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"Where are the kids?"
"Smith is having dinner at Liz's and Gabby is taking a bath."
"Uh-oh," I said, though I was secretly cheering inside. It was Monday, not the weekend. That's important because I'd anticipated Gabby's period sometime in the previous two days, but it hadn't made an appearance. I'd fucked her without protection a little over a week ago, so a period was a good thing. That said, I was mostly cheering because it meant she could start taking the pill and I would be fucking her without protection a lot more. I didn't say any of this to my wife.
"Is she OK?"
"Yes. She came home pale, headache. Took some ibuprofen and went to lie down. When I checked in a bit ago, she said she was going to take a bath."
My girl struggled with periods, every day of every single one of them since she was 13. Five years later, well I'm not going to do the math, I majored in English, but that was a lot of struggling.
I started moving toward Stella. "OK, I'll start dinner."
"What do you think I'm doing?"
We were standing in the kitchen, I'd just stopped working for the day, come out of my office, and found Stell washing her hands. She'd finished while we were talking and they were dry by that point. I watched closely as she placed them on her hips.
"Well, it looks like you're gearing up to let me have it." I smiled.
"You don't have to cook every single night, Danny."
"I don't. Sometimes we get takeout."
She glared at me which made my smile wider. "Is this about the pancake debacle?"
"I'm not sure I would describe fire damage as a debacle."
"We're having spaghetti." She made sure I caught her eyeing the knife block on the counter.
I put my hands up and started slowly backing out of the kitchen. "I'll just leave you to it."
I smiled at her until an answering grin threatened her murderous wife act. "Fire extinguisher is under the sink." Then I turned and ran.
Upstairs, I knocked lightly on the bathroom door. I didn't want to startle Gabby, but I didn't want to alert Stella to the fact that I was visiting our daughter while she was in the bath. I opened the door and slipped inside, closing it quietly behind me.
Gabby's eyes were wide. "Where's mom?"
"Cooking dinner."
Gabby instantly looked concerned. "I should get out and get dressed. We might need to evacuate."
I laughed quietly and knelt down next to the tub. Her shoulders and most of her tits were above the soapy water, but the rest of her was hidden. I loved that she didn't feel the need to hide or cover herself from me anymore.
"How are you feeling?"
She shrugged. "A little better, I guess."
She nodded. This was the first time I was venturing into specifics. As her dad, I'd always left it at a general inquiry of her well being, but I'd told her she should be comfortable talking about this stuff.
"What else is bothering you?"
She sighed. She knew the purpose of my questions, though I did genuinely want to know. "I had a headache, but that's gone. My back hurts and my boobs hurt really bad."
"Does this usually help?" I gestured to the bath, figuring it must or she wouldn't do it, but I didn't know to what extent.
"A little."
A hand came out of the water to brush an annoying strand of hair away from her cheek before disappearing again. The move left lines of water running down her neck, over her chest, and choosing direction around the swell of her breast. I didn't want to be an asshole with a one track mind, but maybe I was an asshole with a one track mind because I wanted to lick the water off her skin.
"Mostly it means I can just sit here and relax without worrying about it. It's pretty bad the first day."
"The bleeding?"
She blew out a breath that ruffled some of the fly away strands of hair at her face. "Yes!"
I shushed her gently while smiling at her.
"Why aren't you grossed out?"
"First of all, it's not gross. A lot of stuff goes on down there and guys aren't thinking about any of it when our mouths, hands, or dicks are down there too. Secondly, it could never be gross because it's you."
She smiled for a moment, but it faded when her eyes moved down to my mouth.
"You're doing it again, baby."
"Looking at me in a way that will turn this into something other than me innocently checking in on you."
"I'm out of commission." She gestured to herself.
I chuckled. "The only thing that would take you out of commission for me is if you were unwilling. I actually have it on good authority that having an orgasm helps with cramps."
"Oh, is that so?"
"A doctor told me." I winked. Of course I was talking about Stella. I'd worked to alleviate a lot of cramps in the last 18 years.
The same hand came out of the water and playfully shoved my shoulder. "Stop it."
"I think we should test it out on you."
"Are you serious?"
"Very. It's hard to sit this close to you anyway, while you happen to be naked, and keep my hands to myself." She didn't look convinced. "You're in a big tub of water. I'll just use my hand, it won't feel any different to me and I can't see anything. But. It might help you."
She bit her lip before whispering, "OK."
I didn't suddenly start mauling her. Instead, I put my hand to the side of her face and gently urged her head toward me. She came willingly and then I was sweetly kissing her with soft pecks and light drags of my lips against her own, hopefully communicating that it wasn't about the fire right then. It was about showing my concern for her and my willingness to take care of her when she needed it.
"You are so beautiful," I whispered against her lips.
Her hand came up to wrap around my forearm and I deepened the kiss, exploring her mouth with my tongue. I could hear the water lapping against the sides of the tub as Gabby's building arousal caused her to shift her legs.
I slid my hand down her face, the column of her neck, and rested it flat on her chest. I could feel her heart beating strong and while it wasn't racing, it seemed like it was working overtime. I lifted my palm and started tracing my fingers back and forth over her skin. Remembering her pain, I assured her, "I'll be careful," before sliding them further down to her tits.
As much as I love power and unleashed passion, there's something very special about maintaining control and exercising restraint. Giving someone what they are craving is good, but withholding it, building need, is eroticism at its finest and lightly teasing my daughter's tits with just my fingers was erotic as fuck. I also knew it was working when her breathing changed and altered our kissing.
I brushed my knuckles back and forth across one of her nipples making her gasp and push her chest out toward the touch. "So, this isn't hurting then?" I teased.
She shook her head and moved to watch my hand. Her knees broke the surface of her bathwater when she bent her legs and planted her feet on the bottom of the tub. She was getting ready for me without even realizing it.
I backed away just long enough to pull my shirt over my head and toss it on the counter behind me. When I turned back around, Gabby was staring at my chest. Caught, she quickly turned away, blushing.
"See something you like?"
The laugh that came out of her was made up of nervous embarrassment. "I've always liked your tattoos, but it's different now."
Intrigued, I leaned against the ledge of the tub and made slow circles on her nearest knee with my fingertip. I had a half sleeve on my left arm that bled into a few different smaller chest pieces. My right ribs were covered and the insides of my forearms. Those were the ones she could see right then, anyway.
She moved her eyes across the art. "I've always thought they were neat. And they're so uniquely you." Her eyes stopped on the portrait of my dead near my heart. Around it in script where hers and Smith's names. She cleared her throat. "Now though, they just make you, or I mean they add to your um.. shit."
"You think they're hot."
She put her hands to her cheeks. "Yes."
"I didn't start getting them just to piss Grandma and Grandpa off. I was 16 and I heard chicks loved tattoos."
She laughed fully then with a smiling open mouth and her head tilted back. She was gorgeous.
My voice was huskier when I said, "I'm glad they're still working."
My finger at her knee became my whole hand and I started sliding it down into the water and up her leg. My palm rested on top, while my fingers skimmed her inner thigh. My touch was light and the water was warm. When the backs of my fingers brushed her other thigh, I whispered, "Open wider for me." She did and I wasted no time finding her pussy.
At the first touch of her, I breathed deeply. "I can't get enough of you, Gabby."
She tilted her head back until it rested on the rim of the tub. Her eyes were closed. She was totally relaxed as if my touch was not only soothing, but the answer to everything. I parted her folds and immediately found her clit hard and eager for me.
"You can't get enough of Daddy either, can you?"
"I can't. Especially after Halloween."
I worked the small, fleshy bead with my fingertip. My touch was constant as I rolled over and around it. "Why Halloween?"
She opened her eyes and a subtle tightening of her muscles betrayed her returning unease. Silence hung between us but I didn't stop touching her. I expected her to say something generic and safe. Something about me being inside her or maybe how she liked it when I was rough with her. Instead she made it nearly impossible for me to stick to the boundaries I myself had put in place.
She kept her eyes on my arm where it cut through the water. "When you didn't pull out in time and I knew I had your cum inside me…"
I did stop moving then. Well, all of me froze except my dick which pulsed and grew harder than it had already been.
"No matter how wrong or risky it was, you couldn't control yourself with me."
She looked at me then, maybe wondering why I'd stopped or hoping I'd let her off the hook with what she'd shared, but not a fucking chance.
"Why does that matter?"
I slid my hand lower and sank my middle finger into her pussy. For the first time, I wasn't struck by how hot she was because the water was hotter.
Gabby gasped when I entered her and slid one of her submerged hands over mine. She didn't use it to force or prevent my movements in and out of her. It was like she just wanted to feel me taking her.
She continued to whisper things to me that made all of the risks we took worthwhile. "It made me feel powerful and sexy. I also felt like I belonged to you, like you said. And like my whole life, I was the daughter you got so you loved me, but now I know how badly you actually want me."
My heartbeat tripped a little at the realization that maybe I hadn't made Gabby feel valued enough, even though I'd always been present and expressive with my affection. It also worried the fuck out of me that she'd somehow drawn a comparison between her value and sex.
I was pulled away from my thoughts when she added, "No one else made me feel like this."
I took my hand away only so I could go back with a second finger, reaching into her as far as I could. I used my other hand to grip the back of her head and bring her towards me. I kissed her hard and rough, but briefly. "I can't stop myself from doing any of this with you, Gabby, but even before, you were the best thing that ever happened to me."
I moved my fingers in and out of her pussy faster and pressed my thumb to her clit before rubbing back and forth.
"Everything you do feels so good."
"Fuck, baby." I pressed my forehead to hers. She was killing me. She was suddenly my vulnerable, innocent daughter and all she would let me do right then was make love to her with my hand. I wanted to pull her out of the tub, carry her to bed, and spend hours showing her how good it can be when she opens herself up like she was. How it can be tender and still be hot, sweet and yet dirty as fuck. She didn't know it yet, but I would prove to her that she didn't have to trade one for the other.
I used my lips and tongue to end the conversation while my hand did what it could to coax an orgasm from her. In a bed, my fingers would be battering her cunt without mercy, but the resistance from the water kept my actions in check.
Still, she whimpered in my mouth. Her hand became demanding and clutched my forearm, pulling and silently begging me not to stop.
The water sloshed around the tub and small waves crested against her tits. Her legs helped by moving constantly, rising higher above the surface and crashing back down, or closing to trap my hand and freeze certain moments of her own pleasure. I wished I could watch her pussy accept my fingers until it clamped down around them.
That one word, whispered so only I could hear, sandwiched between deep, gulping breaths, told me so much. She may as well have said, "It feels so good. Don't stop. I'm going to come."
In reaction, my cock jerked even though it was pressed up against the side of the tub. I was hard as a rock, not only from engaging in a forbidden, secret sex act with my daughter, but also from sharing the most intimate moment we'd ever had while she was at her most vulnerable.
"Ever time, Gabby. Every time I am with you it gets better and better."
She pulled harder at my forearm and her other arm came out of the water to grab me around the shoulders. She seemed to want to anchor herself to me whenever she was about to fall apart and it was hot as fuck. Her trust in me, her need, her release of inhibition, all said what she'd already told me, I gave her something no one else did and it made her feel powerful. She just didn't know that she made me feel those things too.
Gabby was determined to hold on so tightly that more of her body rose up out of the water. Her abs were on full display and each time the water receded I was treated to glimpses of her navel.
The hand I'd possessively kept near her neck and face, shot around her back and clutched the far side of her waist. I supported most of her weight while she squirmed and groaned, her tits repeatedly brushing against my bare chest.
"I can't, I can't."
"You can baby, I've got you." And I did, I just wasn't sure I had myself too. I'd followed her up to the summit of her orgasm and she wasn't going to be the only one tumbling down.
Her thighs suddenly encased my wrist. Her back bowed, bringing her hips to the surface. I could make out the tops of her toned thighs and see them vibrating just as her pussy hugged my fingers and a cry was muffled by her closed lips.
I didn't stop, determined to draw out her orgasm until she was completely spent. The throbbing of her pussy was intense and I could feel it in my dick. I pressed myself harder into the cool enamel of the tub. "Christ you are perfect."
Her hand at my forearm tried to disconnect us, pushing and lifting, but she was drained of too much strength to be successful. Her hips tried to dislodge my fingers as well, but once she'd clung to me, she'd robbed herself of the leverage it would take to do so. All the while I kept plunging in and out of her and assaulting her clit and her orgasm went on and on.
I didn't stop until she gasped, "Please."
My hand left her pussy and went straight to the front of my jeans. I tore at the button and zipper all while I lowered Gabby gently until her bottom was resting in the tub. She was breathing heavily when her arm retreated from my shoulders.
"I need to come."
My hand was already inside my underwear working to free my cock while at the same time squeezing and stroking for a small amount of relief. I kept at it without changing my position. My eyes were closed and I was running through a Gabby highlights reel in my head when her small voice penetrated my fantasy.
"I want to see you."
I rose to my feet and situated my pants at my hips. Gabby was gazing up at me where my fist was once again wrapped around my cock. I had been near to coming in my pants anyway so a surprise light touch from my daughter was all it took.
Her warm, wet hand reached up and cradled the weight of my balls. It felt amazing. I made no attempt to delay my gratification or make a big show of it for Gabby's sake. I knelt until one of my knees supported my weight on the ledge of the bathtub and simply allowed myself to come.
We watched as cum, first sprayed the tile on the opposite wall, then began raining down into her bathwater. I whispered "Fuck," with each breath expelled from my lungs until I was empty and sensitive to my own touch.
I leaned down again and noticed a small amount had landed just above one of Gabby's tits. I scooped water over her chest to wash it away into the sudsy water. "I don't know about you, but I feel better." I winked at her and she smiled.
"Thank you, Dad."
I started tucking things back into their rightful places in preparation of sneaking out of the bathroom. When I was done, I leaned in and took her face in both my hands before delivering a light kiss to her lips. "Thank you for sharing all of that with me, Gabs. I love you."
"I love you too."
"You take your pill?"
She sighed, still not immune to my awkward questions. "Yes."
"Mmm good. I'm thinking that was the last time I'm going to come until it's time to fill your pussy."
She got a dazed look in her eyes and gave me just a fraction of a smile. "OK."
With another quick kiss, I left my daughter to her bath, grabbed my shirt, and snuck quietly to my room. After I'd changed into lounging around clothes, simply because they were dry, I met up again with Stella in the kitchen. When she saw me coming, she reached into the fridge, grabbed a bottle of beer, and held it out to me with a smile.
"Thanks, babe." My hand wrapped around the green glass and brushed over the skin of my wife's. It wasn't until then that I noticed my fingertips were wrinkled from the time they'd spent playing with our daughter under the water. Stella seemed to pay them no mind and returned to making dinner.
To be cont.

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