of her daughter's emotions, was mighty pleased with the display of love, and kissed her on the forehead.
They got busy preparing the evenings supper while talking about their day. Her mom told her about the crowds at the market, and the mind boggling styles on display there, whilst she told her mom about the visit of her friends at home, and that they were planning an outing to Pune. She was glad that her mom did not veto the idea. Though her mom was her closest confidante, she deliberately left out certain details, including the locker room activities that were too scandalous to divulge.
After they finished their dinner, they watched some tv and made preparations for bed. As usual they slept on the hall carpet, she closest to the window, her mom next, and then her dad. As the lights switched off, under the veil of darkness, within the confines of her blanket, her mind progressed through the day's events with her hands being willing accomplices in acting them out, giving her some relief . She didn't realize when she drifted into a dream world.
She stirred hearing some unusual noises. Through half lidded eyelids in the dappled moonlight streaming in from the window, she discerned some activity on the carpet next to her. Her dad's hand had inveigled it's way into the neck of her mom's nightie, and was busy massaging her bosom within. Her mom's head was turned to the side, and she was biting her lips enjoying the attention, occasionally emitting a sigh.
Her mom's hand was behind her back, grabbing at something in the darkness. Her father's head came over her mom's shoulder kissing her on the lips. She could hear her mom whispering to her dad to keep it down, as she was sleeping alongside. This went on for a few minutes, and her mom's body started rocking into a rhythm as her dad nestled up pushing into her butt.
Then all of a sudden without warning he turned her towards him and slowly began to lift her nightgown so that her calves, thighs and buttocks came into view. Her mom like herself wore no underclothes under the nightie and her father's hands started caressing her mom's bare bottoms pulling her towards him. Despite her weak whispered protestations she wanted him just as bad, and was pushing against him in a frenzied rhythm, one leg over his thigh.
Taking in the ringside view, pretending to be asleep, hoping not to let on she was awake, she was absorbing the learning from experienced hands. Her father suddenly ceased his thrusts, lay his mom on her back, and positioned himself between her thighs.
He then dipped his head under the nightie towards her loins and soon S heard some slurping, licking noises emanating from under the nightie, as if he was sipping something tasty. The silhouette of his head was bobbing up and down, while her mom spread her thighs to give him greater access to her treasure pot.
She was moaning softly, whispering directions, and her hands were discreetly tugging at his head, sometimes pushing this way, sometimes that. Then in a manner so reminiscent of her own, earlier that evening, her mother's body tensed, her hips bucked up and she let out a groan, biting into her own shoulder to muffle the sound. S was amazed and wanted to open her eyes wide, but that would have given the game away and bring the entertainment to a hasty end.
The labored breathing of both her parents could be heard in the stillness of the night, as her mom softly berated her dad for taking an undue risk. Her dad in reply said nothing but merely scooped her mom up in his arms and carried her into the bedroom. Her curiosity piqued S got up noiselessly, and tiptoed to the bedroom door where the sound of giggles greeted her ears.
Positioning herself in the doorway peeking behind the curtains she was amazed to see her dad in the process of lifting her mom's nightie over her head whilst sitting face to face on the bed. As her mom's naked body came into view, S admired her full figure, well maintained even after all these years. Her breasts though larger than her own showed no signs of sag, and her father immediately latched on to them greedily, suckling like an infant at her bosom. Her mother, head thrown back indulged him to the hilt, making encouraging noises in appreciation.
S's hands went to her own smaller breasts, mirroring the moves going on within the room, being careful not to let on that she was a rapt onlooker with the front row seat in the house.Her mom now proceeded to remove her dad's kurta over his head, playing with the strands of hair that carpeted his chest, before loosening the drawstrings of his pajamas. She deftly lowered them, as he got up to aid her efforts, and deposited them on the floor next to her discarded nightgown.
S now had her first view of the male organ, that too her father's, standing at full tilt in the cool night air. Though a bit ashamed at spying on her parents she couldn't draw her eyes away from the enormous sausage like appendage with it's mushroom shaped head, whose contours were visible in spite of the darkness. She wondered how it could fit in a hole so small, but didn't have to wait for long.
Her mom now took the initiative and pushed her dad down so that he was lying on his back. She climbed over him straddling his thighs, slowly lining it up with her cunt, and slowly descended down on him, enclosing him in her womb completely.
Now she rode him like a cowgirl jumping up and down, her hair flying around while he lay back enjoying the show. He grabbed her buttocks and breasts alternatively as she pistoned up and down on him, with greater speed till they came together, with her collapsing into his chest, holding him tight as they regained their breath.

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