What Men Notice First In A Woman?

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Do you think that it is only women who notice men and guys just ‘check out’ the chicks. Not really, less observant as men are but you cannot deny them the very fact of making a note of the features of a woman who they are planning chase. What attracts guys to you is not written on your clothes or makeup, they do look beyond that (at least sometimes). So girls, if you want to get noticed then you have to play by their rules. 

Here are some the things that a men notice within first few minutes of a conversation or while ‘checking out’.

What Men Notice About Women?

1. Vital Numbers: 36..24..36… Are those your vital numbers, meaning measurements? Then you have a already scored a bomb. At a glance what attracts guys at first is the figure of a girl. If your silhouette is like a drum then there are slim chances that a guy will seek you out. But if cast an hour glass like shadow then he will be chasing shadows.

2. Are You Hairy? There are two questions in one here. The hair on your head is a huge trump card to get noticed by guys but the hair on your body is not. Men love women with bouncy well styled hair. It is believed that men like women with long hair because it is mark of femininity. Body hair on the other hand is a huge turn off.

3. Just Below The Neckline: Well you cannot expect that men won’t notice your most vital asset, your bosom. They don’t have and so they want it all the more. Even a plain looking woman with a good bosom can get a guy hooked. So now you know what attracts men to women?

4. Deep Are Those Eyes: Having spoken about the shallow aspects of men’s attention, it is only fair that we talk about the deeper ones. Men like women with deep mysterious eyes because it is a challenge for them to unlock that mystery. If your eyes are shallow then you are too easy for him.

5. The Scent Of A Woman: It has been scientifically proven that when women get attracted to a man, they emit a scent that can be picked up by men unconsciously. Or else you can also interpret it as the perfume you are using; men like light floral scents more than strong or pungent ones.

6. Dressed To Impress: How you are dressed says a lot about you. It tells them from where you are, a metro city or a small town or may be what profession you practice. These attributes also play a part in the chasing game.

7. Heels Or Height: You may get noticed for your height but getting hooked is another matter. Men find heels attractive but if it makes you taller than them then it becomes a male ego issue!