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Gabby gave me one last look of dread before heading off behind the closed door and leaving me in the waiting room. It was Tuesday, four days after Halloween. Four days after I'd lost my mind and any good sense that came with it and fucked her without protection. After a hasty dash to the pharmacy for Plan B, I'd declared we were seeing to the birth control issue immediately.
So there I was, the only man in the ob/gyn waiting area. If I'd cared, the weird looks we'd received would bother me, because of course a much older man escorting a teenager into the gynecologist was probably unusual. In the eyes of those strangers, I was either a pretty pervy older guy, or a hero dad. I'm sure no one thought for a second that I was both.
While I wouldn't say I'd dragged Gabby in kicking and screaming, she was still pretty timid and hesitant to go. I was trying to be sensitive to that, even though I didn't understand why. It needed to happen regardless of whether or not I was fucking her, Mitch was for sure. I'd tiptoed around the issue with Stella over the weekend to try and encourage openness about it so Gabby and I weren't sneaking around about at least one thing. I also thought my doctor wife would be more comforting and reassuring to our uneasy patient.
"Have you ever talked to Gabby about protection?" I'd asked.
Stella stared blankly at me. "No. I've talked to Gabby about not having sex."
"Stell, c'mon. She's an adult now. She's dating a 23 year old."
She sighed. "I told her ages ago that it was a really big deal and that she shouldn't rush into anything, but instead focus on her future. Why are you looking at me like that?"
"You know who are parents are right?" I was joking, though it was true I'd gotten Stella pregnant when she was 20 and I was 18. I was in a band at the time. Neither of us was on a very clear path to success.
"Exactly. She knows our story and if anything, we are the exception. We're very fortunate to be where we are now and it wasn't easy. I don't want either of the kids thinking there aren't serious consequences."
The look on my face must not have changed much.
"Ugh, I told her she could come to me if she decided to."
And that was why I was seeing to Gabby's birth control. Was she 18? Yes. Should she be fully capable of making the right choices and managing it herself? Also, yes. But apparently we hadn't done our girl any favors by sheltering her and living in denial ourselves.
Gabby emerged about 30 minutes later, I took care of business at the counter, and we walked out into the November air side by side.
"You good?" I asked.
"They're sending a script to the pharmacy and they'll text me when it's ready."
She was all business making her way to my Navigator. Once in, we fastened our seatbelts and I started the engine. A blast of cold swirled around our feet. Gabby was still, hands between her thighs, and looking straight ahead.
"Gabby. Are you good?"
"Sure," she said casually.
I let it go and instead asked, "So when do you start taking it?"
Blood rushed to her cheeks, but she rallied enough to say, "The first day of my next period."
"Which is?"
"Um, about a week."
"Are you not sure?"
She sighed, still not meeting my eyes. "It should be this weekend. As long as the um, other stuff doesn't mess with it." She started talking to the side window. "Dr. Brewer said it could, but it's not likely."
I made no move to put the car in gear or leave our parking space. When Gabby noticed, she finally looked at me. I was already turned her way so I put a hand to her face, sliding my fingers into the silky hair at her temple. For a split second, her expression said that she thought about pulling away, but she didn't. Instead, she lowered her eyes to my throat and pulled her hands out from between her thighs and fiddled with the zipper of her jacket.
"Why are you uncomfortable?" She shrugged. "Are you still ok about what happened on Halloween?" She nodded. "Do we need to slow this down?" She shook her head.
I'd say this was my least favorite part of having a teenage daughter, but it was actually my least favorite part of the female species, in general. The guessing game.
She did pull away then. "Can we stop talking about this? It's embarrassing."
"What?" I shook my head a little, surprised she was that affected. She'd texted me a picture of her tits that morning, but talking about having sex with me was too much?
"It's crazy humiliating to talk about this stuff with you!"
"Me, your Dad? Or me, a guy you're fucking?"
She cringed. "Both."
I guess I was used to Stella, or rather the relationship it took us nearly two decades to establish, and how easy it was to talk about anything at all. But if her mother wasn't very open with her about sex, it would be awkward to jump into conversations about it with her father.
"I need you to talk to me about this stuff. I promise you, this is normal. Guys can handle hearing a girl talk about birth control and periods." She flinched on that last word. "Gabby. I know what vaginas do. I've even seen a human come out of one." I made a show of having the chills and being freaked out. She smiled. Finally.
"We need to work on this."
"On what, exactly?"
"Intimacy. This is intimacy. You are perfectly fine with me telling you all the nasty little things I want to do with you, and I don't know if you've noticed, but you really like my dirty mouth, but you can't do this part. It'll be hard to maintain that with anyone unless you can share all the awkward human stuff too."
She nodded again.
"I told you you'd get honesty from me. I also told you there weren't going to be any barriers between us, and just to say baby, I was not only talking about condoms."
"I guess so, geez," she muttered, deadpan.
"Now, do you want any food before I take you back to school?"
She shook her head. "No, thanks."
I dropped my voice to nearly a whisper. "Ok then, do you want anything else before I take you back to school?"
We she looked at me, I was looking at her mouth. "Like, what?"
I grabbed some of her coat and pulled her toward me. "Forget I asked. I'm the one who wants something."
My hand took the back of her neck and brought her mouth to mine. Her lips were cold, but her breath was hot. I slanted my head and used my tongue to trace her bottom lip. She opened further for me on a sigh and then I was kissing her deeply.
Our rough tongues slid together in a delicious dance of wet heat. I loved kissing her. The thrill of doing so, out in the open, was intoxicating.
The center console of that ridiculous Navigator was huge. I wasn't fond of that car, even before I wanted easier access to my daughter's body, and her to mine. Still, I reached for her and was able to flirt with a breast inside her open jacket, earning a sweet moan from her mouth to mine.
I retreated the barest amount and whispered, "Take your panties off."
Gabby sucked in her bottom lip so I kissed the tip of her nose before turned to face forward in my seat once again. A woman I'd seen in the doctor's office was walking down the next aisle, I assumed to her car, but her eyes were on everything happening inside my SUV. I smiled and gave her a quick wave before throwing the car into reverse. 'Pervy older man, it is,' I thought. And that got my gears turning.
I looked over and Gabby was just working her feet out of her blue boy shorts. "I want us to go into the city and do things together. To places where no one would think you're my daughter."
"What, like a… date?" Her eyebrows rose.
I laughed quietly, put the car in drive, and started maneuvering through the parking lot. "Dinner, movies, clubs. Yes, I like spending time with you. I really like doing things to you and I'd like to do them in other places besides our house."
Her mouth formed an adorable little O shape that it would have been perfect to slide my cock into.
"Places like this car, for example. Times like right now. Open the glove box."
She did as she was told and I knew she saw it because her head whipped to me. That morning, I'd stolen a little something from the box of goodies under her bed in case we had a chance, like right then, to get some use out of it.
"Take it out and give me the controller."
Her delicate hand reached in and came out with her bullet vibrator. She unwound the attached cord and handled the little control box to me.
"Lift your skirt so I can see that pretty pussy."
She nervously glanced around. "Is that ok? I mean, what if someone sees?"
"What IF someone sees, baby? You like being watched. No one will know what you let your Daddy do to you." She didn't look convinced. "Trust me, Gabby."
My eyes jumped between the path in front of me and the skirt inching up her thighs. "Put the toy against your clit."
Before turning on the main road, I adjusted my seatbelt and did what I had to do to free my cock. I was still soft, but one look at Gabby looking at my dick while the toy found her clit, changed that situation for the better.
"We're one step closer, Gabby. Soon I'll be filling you with my cum."
As usual, my words had the desired effect. Her head turned my way, her cheeks pink, and her eyes molten, giving away that secret fire she had.
Her back shot away from the seat and her hand grabbed the console when I flipped the switch to low and a muted hum filled the car. I signaled and made a right hand turn onto 185th. Traffic was steady for a Tuesday midday. As soon as I was comfortable in my lane, I started discreetly dragging my hand along my cock. Gabby was still sitting straight up, tense, and alert.
"Relax, baby. Slouch down a little bit and keep your legs spread for me. Use your hand to hold the toy against you if you need to."
Again, she did exactly as told and that dark brown triangle of hair came into view. With her legs spread, I could follow the cord to the very center of her.
"Does it feel good?" I asked.
"Yes, Daddy."
I let go of my cock to slide my hand over her tits once again and Gabby pushed her chest out to meet me. "Are your sensitive little nipples feeling needy?"
She nodded.
"Use your other hand to make them feel good."
She slid her hand into her jacket and grabbed her own breast before pulling back to tug on her nipple through her shirt and bra. It seemed like as good a time as any to turn the vibrations up to a medium, steady buzz.
"Oh God," she gasped.
"You're incredible, Gabby." My voice was rough with lust because she was incredible. So far, anything I told her to do, anywhere I told her to do it, not only got done, but she let herself enjoy it and wasn't shy about it once her body took over instead of her head. She reminded me of a young Stella, except most of our exploits had been my wife's idea.
My cock was fully erect and leaking as we pulled up to a red light. I casually pushed it down and pinned it discreetly against my hip with my forearm. There was a sanitation truck to our left and it was tall enough to see into the SUV, if the passenger was curious.
Gabby's hips were undulating in the slightest way. She was also looking around us. She noticed the truck, the pedestrians crossing Ipava Avenue, and the cop stopped in the oncoming lanes, but with her eyes half mast, she didn't seem alarmed. Something hit just right and her back bowed a little and her breath whooshed out temporarily puffing out her flushed cheeks.
"Look at all those people out there, going about their days, with no idea you're in this car with a toy to your clit and your father stroking his cock."
She didn't say anything. Instead, her eyes scanned around us again and she pulled her lips between her teeth. Her hand started moving the vibe, not much, just enough for more stimulation.
"Do you like it, Gabrielle?"
"Yes, Daddy."
"Should I get this guy's attention so he looks over and sees your bare little cunt?"
I wasn't expecting it, but she moaned, "Yes, Daddy."
"Fuck." I raised my hips to squeeze my cock between my body and my arm. "Would you also like sitting across from me at a restaurant with your hand in your panties, discreetly rubbing your clit until you come?"
Her eyes came to mine. Blazing heat was written all over her face.
"Or maybe we should go to the club. You might like grinding against me on a dance floor. Using my thigh between your legs to get off in the middle of all those strangers."
"Daddy," she whispered.
The light turned green and we were moving forward once again. I freed my cock and stroked it openly, my last words to her ricocheting around in my head. I wanted to pull over, throw her in the back, and slam into her while every hot fantasy played out in my head.
"Is your pussy nice and wet?"
Her teeth were clinched, but she managed to say, "Yes."
I turned the toy off and she glared at me.
"What are you doing?"
I laughed. "Gabby, you're so greedy. Slide it inside your pussy."
Her eyes widened, but she pulled the bullet away. Her hips slid further down the seat and a knee went up even more before angling away from her body.
I stopped to make a right on Dodd as she took the toy by one end and watched it descend toward the leather seat. We were on our way again and I was jacking my cock in earnest as she looked me dead in the eye while pushing the toy up inside her. Following the cord, I saw where it disappeared into her body. No sign of the shiny silver of the bullet.
I turned it to low, but instead of constant vibration, she was treated to a rhythmic pulse, not unlike a heartbeat. I'd fooled with all the settings while standing in her bedroom earlier and imagining how I might drive her wild with each. The sounds she made were in time to that pulse. Whimpers, moans, breaths laced with need, each one traveled from my ears straight down to my dick. The speed limit dropped down when all I wanted to do was go faster and faster.
We were about 3 miles from the school. Not much time. I increased the speed and power of the bullet and Gabby moaned long and deep.
"I wish that was my cock inside you, Gabby." She looked at me, but I wasn't sure she was seeing me. "I should have told you exactly how good it felt to finally be inside you."
She nodded before her head lulled to the side. "It did, Daddy. Oh God."
I gritted my own teeth and felt the muscles of my jawline tense. Cars passed us steadily going in the opposite direction. I raised my foot off the gas pedal for fear I would slam it down to the floorboard and put the Navigator up the ass of the car a few lengths ahead.
"Hand," I growled, reaching over and grabbing her left arm. Her torso fell over against the console, her arm stretched across it, and I wrapped her fingers around my cock. "Use your other hand on your clit, we don't have much time."
Her right foot went up to rest on her seat and her hand got to work rubbing furiously against her pussy. The way she was sprawled, I was looking down her body, following her arm and the cord leading to her mound. The passenger window had the faintest reflection of her spread legs and exposed cunt.
I used her hand under my own to jack off while I signaled and took a right onto Academy property. The large institutional building came into view through the almost leafless trees. I slowed to the posted 25 mph and followed the winding entrance drive. It was around lunchtime and seniors were allowed to leave campus. As we approached the student lot, I could see a few milling around, climbing into or exiting cars.
I flicked the switch on the control box to high and tossed it aside. Gabby squealed and squeezed her legs together, pinning her hand between them.
"Open, Gabrielle, and make yourself come."
Her legs fell open once more and her gaze landed on our hands working my cock. "You too. Come with me?"
Almost forgetting I had to drive, her question had tingles shooting up my spine and my head fell back against the headrest. "Fuck, baby." I closed my hand tighter around hers, increasing the pressure to my cock. "As soon as you do."
"I'm close," she whispered.
"That's good, Gabby because we are out of time."
I made the final curve around the building to the drop off area. I didn't see anyone, but a car was approaching behind us, moving faster toward the drop off zone than we had.
"We're here Gabby and I'm going to send you back in there with a swollen, wet, satisfied little cunt." Her grip tightened around my cock without my influence. "Your pretty face is flushed. You already look like you've been thoroughly fucked and you haven't even come yet."
"I am, Daddy. I'm coming. Oh, fuck." She threw her head back, eyes closed, and cried out. Anyone near the car would have heard her. Her knees shook. Her thighs trembled. She cried out a second time.
I slammed on the brakes and put the car in park. "Mouth. Now!"
She twisted and drove her knees into the seat and threw her body across the console. I kept her hand trapped and still worked my cock up and down while cupping the back of her head and guiding her until I felt the moist heat of her mouth all around the head of my dick.
"Swallow me, baby. Fuck, yes!" I looked toward the window as my balls contracted and hot cum shot into my daughter's mouth.
Her skirt was covering her, but her ass was definitely high enough to be seen. I wondered if anyone happened to be looking through the second floor windows. She moaned through the rest of her orgasm the whole time her mouth was on me. The result was a blinding kind of pleasure for me, especially during the breaks in those moans when I knew she was taking time to swallow.
I was breathing hard when she pulled back and righted herself in her seat. I turned the toy off and Gabby sighed, with contentment or relief, I can't be sure. She made to reach for her panties.
"Leave them."
"But.." she looked at me and saw I was serious. "Ok."
My arm moved over the console and I took hold of the cord, sliding my fingers along it until I felt a light brush from the hair at her pussy. I pulled and the vibrator slowly came free, but I was unprepared for the small gush of liquid that followed.
"Fuck," I groaned. "Makes me want to take you home and spend the afternoon eating you." Gabby just bit her lower lip and looked at me. "Kiss me and get your ass to class."
With a huge smile, she leaned in for a couple quick pecks before the car behind us blared their horn. I rolled my eyes before basking in the brief, post orgasmic glow with my girl. "I wish people would keep their pants on."
She snickered as she turned and hopped out of the car. I didn't leave until I saw the heavy glass doors close behind her and I used that time to tuck myself into my pants.
As I circled around toward the exit, I noticed the car was filled with the smell of both of us and the seat next to me was streaked with wet.
To be cont.

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