Why Look for Other Girls? (1/2)

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By Bisamrattan A little sister, her older brother and his friends stayed in the same house all day. What could possibly go wrong? Part 1/2

It was a lovely spring morning on a day off from school. Alex’s parents had to stay at work until late, so Jim and Paul took the opportunity to hang out with Alex without adult supervision. They were doing the usual things fifteen-year-old teenagers do: played games, listened to music, then brought out beer and talked about games, gadgets, music, sports, cars, girls, sex, sex and sex. By the time they arrived to the last topic, they were pleasantly drunk and still had some beer left.

“Girls are good, I say!” Jim declared, holding his half-empty bottle. “If only they would jump on us and fuck every time we ask them!”

“Yeah, bro, couldn’t agree more!” Alex nodded enthusiastically and took another drink.

“I’d give a lot for a good fuck right now!” Paul nodded.

“Hell yeah!”

“If only we had a girl here…” Alex sighed.

“What do you say, man? You got the girl!” Jim pointed out.

“What do you mean ‘got’? What girl?”

“I mean Kira, of course! Isn’t she home?”

Alex paused.

“You’re nuts. Absolutely nuts! She’s only eleven, and she’s my sister!”

“So what? A sister is a girl, right?”

“And eleven looks mature enough to me. They are already interested in sex at that age,” Paul added.

“That’s incest, dude!”

“So what? Incest is only bad if you want to make a baby. And I guess you don’t!”

They laughed.

Alex shook his head. “It still feels wrong.”

The conversation turned to other girls, the ones they knew who were supposedly always horny and eager for sex. None of the boys had firsthand experience with them, though.

But Alex could not stop thinking about his sister now. She had really grown in the last year, losing all that baby plumpness. And she was clinging to him, and her cuddles were getting less and less childish the last times… Or was that just his imagination?..

He remembered how he accidentally caught Kira completely naked when she was taking a shower. Her body had changed too – she began turning into a woman, although still slender and flat-chested. The sight made Alex feel funny, as if he wanted to go up to Kira and hug her… No! That was too weird! It was his sister after all!.. But…

Jim nudged Alex’s shoulder. “So? Do you agree or not?”

“Huh? With what?”

Paul snickered. “To teach your sister how to have sex, man! Today’s the perfect opportunity!”

“She’ll thank us later, brother!” Jim said confidently.

Alex’s mind was torn between his conscience and his dick. The dick was slowly winning.

“Well… Okay… Let’s try…” he said uncertainly. “But be gentle and careful with her, okay? She’s still innocent! If you harm her, I will kill you and my father will help to bury your bodies, understand?”

“Easy, easy, man!” Jim raised his hands. “We’ll be the gentlest teachers ever!”

“Sure!” Paul nodded. “You have my word!”

They finished the remaining beer bottles.


Then they went upstairs to Alex’s bedroom, where Kira was playing on her tablet. When she saw three teenage boys coming in, she instinctively backed up to the corner of the bed and hugged her knees.

“Hey there, little one!” Jim waved cheerfully. “How are you?”

Kira blinked nervously. “I’m okay, I guess. What are you guys doing here?”

Alex sat down on the bed beside her. “It just occurred to us that we should stop treating you like a little child. You’ve grown up and deserve to be on equal footing with us.”

Kira looked at him wide-eyed. “Really?”

As is often the case with younger siblings, she was in awe of her older brother and his friends, who seemed so cool and mature to her. She dreamed of being accepted by them… And now… Could it be real?

Alex stroked Kira on the head. “Absolutely true. Jim and Paul agree with me.”

“Yep!” the other boys confirmed.

“Wow!” Kira exclaimed happily. “That’s so cool! Thank you, big bro, thank you very much! You guys are the best!”

“No problem, kiddo!” Jim said. “We’re glad to see you happy.”

“In fact, we were thinking about how we could prove our equality to you today.” Alex continued. “From now on, you can come to our talks and parties whenever you want, that’s for sure. And we’ll take you with us when we go out, if you want. Promise!”

“And we thought that this big day should be specially marked by having you initiated into the grown-up circle!” Paul finished.

“Initiated?..” Kira was totally enthralled by their words. They accepted her! She is one of them now! And they propose her something exciting!..

“Yep!” Jim nodded. “An initiation ceremony. Are you willing to become a full-fledged grown-up girl, Kira?”

She pondered.

“Hmm… What do I have to do to become an adult?”

Alex put an arm around Kira’s shoulders. “Oh, it’s not difficult at all, although it might take a long time. We’ll teach you everything and guide you step by step. But first tell us, are you ready to trust us no matter what?”

Kira didn’t hesitate.

“Of course! Yes yes yes! Tell me what to do!”

“And we promise to do not betray your trust, and introduce you to everything, not hiding a single detail!” Alex said solemnly, raising his hand. Jim and Paul followed his suit.

“So let the initiation ceremony begin!” Jim proclaimed.

Kira jumped excitedly. “Yay!”

“But first of all, you must undress, kiddo!” Paul said. “Completely!”

Alex extended his hand to Kira.

“Trust us, sister. We will all undress. It’s necessary to begin the ritual, it’s the adult thing to do. Only adults get naked next to each other.”

She was surprised, but didn’t dare to refuse.

“Um… All right.”

She reached behind her back and unbuttoned the top button of her pink dress.

“Let us help you…”

And they helped her out of her dress, socks and panties. Kira blushed, pulled her knees up to her chest, and watched in amazement as the boys undressed. She had seen boys in swim trunks before, but never naked. And never so close… Their dicks… So strange… So big and sticking out…

When they were naked, Alex turned Kira to face him.

“We’ll start with the easiest thing, sis. Hugs and kisses. You know almost all of that already, but now we’re going to show you how to do it right…”

He hugged Kira and pressed her against him. She squeaked shyly, but immediately melted into her brother’s arms, wrapping hers around his waist.

Alex kissed her cheek. Kira giggled softly and kissed him on the cheek in return.

“Not like that, dear,” Alex corrected gently. “Here…”

He kissed Kira on the lips. She shuddered at first, but then returned his kiss. It was so warm and pleasant…

Jim and Paul moved closer.

“We are going to kiss and caress you all over, sister. Don’t be afraid. And feel free to give us the same in return.”

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Kira obediently accepted their touches, hugs and kisses. First they covered her cheeks, neck, shoulders, chest, stomach and thighs. Then they moved on to the more sensitive areas, including her chest and buttocks. Soon Kira closed her eyes and began to moan softly under the boys’ hands and lips.

Alex lay down beside her and kissed her on the mouth again. Jim and Paul climbed onto the bed and took positions on both sides of Kira. They resumed caressing her while kissing her neck, shoulders, ears, nipples, bottom…

With soft moans, Kira threw herself at them, hugging and kissing their bodies as far as she could reach. This excited the boys even more and they doubled their efforts.

Soon, Kira found herself completely relaxed and feeling warm all over. She began to whimper louder and wriggled between the boys, clinging to them, trying to somehow relieve the strange but pleasant tension growing inside her. Jim and Paul understood her perfectly. They exchanged looks with Alex and nodded.

“You’re doing everything right, sis!” Alex said. “You are the best! Now let me kiss you in the place no one has touched before. That’s the grown-up place, only grown-ups do that.”

Kira nodded and grinned broadly. She was proud to be such a good initiate! And it felt really good!

Alex moved between Kira’s legs, spreading them and lowering his head between them. Jim and Paul pinned Kira’s thin wrists to the mattress and continued kissing her mouth, neck and nipples. She squealed shyly, but quickly calmed down, overwhelmed by the sensations of three mouths playing on her body at once.

“And now I’m going to show you how adults kiss this special place…” Alex whispered.

He gently parted Kira’s slit, ran his tongue over her labia, and kissed her clit. She shuddered and squealed loudly, but Jim and Paul held her firmly.

Alex repeated the kisses and tongue movements several times, then inserted it into Kira’s tiny hole. She moaned and jerked her hips towards him.

“Wow…” Jim whispered in admiration. “That kid knows her way around!”

“Of course she does! She’s a natural and she’s ready!” Paul grinned. “Hang in there, kid, here comes the good stuff!”

And Alex focused on Kira’s clit again, licking and sucking it more and more insistently and intense. In addition, Jim and Paul released Kira’s wrists and went down to her body. Jim pinched her nipples lightly with his fingers. Paul moved down, took Kira’s tiny feet and began kissing her soles and sucking her toes.

Kira screamed, tossed and moaned, arching on the bed. Pleasure flooded her little body in waves, reaching all its depths. Her brother’s tongue seemed to drive her mad.

“Ah… Ahh… Aaahhh…” Kira’s moans turned into cries with every breath she took. And suddenly she tensed and shook, screaming loudly for a few seconds, and then relaxed, all flushed and breathing heavily.

“Wha… What was that?” She asked in a weak voice.

Alex grinned proudly. Jim and Paul high-fived.

“This was orgasm, little sis. Adult pleasure, the first in your life, but far from last. You did great!”

Kira smiled blissfully and closed her eyes. “Thank you… That was amazing…”

“And we haven’t finished yet!” Jim announced cheerfully. “We are just beginning! Let’s repeat this lesson!”

Kira opened her eyes in surprise. “Repeat?”

The boys switched places and Jim began to kiss Kira’s pussy, pushing his tongue deeper and deeper into her hole. Kira moaned louder and orgasmed more intensely this time.

“And one more time…”

And Paul took his turn on Kira’s pussy. He carefully added his fingers to his kisses, first just one, then two. And when Kira started to wriggle and thrash on the bed, approaching the next orgasm, he pushed both fingers deep into her hole, breaking her hymen. Kira screamed sharply and froze, shaking and confused.

“Ouch… What happened…”

Paul showed her blood-stained fingers. “That was the threshold of your initiation! Every girl has to go through it at some point! Congratulations!”

Jim patted Kira’s thigh. “Now you’re a real grown woman!”

“And now you are ready for the next step,” Alex said. “Now you are open to having real sex, like all adults.”


“Yes, sis.” Alex kissed her softly and lovingly. “And you are going to do it with us now.”

“Nail it, bro! That’s your true right to be her first!” the boys cheered.

Kira trembled slightly. “And what should I do?”

Alex lay down beside her and embraced her tenderly. “We’ll do everything. Just relax and enjoy. Don’t be afraid, we won’t hurt you. It will feel fantastic!”

He kneeled before her pussy. Jim and Paul positioned themselves on both sides of Kira again and hugged her, covering her body with kisses. He leaned to her and kissed her again.

“Okay…” she breathed and hugged his neck.

He spread her legs, pressed his cock against her hole and gently entered her pussy. Kira gasped and opened her eyes wide.

“How is that… so big… inside me…” she whispered.

Alex felt the urge to thrust into Kira fast and furiously, but he resisted. Instead, he pulled out slowly. Then slowly pushed in again, all the way, letting her savor the sensations. Then pulled out again. Then pushed in again and began to move faster.

Kira clung to him, moaning louder and louder. Jim and Paul intensified their caresses and soon Kira came again, moaning and shaking all over her small body. Alex didn’t stop moving, bringing her to another climax, then he gasped and jerked his hips, erupting inside her.

“Ohhh… sis, you are the best! I love you!”

He pulled out and lay down next to Kira, hugging and kissing her passionately. She returned the kisses with all the love she had.

And without giving her a chance to cool down, Jim thrust into her pussy. He did it fast, not holding back, and Kira howled, clutching at him with her arms and legs, craving every bit of the unfamiliar, powerful pleasure that overwhelmed her. Jim fucked her mercilessly, bringing her to yet another orgasm, and erupted inside her, finishing.

After him, Paul also fucked Kira eagerly, and she came once more, barely conscious. And the boys stopped because she had run out of strength.

“Damn! That kid rocked!” Jim said, gasping for air.

“I couldn’t have hoped for a better first time!” Paul agreed. “Congratulations, kid!”

They lay on either side of her, hugging her limp, sweaty body and kissing her gently.

Alex hugged Kira. “Thanks, guys. Thank you, sis. You did a great job, you were born for it! But that’s not all…”

She opened her eyes in disbelief. “Still not all?.. What else could it be? It was already so good, so, so, so sweet…” And she cried with happiness.

“There’s more,” Alex confirmed. “But let’s take a break. There’s ice cream in the fridge…”

“Ice cream!” Kira jumped happily, turning from a young woman back to an energetic child in an instant.

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