"What If I Blew You?" Asked Mom Ch. 03

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tagIncest/Taboo"What If I Blew You?" Asked Mom Ch. 03

Jimmy and his MILF of a mother, Kathy, create an online website, Mother and Son True Sexual Confessions with real mother and real son XXX-rated videos to post online.
This is a true story as told to me to write by Jim, Kathy's, 21-year-old, horny son who is sexually attracted to his mother. With mother as sexually attracted to her son as her son was sexually attracted to her, they start an online, sexually business together. Jim photographs and films his mother in public in all manner of undress while encouraging her to do every sexual thing that he sexually fantasized and imagined her doing.
Then, they post their photos and videos on the Internet for all to see. They created a web site, Mother and Son True Sexual Confessions, where they sell the full-length videos for fans to buy and to watch his nearly naked and naked mother in action for a monthly fee. Branching out, they added perfume, scented autographed photos, personalized letters and note cards, Kathy's favorite sex toys, and even sold her used panties, a big favorite in prisons, in a choice of colors and styles.
# # #
Reread, Revised, Rewritten, and Continued from Chapter 02:
Going big and going for it all, to see if his mother was serious about doing all that he sexually wanted her to do, he started by asking her to go to a nude beach with him.
"It's a beautiful day, Mother, with not a cloud in the sky. I want you to accompany me to a nude beach," said Jimmy to his mother Kathy while hoping that she'd want to go with him naked. "I want everyone to see you naked."
Wondering if she'd agree to go with him to a nude beach or if she had already changed her mind about sashaying her naked body in public, she seemed sexually excited when he first mentioned her going to a nude beach with him. Yet, talking about it was one thing, especially during the heat of sex, stripping off her clothes and walking around naked in front of dozens of horny men was something else entirely. Nevertheless, he hoped she'd agree to go with him. He'd love to see the reaction of other men seeing his MILF of a mother naked, totally naked.
I watched her face for her reaction to going to a nude beach with me. When she showed no sign of displeasure and resistance to wanting to go, I continued with my request. Yet, with her not reacting negatively to my request, made me suspicious. I expected her to rebuff me.
Now, I wondered if she had attended nude beaches before. Who knows, with my mother a whore, for all that I know, my mother may be an exhibitionist, too. With her playing the act of a morally, modest mother, she may secretly get off on men seeing her topless and naked.
Visualizing my mother in my horny mind, I imagined her naked while walking the length of a nude beach without modesty, embarrassment, and/or shame. I imagined her showing her naked ass, her naked tits, and her naked pussy to every many who passed by her. I imagined men of every shape and size flashing my mother their naked erect or flaccid pricks. Then, I imagined her turning around to walk the length of the beach the other way before finding a spot in the soft, warm sand to sun herself.
# # #
"I want dozens of passing men to see you naked," I said while hoping to get her in the mood to willingly and consensually expose herself. "I want you to see dozens of naked men's pricks."
Then, while trying to read her to tell if she'd go with me to a nude beach or not, pushing the limit of our mother and son incestuous, sexual relationship, I told her what I wanted and expected her to do.
"Then, once there, finding a private spot behind the sand dunes, I want to watch you masturbate yourself in front of a small group of horny and admiring men. Sexually teasing them, I want you to rub your clit while fingerfucking your pussy as they watch you masturbate yourself. As you slide a slow tongue, across your red, full lips, I want you to sexually tease them while staring up at them as you pull, turn, and twist your nipples."
Then, your choice of which man or men that you'd want to have sex with, I want you to allow strangers to touch you, feel you, fondle you, and grope you. I want to watch them sticking their cocks in your hand and in your mouth while I watch," I said while waiting for her to stop me and protest my group, naked, sexual fantasy.
When she didn't stop me, I continued telling her all that I sexually wanted her to do.
"While I film all of the sexual action, I want to watch you stroking men and sucking men you don't know and have never met," I said. "Finally, as if you're Japanese whore, I want to watch them give you a bukkake, cum bath. I want to watch them cumming in your mouth, all over your face, and across your naked breasts. That would be so hot, Mother."
# # #
This time, instead of not showing any reaction and instead of her looking at me sexually aroused, she looked at me with disgrace and shame. I hoped that I wasn't ruining everything by pushing my mother too far, too fast, and too soon. Then, there it was. Betraying her look of mother and son's sexual violation, a look of sexual arousal flashed across her face. She punctuated her look by giving me a sexy, little smile.
Unsure how far she'd go before, it was then that I knew she'd willingly and consensually sexually do whatever I asked her to do. With my mother such a slut, she'd even have sex with several men on a nude beach while I watched and videoed her. She'd stroke them and suck them and would even allow them to cum in her mouth and all over her face.
Again, with us making a good team, and with our sexual desires and incestuous passions aligned like the stars in a constellation, it was then that I knew that we were on the same sexual page. With her wanting to do every sexual thing that I wanted her to do, it was then that I knew she would do whatever I sexually wanted her to do. It was then that I truly appreciated my mother being a whore, albeit a classy, very beautiful, and sexually appealing whore.
Not many mothers would willingly and consensually do any of the sexy and sexual things that I was asking her to do. Clearly, as long as the sex was consensual albeit reluctant, we weren't doing anything more than what other couples have done when posting their sexy, X-rated videos on the Internet. Yet, the main difference and the real difference with us was, instead of us pretending that we were mother and son having sex, indeed, we really were mother and son having sex. She was my real mother and I was her real son.
'How hot is that,' I thought while excited about videoing my mother in action and posting her sexual escapades on the Internet? 'If it wasn't enough that my mother was willing to have incestuous sex with me, her son, a mother allowing her son to video her naked in public was insanely rare and incestuously exciting. How hot is that?'
Moreover, a mother having sex with her real son and a son having sex with his real mother doesn't get any hotter than that. I couldn't wait to start videoing my nearly naked and/or naked mother on the street, at a hotel pool, on the balcony, on a nude beach, in a public park, on the subway, on a bus, in a restaurant, and at all public places doing all sorts of sexy things.
As if we were suddenly porn stars, I couldn't wait to post a multitude of sexy videos of my MILF of a mother online. I could wait for a multitude of unsuspecting men to see my mother topless and naked. I couldn't wait to see their surprised reactions to seeing my mother sexually doing what they wished their mothers would sexually do to and for them.
# # #
'While careful that we weren't arrested for incent exposure, how hot would that be to record her walking naked on a public street while everyone stared at her, photographed her, and/or recorded her? While careful not to be arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior, how hot would that be to have sex with her in public while people watched? Ruining all that we had planned and all that we had wanted to sexually do, the last thing that we wanted to was to be arrested.
Yet, how hot would that be to allow a small crowd of strangers watching me having sex with my mother. How hot would that be watching my mother having sex with her son? How hot would that be for my mother to invite a few, sexually attractive men to participate in the sexual action by touching and feeling her naked body while I filmed it?'
Dressed in a sheer, nearly see-through dress without wearing panties or a bra, my mother was as naked as she could be without breaking any nudity laws. With people staring, photographing us, and/or doing double takes, I walked around with my mother dressed like that all day. While I filmed all of her exhibitionism, I couldn't count how many men she had flashed her nearly naked body that day.
When I first told her about having sex in public, she made a face as if she had just swallowed a bug or ate something sour or bitter. Playing the morally, modest mother, she made a face as if she had never had sex in public before, even though, from all that I read in her diary, she's had sex in public numerous times. Her diary had many references to her sucking and fucking in public. Her diary had many references to her walking around topless and naked in public.
'With my MILF of a mother definitely a whore, once a whore, always a whore,' I thought.
"That's disgusting Jimmy," she said while looking at me with shame, embarrassment, and disgust. Then, she fell quiet while clearing thinking about having sex with me and with others in public. "Yet, now that I remember of all that I've done, I've done worse things at college frat parties and during spring break," she said with a sexy laugh and a shrug.
We went to a park and hid behind a tree while watching and waiting for someone to come. Making no difference if it was a man, a woman, or a couple watching us, as soon as they neared, I unzipped myself and pulled out my prick. With my mother stroking me to an erection, she moved to her knees and took me in her mouth as people passed by us. My mother blew me in public. She sucked my cock as I filmed it.
# # #
As if it had never occurred to her to do any of these sexy and sexual things with me, especially with me, it surely occurred to her now. I'd willingly be her sexual pawn in all of her erotic escapades. Ready to play the innocent son while my mother sexually seduced me as if she was Mrs. Robinson in the Graduate, how hot would that be to be the sexual victim to my mother while I recorded our incestuous sex and as an audience of men watched?
"For sure, with my son by my side, it would be my kind of fun sexually teasing men at a nude beach. It would be fun masturbating myself in front of them. It would be fun having sex in public with you," she said with sexual arousal.
Really getting into my game of mother and son true confessions of sex and debauchery now, yet, strangely and sexually exciting enough, she looked at me as if hoping for more. She looked at me as if she was disappointed that I wasn't more forthcoming with every sexy, sexual thing that I wanted my MILF of a mother to do with me, her son. She looked at me with sexual arousal as if she was eager to try all of the sexy and sexual things that I suggested and those that I hadn't yet mentioned.
"What more do you have in mind, Jimmy? Is that it," she asked while looking at me with trepidation mixed with sexual arousal? "Are we done? Or is there more?"
I gave my mother another sexy smile while imagining her doing all of my sexual bidding, things that I had imagined her doing and had masturbated over her doing. Already sexually excited, I couldn't wait to see her walk the city streets while partially naked and totally naked in public. I couldn't wait to see the reaction of unsuspecting men seeing my mother without her clothes. I couldn't wait for strangers to watch us having sex on a public street.
With her naked ass and naked pussy in plain view, I filmed her wearing see-through pantyhose without wearing a skirt. I filmed her with her blouse unbuttoned and her big, white brassiere visible. I filmed her not wearing a bra and with her blouse unbuttoned and her big, naked tits bouncing and swaying. I filmed dozens of men staring at my mother's naked breasts.
It was quite the surprising and unexpected reaction for men to see my mother's naked tits. Yet, with all of the nearly naked and naked flashing we did, not one man approached her to hit on her. Oddly enough, they just looked, gawked, and stared at her. Seemingly, unsuspecting men were too shocked, too shy, or too embarrassed to react. Had they approached her, my mother would have allowed them to touch her and feel her. She may even have sucked their cocks while I filmed all of the action.
# # #
"I want you to go to an XXX-rated movie theater with me. Then, while pretending that we're not together and while watching you from a distance, I want you to allow strange men to touch you, feel you, fondle you, grope you, and undress you while you masturbate them," I said. "I want to watch them cumming all over your hand and all over your clothes."
Hoping she wasn't thinking that I was asking and expecting too much from her, I'd love to watch three or four men groping my mother while having their sexual way with her. I'd love to watch them unbutton her blouse and remove her tits from her bra. I'd love to watch them fondling her naked breasts while fingering her erect nipples. I'd love to watch her stroking them and masturbating them. I'd love to watch them cum all over my mother.
Adding to and regenerating my sexual excitement, I reached out to feel my mother's naked breasts while fingering her erect nipples. Hard to wrap my head around, I couldn't believe that I was feeling my mother's big, naked tits while pulling, turning, and twisting her erect nipples. Never believing that she'd ever consensually invite me to feel her tits, I loved feeling her naked tits. I love fingering her erect nipples. As if her tits were mine, I loved sucking her big, erect nipples.
Aside from her shapely ass and her pretty face, my mother had beautiful breasts. She had breasts like Bo Derek or Jenny McCarthy. Her breasts were so shapely and so firm. She had the breasts of a twenty-five-year-old woman instead of a forty-five-year-old woman. She had breasts as good if not better than any porn star or Playboy playmate, topless model. When keeping in mind her age, on a scale of ten, my mother was a ten.
# # #
"Jesus Christ, Jimmy. Are you finally done with your demands," she asked while a look of disappointment flashed across her face to show how she really felt about me being done with my sexual requests? "You're going to have to write all of this down for me to remember everything that you want me to do. I'll never remember everything that you expect me to sexually do to satisfy your every, sexual whim," she said sighing loudly while rolling her eyes.
Clearly, as unbelievable as it was, she wanted me to ask her to sexually do more than I was asking her to do. Perhaps, we were thinking the same thing that we could make some money by posting our sexy, naked videos on the Internet. Fans would pay us good money to watch the full, unedited, and X-rated versions of videos of a real mother having forbidden sex with her real son and a son having incestuous sex with his mother.
Who wouldn't want to see a mother and her son naked together? Who wouldn't want to watch a mother blowing her son? Who wouldn't want to watch a son masturbating and eating his mother's pussy? Who wouldn't want to watch a son cumming in his mother's mouth and all over her face? Who wouldn't want to watch a mother and son making love? Who wouldn't want to watch a mother and son fucking?
'How hot is that,' I thought? 'A real mother sucking her real son's cock while her son cums in her mouth. That's hot. A real son giving his mother a sexual orgasm while fucking her is what men want to see.'
Sexually satisfied with my plan to use my mother to play out all of my sexual fantasies, I smiled at my mother.
"Actually, I have just one more thing," I said ready to tell her what more that I wanted her to sexually do. I paused with trepidation. I paused with sexual lust while imagining finally having all of my sexual fantasies come true. "I want you to arrange for me to have sex with Aunt Rose," I said.
I imagined enlisting Uncle Hank and Aunt Rose in our video business. With Hank having already had sex with my mother, I didn't know if my aunt would want to have sex with me. If she was agreeable to having sex with me, we could pretend that she's my real aunt having sex with her nephew. We could pretend that Uncle Hank is my real uncle having sex with my mother. We could pretend that my mother was having forbidden sex with her brother-in-law instead of having sex with her husband's best friend.
# # #
Chapter 03:
Son proposes a laundry list of sexy, sexual things that he wants to do to and with his mother for their new Internet business of posting sexy, X-rated, topless and naked videos of his mother online. Easy to find sons who are sexually attracted to their mothers, it was much harder to find mothers who would willingly and consensually have sex with their sons. Easy to find sons who'd love to video their topless and naked mothers, yet, how many mothers would agree to be filmed by their sons without their clothes?
"First, you must pose topless and naked for me," I said with sexual excitement while imagining my mother posing topless and naked. "I want to take some sexy, topless and naked photos of you to show to my friends. With them all sexually attracted to you, I'd love to see their reactions to seeing you topless and naked," I said.
Already looking embarrassed that I wanted my friends to see photos of her topless and naked, she looked at me as if I was crazy.
"Oh, God, Jimmy, I don't want your friends seeing me without my clothes. I don't want them to see me topless and naked. I'd be so embarrassed. I'd be humiliated. I could never face them again with them knowing that they've seen my naked breasts and the rest of my naked body. I could never face them again with them knowing that we were having incestuous sex," she said.
Then, again, when I saw a glimmer of sexual arousal flash across her face, I knew that she would do anything and everything that I sexually asked her to do. I knew that she wanted my friends to see her topless and naked as much as I wanted them to see her topless and naked. I knew that she wanted to have sex with my friends as much as I wanted to have sex with my mother, and as much as I wanted her to have sex with me.
"That's not all," I said. "I want to make a video of us having mother and son sex," I said. "I want to make a video of me fingering you, licking you, and eating your pussy. I want to make a video of me making love to you. I want to make a video of you stroking me, sucking me, and fucking me. I want to make a video of me cumming in your mouth, all over your face, and across your naked breasts. I want to make a video of me giving you, my mother, a cum bath."
The first, full-length video that I took of us was of me having incestuous sex with my mother. I had the camera supported on a shelf across from us to capture all of the sexual action. We were both naked and in bed without the covers or even a sheet. While making out with one another and touching and feeling one another everywhere, in didn't take her long for her to become as wet as I was hard. It didn't take her very long for her to have a sexual orgasm.
I slid halfway down the bed and moved between my mother's shapely thighs. I fingered her pussy while licking her cunt. Determined to make her cum, I didn't stop until she had a sexual orgasm from me eating her. Not stopping there, I gave my mother another sexual orgasm with my fingers and my tongue. I loved eating her pussy. I couldn't stop licking her cunt.

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