"What If I Blew You?" Asked Mom Ch. 01

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tagIncest/Taboo"What If I Blew You?" Asked Mom Ch. 01

A MILF of a mother offers her son oral sex to keep him from telling his father about her sexual affair with his best friend, Uncle Hank.
This is a true story as told to me to write for Jim, Kathy's, 21-year-old son.
# # #
Mother gives son oral sex to stop him from telling his Dad about her secret, sexual affair with his father's best friend.
"What if I blew you," she surprised me by asking while looking up at me?
My mother was so pretty. She was so sexy. I couldn't blame Uncle Hank from being tempted to stray with my mother. Always sexually attracted to my mother, if I was in his place, I'd be having forbidden, extramarital sex with her, too.
Unable to answer my mother, with her having blown my mind, never mind my cock, I just stared at her stunned by her question. My mother asked if I wanted her to blow me. Seriously? Is she kidding me? When I didn't answer her, unable to speak, she repeated her question.
"What if I sucked your cock, Jimmy," she asked as if she knew what I wanted and could read my mind? "Would blowing you guarantee your silence? Would that stop you from telling your father about my sexual affair with his best friend?"
While imagining my erect prick in my mother's mouth and her stroking me, I still couldn't answer her. Consensually agreeing to blow me, my mother is willing to suck my cock. She's willing to give me something that I always wanted her to give me and something that I masturbated over her doing, a blowjob. When I still didn't answer her again, deliberately exposing her naked tits to me, she opened her robe and looked down at her naked, C cup breasts before looking up at me.
Sexually teasing me, she slid her slow hands across her naked breasts while squeezing them and fondling them. She stopped to pull, twist, and turn her nipples while staring up at me. Other than her blowing me, I'd love nothing more than to touch, feel, fondle, and grope my mother's naked breasts while fingering her erect nipples. I imagined sucking her nipples while she stroked my cock before she sucked my stiff prick.
"You may cum all over my naked breasts," she said lifting her breasts to her mouth to suck her nipples, first one and then the other. "Would you like that? Would you like Mommy to give you oral sex, Jimmy? Would you like to cum all over Mommy's big tits?"
# # #
I unexpectedly came home early from work one day and found Hank's car, my father's childhood, best friend, parked in our driveway. I thought it odd that he was here in the late morning. I thought it odd that he wasn't working. I thought it odd that he was here when my father was working and wasn't home.
'Why is Uncle Hank here? Is there something wrong? Did my father or mother have an accident,' I wondered?
Then, suspicious of a sexual scenario while fully aware of how slutty my mother can sometimes be, thinking the worst, I wondered if my mother was having a sexual affair with Uncle Hank behind my father's back. With them both married, I wondered if they were having extramarital sex. With Uncle Hank always hanging around the house when my father was home, I wouldn't be surprised if he was having sex with my mother.
With her a sexual tease and a bit of an incestuous whore, my mother was always flashing me and Uncle Hank while making her flashes appear accidental. With her so very sexy and so very shapely, she was always sexually teasing the both of us, too. I can't count how many times I masturbated over my mother while imagining her naked and having forbidden sex with me.
I suspected that she wanted to have sex with me but was afraid to cross that imaginary, incestuous line. Once that line is crossed, forever part of your memories and adding proof to who you are, you can never go back. In the way that she flirtatiously acted when around Uncle Hank, especially when my father was oblivious to notice, it wouldn't surprise me if they were having sex.
When my Mom wasn't flashing me up-skirt peeks of her white, bikini panties, she flashed me up-nightgown peeks of her brown, trimmed, naked pussy. When she wasn't flashing me views of her long line of sexy cleavage and her bra clad breasts, she flashed me down nightgown views of her naked breasts and her erect nipples. Pretending that she didn't know that I was home, she constantly dressed and undressed with her bedroom door wide open. It pained me to admit it but after witnessing her having sex with Uncle Hank, indeed, my mother was a cocksucking whore.
Yet, surprised that she'd have sex with my Dad's best friend. I didn't think that she'd betray my father, especially with his best friend, of all men. They were close, very close.
Sharing everything, obviously, even my mother's pussy, hands, and mouth, maybe they were swingers. Now, I wondered if my father was having sex or ever had sex with Hank's wife, my Aunt Rose. Perhaps, Rose was as much of a cheating whore as was my mother. A double whammy, if they weren't swingers and if I blew this all up by telling my father what my mother was doing behind his back, not only would he lose his wife but also, he'd lose his best friend, too.
'Nah, my mother would never cheat on my father, especially with his best friend. Uncle Hank is part of our family. He's my adopted uncle. He's my Godfather. He's always respected my mother and, as far as I know, has never made a pass at her,' I thought.
# # #
Then, I remembered the time when Uncle Hank was out back with my mother early in the morning. I came home early from a house party and had been drinking. I went to bed with my bedroom spinning.
My father was passed out drunk on the chaise lounge. Obviously, they thought that I wasn't home or thought that I was sleeping but I was watching them from my bedroom window. Thinking that they were being quiet, they were talking and laughing loud enough to have awakened me had I not already been awake. Obviously, they were both drunk.
Not the first time seeing my mother's naked tits, she undressed and dressed with her bedroom door wide open all the time. She had removed her bikini top and Uncle Hank was fondling her naked breasts and sucking her nipples. She had removed his erect cock from his bathing suit and was stroking his naked prick. Shocked, confused, and surprised, with this happening three-years ago at one am in the morning, when I was 18-years-old and a little drunk, I chalked it up to a sexy dream or another one of my sexual fantasies.
Nonetheless I masturbated over seeing or imagining seeing my mother's naked breasts. I masturbated over her stroking Uncle Hank's prick. Then, I masturbated over my mother masturbating me. I would have loved to cum for my mother.
Yet, something that I continued to masturbate over; I wondered if it was all just a drunken dream or a sexual fantasy that I concocted in my mind. I couldn't believe that my mother would cheat on my father, especially with his best friend. Yet, indeed, after having seen it now with my own, two eyes, that's exactly what she had been doing and was still doing now. She had been sucking and fucking my father's best friend for at least three-years.
# # #
Hoping for a closer look, I walked around back to peek in my mother's bedroom window. Giving the neighbor a sexy show of her dressing and undressing, she never pulled her shade and had her drapes pushed back wide open. Sure enough, Uncle Hank was on his back naked on my mother's bed and my mother was naked, too. To be honest, my mother has a wicked hot body, certainly not bad for a 45-year-old woman.
She was leaning over him with her naked ass and the back of her naked, glistening, wet pussy in the air with his erect prick in her mouth. My mother was blowing my father's best friend. She was sucking his cock. She was giving Uncle Hank oral sex. Had I not seen it with my own, two eyes, I never would have believed it.
Yet, instead of ratting her out to my father, thinking of a plausible, incestuous angle that would sexually benefit me, I figured that I could use this to my advantage. Not only was this my chance to blackmail my mother to have sex with her but also this was my chance to blackmail Hank's wife, my adopted, Aunt Rose, to have sex with her, too. Something that I had only imagined happening, this was my chance to have sex with the both of them.
This was my chance to have my mother suck my cock. This was my chance to have her blow me. I've always wanted to cum in my mother's mouth while having my wicked, sexual way with her naked breasts. I always wanted to give my mother a cum bath. A sexual bonus, this was my chance to finally see my Aunt Rose topless and/or naked while having sex with her, too.
# # #
As soon as Hank left, I entered my house through the unlocked, back door. Already a little tipsy, my mother was finishing her wine while sitting on the couch in the living room watching TV. Her robe was up to her crotch and spread wide open at the top. Obviously, she wasn't expecting me. Clearly, with her hair a mess and her lipstick smeared, she looked as if she had just been fucked.
Before making my presence known, I stared at my mother's naked pussy from the dining room. As I continued to walk closer, I stared at her naked tits from the hall. I knew she had a body like a stripper, but I never imagined my mother looked this good naked. If I didn't know how old she was, I'd think she was thirty-years old instead of her in her mid-forties.
I walked in the living room and as soon as I did, I surprised her. She quickly pulled herself together. Denying me anymore peeks of her naked pussy, she closed the bottom of her robe before closing the top of her robe to deny me anymore views of her naked breasts.
"Jimmy! You're home from work early. What time is it," she asked looking at her watch? "What are you doing home," she asked while looking a little, uncomfortably guilty?
I smiled at my mother. She was dressed in her sexy, silk bathrobe, a short, low-cut, and sheer, little thing that left little to the imagination that she wore when entertaining but never around me. I stared at her long, shapely legs. I stared at all that I could see of her long line of sexy cleavage. I stared at all that I could see of the shape and size of her C cup breasts. I stared at the impressions that her big, erect nipples made through the super thin material of her sexy robe.
"I saw you with Uncle Hank," I said coming right to the point.
As if she had been caught stealing from a store, she looked at me stunned.
"Wait. What? You saw me?" She turned a bright red. "What do you mean you saw me with your uncle? Tell me. What do you think you saw?"
I sat on the couch beside her. Without her making a move to stop me, I opened the bottom of her robe to sensually rub her naked thigh. Then, daring myself to do so, I did something that I had always wanted to do. I fingered her big nipple through her silk robe, first one and then the other. When, she didn't stop me, I opened the top of her robe to feel and fondle her big, naked tits. Still not slapping my hand away, I continued sexually molesting my mother.
"I saw you naked with Uncle Hank. I saw you blowing him. You were sucking his cock," I said giving my mother a smug smile while still having my wicked, sexual way with her naked breasts.
An unexpected reaction, she looked at me as if she was about to cry. No doubt, crocodile tears, I wouldn't believe her if she fell to the floor uncontrollably sobbing. She had already shown me who she was more than once. My mother is a whore, a cheating whore but I not only love her, I sexually want her.
"I can explain," she said clearly struggling to think of an explanation for her sexually shocking, cheating behavior.
# # #
I made a face of disbelief.
"Explain? What can you possibly say? Did his prick accidentally fall in your mouth after you fell on the bed with him," I said with a dirty laugh. "Did you strip yourself naked after you fell on the bed because you didn't want to wrinkle your clothes," I said with a loud laugh.
She looked at me seemingly not knowing what to say to explain her deplorable, sexual behavior.
"Jimmy," she said taking my hand in her hand and kissing it. "You mustn't tell your father. Please don't. Please, promise me that you won't tell him. He'll throw me out of the house. He'll divorce me. I'd be out in the street. I'd have no place to live," she said. "Please. I beg you. I'll do anything. Anything," she said looking up at me with a sexy look and a naughty smile.
With her robe wide open, able to see most of her naked tits and her naked pussy, I stared down at her naked breasts before I stared over at her naked pussy.
"Anything? You'll do anything for me not to tell Dad all that I saw naked with Uncle Hank with his stiff prick in your mouth while you blew him?" I gave her a sexy look while cupping her naked pussy in my horny hand. "What do you mean by anything?"
She looked up at me before looking down where I was looking. She watched me part her pussy slit with my fingers. I gently rubbed my mother's swollen, wet clit. Clearly, she knew what I wanted but she had to play her game of innocence and sexual seduction.
"Yes, anything," she said. "You name it and I'll do it. Whatever it is, I don't care. I'll do whatever you want for you not to tell your father."
# # #
She untied her robe to reveal her naked breasts and her brown, trimmed pussy to my horny eyes. Then, surprising me as much as she sexually excited me, she took my hand in her hand and moved my hand to her naked breast before placing my other hand on her naked pussy. She moved my finger to rub her clit. Then, she inserted my finger to fingerfuck her pussy. I was masturbating my mother. Something that I thought I'd never do; if it wasn't enough that I had groped my mother, I couldn't believe that I was masturbating her, too.
Yet, enough about her. I needed her to sexually do something for me. With this my golden opportunity, I needed to make my sexual move. I needed to make my mother my sexy bitch. I needed to make her my sexual slave. I needed to own her body in the way that she had spent a lifetime of sexually teasing me and other men.
"Touch Mommy," she said sexily. "In the way that you always stare at them, I know you love my big tits," she said cupping her naked breasts in her hands and raising them as if offering them to me. She put her hand to the back of my neck and lowered my head down to her naked breasts. "Suck my nipples," she said. "Pull them, turn them, and twist my nipples. Mommy loves having her breasts fondled while having her nipples fingered and sucked."
Obediently obeying her, I touched, felt, fondled, and groped my mother's naked breasts while fingering her erect nipples. I pulled, turned, and twisted them. I had my wicked sexual way with her naked tits and her erect nipples.
"You're not going to get off this easily. Oh, no," I said removing my mouth from her nipples.
I looked up at her with as much disgust and distain as much as I looked at her with sexual excitement. How dare she cheat on my father? How dare she cheat on him with his best friend? How dare Uncle Hank destroy a lifelong friendship to have extramarital sex with my mother, the whore?
She looked up at me aghast. She looked at me with fear. No doubt, afraid that I'd tell my father about her sexual affair with Uncle Hank, I had no intention of squealing on her. I knew how to keep a secret while using it to my advantage. Instead, I wanted sex. I wanted my mother to willingly give me sex.
"What do you mean I'm not getting off easily? What do you mean by that remark?"
# # #
I laughed and made a face.
"I'd want more than just feeling your naked tits and sucking your erect nipples," I said.
As if she didn't know my meaning, she looked at me confused.
"What more do you want? Money? Is that it? You want me to pay you not to tell your father?"
I laughed.
"I have money, Mom. I have a job. I don't need nor do I want your money," I said.
She looked at me clueless before she looked at me with insight.
"Oh, I get it. You want sex. Is that it? You're not happy with just a blowjob, you want Mommy to now only blow you but also, you want Mommy to fuck you, too. You want Mommy to give you sex," she said pausing to feel my erection through my pants.
I laughed.
"Now, we're getting somewhere," I said.
She sexily looked at me in the way that she lustfully looked at me before.
"What if I blew you," she asked while reiterating her first offer? "What if I sucked your cock? Would you like that? What if I allowed you to cum all over my naked tits? Would that make you happy?"
# # #
I unzipped and unbuttoned my pants. With my mother watching me as if she had never seen a man undressing before, I removed my pants and my underwear. Exposing my erect, naked prick to my mother, I was naked below the waist.
In the way that she was sitting in front of me topless, I sat on the couch in front of her bottomless while slowly stroking my cock. Then, in the way that she moved my hand to her naked breast and my other hand to her naked pussy, I took my mother's hand and placed it on my engorged prick for her to stroke me. She mindlessly fondled the head of my naked prick while staring down at my erect cock before staring up at me.
"Yes, mother. I would love for you to blow me. I'd love nothing better than for you to suck my cock. Only, instead of cumming on your tits, you must allow me to cum in your mouth," I said tracing her red, full lips with my finger. "I need to fill your mouth with my cum. I need to cum in your beautiful mouth."
She looked at me aghast.
"What? You want to cum in my mouth?" She slowly shook her head while answering me. "I'm your mother and you're my son. I don't know if I can do that, Jimmy. Wouldn't it be enough that I took you in my mouth, sucked you while stroking you, and allowed you to cum all over my naked breasts, mommy's tits?"
I laughed again.
"It wouldn't be much of a blowjob unless you allowed me to cum in your mouth, Mother," I said. "And you must swallow me and allow me to ejaculate a second load of cum all over your pretty face and across your naked breasts instead of just in your mouth. I'd love nothing better than to give my MILF of a mother a cum bath," I said while feeling her naked breasts and fingering her erect nipples.
She looked at me as if I was a nasty pervert instead of her loving son.
"Okay, okay," she said. "I'll do it but once I do that, that's it. We're done and you promise to never tell your father about me with Uncle Hank."
I laughed out loud.
# # #
"We're hardly done, Mother. We've only just begun," I said. "I have a few more sexy things and sexual scenarios that I want you to do with me and for me first."
As if I was asking her to stray from her element when she was already a whore, she looked at me with trepidation.
"Other than offering to blow you and have you cum all over my naked tits, what more sexual things must I do to guarantee your silence?"
I stared at her as if I was seeing her naked for the first time.
"You must pose topless and naked for me. I want to take some sexy, naked photos of you to show my friends. Then, I want you to blow my best friend, Michael, while I watch," I said. "I want you to suck his cock and allow him to cum in your mouth. He's always been sexually attracted to you. He'd love to see you naked," I said. "He'd love to receive a blowjob from you."
She looked as if she was going to be ill.
"Oh, God, Jimmy. Really? If it's not bad enough that you want your friends to see me topless and naked but also, you want me to blow Michael is just too much. Seriously? I've known him all of his life. You can't be serious," she said clutching her chest as if she was having a heart attack.
Knowing that my mother would do whatever I sexually asked, I smiled victoriously.

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