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Me: If you keep sending me pictures of it, I'm going to fuck it.
Gabby: Isn't that what you want?
Me: Not yet
Gabby: Just use a condom?
Me: No
Gabby: Why not?
Why not? I was dying to bury my cock inside Gabby's pussy even before she got the brilliant idea to taunt me with pictures of it via text. The texts came at random times, while we were all at the dinner table, three hours into her school day, or while I was sitting on the edge of my bed trying to have a serious conversation with her mother, while Stell was running around in a flurry to get ready for work. Each time my phone vibrated I both hoped and feared I would be treated to the sight of my daughter's tits or pussy. It was torturing me to be responsible and just as she'd suggested, it would be easy to give in if I'd just agree to use a condom.
Me: Nothing between us, Gabrielle. Ever. End of discussion.
She sent me a sad face emoji.
"I think he's her biggest distraction at this point. She puts in more effort when they aren't together and then next thing you know," Stella waved her hand in the air as she passed by me in her bra and panties. "They're back together and he's the only thing she sees in her future."
"That might be a little dramatic," I said. My wife leveled a look at me, but I just smiled. "Must be where Gabby gets it."
"Daniel Allen, take that back." She stalked toward me.
"No, I don't think I will."
She stepped right up to me, slid between my knees, and laced her fingers behind my neck. "I thought we agreed you would just do what I say."
I chuckled and watched her bite her lower lip. "You always did have a bad memory, babe." I let a hand slide up the back of her bare thigh. "You do what I say."
"I don't think so," she whispered leaning further into me. She jerked slightly and said, "Wow!"
"What now, drama queen?"
She dipped her head toward our feet. "That was fast!"
She was referring to my hard on brushing the side of her leg. It started swelling when I received Gabby's first text twenty minutes earlier that said, "Working out. Then showering." It got harder when she casually informed me that, "Monica says she likes it when her bf comes on her face. I don't think I would, but the shower is probably a good place to figure it out." Then the picture of her dewy pussy was the nail in my coffin. I was officially sporting a daughter-induced erection in front of my wife. Her mother.
"Someone has been waltzing around half naked in front of me for the last 30 minutes." I winked at her. "So it wasn't that fast."
She let out an airy, humorless huff and started to pull away. I halted her retreat with my hand at her thigh and my other reaching up to her neck. "Hey, what was that?"
"You know what. Where are you going?"
"I don't want to be late for work." She tried to slip away, but I wasn't having it.
"Stella." My tone was low and warning.
She sighed. "I'm not fun anymore."
"I work all the time. When we do have these moments together, all I do is bitch about something instead of realizing we have these moments together. Gabby, or my mother, or the shit job Vincent did last week." The landscaper. I mow. I don't plant shit or weed shit. "I used to be fun. And sexy. And you don't have to pretend that… Danny!"
She yelped as I picked her up and threw her on the bed. I pulled her ass back to the edge and came down on top of her so we were face to face. My tone was serious when I told her, "I get that shit gets routine and it's easy to forget, but babe, I broke up with Vanessa Shelton for you."
Her chin jerked back. "What?"
I smiled. "She had great hair and she gave good head, but Stella, you were the hottest piece of…"
"Don't you dare, Daniel."
"You're still the hottest pi…" her hand came up and clamped over my mouth.
I jerked her hand away and kissed her, sliding my tongue in and congratulating myself when the tension in her body melted away almost instantly. I pressed my hard cock between her legs. She may not have caused it this time, but she could still benefit from it. I grabbed her behind her knee and pulled her leg up and around my waist.
"You are still it for me, Stella," I whispered, grinding against her. She moaned. "What do you want?"
I'd asked her that question hundreds of times starting when I was 18 and she was 20. I never knew what her answer would be, but I always gave it to her. "Eat my pussy, Danny… Please fuck my ass… Watch while I suck his dick… Fuck her while she eats me." No shit. My wife was really something. She'd asked me what I wanted a fair amount of times too and my answers varied just as much. There wasn't a lot we hadn't experienced together. Most of the really crazy shit happened back when the kids were pretty young. I could see why she thought it was boring now, but I would read appliance manuals to her every night for the rest of our lives if that's what she wanted.
"Just fuck me, please."
"You got it, babe." I kissed her again while I reached down and pulled her underwear to the side. "Is your pussy wet?
"Definitely getting there." We smiled at each other until I brushed my fingertips against her clit. Her smile died, but mine got wider.
"Is it still me for you too, Stell?"
I took her mouth again and continued to strum her clit. When she started moaning in my mouth, I pulled my hand away and kissed down her body before standing up between her knees. I undid my jeans and let them sag at my hips. I watched Stella's face as I freed my cock. She watched appreciatively like she always did. The corners of her mouth curved up slightly, though I doubt she was even aware she did it.
I hooked her underwear and whisked them down her legs and then I was there. Eyes glued to her pussy, I slammed inside grateful there was no need to be gentle with Stella if I didn't want to be. She took it how I gave it which was usually exactly how she wanted it anyway.
"I will never get tired of this, Stell." I continued to watch her pussy envelop my cock as I thrust in and out with power and purpose. My thumb went back to her clit. "I am not gonna last, babe."
She moaned before adding, "Me either."
Out of the corner of my eye I saw her hands move to her tits and forgot all about watching myself take her. She cupped her breasts before tweaking each nipple through the sheer material of her bra. Her pussy clamped down on me from the added sensation.
Again, out of the corner of my eye I noticed something. I'd paid no mind to the door when we'd been talking or when we started fucking, but it was open about a foot. There was no light coming from the hallway, but some of our bedroom's illumination spilled into it. In that thin section of light, was Gabby.
"Fuck!" slipped out of me before I had a chance to think. I looked down at Stell, but her eyes were closed so I took time to study Gabby.
Sweat from her workout caught the light and made her skin shiny. She wore a gray sports bra decorated with a V of sweat between her tits. She had short bike shorts on that looked more like underwear and if the sight of all that weren't enough, she was watching me fuck my wife. She was also doing it with a hand inside those tiny shorts.
I thrust harder into Stella. I took my hand away from her clit and replaced it with one of her own. Her eyes opened and I stared straight into them when I said, "Make yourself come." Was I really talking to her, though? "Hurry." I groaned feeling my cock grow harder.
Stella got louder as she climbed closer to orgasm and I realized how similar Gabby sounded when I'd heard her forget to hold back. "Fuck yes," I mumbled. "So fucking hot." Again, I didn't let myself decide who I was talking to, but I knew who I thought of when my eyes were closed.
"I'm close." Stella's hand was a blur at her clit. I glanced up and Gabby's hand was also working hard. So much so, that her other hand was wrapped around the door frame, taking some of her weight, and bracing her for the crash she was racing toward. Whether on its own or thanks to my daughter, the door had opened a little wider as well.
"Come for me." My tone was domineering which suited my relationship with Gabby more so than Stella, but Stella was the one to respond. Her leg tightened around my hip so I let the other go to do the same. She drew me closer with the strength in them, making it harder for me to pull out all the way and slam back in, but she needed it a different way at that point anyway. Her back bowed and her hips started grinding up and own against me.
"Danny!" Her cry was sharp and tense and I hadn't realized until that moment how similar my name sounded to 'Daddy,' especially in the throes of a powerful orgasm.
"Oh shit, oh shit, shit." She stopped talking and threw her arms to the bed by her side which gave her more leverage to bow her back and hump me through her orgasm. I stopped thrusting and rode the long series of spasms her pussy treated me to.
All at once the muscles of her legs, arms, and back gave in and she relaxed onto the bed. I grabbed her around the back, planted a knee, and moved us further toward the center of the mattress where I could cover her with my body. Her arms and legs wrapped me up and I resumed fucking her fast and hard.
I told myself it wasn't so I could watch Gabby, but there was no other reason for me to wrap an arm around the back of Stella's head like a pillow. She buried her face in my neck and I was free to turn my head toward the door. Gabby was still there, her hand still moving in her shorts.
"Does it feel good, baby?" At that point, I couldn't have denied that I was talking to my daughter. I called Stella 'babe,' not 'baby.'
Gabby nodded while Stella groaned, "Yes, Danny," into the skin of my shoulder. My brain and my body were so easily tricked into hearing, 'Yes, Daddy.'
"Fuck! So fucking hot." Stella said nothing and Gabby pulled her fingers out of her shorts and put them into her mouth. I literally growled. "I'm gonna come. Do you hear me? I'm gonna fucking come so hard for you." My hips still pounded into Stella.
"Yes," she whispered before kissing my neck. Gabby nodded again and slid her hand back to her pussy.
My balls got tight and my lower back tensed. I pulled my head back to look at Stella's gorgeous face. "Where do you want it, babe?"
She may have looked like she was floating through euphoria, but she didn't delay in saying, "Mouth."
Her arms and legs dropped from around me and I immediately pulled out, desperate to fulfill the need coursing through me. It was my only focus. Gabby would tell me later that watching me maneuver to straddle her mom's chest, helping her lift her head towards me, and pointing my rigid shaft at her mouth was the hottest thing she'd seen to that point. Even hotter than seeing me masturbate and come while Mitch went down on her.
I only remember gripping my cock tightly on my way up the bed until the hollow of Stella's mouth came into view and my relief was within reach. I know I used my hand to pump myself, but then Stella wrapped her slender fingers around my dick and my palms went to the mattress. My hips were angled to aim my cock directly where she wanted my cum and when her bottom lip grazed the underside of the head, I gritted my teeth and balled the comforter up in my fists.
The sound that tore from my throat was rabid and powerful. I didn't feel anything except the popping sensation of pent up cum leaving my dick. After the first blast, which can only be described as out of body, I returned to myself. Stella was still below me, mouth open, waiting for more. I looked toward the door and Gabby was on her knees in the threshold of my bedroom shaking and panting and I'm fucking clueless as to how she did it silently.
"Holy fucking shit," I snarled, feeling more cum shoot into Stella's mouth. I wanted to jump up and slam what was left of my erection into Gabby's pussy. "Goddamn it," I whispered when I was finally empty.
I pushed off the mattress and went back to my knees in time to see the thick, white pool of my spunk in Stella's mouth. Better than any porn star, she pressed her full lips together and made a show of swallowing me.
The women in my life were going to be the death of me. I wasn't sure how I got so lucky. I had a wife who indulged my every fantasy, and matched me with wild ones of her own, and a daughter who got off on a lot of the same shit I did, including taking crazy risks.
I snapped back to reality when Stella tapped my leg. "Get up, babe. I'm really going to be late now." Her smile was huge though and there was no bite in her words.
"On one condition." Her eyebrows raised. "Don't doubt yourself, Stell. And don't doubt this." I motioned back and forth between us. "Ever."
Her smile widened. "You just keep thinking I'll do what I'm told."
I smiled back. "You will." I leaned down and pressed a quick kiss to her lips. As I rolled to the side I glanced toward the door. There was no sign of Gabby.
Stella jumped up and the flurry of her activity began anew. Bathroom to closet to bathroom. I lay on my back, my pants still open, and my semi hard cock on display, conflicted whether to rest or be hopeful that this night wasn't over just yet. Making the decision, I grabbed my phone.
Me: I need a shower now, too.
"Holy shit." Stella was in the center of our room, fully dressed and put together as if she hadn't just been thoroughly pounded and fed a load of cum. "The door is open." Her voice was sheer panic. She was probably thinking, 'What if the kids had seen us?'
I just smirked. "I know." Her eyebrows shot up yet again as if I just could not be believed. I shrugged. "It was hot." And it was. She had no idea how hot things had been in that room. I rolled my eyes. "They know where they came from, babe."
She gave up on me for the night with a sigh. "At least put your dick away!" Then she was on the move again, frantically looking for something. Shoes maybe.
Gabby hadn't answered my text, but I heard water start running in the bathroom down the hall. Instead of putting my dick away like Stella suggested, I hopped off the bed and peeled my shirt over my head on the way to the bathroom. I was shucking my jeans down my legs when my wife came up behind me and her arms wrapped around to place her hands on my chest.
"I gotta go," she whispered, giving me a tight squeeze.
"Have a good night, babe."
Her eyes scanned down my body in the mirror. "Looks like you still have some to spare," again referring to my cock, which absolutely was not relaxing.
I chuckled. "I'll worry about it in the shower." And I was going to. I just neglected to mention our daughter would be how I solved it.
Another squeeze and a quick round of 'I love yous,' and she was gone. I listened closely for the garage door to go up and back down again, before grabbing my phone.
Me: Turn that water off and get in here.
Our master bath had a much bigger shower.
I removed my underwear and looked up to find Gabby standing in the doorway. Not hiding this time, she wore her robe and I hoped she was naked underneath. "Where's Smith?"
"His room. Playing video games."
"Is your bedroom door shut?" She nodded. "Is my bedroom door shut?"
Being an exhibitionist with my wife on occasion was one thing, and as hard as the thought of getting caught might make Gabby and I come, it wouldn't end well if we did. So I pulled her into the bathroom with me and shut and locked the bathroom door as well.
"Take that off." As her hands worked at the fuzzy belt around her waist, I reached down and played with my cock, palming it before dragging my hand up and down. It was still sensitive and sticky from fucking my wife, but it had a very good reason to not go completely soft. "Did you come hard watching me fuck your mom?"
She jerked, always startled at the shock of my words, but they worked like a charm when it came to firing her up. With the robe open and sliding off her shoulders she said, "Yes."
"What do you like better, baby? Watching or being watched?"
She bit her lower lip and it brought me satisfaction to think she was standing in front of me reliving both the events from a short while ago and the other night when she saw me lose control because of her and Mitch.
"Being watched."
Her answer was perfect because I happened to like watching very much, but I decided to withhold that from her for the time being.
"Reach in and turn the water on however you like it." I continued to coax my cock back to attention while I watched Gabby's round, perfect, little ass as she walked to the shower. I'd felt it, but that was my first opportunity to take it all in and the view was incredible.
Once she adjusted the water to her liking, she came back to me. Her nipples were hard and tempting to my mouth, but I had other things on my mind. She stopped in front of me and waited, probably noticing the hunger I had for her regardless of my round with Stella.
With a hand between her tits, I gently pushed her backwards until she met the glass wall of the shower. She gasped from the chill of it against her warmer skin and those hard nipples seemed to get impossibly harder. "I know what I want, Gabrielle, but I need you to tell me which you would prefer."
Her chin tilted a bit and I wasn't sure if my words concerned or excited her.
"Do you want to taste your mom's pussy on my cock or should we bathe first?"
I don't think in a million years she thought those were going to be her choices because her eyes got wide and the breath whooshed out of her lungs. For those wondering, my vote was to delay getting clean, but I didn't expect Gabby to be OK with that.
She actually never answered. Instead, she slid her back along the glass partition until her body disappeared into the steam filled shower.
I followed, resigned to bathing first and likely having my skin boiled off since my daughter had set the temp and steam already filled the room. This was not a Gabby thing. In my experience, scalding hot showers were a female thing.
Our shower was long, with the head at the opposite end from the entrance, so when I stepped in, Gabby was between me and the spray. Her hair was still up in a mess of a bun at the top of her head, but the few freed strands of hair falling around her neck were wet from steam. Water droplets were perched across her shoulders with several more running down her arms and chest. I followed one with my eyes, looking the entire length of her.
It was hard to believe I'd ever looked at her without registering her sexuality and having a response to it. She was suddenly one of the sexiest women I'd ever seen, but nothing about her had changed at all.
I approached her with a tentative plan to back her into the water, kiss her hard, and take my time bathing every square inch of her. She had other plans. She met me halfway, but before I could touch her, she sank to her knees.
"Wait." She looked up at me, past my hard cock, surrounded by the smoke of steam and haloed by crystal blue tiles and swear to Christ, it was a fantasy come to life. "Are you sure this is what you want?"
She looked somewhere in the vicinity of my knees, contemplating her response. If I'd made her second guess her decision, if she would have stood back up, I would've never forgiven myself.
Finally, she said, "Yes."
I reached back and pulled a plush towel from the rack by the door. With it still folded, I laid it over the shower pan for her knees. She adjusted onto it and before I could prepare, had her hand around the base of my cock.
"Have you done this before?"
I was teasing her, in the face of her bold confidence, but when she said, "No," my fucking legs almost gave out.
I tried not to let my surprise show, afraid I would somehow hurt her feelings. I was well past my teenage years, but I remember there being a very natural order to things. Hands on top, hands on bottom, mouths on bottom, and then sex. How Gabby had skipped a step was beyond me. Thanks to personal experience, I knew Mitch was very familiar with third base.

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