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In this story, men have sex with women and men, women have sex with women and men.
All characters in this story are at least eighteen when sexual acts take place. Happy now?
Molly and I were on the beach at night. We were on vacation with our family. We're all beach freaks. We live on one, but that's never enough, particularly for mom and Molly. We're twins, twenty-one, last year of college. Oddly, we don't go to the same school. Everybody asks in these stories so, I'm 5'6" Molly 5'2". We're built like dad, compact, curvy. Looks better on Molly than me. She's got nice round C boobs—Mom's tall and lean, kind of a model build. Dad, like I said, is like us. Well, enough of that. You can fill in the blanks yourself. Oh, yeah, that. Seven niches, cut, not huge but certainly big enough, right?
Now, the other thing. You hear a lot about twins and stuff. Molly and I never fooled around. I will confess to using my sister's panties, and yes, mom's too— I'm a perv— to assist me in my masturbation. Not a lot, but hey, once is enough, right? You've crossed the line. I never got caught, and neither mom nor Molly gave any indication that our relationship should 'evolve.' I'd had guy friends admit to doing the same thing. They were roaring drunk at the time of these admissions, so I never returned to the topic to inquire further.
Neither of us could sleep that night. We didn't want to turn the TV on. So, in the early hours of the morning, we were walking the beach in our swimsuits, each with a big bottle of water. You gotta hydrate in the tropics. No, no speedos and wicked weasels. I had board shorts and Molly a nice tank suit, french cut high on the sides.
Molly and I had gone up to where the beach ended in the jungle. It was different at night. During the day, people filled the beach, sitting in rented chairs under rented umbrellas, getting drinks from waiters that prowled looking for a waving hand. Now the chairs were out, but the umbrellas and chair cushions were in big wooden boxes, waiting to cradle the bodies of tourists tomorrow. It was a moonless night and overcast.
We heard engines, from land and sea. It was three AM.
"What is that?" Molly asked.
"Nothing good. We gotta get outa here."
Dim lights on boats were moving closer. Two pickups, blacked out, were already on the beach. The area was wide open. If we ran, they'd see us. This was a drug delivery, I was sure. We had to lay flat and hope.
"Lay down, Moll. They won't see us."
Then we saw a flashlight. Molly crouched down, took my hand, and ran for one of the wooden cushion boxes. She yanked out half the pads.
"Get in."
I jumped in, and Molly followed. She quietly lowered the lid.
"They had lights. They were scanning the beach." Molly whispered in my ear.
"Good plan. Quick thinking is."
"Thanks. Wonder how long this is going to take?"
I was comfortable. I had at least three cushions under me, and Molly seemed to fit well over me. We were face-to-face in that very dark box.
"I don't know. You comfortable?"
"Yeah, but I would have liked to pee before we jumped in here."
"Well, sis, you could have just asked, 'excuse me, violent drug dealers, may I tinkle before I hide from you with my brother in the big box?"
I whispered it in this sing-song, girlie voice. Molly gently rapped my head, "Booger."
We lay in silence. Molly's mouth was next to my ear, and I could hear her breathe. She had put her arms under mine, so our bodies were tight. Her legs lay on top of mine. It was a few minutes.
"You think they'll be done soon? I really have to go."
You could hear the occasional low voice and noise of things hitting things, "No, still there. Hang in there, sis, won't belong."
Molly was fidgeting on me.
"Sis, stay still. We can't make any noise."
"Can't help it, Mike. It's really uncomfortable."
"They gotta be done soon."
She still moved around on me. Her breath was strained. Then, it happened.
"I'm so sorry, Mike." She whispered. I was confused, but not for long.
Warm wetness seeped into my shorts. I felt her pee soak through and cover my cock and balls. My sister was pissing on me.
"Ohhhhhhhh, sooo good." She sighed. Her lips touching my ear, "I'm so sorry, Mike. I couldn't hold it anymore, but it feels so good to let it go. Ohhhh yeeeesss."
She must have a huge bladder. It just kept coming. She shifted up, and I felt more wet warmth cover me. I became aware that I was no longer a passive participant in this act. When Molly moved, her bulging pubis rested on my cock. My cock, remembering other women in that position that didn't pee on me, reacted. I got hard.
Molly had to feel it. She finally had stopped peeing. We'd been drinking water like mad, so there was no strong scent, but the warmth remained. Molly was still breathing deeply. She had reacted like pissing was, well, more.
Now, like it wasn't weird enough, Molly shifted her hips, just a little. I felt the hardness of her pubic bone behind the cloth, and I think hair. She was pressing her sex against my boner. I didn't know what to do. The druggies were still there. Talking was dangerous. But, my biggest problem was that the whole thing was turning me on. I had to admit that being covered in warm pee made me hard, well having your hot sister doing it added to it. But she was my sister. But it felt good.
Molly shifted her hips. It was obvious now, she was rubbing her pussy on my cock. The layers of wet fabric between us did little to temper the sensations. Her arms looped undermine, her hands pulling down on my shoulders for leverage. Her mouth on my ear, wordless but her breathing deep, needy.
Molly shifted up. Now her mound was sitting right on the head of my cock. The sweet spot under the head. The one you want her to lick when you need to cum. Sis was on it, right on it. Her hips curling, that firm mound, cushioned by hair, pressing against me. My sister moved faster, pushed harder. She was going to cum. She wanted me to join her. I put my arms around her and held her, my hands pressing against her hard curvy ass. Might as well enjoy it.
Molly's mouth moved down to my neck. She buried her mouth in my neck. Her whole body shook as she muffled a deep groan in my skin. That set me off. I felt my cock swell, twitch, and then I came. Bolt after bolt, my cock flexing against my sister's orgasming pussy as I filled my shorts with cum.
Then I felt it. More wet warmth. Molly had cum so much it soaked through to me.
We lay in guilty, confused silence. They were gone. Molly opened the lid, and we climbed out and walked to the sea.
Ten feet apart, neck-deep in the sea, we cleaned ourselves. I pulled down my suit and rinsed it, washing out my sister's pee and cum, and mine. As I thought about it, my cock firmed. Not now. Molly didn't look at me. Her hands were underwater. She kept her suit on, just had her hands helping her rinse. We didn't speak, then or when we walked back to the house.
The next morning, it was like it never happened. We had a great day at the beach and a nice dinner out.
I woke at one AM. I had to pee. But it was more than that. I knew. I got up, took my water bottle, and walked out to the beach. The new moon was up on a cloudless night. I saw her, laying in the sand, where we had been. She did not acknowledge my approach. I lay in the sand next to her. After a minute or so, I rolled over on top of her. She remained motionless. I had my arms under hers, holding me up. I felt my bladder backed up, ready.
"You comfortable?" She asked.
"Yeah, but I shoulda peed before."
"Hang in there. It won't belong." She panted.
"It's really uncomfortable," I whispered—my mouth on her ear.
"It won't belong." Molly rasped.
"I'm so sorry, Molly," I said as I let my bladder release.
"Ohhhhhhhh, fuuuuccckkk." She moaned as my pee soaked her suit. She pressed her pubis up against my cock, getting it above the head so that my stream came through the fabric and onto her mound.
As my flow stopped, my erection began. Molly looped her legs over mine, and I pressed my cock against her mound, rubbing us both through the fabric. My mouth was next to her ear. I nibbled her lobe, she gasped and pulled me in with her legs. We were furiously dry-humping now, racing to finish.
She quaked and whispered, barely enough to be heard, "I'm cumming, brother."
I rubbed the length of my hard cock against her vee. I was there too, "Cumming on you, sis."
"Ohhhhhhhhh." She sighed, feeling my cock twitching, knowing she made her brother orgasm.
I lay panting, on top of my sister. I rolled off. Molly got up and walked towards the ocean. I followed.
My sister stopped when the wave troughs were up to her thigh, the waves just high enough to cover her hips. I stopped about six feet away. In the moon and starlight, I could see her.
She caught my eye, and while I watched, she slipped the straps of her suit off her shoulders, letting them hang, her breasts large enough to keep the tight-fitting suit covering her. Still eye-to-eye, she slipped her arms out and slowly pulled the blue, French cut, tank suit down, slowly revealing the tops of her breasts, and then her nipples, hard. She pulled lower, now her firm belly was visible. My cock, liking seeing my sister naked for the first time, grew. She pulled. Lower, her belly button, and then the darkness of her pubic hair. She paused, just the edge showing. She nodded her head. I knew.
As the waves gently broke over my hips, I slowly lowered my shorts, pausing as my pubic hair came into view. The bulge of my erection was obvious. Molly put her fingers under the sides of her suit and pressed lower more pubic hair. I pushed mine down, the base of my shaft exposed, the rest held down by the waistband.
My sister gave a barely perceptible smile as she slid her suit off, pushing it down underwater and hooking her foot in it to bring it up. Still keeping my eyes, she flung it up on the beach. I shoved my suit down, letting my erection free, stepped out, and tossed mine next to hers.
Molly spread her legs just a little. Her hand moved down and toyed in her bush. I put mine at the base of my cock and rubbed my balls.
Still smiling, Molly moved her fingers between her legs. She sighed. My sister was masturbating, right in front of me. I moved my hand up, held my cock, and stroked, smiling back at her. This was so wrong but so exciting.
We stood, six-feet apart, in the low waves masturbating. Molly moved her other hand to one of her full round breasts. Fingers captured a long nipple and pinched. Her face into an O as the sensations no doubt traveled to her soaked pussy.
Her fingers moved faster. I sped up. Biting her lip, her hips pushing against her hand. I felt the urge, the tension. I nodded, and then I was cumming. Long white bolts jetting out onto the waves. Molly gasped and came too. In the moonlight, I saw a torrent pour out of her, dripping off her pubic hair. Molly doubled over, shaking from the force of her orgasm.
Molly walked to the beach and picked up her suit. She found her water bottle and emptied it, gulping it down. I walked up to my suit and picked it up. Molly nodded to my bottle. I drank all of it, curious.
Molly got that smile again. She tossed her sit down and lay in the sand, opening her legs towards me. I could see my sister's pussy, still open and wet. As I watched, I saw a small spurt, and then a strong stream of pee arced out over the sand, Molly gasping as she forced the stream. It didn't last long. She nodded towards my half-hard cock. I moved closer and took my penis in my hand. It took a few seconds, but soon the stream came. I pissed a puddle next to my sister's in the sand, her eyes riveted to my spraying cock.
Finished, I put my suit on and followed my now-dressed sister back to the house.
Next day, like Nothing ever happened.
And the day after. I was confused.
The third day was interesting. Molly drank a lot of water. It was hot. She encouraged me to do likewise. I was suspicious, but it was prudent advice.
That night, around one-thirty, somebody opened my door, leaving it open. I heard soft footsteps. I got up and took my water bottle. I didn't bother to change from my bikini underwear into my board shorts.
She was walking down the beach, ten feet in front of me. No tank suit tonight. A string bikini, floss up the split between her full round ass cheeks. Water bottle in her hand, taking regular drinks.
She stopped at the box, took out a cushion, and lay on it. I lay in the sand beside her. We did not speak. Molly reached behind her, and her top fell away. Her breasts stood firm in the moonlight, her nipples long and hard. She stood.
Molly faced me, standing at my feet. She put her water bottle to her mouth and gulped down the rest, flipping it over her shoulder when she was done. We were eye-to-eye. Her fingers trailed down to the triangle that failed to cover her bush. Her finger slipped in the edge. I pulled off my briefs and tossed them away. I smiled.
"On me," I whispered. Molly groaned and stepped up my body until her legs touched my hips. She pulled the triangle aside, exposing herself.
I watched her pussy. She bit her lip, trying. Then the little spurt and then a powerful stream coursed out, splashing on my thighs. My sister groaned as she urinated on her brother, moving up, wetting my hard cock now, then my belly, and finally the last bits on my face. I opened my mouth, curious. So much water that it was nearly tasteless, but the look on my sister's face was worth it.
Molly stepped off me, pulled off her bottoms, and lay back on the cushion. Looking up a the stars, she whispered, "Fuck me, Mike. Fuck your sister, then piss on me."
I mounted her. Her legs wrapped around mine. My sister took my erect penis in her hand for the first time and put me against her drenched pussy.
"Stick it in me, brother."
I slid in, and we both groaned with wicked joy. Our lips met, and we kissed. I know she could taste her pee. She didn't care. Molly was wet and tight and horny. We fucked for a few minutes. I knew I wasn't going to last. Molly already had one gasping orgasm under me, and she was heading for her second.
"Gonna cum, Mol."
"In me." She panted.
I was deep inside when I released, filling her pussy with forbidden seed, groaning with joy and lust.
I pulled my shrinking cock out, our fluids followed, "Did you…?" I asked
"Not yet." She replied, "I'm waiting."
I stood over her and held my penis. Tensing my muscles, I switched from sex to elimination, and my stream started. Big and strong. Molly moaned as my warm piss bounced off her body. Her hand was a blur between her legs. I could see her wetness flying all over. I moved my stream until it poured all over her hand and pussy.
"Yes, yes, ohhhh yeeeessss." She cried as she orgasmed while my piss bathed her. I was done. She rolled into a ball, panting and moaning.
"Oh fuck, best one ever." She said.
I helped her up. We hugged, naked on the beach. Our mouths met, and we kissed like the desperate lovers we had become.
I whispered into her ear, "We need to talk."
My sister gently cupped my cock, "Tomorrow. You're good with this, right?"
My hands, holding her firm ass, went in, and my finger pressed on her star, "Yes, but we still need to talk."
"Keep your finger there, and we won't be talking now."
I released her, "tomorrow, actually, later today."
We rinsed off in the waves and walked back naked, hand in hand, and snuck into the house.
Mike and I never planned on having sex or pissing on each other. It just happened. I never knew I'd be into such a thing until that night in the wooden box. Something came over me when I let my bladder release all over my twin brother. When you have held your flow back, it feels really good when you let it go, but this, this was different. Something about peeing on my brother's penis set me off. When I felt him harden under me, I knew he felt it too—the twin thing. I was too ashamed to talk about it. But I wanted to do it again. That second night. He knew. I knew he would. When we were done, I wanted him to see me. I wanted to see him. Then the guilt. I wanted to talk, but I didn't. My feelings were strong, but were Mike's?
I opened his door on my way to the beach that night. I knew what I wanted. The door was an invitation, no words. If he didn't show, it was over, just a stupid thing we tried once.
When I felt Mike's presence behind me, I knew I wanted to take this as far as we could, and I knew he wanted it too. He was right, though. We needed to talk this out and be adults, but it would take a while, and I didn't want to be interrupted. If we went to the beach at night, talking would get interrupted.
Mike and dad have a fishing trip today. Not a mom, and I thing. We opted for a hike around the base of one of the volcanoes that created this paradise.
We were ten minutes into the hike. Hadn't seen a soul. It was humid, and we'd brought lots of water. Mom stopped to take a drink. She looked up and down the trail.
"I saw you with your brother last night."
Play dumb, I thought, see how bad this is.
"We're together all the time."
Mom caught my eyes with hers, "No, I SAW you two, on the beach. I watched."
I had no answer. I just stared at my mother. She let the moment hang for a second.
"No excuse? No story?"
I decided that honesty was my only way, "No, mom. We were two consenting adults, related, giving into a newly discovered desire."
Mom smiled. "I'm proud of you for being truthful. You're right, you're two consenting adults, but you're related. Just how far is this going to go?"
I didn't know just how much she had seen. Truthful is one thing. Blabbing is another.
"I don't know. We need to talk."
"Good plan. Before this goes beyond pissing on each other and fucking."
Now I know which night we were followed. Mom took a big drink, "drink up, Molly, you're sweating like mad."
I emptied my bottle. Mom did too.
"May I ask how long and how this got started?"
I wanted to ask how she ended up following us, but that would have to wait. I told our story. Mom kept stopping me when I jumped over details. She wanted everything. When I got to the part where we decided we had to talk, I was done. Mom opened a new bottle.
"Wow, quite a story. So, you've never done any, um, peeing, before?"
"Never even thought of it."
Mom tapped the tip of her water bottle against her lip, thinking about something. She stopped, looked up and down the trail again.
"I snooped. I was wrong to invade your privacy. So, as my penance, I'll share my secrets. You're not alone."
I was confused, "What? What do you mean?"
Mom shifted on her feet, nervous, "Sorry, I'll be direct. I have done what you and Mike did."
My eyes bugged, "Really? With whom?"
"Uncle Paul and Aunt Polly."
Mom's twin siblings. Bang! My head reeled with questions—one big one.
Mom nodded her head, "Knows, and has participated, and likes it."
I put my hand on a small tree to steady myself, "Knows about you and your siblings or Mike and I also?"
"Yes to all. I told him. Needless to say, he's okay with it. Kinda bombed you with that. We're not the parents you thought we were. Sorry, the return period is over. You're stuck with us.
I smiled at her levity, "Thanks for lightening the mood, mom."
She took another long drink, "Least I can do when I spill that my kids are part of a family of perverts."
"Yeah, really. And I was feeling guilty."
Mom stepped close and put her hand on my shoulder. For some reason, that feeling went right between my legs.
"Consenting adults, Molly, that's what matters. Let's walk."
As we climbed over trees and stuff, I noticed that my mother, like me, had eschewed underwear for the day.

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