Why You Should Use Flavoured Condoms?

Couples hate to use condoms especially women. The effect of the penis during the intercourse is not that effective and exciting in condoms. Regardless of the thinness or thickness of the condoms, they are a big turn offs for few couples. As condoms are a must during lovemaking this is why, flavoured condoms have entered the market to enhance sensuality. Here are few reasons to use flavoured condoms and spice up romance.

Why use flavoured condoms?

Flavor Smell: The smell of different flavors enhances the mood to make love. Smell makes the session more romantic as it is a big turn on. Nice smell always turns on a woman on and makes her more intimate.

Lubricant: Although unflavoured condoms also have lubricants but the effect of smelling flavoured condoms with lubricants are more liked by women.

Smelly penis: Many women love the taste and smell of flavors on the penis while making love. This is more effective after the intercourse. Sometimes, even men want an oral lovemaking and the good fruit smell makes the woman comfortable in the task.

Flavors Impact: Some women like banana and some like strawberries or chocolates. To enhance the mood to make love, these flavors add spice to romance. 

These are the most common reasons why you should use flavoured condoms. It enhances the mood to make love and also protects you from diseases.