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My wife and I had just arrived in Las Vegas for her work conference. I had never been to "Sin City" so decided to join her on the trip. She'd have to attend a few presentations throughout the day but could attend any of the sessions she wanted and had no commitments during the evenings, so we'd have plenty of time to see the sights.
As we were standing in line for my wife to register for the conference a sour expression suddenly appeared on her face.
"What's wrong?" I asked.
"Ugh, I forgot Julia was going to be here."
My wife hates her coworker Julia. They are about the same age and we have young daughters that are the same age. When Julia first started it seemed like they would be natural friends. However, after about a year, Julia started going through a divorce and her attitude changed completely.
The two had offices right next to each other. My wife used to say hello to Julia every morning but barely got a response back so gave up on that practice. When they passed each other in the hall Julia practically ignored my wife's presence. It had gotten pretty tense and I was inundated with a new story about how rude Julia had become almost nightly. Needless to say, this was not a person my wife wanted to have to deal with in Vegas.
"Well, there's nothing we can do about her being here, so let's just steer clear of her and enjoy our time," I suggested.
And that plan went just fine for the first few days. They saw each other during a couple of the same lectures and sat nowhere near each other, but we hadn't seen her while we were out in the casino or walking the strip.
On the third night, however, that changed. As we were sitting at the casino bar having a good time to end our evening, who would you think decided to sit down beside us? My wife stopped herself in the middle of a story as Julia took the seat next to me and gave her a bitchy look.
"Um, can we help you?" she snapped.
"Look," Julia began, "I know we don't get along, but I don't know anyone else here. I've tried staying to myself for a few days now, but I just can't sit alone anymore. We don't have to act like best friends or anything, but can I please sit here and talk with you guys for a little while? Maybe we can even hash out what the deal is between us."
Begrudgingly, my wife agreed and they talked about a couple of the lectures they had attended. As a "peace offering," Julia even offered to buy us a round of drinks. And then another. And then another.
We were all getting a little tipsy at this point and the conversation took an unexpected turn.
"Okay," Julia blurted out. "I think you dislike me for two reasons."
Oh shit, I thought, we were actually having a fun time and now the hatred is going to return.
"First, your husband finds me attractive," she continued. Ok, not a great start … She wasn't wrong, I do think she's a good looking woman and I had made the mistake of mentioning to my wife that I thought Julia was "prettier than I expected" after first meeting her. But there was no way she knew I said that.
"Second, YOU find me attractive and are ashamed to admit it."
My wife sat there, dumbfounded, and said nothing. The silence seemed to embolden Julia.
"In fact, you like to think you're an alpha-type woman, but you secretly want to be dominated. And you'd like to be dominated by me."
My wife immediately scoffed at the suggestion. "Yeah, I don't think so. Thanks for the drinks, but we'll be leaving now."
Julia grabbed my wife's wrist as she moved to place her drink on the bar to leave. "Sounds good, I think I'll join you," Julia continued.
Julia was wearing a skirt that normally fell to her knees, but rode half way up her thighs as she sat. She had black thigh highs on and we could see a lacey trim at the top and straps holding them up. She had been sitting with her legs crossed, but uncrossed them and left her thighs slightly spread as she leaned forward in her seat.
"You know I'm separated and it's been awhile since I've been laid. But that ends tonight. I'm going to fuck your husband tonight," she whispered to my wife. "In front of you, while you watch."
I felt myself harden at the suggestion. I didn't think there was any chance my wife was going to let this happen, but damn was it nice to fantasize about the idea.
Then Julia took things a step further. "But first, I'm going to fuck you senseless and make you cum," she cooed, slipping her hand onto my wife's leg.
My wife jumped up from her bar stool. "Fuck you, Julia," she blurted. She got up, stormed off and I followed.
We were in our room as quickly as can be, my wife bitching about Julia the entire time. She started getting ready for bed as she complained about her colleague. She was pissed. And I was now disappointed. I knew my wife wouldn't go for the threesome, but even before Julia broached the subject I had hoped with a night out in Vegas, no kids, and a few drinks in her system that we might come upstairs and fuck. However, I knew my wife well enough to know I wasn't getting laid tonight now and there was no sense in even asking.
I began getting my things ready for bed, as well, when I heard my wife say she wasn't feeling well all of a sudden. I looked over as she steadied herself to sit on the bed. I asked if she was alright, but she didn't respond, she just held her head in her hands. Then she fell over onto the bed.
Concerned, I started walking to the bed when my legs became wobbly, too. I collapsed on the bed next to my wife. I tried to get up to check on her but I just couldn't move. Then I heard the beep of a key card access our room and the door opening and closing just before I blacked out.
When I came to, I was still on the bed next to my wife. But now I was stretched out on my back with my head on a pillow at the top of the bed. I moved my head to see my wife laid out in the same position next to me and noticed that her arms were tied to the headboard above us. I tried to move but felt restraints against my wrists. I looked down and saw we were both naked and our legs were spread out and tied to the bed, as well.
"Well hello there," I heard Julia's voice say. "Have a nice nap?"
She was in the same outfit from before and sitting in a lounge chair next to our bed.
"What the fuck?!" I suddenly heard my wife exclaim, as she woke up to her predicament. I could feel her pulling against the ropes trying to escape.
Julia calmly rose from her chair and moved in front of us at the foot of our hotel bed.
"I told you I was going to fuck you both," she stated in an even tone.
"I would've preferred that you be willing participants to start," she explained. "But I'm willing to take what I want when it's needed. I'll untie you once you submit to the pleasure. I'm sure we'll all be playing nicely by the time we're done here."
"Well," Julia continued, "you're both naked so I guess it's only fair if I join you."
Julia stood before us at the foot of the bed and slowly started unbuttoning her tight blouse. As soon as the bottom button was undone she let the shirt slip from her shoulders, down her arms and it fell to the floor. She wore no bra and I struggled to remember if I had been able to tell if she didn't have one on at the bar or if she removed it after tying us up. Her breasts were fairly small, definitely A cups, but they were nice and perky. My cock started to harden as I watched.
"Your husband seems to be enjoying the show," she commented to my wife. "How are you liking it?"
My wife noticed my growing erection and scolded me, but then turned her attention back to our main attraction. Julia then unzipped and dropped her skirt to the floor. She still had her thigh high stockings on but had previously removed her panties and straps.
"Like the view?" she asked. Julia, in addition to the pert little breasts, had a flat stomach and shapely legs. My cock was at full mast staring at the brunette beauty in front of me, I had no control over the erection.
She smiled, pleased with the effect she was having on me, and then looked at my wife. "Well," she commented, "you look good enough to eat."
Julia took a small step forward, raised one leg and placed her knee on the bed to join us. The bed creaked and shifted as Julia climbed on. She stared my wife in the eyes as she placed her hand on my wife's leg. My wife jumped – well, as much as she could under the circumstances. Then Julia looked down and we all watched her slide her hand up my wife's long legs, over her hips, along her strong stomach and then finally to her breasts, gently stroking and teasing them with her fingers.
"You have beautiful breasts," she complimented my wife. "I've wanted to touch them for a long time."
Julia slid her body up my wife's as if she were transitioning between yoga poses and laid her body on top of my wife's.
"You're going to love this, I promise," she whispered to my wife before kissing her neck.
I had my head tilted to the side to watch the show. As Julia continued kissing over my wife's neck and collar bone, she slid a leg between my wife's legs and started rubbing her thigh against my wife's pussy. Julia then proceeded to kiss my wife on the lips. My wife didn't respond to the kiss and kept her lips pursed, but Julia kept kissing her anyway.
After a minute or two of that, Julia stopped.
"That's ok," she said. "You'll kiss back soon enough."
"Please, Julia, stop this. If you stop now, I will keep this between us. No reports to either the police or our school" my wife tried to barter.
Julia ignored her pleas and kissed down my wife's neck again, then her collarbone, and then moved lower and started planting small pecks around my wife's breasts. After covering both mounds in small pecks, she extended her tongue and licked up to her nipple. Finally, after teasingly licking around the areola for a few moments, she slipped my wife's nipple between her lips and started sucking her breasts.
My wife was really trying everything she could to not enjoy the sexual acts being performed on her by her female colleague. She was squinting her eyes, gritting her teeth, trying not to move her pussy against Julia's knee that was still pressed between her legs. But pleasurable acts can only be denied for so long. I saw my wife's nipples harden and her breathing begin to increase. Ever so slightly, I noticed her move her hips in an up and down motion. Finally, as Julia lightly bit down on her left nipple, an audible moan escaped my wife's lips.
Julia's eyes shot open and a smile appeared on her face. I could see my wife's nipple pressed between Julia's teeth as she grinned.
Releasing the nipple from her mouth she softly said, "That's it baby. Feels good, doesn't it? I knew you'd come around. Now I've got you."
My wife didn't respond, but her eyes and lips were no longer shut so tightly, and she moaned again as Julia returned to her erect nipples to play some more. Julia shifted on the bed to move her leg that had been pressed against my wife's pussy away and replaced it with her right hand. She started rubbing her fingers along my wife's slit.
"Insert them," I said to Julia.
"Excuse me?" she asked, a bit incredulously.
"She prefers penetration," I replied. "Insert your fingers."
Julia inserted one and then two fingers into my wife's now soaking vagina.
"Mmmmmm," my wife moaned.
Julia started finger fucking my wife and lowered her head between her legs. I couldn't see the penetration, or the licking, occurring from my angle still tied to the bed, but I could hear the familiar sloshing of in and out movement in a wet vagina. My wife's body was betraying her and was enjoying the manipulations to her sex organs even if she still didn't like who was making her feel this way.
She threw her head back and was moving her hips in rhythm with Julia's fingers and tongue. Her moans were increasing as Julia ate her out and fingered her. Julia slid her free hand up and rested it for a minute on my wife's taut stomach before reaching higher to play with her soft breasts. My cock was rock hard! I wanted to join the fun in the worst way but couldn't get free of the ties holding me to the bed. Even if I couldn't see all the juicy details, it was hot to see my wife eaten out by another woman.
"Uh, uh, oh god," escaped my wife's mouth. "Yes. Mmhmm. Mmmmm. Uh, uh, uh."
"Oh no you don't," Julia suddenly said as she raised up and slid her fingers out of my wife's vagina. My wife's eyes shot open for the first time since this started.
"I need some pleasure, too, before you get to cum. I want to fuck you in the worst way!"
Julia got up on her knees, moved closer to my wife and threw one leg over her body. My wife had no idea what was happening, but I love scissoring videos and knew exactly what was to come. Julia got a little closer and then lowered her hips until her pussy lips touched my wife's.
Julia ground her pussy into my wife's mound, sending pleasure waves through her body.
My wife moaned but was still fighting the pleasure. She closed her eyes again.
"Open your eyes!" Julia instantly shot back at her. My wife's eyes opened.
"You're going to watch me fuck you," she commanded. "You're going to look me in the eyes while you cum. You're going to watch as I orgasm. You're going to stare at my tits and pussy, and know it's a woman – it's me! – giving you this pleasure."
My wife's eyes remained open as Julia grabbed my wife's hips and pulled herself closer. She started humping against my wife's pussy and moaned herself for the first time. Julia explored my wife's body with her hands while she ground into her.
Her hands slid from my wife's hips and down to her butt. Then up to her thighs, which she stroked for a few minutes. Then the hands worked their way back to her breasts.
"I love your tits," Julia stated. "I stare at them in meetings at work, always hoping you need to lean over for something so I can catch a glimpse down your shirt. They're so much bigger than mine without being ridiculously large. Fuck, I could play with them all day."
God what I would give for a better view! Julia leaned forward and returned to nursing on my wife's breasts, feeding greedily. A minute later, she laid on my wife completely. Their legs still intertwined and pussies grinding, Julia rubbed her small breasts against my wife's so she could pleasure her nipples. Finally, I saw Julia take my advice from earlier again and move one arm between their legs so she could slip a finger into my wife's cunt.
The penetration for my wife and nipple stimulation for Julia sent both women over the edge. Both humped their pussies together as they exploded in orgasm.
After catching her breath for a minute, Julia rose to her knees and smiled at my wife.
"I enjoyed that very much, thank you," she stated. "Did you enjoy it, too?"
"Fuck you!" my wife responded.
"Well that's not very nice considering the pleasure I just gave you. That's ok though," Julia replied to herself. "We all know the answer. Now it's time for your husband and I to get acquainted."
"No!" my wife yelled, "Leave him alone!"
"Oh sorry, I just can't. As much as I love lesbian sex, I still need a good hard cock penetrating me deeply. It's been so, so long since I've experienced that pleasure. But this cock looks like it'll hit all the right places."
Julia stroked my shaft slowly. "Let me guess," she asked me, "she won't suck this for you, will she?" I shook my head in the negative.
"What a shame," she said to my wife. "You should suck this beautiful cock often."
Julia looked at me and continued, "You come see me any time you want a blow job." And then she lowered her head, looked me in the eye, and slipped her lips down my cock. I hadn't had a blow job since our honeymoon and Julia took my entire length in her throat on the first down stroke. It took everything I had not to fill her mouth right then. I moaned deeply in pleasure.
Julia bobbed her head up and down in my lap, sucking my cock lovingly. She, unlike my wife, definitely enjoyed performing oral sex. She slipped her mouth off of my shaft for a second to tell me to look at my wife. I turned my head as I felt Julia pop one of my testicles into her mouth and swirl it around.
My wife had a look of hurt and anger on her face, but she was also watching the oral manipulations being performed on my genitals. "I'm sorry, babe, but this feels really good. I can't help it."
She looked me in the eye for a moment, but didn't respond. Instead, she returned her gaze to Julia, who had now returned to my shaft and was sucking my cock again. Fuck, she really was great this! I could feel her flick her tongue underneath the tip of my cock occasionally before slipping back down the length. But before I felt my orgasm truly start to build, she removed her mouth again.
She looked me straight in the eyes and said, "Seriously, any time you want that, you come see me. I will suck you whenever and where ever you want. If you come into our offices, maybe your wife will even want to come watch" She looked at my wife as a little extra jab at her. "But now," Julia continued, "I need this inside another hole."
"Please," my wife whimpered. "Please don't do this. Please don't fuck my husband."
I could tell my wife was really troubled by what was about to happen. This was the women I had professed vows to be monogamous. As much as my cock and the pleasure centers in my brain wanted more, I knew my wife was right and this should end.
"She's right, Julia," I pleaded, albeit quite reluctantly. "Please, enough. You are a beautiful, sexy woman. The hotel bar is still open. We can head back down there and I'm sure we can find some attractive, single guy to take you back to his room and ravage you!"
"Oh, how cute," she responded with a mischievous giggle. "Very chivalrous of you, oh doting husband. But why would I go through the trouble of getting dressed, going back to the bar, making small talk with some dud of a guy when I have the rock hard cock I want standing at attention before me right here, right now? And you can play Mr. Reluctant all you want, but I'm pretty sure we all know how much you want me to do this."
Julia moved up the bed straddling me. When she was above my hips, she told us to watch as I entered her. She stroked my cock slowly as my wife and I shifted our gaze between her legs. Julia then lowered her hips and my cock began to enter her, moaning as I slipped fully inside her soaking cunt.
She lifted her hips up until just my tip was inside of her lips and then she slid slowly back down until she bottomed out on my groin. She then repeated the action, slowly sliding up and down my full length. She was savoring what apparently was the first cock she had taken since her divorce proceedings began.
As much as I truly did want to honor my wife and stop this from happening, my cock was swiftly taking over my brain. Julia's pussy felt amazing sliding over my cock. I mean, let's be honest, since I became sexually active I don't think I found any wet pussy that DIDN'T feel amazing. And Julia had quite the body to look at as she rode me. Flat, tight stomach. While a little on the small size, perky tits heaving from her chest. Toned ass that I could see in the mirror on the wall across the room. While I didn't want to be enjoying this for the sake of my wife and our marriage, there was simply no denying that I was enjoying it very much.
"Oh, you feel so good inside of me," Julia cooed. "Don't you just love the way his cock feels inside of you?" she teased my wife.
I turned my head and looked at my wife again. She was definitely NOT enjoying watching her husband fucked by another woman, or at least so the expression on her face appeared. But she was watching the entire scene in front of her, not closing her eyes or looking away.

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