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Hello, I've been lurking on this website forever and I final worked up the courage to bring and idea. Unfortunately I'm not a brilliant writer, but thanks to nerdjarvis on for their hard work bringing most of my story to life with me! their work helping me realize me story is absolutely fantastic. My friend Mr. King also did the editing so thank you to both of you for putting up with my ideas.
This was the 8th day of the camp and everything was going smooth except for one thing- Rob is being bullied by his childhood friend.
Rob is an average 18-year-old boy. This was his first time at this art camp, glassblowing as a counselor and instructor. He had been coming here since he was a kid, and at that time, it was his dream to become a counselor here at camp and teach the kids as an actual instructor of the art. Rob was not a shy person while teaching, but at the same time, he was not such a social butterfly either. He always kept to himself and was unsure if anyone took interest in him outside of friends. Glassblowing had given him a decently built body. His brown/ auburn hair somewhere between curly and wavy. He also wore glasses which compounded the nerdy look. Honestly, he was quite the nerd in taste too. When he wasn't glassblowing, you could find him reading Marvel comics, or watching old Star Trek and BattleStar Galactica episodes on his phone.
Everyone at the camp fell into three groups of people for Rob. Group one: the people who liked Rob, such as the counselors or his other friends. Group two: the popular and athletic leaning teens who treated Rob poorly. And lastly, Group three: June.
Rob was very concentrated on his lesson, the heat of the furnace causing beads of sweat to accumulate on his forehead as he carefully twisted the Punty in his fingertips. Then he heard a knock, the familiar clang of knuckles on the metal support beam of the GlassBlowing hut. It snapped him out of his lesson and he turned scanning the room of campers until he saw Stephanie. "Come in," he spoke loudly and reluctantly over the fans and blazing furnace. Stephanie, the assistant counselor for tennis, came up to talk to Rob while he continued to work
"Sorry for disturbing Rob, but June wants to see you after class." Rob's face changed, but he tried to hide it from the counselor. "Thank you Stephanie, I'll see her after class," Rob said, stammering a bit.
Rob returned to the class as the assistant counselor left, a thousand things going inside Rob's head. Although he taught the lesson, his mind was elsewhere. What could June want with him this time? Why send Stephanie? She would usually come here and torture him herself.
June and Rob used to be friends when they were kids coming to this camp. She was a year older than Rob. She had darker – almost brown skin. Her rich brownish-black hair was wavy, long and kept in a ponytail. She looked like she was a mix of native Central American and white like her mom. He never asked but her home's culture said enough for him to guess the unimportant details. June is a tall girl. She towers over Rob, which probably helped to intimidate him. Her 6 feet of height dominating Rob's 5'9" stature.
Even though Rob and June were friends when they were kids, things changed as time went on. Their friendships and their friend groups changed as she got prettier and her body started filling out. She started doing more sports like tennis (Which she was a counselor for now). She'd spend less time coming over to indulge in the newest sci-fi flick or getting on her bike with him to go to the comic book store. Rob was saddened by change in their relationship and longed to be close with her but it had been three years now where they barely interacted, outside of her bullying him or when Rob's parents invited June's parents over for dinner.
At camp, June's bullying really increased with their proximity. Her words were more cutting and her actions caused him shame and embarrassment. She'd make him do things for her and he would oblige (hoping to uphold some semblance of their old relationship), Or else she'd embarrass him in front of the other counselors and campers. She was rambunctious, dominant and tough. No matter how rude June was, Rob always found some kindness in him to forgive and give in to her.
Soon as the lesson ended Rob trepidatiously went to June's cabin, thinking of what she wanted him to do this time. As Rob reached her cabin, he knocked on the door. But there was no response. He waited before knocking again. After fifteen or so minutes, he pushed the door open and peeked in. There was nobody inside the room and he walked into the room hesitantly. "June," he called out softly and in a lower voice. 'Maybe she had her headphones in', he thought. Still, there was no response.
Rob walked to her table to check her schedule, wanting to find out where she was at the moment and if it was worth waiting or incurring her wrath for walking away early. As he got closer to the table, he saw a note with his name on it. He picked it and opened it with a bit of a surprise. Meet me by the ladies' restroom, it's an emergency, the note said. Rob first thought that this was another joke of her's. But soon he feared if there was something wrong and she actually needed his help. Maybe he was being ridiculous. It could just be another embarrassing trap. Should he not even bother? He decided to go however. Despite how awful she had been, she'd never done irreversible damage to him.
He rushed over towards the ladies' showers/ restrooms to find June. Once it was in view, he stopped his brisk pace and looked around with no sight of her "Maybe she was inside?" he said softly as he caught his breath. There was no choice but to get closer. Outside, he called out for June but the restrooms were suspiciously quiet. Then he heard a voice inside say muffled 'I'm in here. I need help Rob.' Rob hesitated. He wasn't about to just walk into the women's stalls.
He answered back, "Can I help from out here?" It was silent for a second before she responded. "I don't think so Rob. Listen I really need your help. Can you come in?" There was no one around and Rob took a deep breath before opening the door and walking in.
He exhaled when he saw no one in there and the lights were off. It was dark but not too dark to see. "Where are you?" He called out again at a lower volume given the circumstances he was in. Another second passed and she responded "The last stall Robbie." She called him by the name she used to when they were younger. It made him feel warm but also raised suspicion in him.
He walked over and opened the stall. June sat there with her phone out and her beautiful long caramel legs crossed. Rob was about to ask why she asked for him to come when suddenly he felt hands behind him tug down his pants. Before Rob could react his pants and underwear were off, exposing his flaccid penis. Suddenly the restroom door opened and two female counselors walked in. Then followed another few. They all saw Rob and started laughing. It was all happening too quickly. He turned around and saw it was Stephanie who had pantsed him. His face felt red and his eyes started to become wet. A few of the women laughed and some seemed appalled. Even June was giggling at him. He realized he should pull up his pants and did so before pushing past the women and out of the bathroom. He could hear the women laughing and talking as he ran. He felt ashamed, why June would do this to him!
June's laughter faded after Rob left. She saw the tears in his eyes and a pit started to form in her belly. She remembered Rob as that redhead boy. He was her first friend when she moved into the neighborhood all those years ago. All the girls laughed and gossiped about what happened but she didn't join in. She felt frustrated more than anything… but at what? June walked out of the restroom and watched Rob moving away in the distance of the evening orange light. Even though June bullied Rob all the time, she felt safe around him. It was how she treated him that had turned into the wrong kind of aggression. She was always tough and tomboyish. She used to tease Rob endlessly but was also kind to him. She'd always defend him and pick him up when he was down. June thought about all their memories as she watched him disappear into the distance. Deep down June liked Rob, but she never wanted to admit it. So instead of admitting that she liked him, she constantly teased him.
June had a nice childhood with Rob and their nerdy friends but everything started to change as puberty hit. She was becoming easily one of the prettiest young women in their town. But she also started growing taller, like super tall; taller than any other girl of her age and they'd be mean to her for her height even acting like they were better than her for it calling her names etc. hurting her so much. She liked being popular and adored and loved by everyone. But deep down she was just like Rob; a nerd. She was teased by her peers for not having a boyfriend or keeping a guy around, for loving nerdy things, for acting silly, and being around Rob. So she started bullying him to fit in. Even after everything, Rob would still always be there for her. But now she feared she really had nobody after that stunt. She bullied him because when they were friends, he always took the teasing so well. But this- what she had just done wasn't really teasing anymore. It was cruel.
Days passed like this, June would watch Rob from a distance. Whenever he looked at her, he didn't smile his big goofy smile like he used to. He looked at her with venom in his eyes. She wanted to break out crying but was too scared to look weak. People would laugh at him or make comments and passes, bringing Rob down further and further. She could see it in his posture. She could see it in his face. Finally she decided she had to do something. She needed to talk to him and say sorry. She needed to do more than that. She needed to tell him how she felt.
It wasn't hard to find him one afternoon. The door was already unlocked to his bunk and she walked in, though he wasn't inside. She had a plan in her mind and wasn't going to let his absence dissuade her. So she waited for him. She did not have to wait so long, the door opened and Rob walked in, a combination of shock and anger at seeing her.
"June, what are you doing here?" he asked, a tremor in his voice like he was about to cry.
He was always so quick to be emotional. June said no words. Instead, she patted his bed as if to ask him to come and sit next to her. Rob didn't move, instead asking again from a safe distance what she wanted. Her eyes reddened. Rob felt bad but tried to stand his ground. Then she started to cry and it melted his heart. He came over and sat next to her. He didn't know what to do but she covered her face and began to sob. Rob started to cry too, hugging her and started rubbing her back. She loved the way his hands felt on her. It felt right to have the sensation of his hands on her compared to the other guys she had gone out with. He was so gentle. He wasn't looking for her bra strap or trying to hold her waist. The only thing there was the desire to comfort her. She felt safe.
Through her crying and hiccuping she finally said something to Rob's surprise. "I'm sorry."
She wiped her eyes and looked down at his face to see him doing the same. She thought it was cute how he had to move his glasses to wipe his eyes. His freckled cheeks red from the blubbering fest they'd just gone through.
She took his hand closest to her and squeezed it tight. Almost tight enough to hurt Rob.
"I'm sorry for treating you like shit. I'm sorry for the other day. I'm sorry I'm always so cruel to you."
She was not even looking at him anymore instead looking at his baby blue shirt with the darker stains of tear drops on them. The sad small look was melting Rob's heart.
"Talk to me June," He said.
"I didn't want to bully you. I was just so frustrated by everything. I look different than most of the people in this town. They'd tease me for that or make fun of me for being tall. The boys I wanted would always just use me sex. And it was fun, but they'd never ask me out. I felt like shit and you were there, so I took it out on you. It wasn't fair and now I'm afraid you might never talk to me again. I couldn't bare the thought you wouldn't smile at me again."
Rob lifted her chin gently and smiled even though his eyes were filled with new tears. "It's all in the past June, let's forget about everything," Rob said before pulling on June's shoulder and into a hug.
After hugging for a few seconds June pulled back and looked into his eyes. Her eyes then moved to his lips. Before another second passed, June pressed her lips into Rob's and started kissing him passionately. Her tongue pushed past his lips and started clashing with his. June was sucking his lips feverishly- biting and kissing too. Rob pulled back from the kiss. His head felt light and his heart was racing. He had never kissed a girl. Now his first kiss was a passionate moment with a childhood friend now partially turned his tormentor. June, at first savored how nice it was, but then asked him if he was ok. Rob took a second to respond, his breath still ragged
"What was that?" His voice was filled with confusion and that same pit had returned to June's stomach.
She asked worried "I'm sorry I didn't mean- I just- it felt right. I won't do that again."
June began to stand up before Rob pulled her back down to the bed. "I'm not saying that. I-I just- I'm confused. I didn't think you felt like this about me."
She put her hand on his thigh closest to her. Her hand partially on his skin and partially on his shorts
"I think I've always liked you like this. I didn't realize until you stopped looking at me with a smile on your face."
Her hand then raised to his cheek and then she went back to kissing. Her hands soon became entangled in his hair as they passionately made out. He was trembling and nervous so she decided to help him. She took his hands, placing one on her thigh and another on her waist. He held her gently & lovingly and that only made her want more from him. She broke the kiss, looking down to see his cock straining against his shorts. It was a lot bigger now that it was hard and it created a hungry stirring in her pussy.
She looked him in the eyes and he looked up from his crotch and back at her
"I'm so sorry." He said softly "Am I doing something wrong June?"
She smiled back "You're doing amazingly Robbie."
Her eyes looked at him sensually and then back down at his crotch. She bit her beautiful lip. The look of desire for her made Rob's skin tingle and he felt his crotch burn as if her gaze were burning a hole through him. Her hand approached his thigh and Rob jumped
"Can I touch it?" She was teasing but confident. "I-if you'd like." He stammered.
She gently rubbed his cock through his shorts, releasing a moan from his lips that only excited June further. Her passionate kissing resumed as her hands deftly moved to removing his one-size-too-large-shirt. She didn't stop for a second with her assault on his lips except for when she finally pulled his shirt off. He was quite amazed at her speed and fervor. But he figured it was due to all the experience she had over him. Once his shirt was off she ran her lips over his surprisingly strong chest and kissed it. She sucked his pale skin, eliciting a yelp and leaving few bruises on his skin. She looked up at him. He was a hot mess and she loved that she was doing all of this to him. This was a far better form of teasing than she'd initially thought.
He spoke again and his eyes had concern in them "I-is everything ok? Am I doing something wrong?"
She smirked and pushed him into the bed. He lifted his head to see her. Her eyes were hungry like a lion's as she slowly took off her counselor's shirt and sports bra. Her beautiful orange sized breasts popped free with their pretty dark areolas. She was stunning and it only made his cock strain harder to be free from his pants.
He could not believe this was happening. He did not however desire to protest. He then started to think as he watched her throw her clothes onto another part of his bunk. He chimed in breaking her hypnotic sex crazed state
"June? What about your friends? What if they know you're here doing this?"
She responded quickly as she removed her booty shorts revealing her cute pink underwear "Real friends don't make their friends feel like shit. They're not my friends- you're my friend and I need to stop making you feel like shit."
Her seductive smile returned, she jumped on to the bed and straddled him. She could see he didn't know what to do with his hands so she took them and held them to her tits. The feeling of his strong warm hands gave her goosebumps. "Play with them Robbie."
He didn't hesitate in kneading them, carefully as he paid attention to the reactions he was getting from her. Her body was amazingly tight and fit from all the tennis she did. Rob had no idea what he was supposed to do but he kept kneading her tits as she moaned, surprised by all of this. Cutting through his somnolent squeezing, the words "Suck them," rang out, ordering him looking into his eyes. And he had to obey her; it was June; He sucked, licked and nibbled her amazing nipples, making her moan a little more than before. He went between flicking her nipples with his tongue and swirling it around them as they hardened while he sucked on them. She was in heaven. Her hips were grinding down into his crotch on his hardness. She was in bliss enjoying his surprisingly competent attention to her body.
This went on for a few minutes before they heard a bang of something falling and they jumped looking around in a panic. The coast was clear after a few quiet moments, assuming it was a branch falling from outside. She got off Rob quickly and made him come to the edge of the bed before kneeling in front of his pants, getting his shorts off being the only goal she had. After a few seconds of fiddling she got it open and just before she could yank everything off, he stopped her. She looked in his eyes and saw that the nerves of passion became genuine anxiety
"June, are you gonna hurt me again?" Those words were like sharp knives cutting into her chest. She paused and hugged him close. Her chest pressed onto his cock through his shorts and she said surely with a shaky voice
"I'm not gonna hurt you again Rob. I wanna make things right. I don't know how I'll make up for it all but I wanna start here."
Rob grabbed her face and lifted her, placing a little kiss on her lips. She kissed back into him hungrily but also lovingly, before breaking the kiss to return to her plan.
She pulled his pants down and his bulge sprung free.
"You have such a beautiful cock!" she said as she stroked it a few times admiring its girth and length. 'He has to be at least 7 and a half inches long,' She thought to herself. "I've wanted this so bad since the other day," she said and she then sat in front of him on her knees.
She looked into his eyes. His dick was pulsing in time with his racing heartbeat. Rob could not help it, he could not control himself anymore. He was really into it and he was into her. He wanted to give her whatever she wanted.
She kissed him all over his hips and lower stomach. "I love this!" she said as she stroked his dick and planted more hot hungry kisses.
Rob leaned his head back and exhaled sharply at all the sensations he'd never felt before. He felt his balls tighten with pleasure at all her attention. She finally stopped all her teasing and held his cock in front of her. She let the crown of his cock part her lips. She slowly sucked and played with the tip with her tongue, sending electricity up his spine and fuzzing his vision for a second as his eyes rolled into his head.

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