What Men Love To Hear After Sex?

After having sex, men want to sleep whereas women want to talk. This is one of the main reasons why women misunderstand men. For this reason, few women feel that they are being used by their men. Did you know men also want to hear few things after having sex? But what do they like to hear in the tired state? Find out…

5 things men love to hear after having sex:

You killed me! For men, this is a compliment. Often men are conscious about their penis sizes and hearing such a compliment after making love is a big achievement for them! Most of the men want to hear such things on bed after making love.

It was great: Like the previous compliment, men would love to hear this sentence after having sex. They need to be encouraged for their action and effort! Just hug him tight and tell, the session was great!

I had fun: Sex is fun! It is a way to lighten stress and rejuvenate love life. Tell him that you had fun while making love. The best time to tell him is when you two are relaxing after achieving pleasure.

Why not again? Sometimes a man might be in a mood to make love again but can hesitate to approach you. This is because women easily get tired and are not in a mood to repeat again. Even though women are in mood after having sex, they are too tired. So, for a change, encourage your man for a new lovemaking session.

I never had such a pleasure before: If you say this thing to your man after having sex, he will be the happiest man on Earth! Make your man feel proud for his effort by appreciating his hard work.

Say these things to your man after having sex. He will definitely love to hear such things before sleeping.