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Quite a few years ago no I was single and went overseas to get more experience in my career as big projects weren’t being done here. So, on arrival I was free and fancy free as they say and liked the country less stress than back home. If you hear a pop of a bottle being opened, you don’t drop to floor thinking there’s a gunman shooting. I’ve always been a gun owner and enjoy target shooting and I was able to continue my hobby while there. There were extra rules but nothing I wasn’t prepared to follow. I met my now wife and we really hit it off and became lovers then married. Being an only child, I decided I should return and see my mother for a longer time than a quick holiday back with her or her with us. I had been away for 7 years returned with my wife, 2 children. Didn’t stay long as it was far better where I had been, similar pay and a little higher Taxes, but I got free hospital, ambulance covered and other benefits for the extra tax I paid. None are available here, to get the same as I got there, I had to pay insurance which was more than double what I paid in taxes overseas total. The insurance companies try and stop you from getting what you are covered for, and everything is argued over. I quick return and seeing the trouble my widowed mother was having was enough to make me return overseas and with my mother. She was having some medical problems and the stress of dealing with her insurance company was causing her problems to get worse. The same thing she had been repaid for her out of pocket cost, had to be argued every time she made a claim. They knew it was an ongoing treatment and every time the same argument followed every claim. So, my decision to return back overseas, was quite understood by my mother and getting her to return with us was a lot easier than I thought it would be. All she had to do to covered was a fee and it was only for a year after that she was covered like I and my family were. Holidays from work are a requirement by law, so we have plenty of time together as a family. On return my wife was pregnant again, it wasn’t the problem it would have been back home where medical cost could bankrupt you. It was covered free and that includes everything, not cherry-picked things by your insurance company. After living with mother here with us and she has gotten treatments to fix problems she had let go due to the cost, medicines are less than half what they back home and my mother can get what she needs and not worry about the cost. My work and family life are much better, with my mother living with us I have more alone time with my wife and my wife’s family living close by we all get together and have get fun. Also, English isn’t the first language here, but most understand it enough for you to get across what you want, or they speak better than you do. My mother thought she have trouble, go out shopping by herself and doesn’t have any trouble. I think moving here has added years to her life, being less stressful. Sex is more enjoyable I think as week, as there is no need to rush. I’m happy to be here, especially my mother is with us.

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