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The dream woke me, but when I opened my eyes, it was gone. I was soaked in sweat, my cock so hard it hurt. My hand was wet, and I brought it to my mouth for a taste. It wasn’t cum, but I must’ve been really close. I wished I could remember that dream.

Drenched and horny, I threw the sheet off and sat up. My cock was begging, so I gave him a few strokes, but that only made it worse. I knew sleep was out of the question, so I started to get up, but before I did, I turned to look at my sleeping wife. She too, was uncovered, and I watched as her chest rose and fell in quiet slumber. Her breasts were barely concealed by the thin nightie, and I had to fight off the urge to touch them. My eyes drifted down over her smooth belly to where the nightie had ridden up just enough to reveal her small bikini panties.

Thanking God for the moonlight, I quietly rose to my knees and stroked some more while voyeuristically admiring her from head to toe. “She really is beautiful,” I thought as I slipped my boxers to my knees. “Mmm… if she was only willing… I’d wake her, and we could fuck.”

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That thought fueled my fantasies, and I remembered the last time. She’d been so tight, so juicy. “Mmmm.” That juicy cunt was wrapped around my dick—yeah, I’d fucked her. She was so good when she wanted to be. Then my thoughts drifted to another time. I was eating her, and she was trying her best to be quiet. I grinned. I’m good with my tongue. She’d thrashed about, barely containing her screams. Yeah, that was good.

She’d cursed me for not stopping, and I laughed. She’d wanted revenge, though, and slid down my body. She’s good with her mouth, too. I felt her take me in. “God, I never get used to that.” I watched her bob her head until the pleasure became overwhelming, then dropped to the pillow to just enjoy the sensations. Both in my thoughts and in the moment, I was getting close. “Just a little more, baby. Right there.”

Slipping past the point of no return, I snatched the shirt over my head to cover my hand. Closing my eyes, I remembered what it felt like to cum in her mouth, and I let go.