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What Would You Do If Tempted?
Be honest. Tell the truth. Don't be embarrassed. Don't be ashamed. No one is here to judge you. There's no one here but for you and me.
Tell me. What would you do if your female relatives came onto you? What would you do if they sexually tempted you, sexually teased you, and sexually seduced you to have incestuous sex with them? Imagine your female relatives exposing themselves to you for you to agree to have sex with them. Would you have sex with them?
"Show me your tits, Mom. I want to see your naked tits."
As soon as his redheaded mother, Maureen, exposed her naked breasts to her son, Ryan was all over his mother's big tits. Touching them, feeling them, squeezing them, and fondling them, he pulled, turned, and twisted her erect nipples. Then, not satisfied with just having his wicked, sexual way with her tits, he wanted more. Why not? If his 48-year-old mother readily showed him her naked breasts and allowed him to have his wicked, sexual way with them, what else would she agree to sexually do with her horny, 24-year-old son?
"Blow me, Mom. Suck my cock. I need to cum in your beautiful mouth."
Not expecting her to stroke his prick and suck his prick, Maureen surprised her son when she moved to her knees and took her son's erect prick in her hand to slowly stroke him. While staring up at him with love mixed with incestuous lust, she stroked him faster and harder. Then, leaning forward, she kissed his cock and licked his cock before she took him in her mouth. Stroking him faster and harder while sucking him deeper, she stared up at him with her big, blue eyes.
"Cum Ryan. Cum in Mommy's mouth," she said temporarily removing his stiff prick from her mouth to speak before taking him in her mouth again.
He put a gentle hand to the back of his mother's red head.
"Oh, Mom. That feels so good. Blow me. Don't stop. I need to cum in your beautiful mouth," said her son.
# # #
Think about it. I dare you. No, I double dare you. You've been double dared to resist and not to capitulate, surrender, and submit to the sexual seduction of your female relatives. You've been double dared not to have sex with any of them, even after they targeted you as a potential lover and solicited you for sex.
Especially for those men who proudly proclaim that they'd never have incestuous sex with any of their female relatives, what would it take to change your mind? What would it take for you to have incestuous sex with your mother, your sister, your aunt, your cousin, and/or your grandmother? Have you ever masturbated yourself over any of your female relatives? Have you ever thought about any of your female relatives stripped naked while having incestuous sex with you?
"Be honest. Tell the truth. There's no one here but me and you. Who would know? No one would know. If given the green light, would you have sex with any of your female relatives? If they wanted to have sex with you as much as you wanted to have sex with them, would you disgrace yourself and ruin them by having sex with them?"
Think about it. What would they have to do to sexually entice you to strip them naked before stripping yourself naked, too? What would it take for you to fuck them? What would it take for you to allow them to blow you? Imagine how good it would feel to cum in their mouths? With them practically daring you, why wouldn't you want to stick your stiff prick in their mouths and ejaculate a load of warm, oozy cum in their mouths?
# # #
I wrote that the women in this story were Ryan's mother, Maureen, his sister, Irene, his aunt, Aileen, his cousin, Kerry, and his grandmother, Mary. Yet, depending on the circumstances, those men who would never have sex with their MILF mothers eagerly may have sex with their sexy sisters, their hot aunts, their slutty cousins, and/or with their horny and sexually frustrated grandmothers. Those men who would never have incestuous sex with any of their blood related relatives, perhaps, would have sex with their mothers-in-law, their sisters-in-law, their stepmothers, and/or their stepsisters.
"Yeah, I know. If they were all good looking enough, sexy enough, shapely enough, consensually willing enough, and if the man was horny enough, I dare say that he'd have sex with all of them. Especially if they all came on to you first, with them making the first sexual moves, he'd fuck them all, wouldn't he? Of course, he would. After fucking them, he'd want them all to blow him. He'd want to cum in all of their mouths."
Just so that I understand what kind of man you are? Which of the above-mentioned women would you have forbidden sex with if you could? Be honest. Think about it. Think about all of your female relatives. Imagine them naked and on their knees. Imagined them naked in in your bed. Imagine them wanting to have sex with you as much as you want to have sex with them.
Are you sexually attracted to any of the women in your family that I mentioned above? A telling sign, is there one female relative that you regularly masturbate over while imagining her naked and having sex with you? Surely, there must be, at least, one blood related female that you sexually lust over and wish that you could fuck.
# # #
"Before getting to your sister, your aunt, your cousin, and your grandmother, a good place to begin, let's start with your mother, shall we? Allow me to paint a sexual scenario that could possibly happen and one that, no doubt, you couldn't resist. Allow me to suggest something that may tempt a man, any man who proudly proclaimed that he'd never have incestuous sex with his mother or with any of his blood related relatives. Allow me to suggest something that may change his mind for him to want to have incestuous sex with his mother."
Imagine your divorced, MILF of a mother celebrating her 48th birthday party with friends by attending a CFNM, clothe female, nude male, strip club. It's late, very late, and your mother awakened you by noisily coming home. She's not only terribly drunk but also, she's wicked horny. You greet her at the front door dressed in your pajama bottoms without underwear and, after seeing the condition of your mother, you already have a throbbing and pulsating erection in anticipation of her, hopefully, giving you sex. Hold that thought.
Imagine your mother staggering to the front door with her clothes disheveled, her hair a mess, and with her laughing and talking to herself. Her skewed blouse is rebuttoned in the wrong holes. Her white, bikini panties are sticking out of the top of her pocketbook, and her half-buttoned skirt is on backwards. Obviously, she had some sexual fun with the strippers. Clearly, the strippers had some sexual fun with your mother.
Imagine her having great difficulty putting the key in the lock and unlocking the front door after dropping her keys, not once but twice. After celebrating her birthday by drinking champagne and doing shots, imagine your mother drunk, very drunk, and horny, very horny? Having never seen your mother drunk, with her in good spirits and continually laughing, at least she's a good natured drunk.
After licking and sucking whipped cream from strippers' cocks while sexily staring up at them with her big, blue eyes, she still had whipped cream in the corner of her mouth. Her silk blouse was stained with whipped cream and, perhaps, cum. Clearly adding to her horniness, while she sucked their cocks, they fondled her naked breasts. Only, with her sexually frustrated, she needed to have a sexual orgasm. She needed to cum multiple times.
As if she was thinking dirty thoughts, imagine your mother giving you a sexy look and a naughty smile. Imagine her looking at you as if your fresh meat. Then, with her staring down at your pajama clad erection, obviously, she was hoping to suck and fuck your cock. Something that most sons only imagined while masturbating themselves, clearly, your mother was as horny as she was drunk.
Having never seen your mother horny before, you couldn't help but wonder what would sexually happen next. Surprising you, shocking you, and sexually exciting you, what would you do if she was looking to you for sex? Would she dare have sex with you? Would you dare have sex with her?
# # #
"Think about it. Imagine that this was all true. Instead of your mother being short, fat, and ugly, imagine your mother being tall, sexy, shapely, and a real MILF, a mother who you'd like to strip naked and fuck. Now imagine her on the prowl. Imagine her primed with alcohol, horny, ready, and looking for sex."
After her three friends dropped her off, in the way she was with the strippers, imagine her being all over you, her 24-year-old, handsome hunk of a son. Imagine her hugging you and kissing you while touching you and feeling you everywhere that a mother should never touch and feel her son. Imagine your mother, your own mother, propositioning you and practically begging you for sex. What would you do if your mother wanted your cock and wouldn't take no for an answer? Would you sexily oblige her or would you turn her away?
While your wife was out of town visiting and staying overnight with her friends and with you still living with your mother, this was your once-in-a-lifetime chance to have sex with her. Not your fault, your mother was making you horny by sexually teasing you, sexually tempting you, sexually touching you, fondling you, kissing you, and trying her best to sexually seduce you. Imagine your MILF of a mother, a woman that you're sexually attracted to and have masturbated over while imagining her naked and having sex with you, started removing her clothes in front of you?
"Tell me. Now, what would you do? Would you watch her undress? Would you look at all that she was showing? Would you stare at all that you were seeing? Or, so as not to embarrass your mother later, would you leave the room now? Yeah (lol). That's what I'm writing about, your drunken and horny mother wanting to have sex with you as much as you've always wanted to have sex with her."
As if she was a stripper on stage sexually teasing you, while wanting you to look, imagine your mother slowly and sexily unbuttoning and removing her blouse while sexily staring up at you. Imagine her exposing her bra clad breasts and her long line of sexy cleavage to you. Imagine her unzipping, unbuttoning, and stepping out of her short skirt. Obviously, with her having another pair of spare panties with her that she changed into at the club, imagine her standing before you in her low-cut bra and her white, bikini panties.
"Can you imagine her? Can you see your mother standing before you in her sexy underwear? Isn't she beautiful? Isn't she sexy? Isn't she shapely? Isn't she sexually desirable? There's no way that any normal man would turn her down for sex and there'd really be something wrong with you if you didn't give her what she sexually wanted, a good, hard fucking."
With her drunk enough and horny enough for her to consensually have incestuous sex with you, this may be your only chance to take sexual advantage of your mother. Go ahead. I dare you to reach out and touch and feel her through her bra and panties while kissing her, French kissing her. I dare you to cup her pussy and finger your mother's cunt through her panties. I dare you to reach around her to feel, squeeze, and slap her shapely ass through her bikini panties. I dare you to finger her erect nipples through her bra while continuing to make out with her.
# # #
Now, while facing you with a look of sexual arousal and, with her not turning away in shame or in embarrassment, imagine your mother smiling up at you while reaching behind her to unhook her bra. Hard to believe your horny eyes. Your mother is about to remove her bra and expose her naked breasts to you. Something you've imagined seeing while masturbating yourself, you can't believe that you're finally going to see your mother's naked tits.
As if there's a drumroll going off in your head, after taking a big breath of sexual anticipation, imagine your mother slowly and sexily removing her sexy brassiere while sexily staring at you. Imagine her exposing her natural, naked breasts to you. After removing her bra, with her arms by her sides, not embarrassed or ashamed, imagine her standing topless in front of you while posing and turning side to side to show you her big, naked tits. Imagine her pulling, turning, and twisting her nipples before lifting her big tits in the palms of her hands and moving them to her mouth to suck her nipples.
'Wow! I can't believe I'm seeing my mother's naked tits. I can't believe she's pulling, turning, and twisting her erect nipples,' thought Ryan. 'As if she wants me to finger and suck her nipples, too, I can't believe she's sexually teasing me.'
Imagine your mother is sexually teasing you in the hopes that you'll give her sex, mother and son incestuous sex. Do you dare? Clearly, she wants you to touch her tits, feel her tits, fondle her tits, and suck her nipples. Undoubtedly, she wants you to fuck her.
With her not done stripping herself naked yet, now, imagine your mother slowly and sexily sliding down her panties to expose her red, trimmed, naked pussy and her firm and shapely, naked ass to your horny eyes. Imagine your mother standing before you as naked and horny as she's drunk and ready for sex, incestuous sex. Imagine your mother giving you the eye while feeling her tits with one hand and fingering her pussy with her other hand. Imagine her wanting to have sex with you, her son.
"Tell me. Think about it. With your mother nearly as hot and nearly the same age as Heidi Klum, Jenny McCarthy, and Gwen Stefani, I really want to know what you're thinking."
Imagine if the woman in this sexy, sexual scenario was your drunk and horny mother. With this your golden opportunity to have sex with her, what would you do if she was your mother? Now that she's stripped herself naked, would you strip yourself naked, too? Now that your mother showed you her naked tits, her naked pussy, and her naked ass, would you be obligated to show her your naked cock? Now that she wants to have sex with you, would you give her what she sexually wants and have sex with her?
In the way that she's been all over you since she walked through the front door, especially now that she's naked, would you touch and feel your mother everywhere while making out with her? Something that you've always fantasized doing while masturbating yourself, would you put a gentle hand to her shoulder and move her to her knees? Would you stick your erect cock in her mouth, your mother's mouth, or would you bend her over the kitchen table and fuck her, really fuck her right there? With her asking for it and begging for it, would you have incestuous sex with your mother?"
Even though she obviously wanted to have sex with you, what if you controlled yourself? What if you didn't touch her and/or feel her where she wanted to be touched and felt? What if you didn't give into her by giving her incestuous sex? What if you returned to your room when she was removing her clothes and stripping herself naked?
With you always thinking about it and masturbating over it, what if you controlled yourself from having sex with your mother? Would you regret that decision not to have sex with her for the rest of your life? Now that you've seen her naked, if you didn't have sex with her, would you continue masturbating over your mother while imagining her naked and having sex with you?
Now, that you're seeing your mother naked, wouldn't you want her to see you naked, too? Wouldn't you want to get naked with your mother? Yet, with her not taking no for an answer, what if she pulled your hands to her topless and/or naked body and forced you to touch her and feel her while she continued touching you, feeling you, and kissing you?
"Touch me. Feel me. Feel my naked breasts. Squeeze my naked ass. Finger my swollen, wet pussy," she said while trying to convince you to sexually touch her and feel her while continuing to French kiss you.
This is it. This is really it. This is your moment to have incestuous sex with your mother. This is what you sexually fantasized doing to her naked body for years. What are you waiting for? I dare you to touch your mother and feel her naked body. I double dare you to masturbate her and make her cum. I triple dare you to have incestuous sex with her. With her so very horny, you need to make her cum.
"Honestly, if she was your drunken and horny mother, what would you do? Would you give her sex? Would you have her stroke you while sucking you? Would you fuck her? Would you fuck your mother?"
At the very least, would you return your mother's hugs and kisses? Would you touch and feel her naked body where a son should never touch and feel his naked mother? Then, thinking that she was so drunk that she wouldn't remember any of what happened the next day anyway, would you strip yourself naked and dare to have incestuous sex with her?
Especially, now since she made the first incestuous move by stripping herself naked in front of you and while you watched, you know that your mother wanted to have forbidden sex with you. Yet, a big step, could you have forbidden sex with her? Could you fuck her? Could you cum in her pussy? Could you have her blow you? Could you cum in her mouth, your mother's mouth? If you don't, you may regret this missed sexual opportunity for the rest of your life.
# # #
Then, with her stripping you naked in the way that your mother stripped herself naked, once naked, would you allow her to wrap her soft, warm, manicured fingers around your throbbing and pulsating, hard, erect cock? Would you allow her to slowly stroke you while sexily smiling up at you? Would you allow her to give you a motherly hand job? Then, ejaculating cum all over her hand, would you, could you cum for your mother?
"Cum Ryan. Cum for Mommy. Cum all over my hand. Cum all over my naked breasts," she said while staring at his erect prick before smiling up at him again and stroking him harder and faster. "Cum son. Cum for mommy. I want you to cum."
Not stopping with a mere hand job, imagine your mother to moving to her knees. Imagine her taking you in her hand to stroke before taking you in her mouth to suck you. Imagine your MILF of a mother sucking your erect prick? Imagine your mother stroking you while blowing you.
Imagine how that feels for her to stroke your cock while sucking your cock. Imagine staring down at her while she stares up at you with your engorged prick in her mouth. Keep in mind that this is your mother and not some whore.
With her clearly enjoying sucking your prick, dare you put a gentle hand to the back of your mother's red, pretty head and hump her mouth while fucking her face? With her mouth and her pussy sacred places, could you cum in her mouth, your mother's mouth? Then, once she released the pressure that she applied to your stiff prick with her lips, by removing your cock from her mouth, could you dare give your mother a cum bath and cum all over her face and across her naked breasts?
"Oh, Ryan," said Maureen laughing. "I have your cum everywhere, all over my face, in my hair, and all over my tits. You've given me quite the cum bath."
Then, with her not stopping there, determined to have her wildly, wicked, sexual way with your naked body, would you allow your drunken mother to push you back on her bed. Would you allow your naked mother to mount you and reach her horny hand down between her legs to insert your stiff cock inside of her already wet pussy? Think about it. If she was your mother and if this happened to you, would you make love to your mother?
Humping her harder while humping her faster, would you, could you, fuck her? Dare you fuck your mother? Holding nothing back, could you cum inside of your mother's cunt? Now that she's drunk, naked, and ready for sex, I dare you to say that you wouldn't have sex with your mother. I dare you to say that you wouldn't have her blow you before you fucked her. I dare you to say that you wouldn't not only cum in your mother's mouth but also in her pussy, too.

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