Whispers of the Veil: Secrets of the Pendant

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By Enlyle Mozolys Adam trains in magic with adoptive sisters Elena and Lilly. Forbidden desires surface, blurring familial love and taboo fantasies.

In the dark and the silent library of their Blackthorn Manor, Adam found himself with his adopted sisters. Elena, Adam’s older sister, was helping her little brother find the required books for his training in the magical arts. Lilly, Adam’s second sister, was the same age as Adam and had a body frame as small as his. They often looked up to Elena as she was physically much taller and filled with motherly love for her young siblings.
From the day Elena’s Papa brought Adam to her, she adored this frail little boy. On the one hand, she wanted to be his perfect sister, warm and welcoming, helping him forget his grief of his recently lost mother. But Elena found his dependence on her strangely alluring. His innocent glances, as if she were his mother, made him more exciting and curious. She was often secretly filled with inappropriate sexual thoughts for her ner brother.
Elena browsed the top shelves, hoping to find the item Adam needed to start his magical education. Unknown to Elena, her flowing white skirt and loosely fitted blue blouse often caused her to reveal her under-breasts and panties to young Adam, who was standing close to her, trying to help her.
Adam would often blush and look away when it happened. But the poor boy couldn’t catch a break. Looking away would often lead to him watching Lilly.
Lilly wore a thin, flowing dress that clung to her frame. It was semi-transparent, which only exasperated his sexual curiosity.
As Elena and Adam searched for the books Adam needed, Lilly observed quietly from a distance. She saw Adam look up at her sister’s skirt multiple times. Feeling naughty, she approached Adam and Elena with a sly smile.
“Hello,” Lilly said.
“Lilly,” Elena greeted as Lilly approached them. “Did you find the book you were looking for? Do you want us to help?”
Lilly nodded. “Yes, I found it, thank you,” she replied softly. Then, looking at Adam with a knowing expression, she asked, “Do you need my help?” Even though her words implied help finding the required books, there was no doubt that Lilly was specifically asking Adam, and it was not an offer to help him find the books.
“Umm…” Adam couldn’t respond. He detected her undertone but didn’t know what Lilly was referring to. He was already nervous, having noticed Elena’s panties and under-breasts multiple times, But Lilly’s question made him feel guilty. He felt as if he was caught doing something he shouldn’t. He hoped Lilly was enquiring about the books rather than something preposterous like helping him with his curiosity about Elena.
Elena looked at Adam before answering, “We’re fine, just a little caught up in our search for our books,”
Adam shifted uncomfortably, feeling exposed under Lilly’s scrutiny. “Yeah, we are just searching.” he added hastily, avoiding Lilly’s gaze. He added, “I hope we can find them. I can’t wait to start my training.”
Lilly smiled as she responded, “Of course. Have fun searching.” Lilly winked at Adam before turning to leave towards her corner.
Elena remained absorbed in her search for the books, unaware of the sexual curiosity her brother’s young mind was brewing for her. When she reached up again, Adam caught a glimpse of her laced panties once again.
Adam gulped and couldn’t control himself anymore. He trembled slightly as he reached towards Elena. He didn’t know why his desire to touch his sister suddenly felt like a taboo, but he wanted to touch her so much.
Adam reached out toward the edge of Elena’s skirt and brushed his finger on it. His fingers brushed Elena’s lower thigh as he pulled his palm back. The unexpected contact with her thigh sent a sharp jolt of excitement, magnifying his latent desire for his sister.
Elena felt a rush, feeling Adam brush her thigh; it was as if her dreams were eventually coming true. But she quickly brushed off her inappropriate thoughts as mere imaginations. She didn’t want to entertain such ideas. She had spent too many nights hoping Adam would be sexual with her, but it never happened. She didn’t want to give herself more hope.
“Adam, can you check which other books you will need for your training?”Elena asked. “I couldn’t find the book – ‘proper ways to hold a wand’; we will search for it later.”
“Um, yeah, We still haven’t found ‘The Art of Shielding Spells’ by Professor Thorne, ‘Advanced Warding Techniques’ by Master Alden, and ‘A Guide to Defensive Enchantments’ by Professor Evergreen,” Adam stammered, his voice betraying his distractions and nervousness.
Lilly, noticing Adam’s hesitation to touch Elena, approached them again. But this time, she didn’t greet them.
“Did she see me touch her skirt?” Adam’s little heart worried as he begged Lilly quietly with his eyes not to tell Elena.
Adam’s heart quickened with nervous excitement as Lilly grabbed his palm and placed it on Elena’s thighs.
Elena, noticing his touch, looked down at her young siblings with a surprised expression.
Adam was scared and gulped that Elena found out. He wanted to move his palm, but Lilly held it tight on Elena’s thighs.
To break the looming tension, Lilly looked at Elena and asked, “Did you find the book?”
Elena blushed and shook her head. Her face was red as she turned her attention back to the shelves. She didn’t know what Lilly was up to or why she did what she did, but Elena was glad. She only hoped that Adam wouldn’t feel uncomfortable.
Seeing Elena not protest, Lilly slowly pushed Adam’s palm higher onto Elena’s upper inner thighs and then higher until he reached Elena’s panties.
Elena let out a small gasp as Adam felt her soft fabric with the tip of his fingers.
Adam felt excited and guilty. He didn’t know why he felt the way he did.
Lilly whispered encouragingly, “Doesn’t it feel soft and nice? Don’t be shy. I like it when someone touches me there. I am sure Elena does too, try slipping your fingers under her panties.”
Elena intentionally ignored Lilly’s words and acted like nothing wrong was happening.
Adam nodded at Lilly’s suggestion; it was as if she was instructing him to do what he wanted. The poor boy trembled as he slipped his fingers beneath the edge of Elena’s panties feeling her bare pussy. He felt like a bad boy but wanted to keep touching it nonetheless.
As Adam’s fingers delicately explored Elena’s clit, Elena slipped out a soft involuntary moan. Adam felt concerned for Elena; he didn’t want to hurt her. He momentarily stopped rubbing her and looked up at her face.
Elena didn’t dare look down at her siblings; she didn’t want to scare off the poor boy. She continued to act like she was searching for the books, but her focus was on Adam’s tiny fingers in her pussy.
Standing close, Lilly whispered encouragingly, “Don’t worry Adam, she likes your touch.” She massaged Adam’s palm, causing movement inside Elena’s pussy.
Elena appeared embarrassed and flustered. Her body squirmed under his touch. Elena struggled to reach for another book, her strength failing, and she was unable to focus on the task.
Lilly, wanting to join in, pressed her body against Adam’s back, allowing him to feel the soft pressure of her breasts. With her free hand, she then reached around Adam and gently massaged his boner through his clothes. Lilly was as excited as Adam and Elena, as she had never touched anyone so passionately.
The trio continued this extremely inappropriate affection for each other until Elena’s legs started to wobble, and juices started to squirt onto Adam’s fingers and her panties. She moaned, and her breath was erratic as it happened.
Adam, feeling scared, quickly pulled out his fingers from her pussy.
Elena’s body arched as her juices flowed freely down her thighs. When her convulsions subsided, She turned towards Adam and pulled him away from Lilly’s erotic embrace.
“Lilly, go back to your room,” Elena ordered. She felt jealous of Lilly, who was caressing Adam’s boner. She wanted Adam to herself. “You shouldn’t be touching him like that,” she said, making up an excuse.
“But… But we were all having fun…” Lilly protested.
Elena pouted as she walked away to her bedroom.
Adam gulped, knowing he was up next for a scolding of his lifetime.
Elena waited for Lilly to leave the room to speak with Adam. She pulled out her wand and casted a spell, immediately stripping Adam of his clothing. He stood in front of her as bare as the day he was born.
Elena took the view in, eyeing every inch of his frail body, lingering more on his erect boner. She had a smile that betrayed the happiness she felt inside.
Adam was initially shocked to see his clothes disappear, He wasn’t expecting Elena to do that. He was expecting to hear an earful. But as time passed in his vulnerable state, his shock transformed into embarrassment. He felt shy and blushed. He instinctively hid his boner under his palms.
“Don’t worry, sweetheart; I won’t leave you like that.” Elena said, guiding Adam’s palms away to reveal his boner again.”There is nothing to be ashamed about.” She tapped his little boner with a finger, “I like your little friend here. I removed your clothes just to meet him.”
Adam gulped; he liked being so vulnerable in front of Elena.
“if you trust me, I will show you something that feels amazing. It would be more wonderful than the most powerful spells.” Elena added, “Not to mention, you can touch me where you like at that time.”
“I trust you, Elena”, Adam responded. He felt exposed and vulnerable without his clothes, but he did trust Elena. At that moment, He would have died for her if it meant he could touch her more.
She smiled warmly at his response. She loved how this poor boy didn’t hesitate to trust her, even in such a vulnerable state.
She led Adam to Adam’s bedroom. Adam followed her naked, like a little boy following his mother to bathe.
When she reached, she locked the bedroom door behind them, and she slowly stripped off her clothes one by one, providing Adam with a little strip tease.
She began teasingly running her fingers along the hem of her blue top, lifting it slightly to reveal her smooth, toned stomach. With a slow, deliberate motion, she pulled the top over her head, her long hair cascading down as the fabric slipped away, exposing her breasts and her nipples, which hardened in the cool air.
Next, she turned around, giving Adam a view of her back. She swayed her hips gently as she reached for the zipper on her skirt, pulling it down gradually. The white skirt fell to the floor, revealing her matching lace panties. Elena bent down to pick up the discarded skirt, the movement causing her panties to stretch tightly across her buttocks.
Finally, she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down, stepping out of them with grace.
Elena stood before Adam, completely naked, her body glowing in the dim light of the room.
She then walked up to the bed and laid down, exposing her pussy to Adam.
“Right here, little one, Isnt this what you wanted?” she said, touching her pussy.
Adam gulped as he climbed up the bed with her. He had never seen a naked woman before.
“Let me show you how, my sweet Adam,” she whispered, her voice a blend of warmth and seduction. ”Come closer; your little friend should go in here.” She said, massaging her wet pussy.
As Adam nervously inched towards Elena, Elena pulled him closer so that his boner touched her pussy. She then carefully grabbed his penis and helped him push it into her pussy.
“Doesn’t that feel good, my little prince?” Elena asked, concerned. She didn’t want Adam to do anything he didn’t want to do. She didn’t want him to feel pressured into having sex.
Adam nodded, unable to speak. He was overwhelmed by the pleasure he felt on his boner. He had never felt anything so unique. His heart raced, and his breaths came in short, uneven gasps.
Adam’s emotions swung wildly between pleasure and guilt; his innocent mind could not comprehend his own feelings. He squirmed and trembled, his movements clumsy and inexperienced.
But Elena didn’t care. This was the moment she had waited for ever since she met Adam. She helped Adam with the movements of his hips with her palms. She was now truly a teacher to Adam.
As Adam became more comfortable, his movements became instinctual; driven by the overwhelming sensations, he felt a familiar pressure building within him. The pressure he felt initially when Lilly was touching his boner in the Library. He was worried about the implications, but he didn’t care; everything was unimportant, and nothing mattered, not even himself. All that mattered was to keep thrusting his boner in Elena’s pussy.
“That’s it, just like that, sweety.”, Elena murmured, encouraging Adam to keep going. ”You are my good little boy.”

Slowly but surely, the pressure Adam felt reached its peak. He gasped as he experienced uncontrolled squirting of some liquid from his boner. He didn’t understand what was happening. The sensation was both terrifying and exhilarating as he released it inside Elena’s pussy.
Adam’s eyes suddenly snapped open. His hips were still jerking, but there was no Elena. He lay alone in his bed, his heart pounding as his juices reduced to squirt out freely.
“It was just a dream.” He thought to himself.
However, He felt ashamed and embarrassed for his desire for his sisters. He both loved and hated the dream. He wasn’t sure how he could face Elena or Lilly tomorrow. He wondered whether Elena and Lilly would detect a difference in how he interacted with them.
However, even though he felt ashamed of his weird dream, he wanted more; he desired it. He craved it. He wanted to experience it all again with both Lilly and Elena.
As he lay there wrestling with his inner thoughts, He felt the dampness between his legs and quickly realised he had squirted not only in his dream but in real life, too. Both his trousers and his bedsheet were drenched with the liquid.
A fresh wave of embarrassment hit Adam as he wondered whether anyone would ask him about it. Adam removed his stained trousers and shirt and went back to sleep naked.
In the next room adjoining Adam’s bedroom, Elena lay on her bed naked, wearing nothing but a green pendant around her neck. Her cheeks were flustered, and the juices from her pussy had also squirted all across her bed, just like Adam’s. She took deep breaths to help subside the multiple orgasms she had experienced.
She touched her pendant and focused her thoughts on Adam once again. She felt Adam’s confusion and fear turn into peace. It indicated to her that he was dozing off to sleep again. With a smile, she whispered to herself, “Let’s dream again little brother. I hoped you liked how Lilly and I touched you, because it is going to happen all over again, for the foreseeable future.”

She focused on Adam once again that night, manipulating and orchestrating Adam’s dreams. She hoped that these dreams would infuse Adam with the desires she hoped he had ever since her Papa brought this little boy to her.

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By Enlyle Mozolys #Exhibitionist #Incest #Teen