What We Did in Lockdown

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What We Did in Lockdown
I opened the door to the smell of home-cooked food coming in from the kitchen. "You have enough time to go in and wash up for supper Kent." I heard a voice say.
"Brenda? Who do you have in here with you?" I asked.
"No one is here with me. Who else were you expecting to be in here?" She answered, replying with a question.
"I was expecting you but not in the kitchen by yourself cooking," I answered as I walked into the kitchen seeing her stirring a pot on the stove. "I expected to be going out to a restaurant to eat supper or calling in for delivery. I will say though, it smells good in here."
Brenda is my stepsister that was needing a place to stay when she found her boyfriend in her bed with another woman from his place of work.
Her mom and my dad had sold the house they lived in and moved to West Virginia right after I put money down on my own house in Eastern Oklahoma. That was eight months ago. It takes me almost an hour to drive to work each morning.
Yesterday evening Brenda called me and asked if she could come and stay with me. I had given Brenda a spare key when she arrived last night with all she could carry with her in her pickup.
Brenda stands five feet three inches with a slender build. She has B cup size tits. I found that out when I happened to overhear her talking with my ex-girlfriend two months ago. She also has shoulder-length light brown hair. Brenda goes to the college in the town nearby and she had lived with her boyfriend who was renting an apartment in town.
Brenda works at a store in town as a cashier and takes food orders for people wanting to eat there. Brenda didn't cook because she didn't know how to cook the last time we had met at dad and her mom's for Thanksgiving last year.
As I finished swallowing the bite of food in my mouth I asked Brenda. "When did you learn to cook such good food? This really tastes good. I just may tie you up to where you have to stay here and keep cooking for me. This is so good." I said teasing her while being serious about the taste of the food.
"I just might stay willingly if you don't bring another woman in here and fuck her in my bed. It best you fuck her in your own bed."
"You have a deal," I said before stuffing another bite into my mouth. After swallowing that bite of food, I asked. "Now when did you learn to cook?"
"A lot of practice by following recipes on the internet. I also asked a lot of questions from other people that know how to cook. Thank you. I'm glad that you like it."
Brenda and I became step-siblings in our early teens when my dad married her mom. I had lived with my mom until she was killed in a bad car wreck that was like a twenty car pile up. She was between two semi-trucks on an icy road and the one in front of her jackknifed and neither she nor the truck behind her could stop in time and they slid into the jackknifed truck. Along with others beside them and behind them. When mom and dad divorced I was six years old. When mom was killed I was thirteen. When dad and my stepmom married I was fifteen and Brenda was fourteen. Brenda and I just happened to like each other and got along really well for the most part. I think her dad being killed in the same twenty car pileup as my mom helped us bond like we did.
My dad had a hard time relating to teenagers and it showed in the way he spoke to Brenda and I. He was coarse in the way he spoke and my grandma (dad's mom) would get involved and get him to rethink about what he was demanding us to do or not do. Brenda and I were hurt by the way he spoke to us at those times. Even his comments were hurtful at times when we were just talking at meal times.
So I ask you what are the odds of two teenagers becoming step-siblings that had a parent die in the same car pileup and end up butting heads with the same man that is raising you?
Right out of high school I quit my part-time job and went to work full time at a plumbing company in Fort Smith Arkansas. Brenda Started her college studies right after the summer break after high school. She is now twenty-one and I am twenty-two. I had kept living with my dad and stepmom till I had enough money to put a good size down payment on the house. Brenda stayed at home the first year of college where she had met her ex-boyfriend. She also worked part-time at the store she is working at now.
When my mom died her insurance paid her funeral expenses and left me with a big chunk of money in return. It was put into a savings account till I was old enough to draw the money out as I wished. I used the money to put towards my pickup that is six years old now. When I bought it, it was used and I lucked out that I haven't had a lot of problems with it as of yet and hope to not have any for some time to come.
My dad and stepmom bought Brenda's car. My dad decided to buy and sell cars for extra cash and so he bought cars from the auction block and then resold them. He had bought a small car that would suit Brenda which would be easy on gas. The problem is, he wouldn't do much if anything to the cars he had bought and sold like he should have done. He put a tune up and oil change in the car he gave to Brenda but it also needed other things done to it before giving it to her. At least once a week either him or I would have to help get her car back on the road again or pull it home to work on it. I did some shopping around and found her a pickup one year older than mine and again luck had it that she hasn't broken down on the side of the road since. She is making the payments on it and just about has it paid off. Her pickup did cost just a little bit less than mine did but it was within her budget.
I helped her with the down payment so she could work it into her budget. She says she will pay me back but I told her not to worry about it. What dad did in my book was wrong and didn't give her anything but a lot of headaches. I know he gave me a lot of headaches.
With the table cleared off and the kitchen cleaned up I said. "I'm going to shower and relax unless you need help getting things out of your truck and don't have any more stuff to go get."
"You go right ahead and take your shower. I brought everything last night in from my truck and got my room all set up. Thank you though."
I got my shower and put on a pair of my boxers and walked back to the living room to hear Brenda say. "…I told you not to call me again and you best lose this number!" Then she brought the phone down and pushed a button on it and slammed it down on the end-table beside her. "Grrrr!"
"I take it, asshole called you," I said walking over to the couch to sit next to Brenda.
"Yes! I need to get a cell phone that I can block calls on like my friend Jenna has." Brenda's phone chimed again. She picked it up and saw it was her ex calling her back again. "Grrrrr! He doesn't know when to fucking quit! He is such an ass!" Pushing the end call button on the phone again.
"Why not just turn it off for now."
"I just did."
"Good for you. Does he know that you are here with me?"
"No thank God! It is also a good thing he doesn't know where you live because he never came with me the few times I've been here. I so wish I had listened to you when you said he was a womanizer and a cheater. Which by the way! How did you know he was a cheater?"
"I saw him one day when my boss decided to show up on the job site and took us out to lunch. He was with another woman then and they were all lovey-dovey with each other in a booth near us. He never saw me. They were side by side mind you."
"Why didn't you tell me that?"
"I did. You kept telling me 'it wasn't him he wouldn't do that to me'. It had to be 'some guy that looks like him. They say everyone has a twin out there someplace'. Do you remember that conversation you and I had?"
"Yes, now I do. I am so sorry I didn't believe you. I should know by now that you are the one true step-brother/friend I have. You have always been truthful with me and have helped me with so much over the years since our folks got married. You always seemed to have my back in so many ways and times." Brenda said, she laid her head over on my shoulder. She wrapped her arms around me. In turn I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and held her with a firm grip.
Brenda and I continued to cuddle on the couch as we watched a few shows before the evening news and weather came on. That is when we heard that the different states were in a stay at home order and others in shutdown. For the next week I went to work but had to keep our distance from others and we had to wear a face mask off and on depending on what the job was and where on the job sight. Almost half of my co-workers took off from work or quit because they were so scared of catching the virus. I don't know what other companies did in the construction field. My company continued to work with rules and conditions to try and keep us employees safe and working.
Restaurants closed and the fast-food chains got to stay open. Brenda's job stayed open being a dairy store as well as fast-food and drive-through restaurant all in one. The employees had to wear face masks and rubber gloves while working at all times. Brenda wasn't able to go to her classes on campus anymore so she stayed home except to go into work.
In the evenings that Brenda had to work the swing shift, I would stop and wait till she got her lunch break to eat my evening supper with her at the store. When she worked the day shift she would cook us something to eat at home and have it ready when I walked through the front door. On the weekends we both would help each other do the cooking or I would just cook something if she was having to work on my days off. On my days off I would also have supper on the table for us when she came home.
Brenda ended up buying a new phone since her ex couldn't figure out he needed to leave her alone. One day he walked into the store while Brenda was working and tried to cause trouble with her. I walked in on my lunch break and saw the manager and Brenda along with Brenda's ex talking. The manager was trying to calm the ex down but he kept talking loud and trying to push his way through to get to Brenda. The manager told the ex she was going to call the police if he didn't leave and leave quietly. He didn't see me walk in and walk up behind him. Just as I walked up behind him he reared back to swing his fist into either the manager or Brenda but I happened to catch his arm and spin him around and kicked him in his balls causing him to bend over double. I kept a firm grip on his arm and as he bent over I twisted his arm and another customer used his foot and knocked ex's feet out from under him causing him to hit the floor face first. During all of this, I heard a snap but I'm not sure where the sound came from. Right away after the snap sound, Brenda's ex cried out in pain and there was no more resistance in his arm that I held so I let it go. I heard cheers from customers that were there as soon as we had the ex held down on the floor. The customer and I kept Brenda's ex penned to the floor till the cops arrived. They arrested him for stalking, harassment, and disturbance of the peace, along with assault and battery to cause bodily harm on two counts. When he told the cops that I broke his arm they told him "You were lucky that was all he had done to you. Had it been my sister you were harassing and fixing to hit, I would've broken both arms and both legs so you wouldn't be able to ever walk again…"
That evening while Brenda and I were cuddling on the couch in front of the television she said. "My boss told me to take a week off from work to get myself together again before I return back to work. She said I should maybe be checked for the corona in case my ex had been affected with the virus."
"Sounds like it may be what you need to do. As long as he has harassed you and tried to stalk you. Your nerves are almost shot. You still have the shakes and the spooks when there is a noise of any kind." There was the sound of thunder way off in the distance and Brenda jumped with a start. "See, just like that. I am here to protect you so don't worry about it. Besides, the weatherman said it was just thunderstorms and rain."
Ever since Brenda moved in with me and this shutdown has gone into effect, we've been getting a lot of rain and thunderstorms going through our part of the country.
I always sleep in the nude and before Brenda moved in I was nude soon after I walked through the front door of my house every evening. With Brenda here, I've been keeping my clothes on till after I take my shower right after supper.
Brenda usually keeps her work uniform on when she gets home which is a white button-up shirt and black jeans. After we eat I get my shower first, otherwise, she will leave me no hot water and I would have to wait for thirty minutes or more, for the water to get hot again. After she takes her shower she puts on a sleep shirt and if there is a chill in the air she will put a housecoat over it. The hem of her shirt stops just at the bottom of her butt cheeks leaving her no room to bend over, even for the slightest, without flashing the start of her ass cheeks. There is no missing the fact that she is braless under the sleep shirt the way her nipples poke out, tenting the shirt in two places on her chest. When she sits down she will cross her legs at her ankles then she lets her legs gap apart giving me a nice view of her bald pussy. When she sits down and I am sitting on the couch before her, she flashes her butt cheeks at me as she is sitting every time. I usually will even see her pussy lips as she sits down.
I have spent many a night masturbating to her image in my mind. Ever since she has moved in with me, she has given me more images to masturbate to her with.
While watching the television the first wave of the thunderstorm passed through leaving the rain behind. Before we turned in for the night, the rain had stopped but I knew by the weather report another wave was on its way. Without thinking anything about the next thunderstorm that's on its way or the way I sleep, I stripped off my boxers and got into bed.
After having a few images in my mind to work with, I began to slowly stroke my dick with my hand when I heard the first clap of thunder sound off in the near distance. Before the roll of thunder was out of hearing distance, Brenda was knocking on my bedroom door. Before I could answer her another clap sounded causing Brenda not to wait for an answer. She screamed pushing open the door and jumped into bed and under the sheet with me, grabbing me in a bear hug shivering like she was freezing. I had never seen her move so fast in my life ever before.
As soon as I felt her and she had me in a bear hug under the sheet I realized not only am I nude in my bed but she is also naked. I had just managed to turn onto my side as she got halfway to the bed from the door. I sleep on the door side of my bed to be closer to the bathroom. I had just managed to get the sheet over my lower half and turn my back to the door just before Brenda jumped into bed from the foot of the bed. With the speed of her movements from the door to the bed, on the bed, pulling the sheet down on the other half of the bed, to colliding into me as she wrapped her arms and legs around me, it caused me to roll back over to my back again leaving Brenda on top of me.
Somehow the sheet had slid off Brenda's butt leaving our legs covered. My still hard dick now is trapped between us. Brenda's tits are pressed into my chest and I could feel her nipples poking into my chest as well. "Please hold me Kent! I'm sorry to be such a scaredy-cat! But ever since that day at the store, I realized that you are my go-to person to help rescue me. I feel so much safer in your arms when it is storming like this. Please don't make me leave and just hold me for a little bit. I feel like he is still stalking me for some reason."
"Rest Assured, he'll wish he had left you alone if he has the nerve to show his face looking for you ever again. He will even wish he hadn't stalked you if he tries again." As soon as I said that I felt Brenda's arms squeeze me a little bit tighter for a moment, and then relax but still wrapped around me.
A moment later Brenda raised her head up off of my shoulder and looked into my eyes. "Did I… interrupt something… or did… I cause something to get hard?"
Without thinking and never being able to tell her a lie, I just answered with. "Both."
Brenda just looked at me for a moment giving that look of running things through her brain. Like she is trying to put all the dots together in the right order before she finally said. "You were masturbating while thinking about me and then here I am busting through your door scared out of my wits and I pen down… your… still hard dick… or is it a cock? I ask that because a cock is very big and dick is a tiny little short thing a lot of guys say is their cock."
"Yes, I was masturbating thinking about how sexy you are. Yes. You didn't give me any time to put something on or to finish taking care of it. It depends on how big a dick has to be before you call it a cock and not just a dick."
"Judging by the feel of it on my lower belly and below that even I would say you are sporting a cock. OH! To hell with it! I need to see it! It feels like it is huge!" Lifting herself up off of me and looking down between us and then a lightning flash lights up the room with a clap almost right after with another wave of thunderstorms moving our way. "AAA!" Brenda screams and drops back down on top of me with arms wrapped around me again. "Damn that thunder! Without turning me loose turn your lamp on. Or hold me and get me closer to it so I can reach up and turn it on. I couldn't see your dick or cock in that flash of lightning."
I turned on the lamp and put my hand back on Brenda's back again where I had both hands as soon as she had me wrapped into a bear hug. The only time I didn't have them on her back was when she raised up to look down between us just before the lightning flashed. My hands just slid down and around her sides as she raised herself up and slid back to her back as she dropped back down on me.
With the bedside lamp on I said. "Just calm down. It is just a thunderstorm and rain."
"I know but that jerk never held me like this when it was storming. I was always scared, even back when we were at home as kids. Your dad even made fun of me being scared of the thunder which didn't help me. I would just sit in my room and cry every time these storms came in. I hated them." The whole time Brenda was telling me this she was rubbing her body up and down ever so slightly keeping my dick stimulated enough to stay hard.
"You should have come to me and told me this. I would have held you then. I slept with pajamas on back then and not naked as I do now."
"Had I known that I could have got to your room without your dad or my mom knowing I would have. I so wished you had come to my room. I hated your dad for teasing me that way and making me stay in my room and not letting me go to his and mom's room."
"My dad in my book is not the nicest man to have as a father. He was bad about teasing me about things that scared me as well as a little boy growing up. Now I better let you know something. If you keep doing what you're doing, I am going to make a big mess between us."
Brenda stopped moving and raised up and looked down between us at my dick. "I am so horny right now and you have the biggest dic… COCK! I have ever seen…!!! in my life!" She screamed out 'cock' loud enough that I thought my eardrums would burst. "I know we are called brother and sister since our parents are married. But you and I are not blood related so,… I so much want your cock in my pussy… So would you be willing to let me finish you off in my pussy, so I can feel what a cock feels like in me? At least for this once?"

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