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What I found out about my brother 24 shocked me, I’d always thought he was just a skinny nerd. But I found out he was the local Romeo, not with girls his own age. But with women who were the same age as their mothers, not actually their mothers. Any unattached or lonely woman in her mid-forties to mid-fifties he was their lover. I hadn’t thought he would ever get laid, as he never tried to date girls around his own age. I’m 28 married and was sitting in the hairdressers and 2 women who lived in the same area as my parents were talking. They mentioned my brother who still lived with my parents and how good he was at satisfying them. They either didn’t know I was his sister or were so engaged in their conversation they forgot I was there. My brother made extra money fixing up computer problems and teaching older people how to use their computers better. Now I knew he had another reason for all the tutoring he was doing, he was fucking the women. Some of the women he tutored I knew were married and I wondered if he was also fucking them as well. Once I got over my shocked, I had a new respect for my brother.

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