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It all happened in Rome. I was on a holiday of self-exploration, and it was the first time I had truly travelled alone. I had never been away from home and my family for so long. It gave me a sense of freedom I hadn't experienced prior. I had spent a few days doing the typical tourist obligations, the museums, the long walks even a church or two, it took a week or so of being with myself with nobody watching me ( as I usually and have always felt) to realise that I was my own person. I had nobody breathing down my neck, telling me what to do, who to be, how to act.
I had experienced new information, new events, new people, but nothing really fed the need that I had in the pit of my stomach. More extreme decisions had to be made.
I decided to go out clubbing on a Saturday night, ( I know that doesn't sound exactly exhilarating to most, but to me, it was a big deal.) I have been to clubs before, in my home town with friends of mine and never really enjoyed it. It would always take a lot of will power and peer pressure from my friends to actually get me through the door, and a few G&T's or rum & coke would always help the situation. I was always just so nervous, riddled with anxiety, being in a small room with no proper ventilation surrounded by people, not just any people, young, drunk, high on ecstasy and there own hormones type of people, and really is there anybody worse?
But on this particular day, I reminded myself that I was there for new experiences and to get out of my comfort zone, and the extra fact that I was desperate to get laid was another convincing reason.
So I found a decent looking club online and took off (this, of course being after a compelling two hours of the anxious part of my brain combatting with my logical sense, trying to convince me not to do it.)
With nothing but my phone, ID and a little cash on me I set off on a 30-minute walk to get there. Walking through some shady unexplored streets of Rome in the darkness, checking my phone probably at least 20 times while on my way to check I was going in the right direction. I finally arrive at my destination, standing in front of the club I couldn't hear any music. All lights were off, it was deserted, the club was evidently shut.
Now it's moments like this I truly see the two sides of my mind, because, on one hand, I am thinking, "Goddamnit I have come all this way and now I have to go back, all for nothing," but on the other hand I am thinking, "Thank Christ it's shut, I don't have to go in!"
I start walking back to my Airbnb, feeling conflicted about the whole situation. When I came to a sudden thought as if someone had turned the volume up on one of the voices inside my head, "Am I seriously just going to go back to my room? I'm in one of the most beautiful cities in the world on a Saturday night, and my plan is to go to bed…" the voice bellowed in an appalled tone.
What comes next is one of the many battles of voices inside my head, that I have unfortunately become accustomed to.
"Well, what else am I supposed to do?"
"Surely I can figure something out!"
"Jesus, I have to do everything don't I, okay what do you want the most right now?"
"To get laid…"
"Ok, then do that!"
"Through the power of the internet"
I took out my phone with a strange sense of hope and uneasiness. I type into Google, Sex clubs in Rome, and funny enough…
I truly believe that my generation has no idea how lucky we are to have these magical devices on ourselves at all times. In a few seconds, I had learnt that there were two swingers clubs near me, one much closer than the other. Not knowing how these clubs operate I called the first one with the hope that whoever would be on the other end could speak English.
Luckily he did, or at least he made the effort to try. This being a swingers club, the first thing I asked was if they allow single men. To which he said yes, but the price was high! Entry to the club with an open bar was 120€, usually, the idea of spending that much money in one night for me is unthinkable, but when in Rome…
Having to find the nearest subway station, for I had to go back to my Airbnb for some more cash and then head to the club. It was almost two hours later by the time I was finally at the entrance, looking at a tall bald bouncer with eyes that seemed to see every dirty part of my soul. He opened the door for me which led to a staircase, the club was underground, which did nothing good for my anxiety.
The first memory that comes to mind about this place was that everything was dark and purple. It was claustrophobic and smelled of red wine, lavender and sweat. The man I had talked to on the phone was behind a desk reading a book and greeted me in Italian. He immediately realised who I was, asked for my payment, explained to me a few rules that boiled down to respect everyone and no-means-no, and had me sign a form before pointing me towards the next room.
I pulled the curtain, stepped into the somehow seductive looking room. It was empty except for one person behind the bar.
"Cosa stai bevendo, tesoro?"
"I'm sorry, lo no parlo Italiano," I reply with what I believe to be a fairly decent accent.
"No worries, we get all sorts in here, what's your poison?" She asks, gesturing towards the many bottles behind her.
"Gin & tonic please,"
Now, this may have been my imagination and stress level playing tricks on me, but I was doubtful that this she was, in fact, a he. She had quite a low voice, long dark hair that could have been a wig, fake eyelashes, and a strong amount of make-up. In my doubt, I didn't think to look for an Adam's apple. She handed me my drink before I went into the next room. I didn't know what to expect stepping into that undiscovered world and I must say I was pleasantly surprised.
Two rooms were joined together, to my right were a couple of expensive-looking leather armchairs which made me wonder how many bare asses had been sat in them. In front of me, a small dance floor with two young couples grinding against one and other, the smell of sexual tension oozing out of them, and a cream coloured sofa with people sat drinking and watching the dancers. To my left was the next room. I couldn't quite yet see what laid inside due to a semi see-through veil.
Feeling content with the scene I had walked into. A sense of confidence I was not expecting ran inside of me. I decided to sit next to the 40-year-old man sat in one of the armchairs. He gave me a greeting nod and turned his gaze back to the young couples. I sat in the armchair, with the veil to the next room in front of me. I almost dropped my drink to the floor as the scene in front of my eyes came into play.
On a rounded sofa in the middle of the room, were a couple in at least their late sixties going at it like dogs in a public park. The man on top of the woman, penetrating her from behind; neither of them taking any notice of the people around them. If someone would have told me an hour prior to this, what would be currently playing out in front of my eyes I probably would have said that I could go my whole life without seeing this, but surprisingly I strangely enjoyed it. Not because I was aroused by it, that I certainly was not, but there is nothing like a 60-year-old couple fucking each others brains out like wild animals to break the ice.
When that is the scene you have in front of you, it puts into perspective the insecurities you have about yourself and how they can be ridiculous. All I could think was that in someway I envied them, to have the confidence to make love with each other at their age in front of these people was strangely inspiring. I somehow felt like a peeping tom watching these people, before I came to my senses and the realisation of that is exactly why they are here. They want strangers to watch them, so I obliged.
I spent the next 30 minutes sipping a couple more G&T's, and smoking cigarettes provided by the kind and amusing Italian man sat next to me. By this point, a few more people had entered the club and went straight to the "intimate room". Battling every thought of anxiety and with the help of the alcohol, I finally decided to move into the next room.
It was the same size as the room I was sat in, to my left multiple black leather sofas, each with a table holding a bowl of condoms, bottles of lube, boxes of tissues and even a few blue pills.
At the centre was the round sofa the older couple were now sat on taking a breather break. This obviously being the "please look at us" spot. To my right were a few more seats with an extra added old torture device, where the man or woman would have their hands and head locked unable to move. Dark with only a few dim lights, the room seemed to echo with the sound of pleasured moans and a smell of posh perfume and orgasms.
The two couples who had been on the dance floor previously were in the left corner, the men taking the women from behind in doggy style. I decided to sit in the corner opposite them, I lowered my jeans and boxers to my ankles. Simply admiring them while touching myself. Have you ever had those moments where you suddenly stop everything you're doing and just contemplate where you are in your life right there and then? Because I do, and I certainly did at that moment. At times I had to stop myself from laughing, it was like watching porn that I could stretch my hand out and touch. The absurdity and bizarreness of what I was doing, seeing, and experiencing were overwhelming. I loved every moment of it.
I don't know how long before I entered the room they had started but it did not take long for the man on the left to orgasm. As he did the woman he was pleasing ( or at least trying to) was evidently frustrated with the sudden end of events. That was when she turned and saw me with my dick in my hand, alone.
Her decision making was fast. Her sultry eyes told me that I will have no choice in the events that are about to happen as she marched towards me. I had little time to admire her physique. She was in her mid-thirties, no more than five feet tall, short dark sleek hair and lips that screamed desire. Dressed in a way that shows her beautiful body and still leaves enough for the imagination. Before I knew it, she was in front of me; grasping my penis in her hand saying something in Italian. I had no idea what it was, but I doubt it was a "How do you do?"
I replied in my best ability of the Italian language that I was English, so could not understand her. She seemed to apprehend and enjoy this detail about myself. She dived on to my lips, her tongue swirling against my own while her hands warmed my cheeks. She dropped her head to my crotch and took my cock inside her mouth, deep and fast. It seemed as if she was in a rush as if bringing her and myself to orgasm had to be done as soon as possible.
I was the opposite, I was trying to savour and enjoy every moment of the unexpected evening I was experiencing. She was so eager, so stimulated that I barely needed to move. She was doing all the work for me. She kissed me again, roughly, vigorously her hands on my shoulders pushing me against the wall. The other couple and man were now watching us; giving me a sense of embarrassment which was quickly deflated by the sensation of my penis being taken and inserted into the friendliest stranger I had ever met.
Her being already wet, I went in with ease. My penis penetrating her as much as it possibly could. Her eyes made that signature move I adore when the tip of your cock touches that spot deep inside that not all men can reach and their eyes slowly roll into the back of their head.
We were going what seemed to be faster and faster, she was so petite, so light I could pick her up and move her around to my liking. By this point, I had her in front of me, in what could be described as kind of a reverse cowgirl. It was getting late, there were about a dozen people left in the club, most of whom were watching us. Some touching themselves, some not, it was hard to miss us even in the corner of the darkroom, because of her constant moans and screaming. For a woman so small she had quite the pair of lungs!
The experience of pleasure with a stranger was one hell of a discovery for me. One that I will soon be doing again.
All of a sudden she stopped, lifted her hips and tight small arse off of me. She turned around and kissed me, she seemed exhausted. I assumed she had orgasmed, due to the amount of noise and moans she had produced and did not have the energy to go on. I, on the other hand, had not cum and was still up for more.
She said something in Italian which of course I did not understand. She kissed me again with gratitude, she was very sweet, and said something on the lines of "I need a break, and a drink, oh and nice cock by the way."
I sat there watching her walk away, my trousers around my ankles, my arse stuck with sweat to the fake leather underneath it. My cock semi-hard now a little cold and lonely. A feeling of content I had never experienced before flow through me. I see a few of the other people sat across the room watching me with cheeky smiles on their faces, which I happily returned.
I pulled up my pants and decided to go get one last drink. I sat in the armchair I was in before with a glass in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Three girls of my age had come into the club and started dancing together. I had my eye on one, in particular, long curly hazelnut coloured hair with eyes of the same shade, a simple green dress that highlighted her breasts, and long waxed legs who knew their way around the dancefloor. Unfortunately, I had guessed that these girls were gay by the way they acted with each other, but hell, I had been quite lucky that evening so I had a small hope that she would be bi. I never actually found out.
After gazing was seemed to be a little too much at the girls I decided to join them for a dance. The dance floor not exactly being my regular comfort zone ( but then again, neither was a swingers club in Rome) I was pleasantly surprised with how well I had performed, or maybe that last gin had obliterated every sense of observation I had left, who knows?
Before I had the time and courage to ask the girl in green to join me in the next room, my favourite stranger had returned from out of nowhere, asking me (from what I gathered from her body language) to join her again where we once were, I didn't question it.
She pulled me into the next room and pushed me onto a chair just behind the veil where everyone in both rooms could see us. She pulls down her skirt and unbuttons my jeans simultaneously. I was already hard. She lifts her left leg onto my shoulder and sits on my impatient cock. Penetrating her slowly and deeply, we fuck each other like before, eagerly, passionately, she screams with pleasure as so do I. When suddenly a third person joins us.
A man had taken hold of the woman by her arm, pulling her off of me. He shouts in her face, obviously angry and embarrassed. She seemed annoyed, to say the least, they started arguing, not taking any notice of the people around them, myself included. I am just sat there, cock in the air, pretty drunk by this point, watching these two people squabble in Italian. I am confused at what was going on. He must have been a husband or boyfriend. I hadn't noticed him before so did not know if they had come together.
She pulls her skirt back on with exasperation, kisses me repeatedly on my cheeks, saying in English, "I'm sorry, so sorry, have to go…" before being dragged off by the mysterious jealous man. I watched them leave with confusion and sudden surprise. My evening ended with a bang and a laugh.

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