"What If I Blew You?" Asked Mom Ch. 02

tagIncest/Taboo"What If I Blew You?" Asked Mom Ch. 02

A MILF of a mother offers her son oral sex to keep him from telling his father about her sexual affair with his best friend, Uncle Hank.
This is a true story as told to me to write for Jim, Kathy's, 21-year-old son.
Author's Note:
This is a partial recap of chapter one but with much more sexual detail. Chapter 3 will show Jimmy's mother consensually doing every sexual thing that he ever imagined her willingly doing. Chapter 3 will show them starting a sexual business to make personalized, X-rated videos to post on the internet for money from admiring men.
# # #
Reread, Revised, Rewritten, and Continued from Chapter 01:
Clearly, not knowing what to expect from the mind of her manipulative, perverted son, Jimmy, Kathy, his whore of a mother looked at him with trepidation. Normally, unafraid of having random sex with strangers but even she wasn't about to have sex with just anyone, especially with her 21-year-old son. Giving her son a blowjob was one thing but she wasn't about to have an incestuous affair with him. She wasn't about to make love to him and fuck him.
Truth be told, with them all recorded in her diary, she had given hundreds of blowjobs to dozens of men. Sometimes, just to get rid of them, she'd rather suck their cocks than to French kiss men that she didn't like and never wanted to see again. She'd rather have them stick his erect pricks in her mouth than to stick their tongues in her mouth while touching her and feeling her through her clothes.
True of many women, as long as men didn't cum in their mouths, they'd much rather blow men than to French kiss men. To them French kissing was much more personal than giving someone a blowjob. Sucking a cock, much like sucking on a hotdog, wasn't very personal.
Further, many women would rather blow men than to make love to men or fuck men. They'd have to really like someone to French kiss them while allowing them to touch and feel them everywhere through her clothes. They'd have to want to continue to have a sexual relationship with them to want to make love to them and/or fuck them.
Easy for Kathy to suggest and easy for her do, she could certainly blow her son but she wasn't about to have a sexual affair with him. Sucking his cock was one thing but she'd never allow him to make love to her. She'd never allow him to fuck her. Never mind cumming in her mouth, she'd never allow him to cum in her pussy either. As appealing as it may be in the heat of the sexual moment, she'd never allow her son to finger her pussy while licking her cunt.
# # #
"We're hardly done, Mother. We've only just begun," I said. "I have several sexy things and sexual scenarios that I want to explore with you first."
As if I was asking her to stray from her element and asking her to do sexual things that she hasn't already done, when she was, clearly, already a whore, she looked at me aghast. She looked at me with embarrassment, shame, and trepidation that I knew her sexual secrets. I surmised that many of the sexy and sexual things that I wanted her to do with me, she had already done many times before with others. Far from it, this wasn't her first rodeo. I suspected that she had a long, sexual history of having sex with a multitude of men.
"Other than offering to blow you and have you cum all over my naked breasts, what more sexual things must I do to guarantee your silence?"
Cumming on my mother's tits wouldn't be much of a blowjob. I certainly wanted her to blow me but I didn't want to cum on her tits. I'd much rather cum in my mother's mouth. I'd much rather cum on her pretty face than cumming on her naked tits. I'd much rather give her a cum bath than merely cumming on her naked breasts.
# # #
With her such a hypocrite, she looked at me as if she was religious and morally modest when, far from it, she wasn't. She looked at me as if she was a virgin and, again, far from it, she lost her virginity decades ago. I stared at her as if I was seeing who she really was for the first time. I stared at my mother with incestuous lust while knowing that I was about to have my wicked, consensual, sexual way with her. What choice did she have? I had hung affair with my uncle over her pretty head.
Except for her flimsy, silk, little robe, my mother was naked. What I couldn't see of her, I could clearly imagine seeing. With her top open enough to expose her naked breasts and her bottom parted enough to expose her naked pussy, I couldn't believe that I was seeing my mother naked.
'She has a Hell of a body for an old broad,' I thought. 'Definitely, I'd bang her.'
With her no longer hiding behind the label that she was my mother, I looked over at her as if as if she was a slut. To be honest, excepting the guilt and the shame, blaming my sexual attraction to my mother all on me, I never thought of my mother as a slut. Yet, able to clearly see who she was now, indeed she was a slut. She was a cocksucking whore who was willing and ready to have sex with nearly anyone, especially with my father's best friend, Uncle Hank and, now, with her offering me a blowjob, even with me.
'While hoping to maintain my silence and stop me from telling my Dad about her sordid, sexual affair with his best friend, something I never imagined doing, I can't believe I'm sitting next to my nearly naked mother,' I thought. 'She's so pretty. She's so sexy. She's so shapely. I wish I could have sex with her.'
Then, testing the sexual waters of a mother having sex with her son, I needed to see her reaction to my soliciting sex from her. I needed to know if she sexually wanted me as much as I sexually wanted her. Taking a big breath for courage, I reach over to touch her breasts, feel her breasts, fondle her breasts, and grope her breasts. When she didn't slap my horny hand away and stop me, I fingered her erect nipples. I pulled, turned, and twisted them.
As shocked as I was sexually excited, I couldn't believe she freely allowed me to feel her naked breasts and finger her erect nipples. Something that I only imagined doing when masturbating myself, I couldn't believe she consensually allowed me to rub her wet, swollen clit and fingerfuck her naked pussy. I couldn't believe that I was masturbating my mother.
'How hot is this,' I thought? 'I'm rubbing her clit while fingerfucking her pussy. I never imagined that I'd be having my wicked, sexual way with my mother's cunt. Never did I ever think that I'd be masturbating her.'
# # #
Having read her diary more than once, reversing how she felt before about having sex with me before, seemingly, to maintain my silence, she was ready to have sex with me now. My mother was ready to give me all that I sexually wanted. She was ready to give me incestuous sex.
She was as wet and sexually frustrated as I was hard and horny. Clearly, my mother wanted me to give her sex as much as I want to give her sex. Obviously, she wanted to do more than just suck my cock and I wasn't about to disappoint her. I was ready to give her multiple orgasms with my fingers, my tongue, and my cock.
I stared down at my erect prick and watched my mother's long, thin, manicured fingers fondling the head of my naked cock while she mindlessly and slowly stroked me. With me naked below the waist, too, I couldn't believe I was sitting next to my nearly naked MILF of a mother naked. I couldn't believe that she touching my stiff prick while I was finally having my wicked, sexual way with her naked tits and her naked pussy. I couldn't believe she was giving me a slow, motherly, hand job.'
"Tell me," she said looking up at me with fear while biting her lip. "Other than offering to give you a blowjob, other than offering to suck your cock, what more must I do to maintain your silence to stop you from telling your father about Uncle Hank and me?" She paused as if rethinking what she was about to say before she made me an offer that I couldn't refuse. "I'll do anything, Jimmy, anything, for you not to tell your Dad about Uncle Hank. You just tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it," she said.
'Fuck me,' I thought. 'My mother will sexually do anything to maintain my silence. Obviously, she didn't know that I had a whole wish list of all of the sexual things that I wanted to do with my naked mother and her to do with me.'
# # #
Already knowing long in advance all that I wanted to do with her and all that I wanted her to do with me, I gave her a sexy smile and a naughty look.
"First, you must pose topless and naked for me. I want to take some sexy, topless and naked photos of you to show to my friends. With them all sexually attracted to you, I'd love to see their reactions to seeing you topless and naked," I said.
Already looking embarrassed that I wanted my friends to see her topless and naked, she looked at me as if I was crazy.
"Then, I want to make a video of us having sex," I said. "I want to make a video of you stroking me, sucking me, and fucking me. I want to make a video of me cumming in your mouth and giving you a cum bath. I want to make a video of me fingering you, licking you, eating you, and making love to you before fucking you."
All the sexual things that my mother said she'd never do with me; she was contemplating doing with me now. I watched her react to what I sexually wanted to do to her and with her. She was speechless. She looked stunned.
Filled with shame, she looked embarrassed. Based on all that I was asking her to do, these were all of things that she wrote in her diary that she'd never do with me. What comes around goes around, here I was asking her to do all of those nasty, sexy, and perverted things now.
# # #
As long as I shall live, I'll never understand women. She looked at me as if I was the perverted one when she was the whore. I could count on one hand how many women I had sex with when, and from what I read in her personal, private diary, my mother had an endless array of lovers before she married my father. Moreover, she continued having sex with men after she was married and after she had me as her only child. Once a whore, always a whore.
Not nearly done with all of the sexual and sexy things that I wanted to tell my mother that I wanted her to do with me and for me, I continued with my list of wants, needs, and sexual desires. I had given much thought to what more that I'd sexually want to do with my mother if I ever had consensual sex with her but I seriously never thought that this day would ever come. Low and behold, here it was. My golden, sexual opportunity, it was just a serendipitous happenstance that I witnessed her naked while giving Uncle Hank a blowjob.
'His cock was in her mouth while he was feeling her big tits,' I thought while remembering how it all started. 'My mother willingly, consensually, and aggressively sucked his cock. Giving him one Hell of a blowjob, my mother sucked Uncle Hank's prick,' I thought while replaying all that I witnessed through my horny mind.
"Then, after I take some sexy, naked photos and videos of you," I said pausing for the surprise ending. "I want you to blow my best friend, Michael, while I watch," I said. "I want you to suck his cock and allow him to cum in your mouth," I said tracing her red, full lips with my finger.
She looked at me as if I had lost my mind.
"He's always been sexually attracted to you. He'd love to see you naked, Mother," I said. "He'd love to receive a blowjob from you. His sexual fantasy come true, he'd love to cum in your mouth and give you a cum bath, too."
As if she was already disgusted by all that I already wanted her to sexually do, she swatted my hand away from touching her lips. She looked as if she was going to be ill. In the way that I watched my mother giving Uncle Hank a blowjob, it would be so hot to watch my mother give my best friend a blowjob, too. I would love to watch my mother sucking Michael's cock and him cumming in her mouth.
"Eww, Jimmy. Oh, my God. Really? Seriously? Are you kidding me?"
She looked at me stunned.
"If it's not bad enough that you want your friends to see photos of me topless and naked, and a video of us having sex but also, you wanting me to blow Michael is just too much. I've known him all of his life. You can't be serious," she said clutching her chest as if she was having a heart attack. "I'd be mortified just seeing his naked prick never mind stroking his prick while sucking his naked prick."
Now, knowing that my mother would do whatever I sexually asked her to do for me not to tell my father about the sexual affair that she was having with Uncle Hank, I smiled victoriously. I owned her shapely ass. Fuck my father. Fuck my Uncle Hank. They had their turns with her beautiful body. It was my turn with her, now. With me in sexual control, she was my sexual slave to do whatever I wanted to do with her now.
# # #
"That's not all, Mother. I read your diary. I read about all of your endless, sexual exploits. I now know you for who you are. You're a whore. You've always been a slut and will always be a slut. You are quite the cocksucking whore, especially when it comes to Uncle Hank and dozens of men from your sordid, sexual past," I said.
She looked at me shocked that I would dare invade her privacy by reading her diary. She looked at me with embarrassment and shame that I knew her past. With her no longer my mother, she was now my personal whore.
"I have a few more things that I'd like you to sexually do for me for you to satisfy my sexual lust for you, and for me not to tell Dad about Uncle Hank."
As if this was her worst nightmare that I discovered her cheating on my Dad with Uncle Hank, she looked at me stunned by the list of things that I sexually wanted her to do. I had been thinking about all of the incestuous things that I wanted to do with and to my mother for a long time. I spent years masturbating over each imagined, sexy, sexual scenario.
"What? Tell me. Let's end this. What more must I do to guarantee your silence? I'll do anything, anything, for you not to tell your father," she said again.
I gave her a big, sexy smile while imagining her doing all that I sexually asked her to do.
"I want to watch and video you answering the door to the pizza delivery man while wearing a towel. Then, as you pay him with one hand and reach for the pizza with your other hand, your towel suddenly drops. Oops," I said with a laugh.
"Not covering yourself with your hands or reaching for the towel, I want him to see you naked," I said. "It's bonus points if you allow him to reach out his hand to touch and feel your naked tits, finger your pussy, and/or squeeze your ass. It's more bonus points if you move to your knees, unzip him, pull out his cock, and suck him."
She gasped while turning red with embarrassment as if I had guessed that she had already shown her naked body to the pizza delivery man and, perhaps, had even blown one or two of them.
"What do I do with the bonus points," she asked while getting into my sexy game? "What are they for? Can I redeem them for you to end this disrespectful nonsense in the shameful, sexual treatment of your mother?"
I laughed out loud.
"The more bonus points you collect the more multiple, sexual orgasms that I'll give you with my fingers, my tongue, and my cock," I said with a sexy laugh.
Seemingly horrified by my endless, incestuous appetite for her, my mother looked at me aghast. She looked at me with embarrassment. She looked at me with shame. Then, betraying how she really felt with just a flash of sexual arousal taking hold of her face, she looked at me with incestuous lust.
I had sexually gotten to my mother. I had made her hot. Perhaps, she had done some of these sexy, sexual things already. Perhaps, I was bringing back forgotten memories of her having endless, forbidden sex with a multitude of men.
"Oh, God, Jimmy. I can't believe that you want and expect me to do all of these perversely, perverted things," she said with a sexually aroused look on her face. "What's wrong with you? "I can't do all of that. That's disgusting," she said while continuing to show her interest in my sexual imagination. "I'll blow you but I'm not going to have incestuous sex with you," she reiterated.
Clearly, with other men no sexual match for her, it was clear to me now that I was my mother's sexual match. We'd make for a good, sexual team. After all, I was my mother's son. Obviously, we both had the same wants, needs, desires, and sexual appetites.
# # #
Not stopping there, really just beginning, I continued with my list of sexual things that I wanted to do to my mother and watch her do with me. Now that she played her cards by showing me the type of woman that she was and has always been by blowing Uncle Hank, it was my turn to show her the type of man that I was by revealing my incestuous mother and son perversions. I couldn't wait for my mother to start doing some of these sexy things. I'll be masturbating over all that she does under my direction for my sexual benefit the rest of my life.
"I want you to sun topless out back where the neighbors can see your naked breasts," I said. "It's bonus points if you allow our neighbors to see you touching yourself, feeling your tits, and fingering your nipples. And if you dare, I'd love to watch you masturbate yourself and cum in the backyard under the watchful eyes of our neighbors. The louder you cum, the more bonus points you receive."
The first time seeing my mother's naked breasts, her sunning herself topless brought back a memory of Uncle Hank having his wicked, sexual way with my mother and her naked breasts. They had both been drinking. My father was passed out drunk on the chaise lounge while my mother was sexually fooling around with my father's best friend. Uncle Hank had removed my mother's bikini top and was having his wicked, sexual way with her naked tits while she removed his stiff prick from his bathing suit and was having her wicked, sexual way with his naked prick.
"I can do that," she said. "I love flashing my naked breasts to unsuspecting men," she said with a sexy laugh. "And if there's anyone there to see my naked breasts, that would make me horny enough to masturbate in front of them, too." Getting into my sexy game, she looked at me with as much sexual arousal as she looked at me with curiosity. "Tell me. What else do you want me to sexually do for you? This is fun," she said getting more into my incestuous game.
I gave her another sexy smile.
"I want you to be the whore that you are and have always been, Mother, but this time, for me, just for me. I want you to dress and undress with the shade up and the light on to give our neighbors a show of your naked body," I said. "Then, when you know that someone is watching you undress, I want you to feel your naked tits and finger your naked pussy. I want you to masturbate yourself in front of them while they watch."
Something that I always wanted to see and imagined seeing when masturbating myself, I stared at my MILF of a mother as if she was already naked. I stared at her while imagining me out walking my dog and looking up to see her standing in front of her bedroom window undressing and stripping herself naked while pretending that she was unaware that she was being watched. Under the watchful eye of a peeper, I imagined her removing her low-cut blouse, her short skirt, her big, white brassiere, and her bikini panties.
'How hot is that,' I thought? 'That would be so hot to look up and see my MILF of a mother standing in front of bedroom window while watching her removing her clothes and stripping herself naked.'
"It's not as if I haven't done that before, I can do that for you now," she said with a shrug and a dirty laugh. "I can definitely undress with the shade up and the light on, especially while knowing that there's someone out there watching me undress. That would be plenty, sexually exciting for me to masturbate myself while whomever was out there watched."

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