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tagIncest/TabooWhat a Dad Wants Ch. 08

5:45 a.m.
I slipped soundlessly into Gabby's bedroom, closing the door behind me. I had some time, but not a lot. I'd waited about five minutes once I knew Stella was in the shower thanks to the way the water smacked against the shower pan at irregular intervals. I needed to be back in bed before another five minutes passed if I wanted to play it totally safe. I could've pushed it to ten, but I didn't want anything to derail the day I had planned.
It was another Monday. It was a school day and Stella was working 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Done right, I knew I could have uninterrupted alone time with my daughter for at least seven hours. This was momentous because it was the first opportunity of its kind. That being, no need to worry about getting caught and no need to worry about going too far. Too far didn't exist any longer since she'd officially started taking the pill.
Gabby had vehemently refused to have sex while she was on her period, but that ended two days prior. During those days, if Stella wasn't home, Smith was and he'd even had friends join him for several hours. Saturday, Gabby informed me that she still had a social life to maintain and wanted to go out with friends, including Mitch. This was hard to take, but once she'd agreed to make him keep his hands to himself and assured me they wouldn't be alone, I relented. Sunday, Stella made plans for us to enjoy a night out. Needless to say, I was not trying to wait any longer for an opportune moment with Gabby to magically come along. We were going to have to orchestrate one.
Gabby was breathing deeply. There were 15 minutes left before her alarm. The room was dark, save the glowing numbers of a small clock by her bed. Having come from my own dark room, there was plenty of light for my adjusted eyes.
"Gabby." I lightly shook her bare shoulder, exposed to the cool air of the room by the blanket halfway on the floor.
She stirred but didn't come fully awake so I repeated myself and rubbed my hand up and down her arm. "Daddy?"
"Hey, baby. Listen. It's almost time to get up. Your mom is headed to work pretty soon and I'm thinking you should stay home with me today." Her eyes searched my face. "Tell mom and Smith you don't feel well. He can drive himself to school and then you and I can have the day."
"Have the day?"
"I can have you all day."
Her eyebrows rose and slow smile spread across her face.
"I see you're understanding me. Does that work for you?"
She nodded, again slowly, not appearing too eager, but the smile still hadn't left her face.
"Get up as usual, shower if you want, but let Smith and mom know you're not feeling well then come lay down again. I'll be here when they're gone, OK?"
"OK," she whispered.
Her tone was such that I couldn't resist. I leaned in and took her mouth. She tasted like sleep and the spice of promise that was always there. I think it was the heat that lingered just under the surface of my daughter's innocent facade.
Careful not to get carried away, I ended the kiss. "See you soon."
I was back in bed feigning sleep when Stella kissed me goodbye at 6:30 and whispered that Gabby was staying home from school.
7:35 a.m.
I was laying in my bed, covers thrown off, lazily stroking my cock when Smith pulled out of the driveway. I'd laid there for an hour thinking about what I wanted to do to and with Gabrielle that day. I figured I should give it a few extra minutes before prowling to her room and fucking her until neither of us could see straight. I didn't want a forgotten wallet or cell phone to be the thing that blew our secret relationship wide open. To pass the time, I grabbed my phone.
Me: You better be naked already.
Little dots appeared indicating she was replying right away, possibly as eager as I was.
Gabby: I am. I didn't think Smith would ever leave. Why aren't you here?
Very eager, apparently.
Me: Patience, Gabrielle. I've gone six days without coming, you can wait a few more minutes.
Thanks to her ill timed texts, I knew she'd made herself come the previous night when I received a picture of a dildo buried in her cunt while Stella and I were out to eat. I had plans to punish her for that, but it would be later, after I'd relieved the week long sexual pressure I'd created for myself.
Satisfied that if my son needed to return home, he would have done so by then, I got out of bed and started toward my daughter's room for the second time that morning. I paused outside her door. Was I really going through with it?
Some might say that Gabby and I had passed the point of no return awhile ago. I'd already been inside her. To me though, those were incidents where I lost control or didn't have the willpower to say no to her. Was there a difference when there was intent? It felt like it. Or maybe the difference was some archaic idea I had about fully claiming her by finally filling her with my seed. We were just animals after all and that basic instinct had a weird sort of control over me when I didn't let anything else have that power.
Just thinking about watching my cum run out of her overly full pussy had me turning the doorknob and walking in. It was liberating to not bother shutting the door behind me.
Gabby's eyes went immediately to my hard cock. She was naked, as promised, lying on her side in the center of her bed, the covers shoved down beneath her feet. I had an amazing view of her ass and the smooth curve of her back. The light was better now though the room was still cloaked in shadow from drawn blinds blocking an overcast fall morning.
"Turn your phone off and get rid of it." The day was about me and her, and while I couldn't block out everyone, I wasn't about to share her with Mitch or anyone else.
She did as I asked and then shifted to lay on her back, but her elbows supported her weight from the waist up, keeping her tits and eyes toward me. Her knees stayed bent. Her long, dark hair hung in sleep mussed waves around her shoulders. Her nipples were hard.
"Spread your legs."
Slowly, her knees came apart and I struggled to not grab hold of my cock once I got a look at her bare pussy. And it was fucking bare. Gone was the hair that had formed a sort of broad arrow toward her slit.
I never particularly cared what a person had going on down there as long as it seemed purposeful, but seeing Gabby laid out before me covered in nothing but delicate, ivory skin, was like being handed a gift I never knew I wanted. She wasn't bald in the picture she sent the night before so it was new. It was for me.
"I love it."
Her answering smile wiped her face clear of anxiety. She'd been worried I wouldn't.
From the foot of the bed, I ordered, "Touch yourself."
Her small hand immediately slid down her tummy until her fingers were parting her pussy lips. She kept them separated with her index and ring fingers while her middle finger coaxed her tiny clit out of hiding. I absently wondered why Gabby had so many sex toys when she seemed so practiced at using her hand.
"Can you come like that?"
"It could take awhile," she admitted.
"Then there's no need for a show. Put two fingers inside."
Her hand slipped even lower until her two middle fingers sank into her opening.
"In and out. As deep as you can."
Rhythmically, her hand rocked against her mound as the fingers came in and out of view. She kept herself up on her left elbow and her eyes eventually left my face and returned to my cock.
"Are you imagining it's me inside you?"
She nodded.
"Is my cunt nice and wet?"
Her body twitched like a chill ran through her, but her eyes were blazing. "Yes, Daddy."
"Good. Don't stop, and tell me what you want, Gabrielle."
Her bottom lip disappeared behind her teeth. She knew what I wanted and would give it to me. That was the only reason I asked. With Gabby, it wasn't actually about what her body wanted. She was too submissive for that. My girl's mind drove her pleasure and her mind only wanted to please. I wasn't particularly dominant with anyone else, certainly not Stella, and I wasn't sure if I took on that role with Gabby because she needed it or I did.
"I want you to fuck me, Daddy."
"What else?"
"I want you to come inside me."
I crawled onto the bed and between her spread legs until I was looking down at her hand working her pussy, getting it ready for me. I placed a palm on each of her bent knees and slid them along her skin, toward her hips.
"Give me your fingers."
Gabby took them away from her pussy and held them out to me in offering. Inhaling to catch her scent, I lowered my head until my mouth enveloped her fingers to feed on the wetness she'd made for me. My lips closed around them and I sucked, filling my mouth with her taste. At the same time, my hands at her hips grabbed hold and lifted her bottom off the bed until her naked pussy was lined up with the head of my cock.
I moved until my hips were wedged against her, but I let my dick slide up and over her mound. Pressed completely together, my length stretched almost to her belly button.
I let her fingers fall out of my mouth. "Daddy's going to be so deep inside you." A whimper of arousal escaped Gabby's lips. I could feel the wetness of her pussy against my balls. "I want you to watch me take you, Gabrielle."
I slid back and adjusted us again. She was still resting on her elbows and the way I raised her hips to join our bodies together meant she'd have a pretty good view.
I manipulated her position to find my cock and with agonizing slowness, pushed into her. Just the feel of her at the tip made me groan and grit my teeth. Six fucking days of acting stressed about work, of faking a stomach bug, of denying myself had me struggling to hang on.
"Shit," Gabby whispered as she took the first two inches. Her eyes were glued to where we were joined.
I backed out before sliding even deeper, still not allowing myself to have too much of her. Each time I pulled back, more of my cock was covered in her wetness. I loved watching her pussy accept me. She was stretched tight around my shaft and yes, this felt altogether different than the frantic fucking we'd previously shared.
She was still so snug, but it was the wettest she'd ever been for me. Being inside her had felt great before, but with each bit of my cock I gave her in that moment, I never wanted it back. I wanted to live inside my daughter forever.
When my own pubic bone pressed against her clit and she had me up to the root, she collapsed off her elbows and crashed to the bed. Her hair haloed out around her face, her fists grabbed at the sheets beneath her, and her slim legs lifted to cage my body to her.
I felt the threat of sweat at my temples, not from exertion, but likely the effort of holding back. The room felt like it was 200 degrees because the heat of our forbidden act was radiating through me.
I began sliding out and back in at an even, conservative pace. I noticed the surface of her skin, above where her womb would likely be, shift and raise each time I seated my cock inside her. She was thin, but not excessively so. I figured it was likely her position that allowed me to see the effect of taking her deep.
I put a hand over that spot and felt the swelling against my palm. Pushing down gently, my cock felt the pressure, the tighter channel, on my next deep thrust.
"Fuck, I can feel my cock moving inside you." I really started fucking her then, giving her both fast and hard.
My sense of sight was torn between watching my cock saw in and out of the lips of her cunt and the hypnotic way the globes of her tits would bounce in response to my thrusts. My ears took in a chorus of the punching contact of my hips to hers, the squelching sound of her soaking wet pussy being invaded, my own grunts, and her sweet, melodious moans. With all of that, I was close to coming within a few minutes of fucking her.
Looking into her eyes and shaking my head, I tried to tell her as much. "I want you to come, but I'm so fucking close already."
"Don't wait for me."
I drilled into her cunt even harder at her words, while tilting my head back and shouting into the space around us. "Fuck, Gabby I've wanted this. I've been waiting for this. I'm going to fill your sweet cunt."
"Please do it, Daddy."
I let go of her hips and collapsed on top of her. My hands clutched the sides of her face lovingly while I brutally owned her with my cock. Her bent legs cradled me, but she didn't squeeze me or interfere in any way with my thrusts. Her hands pressed loosely against my biceps and she was perfectly accepting of her fate to be claimed by me.
"You're such a good girl, baby. Daddy's sweet good girl."
My words were translated by her body into small spasms in her pussy and they broke me.
"Fuck! I'm coming!" I pushed up with my arms so we could both look toward our connection. I pumped my hips once, twice, again, and finally pressed in as deep as I could in that position.
I barely recognized myself in that moment. Normally quiet and focused, I was lost instead in the celebration of feeling my cum fire powerfully from the head of my cock. I bellowed into the space of my daughter's desecrated bedroom.
I can only hope she felt it, but with the first shot, Gabby groaned and tightened around me.
My balls jerked, repeatedly loading more of my seed into the chamber of my cock. I could see the base of my shaft twitch, firing off spurt after spurt. I came longer and harder than I could remember and even before my balls were empty, my cock was drowning in thick wetness as her cunt overflowed with the same fluid that made her.
Another cry escaped my chest at that realization. My arms and legs both shook, small involuntary thrusts worked my hips, and I thought about that night nearly 19 years earlier.
I'd only just realized I was in love with Stella. She was a fucking goddess in looks and in sexuality and she'd opened my eyes to a lot in the few months we'd been fucking. Stella must have recently realized some things too because it was the first time we got totally carried away, even though it was always wild.
Slamming into her pussy from behind, on my bedroom floor in the house I shared with band mates, I'd told her, "I'm dying to come in this sweet pussy, Stell."
"Do it, Danny."
"Fuck. Are you sure?"
"Yes, come inside me."
I started shooting my load immediately, unable to control myself back then. When Stella felt me coming, she followed me over, shaking and fucking me back and pulling all of the cum out of me with the contractions of her cunt.
"Yes. Fuck yes, Danny. Put your baby in me."
I had. I'd planted Gabrielle in her that night. I let myself visualize my semen spreading through Gabby trying, in vain, to plant a child in her as well.
"You're so full, baby." I looked down at Gabby while trying to catch my breath.
She was smiling. "Yeah," she whispered.
I sat back and my still hard cock slid out of her pussy causing her to gasp. I watched a thick, white stream of cum slip out too.
"Your pussy looks so pretty."
She chuckled. "I wish I could see it."
I grabbed my phone and snapped a picture before switching to video and slipping my fingers inside her, forcing more of my cum out.
Still recording, I said, "Do you want to taste us?"
Her eyes got wide and she nodded, but still confirmed, "Yes."
I worked my first two fingers around in her stretched, sloppy pussy, eventually scooping out our viscous juices with the tips. Phone in one hand and cum covering the other, I moved up the bed and offered my daughter her prize.
I dipped my fingers into her open mouth, wiping them clean against her lips and tongue. "Don't swallow sweetheart. Just taste what you and I made together."
Through my phone screen, I watched her tongue move the mixture around in her open mouth while it lapped against my soaked fingers. Her eyes were closed and a sexy, appreciative moan came from her throat.
I leaned over and pulled my hand away. Keeping the phone trained on us, I whispered, "Share it with Daddy," before placing my lips over hers.
My tongue snaked inside and instantly tasted Gabby's sweet and my sour. It was delicious and we both began to drink it down while kissing hungrily.
I stopped the video and left my phone forgotten. "Do you want more?"
As I moved down to repeat the process, I glanced at the clock. We still had hours.
9:13 a.m.
"Oh fuck, I'm gonna come again."
Gabby fucked my face recklessly while I held on to her hips to guide her. We were in my shower where she'd first sucked my dick, only this time, my ass was on the floor and she was standing above me. We'd eaten our fill of our combined cum then immediately moved to the shower and bathed each other from head to toe.
One of Gabby's legs was slung over my shoulder while the other tried to hold most of her weight. She compensated by pushing against the back wall of the shower with her left hand. The water splashing around us was lukewarm warm at best.
My tongue had worshiped her through one orgasm and I was about to be rewarded with another, but I took my mouth away long enough to tell her, "I love this smooth, bare pussy, Gabby." Then I sucked her clit hard and fucked her with two of my fingers. In less than a minute, she came for me again.
After we were mostly dry, I took Gabby's hand and led her to my closet. From the same area I used to keep my Journey shirt, I grabbed the t-shirt on top and handed it to her. She immediately slid it over her head and worked her arms into it. The word "Gibson" was emblazoned across her chest and the deep burgundy material stopped about three inches below her ass.
I was still naked and hard from eating her pussy and something about seeing my shirt on her made me want to fuck her in it right away. She used to sneak my t-shirts all the time when they were more like dresses on her smaller frame. It used to be cute, now it made my need for possession echo through my head.
I grabbed some loose shorts and a shirt for myself and stalked out of the closet into the master bedroom. I was about to put everything on when I turned to find Gabby staring at my headboard.
"You good?"
She snapped out of it and looked at my face before glancing down to my cock. Back to my eyes, she asked, "Can we… Will you fuck me here?"
Gabby's body gave a slight jerk. "OK," she said quickly.
Sighing at my own insensitivity to her brave request, I tried to think of a way to explain it. At the same time, I tried to remind myself that I didn't have to explain anything.
"Gabby, I'm doing my best not to disrespect your mother."
She raised an eyebrow. "You said anything goes for you, remember?"
"Gabby. Drop it."
She rolled her eyes. "Fine." She turned and walked out of my room. I heard her footsteps descending the stairs.
We'd agreed the need for food was a priority, so I dressed quickly and followed her down to the kitchen. Gabby was seated at the island, so I got straight to work gathering eggs, bread, a pan, and utensils. For the next several minutes, we didn't speak.
I was standing at the stove with my back to her when she asked, "What did you actually mean when you said anything goes for you?"
I'd warned Gabby, before we started fucking, that there wasn't much about sex that I would shy away from. I never considered she'd want to have a conversation about that. I wasn't sure exactly what to say.
"It meant that I've been adventurous and open minded when it comes to sex. I've experimented a lot."
Several more minutes passed. I slid our eggs onto two plates and carried them over to the island. Gabby was already nibbling on toast. I planted myself on the stool beside her and set down our plates.
"That's vague," she muttered.
"Well then ask me something specific."

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