WICKed Hormones Ch. 08

tagIncest/TabooWICKed Hormones Ch. 08

This is a complete work of fantasy. All sexual participants are 18-years of age or older.
I know this may sound like a broken record, but thanks to everyone for taking the time to read my story. I truly appreciate all the kind words and positive feedback. Also…major thanks to my awesome editor!!
I know the length of time between release dates can get frustrating, but again I humbly appreciate everyone's patience and understanding. With that being said… I hope you enjoy!
On Wednesday afternoon, Karen was busy folding some freshly cleaned laundry. While performing the weekly chore, she sang along to the Thompson Twins song that blared through her new set of wireless earbuds. Her daughter bought them for her last weekend and synced them up with Karen's cell phone. Rachel was doing her best to get her mom into the current century… technology-wise, at least. However, Karen refused to budge on her 80's music.
After finishing her task, Karen took the basket of clean clothes and headed out of the laundry room. The stay-at-home mom walked through the quiet house and up the stairs to the second level. Once she reached the landing, Karen stopped and glanced down the hall at her son's bedroom door.
As Karen gazed upon the closed wooden barrier, questions began running through her mind. Did she make the right decision? Was this, after all, the best path for her and Jacob? Like everyone else, she was a flawed human being, and she made many mistakes. However, her main worry was if she was still a good mother.
Nothing mattered more to Karen than family, especially her children. She prayed faithfully for God's help and guidance through the valley she and her son had to journey. Up until now, she was mostly at peace with her decisions. However, with things now set in-motion, doubt began to creep in, and her faith began to wither.
As she listened to the inspiring words of U2's Bono singing in her ears, Karen remembered that ultimately God was in control. She told herself to remain calm, stay the course, and believe that it will all work out for the better. The most important thing was that her son was getting the temporary relief he needed for his affliction. Karen pushed the negative thoughts from her mind, then took a deep breath and walked down the hall to the master bedroom.
After Karen put away her and her husband's laundry, only Jacob's remained. The tireless mother then carried the basket of clothes down the hall to Jacob's room.
While she stood outside her son's bedroom door, Karen held the laundry basket with one arm supporting it on her left hip. She then removed her earbuds with her right hand, and the voice of Phil Collins was suddenly replaced by a mixture of disturbing yet familiar noises.
Through the closed door, Karen could make out the indecent sounds from the other side. Her son's headboard rhythmically tapped against the wall, and his bed sang out with constant squeaks and groans from the obscene abuse. Along with the protesting piece of furniture, the loud moans of a woman experiencing sexual bliss joined in on the chorus.
Turning the knob with her right hand, Karen slowly pushed open the door. Her eyes went wide as she lay witness to the pornographic scene taking place on her son's bed.
Assistant DA Melissa Turner was down on all fours supporting herself on her forearms. Her beautiful face hidden behind a curtain of silky dark hair. A sheen of sweat coated the olive skin of the young woman's flawless and naked body. Her knees spread wide with her beautifully round backside angled upwards.
Jacob held tightly to the young attorney's flared hips and rhythmically pistoned his fleshy rod in and out of her sopping wet pussy. He was attacking her with long, fluid strokes causing her hanging tits to swing back and forth. Every time his powerful cock hit bottom, a combination of "Ohh"s and "Ahh"s were drawn from Melissa's pretty red lips.
Karen quietly entered the room, her lungs filled with the combined aroma of sex and Jacob's exotic scent. She immediately felt her sensitive nipples harden inside her bra. While watching the coital activity taking place, the mom turned reluctant voyeur could feel her vagina begin to moisten. She felt awkward standing there; however, the rutting couple never looked her way or acknowledged her presence… or maybe they just didn't care.
Walking around the room, Karen noticed Melissa's clothes piled on the floor at the foot of Jacob's bed. A discarded gold condom wrapper lay haphazardly in one of the cups of the young lawyer's white lacy bra. Karen felt somewhat relieved from the fact that Jacob was at least following that rule.
After setting the laundry basket down, she put a hand on her hip, "Jake! I thought we discussed this. You are not to treat Ms. Turner in that fashion." Her voice was soft yet authoritarian.
Jacob had his eyes glued to Melissa's delicious curves and jiggling backside. He looked up at his mother and smiled, "It's okay, Mom… she likes it this way." He then accentuated each thrust, "Don't… you… Ms… Turner?"
Pushing the hair out of her face, Melissa looked up at Karen. Her eyes glossed over with a dreamy, faraway look. The engaged woman's lips and cheeks were marked with several streaks of dried semen. Evidence that Jacob was not working on his first load. "It's… incredible… Ohh!! Karen… your son's… Ohhh!!.. cock… is… Ohhhhh!! IS… OHHHH MYYYY GOOOODDDDDD!!"
The lovely young lawyer grabbed fists full of the Star Wars bedsheets and held on tight as her body suffered its third and most intense orgasm of the day. The sparkle of Melissa's diamond engagement ring caught Karen's eye. The sinful decadence further fueled the mother's arousal and, along with it, a slight pang of envy.
Now seated in Jacob's desk chair, the disinclined mother watched as her son pummeled the unfaithful fiancée as if she were a rag doll. Karen couldn't help but squeeze her thighs together in an attempt to quell the buzzing between her legs. She reminded herself that this is how it had to be. If they were ever going to return to a more normal mother-son relationship, Jacob would require an additional outlet for his needs. It was just something she had to accept.
As Jacob finally reached his pinnacle, he grunted, "Ugggghhhhh… It's coming!! Can I… stay… inside?"
Not sure who the question was for, Karen immediately spoke in a soft tone, "No, Jake… you know the rules."
"But Mom… the condom," the teenager plead his case.
More sternly, Karen responded, "Jacob Mitchell!!"
The tone in his mother's voice made him automatically glance over in her direction. With a glaring stare, Karen continued, "You heard what I said." He could see by the look in her eyes that she meant business.
Reluctantly, Jacob released his grip on Melissa's hips and pulled his pulsing member from the warm confines of her wet pussy. As the exhausted young woman lowered herself down flat onto the bed, Jacob quickly ripped the condom from his twitching cock. He then took hold of the veiny shaft and unloaded his aching balls all over his gorgeous sex partner. Melissa made soft mewing sounds as Jacob's hot and sticky cum blasted onto her arched back and curvy ass.
A few minutes later, Jacob lay on his back while fast asleep taking a nap. The incredible rounds of magnificent sex with the soon-to-be-married lawyer left him drained and exhausted.
Karen wrapped a fresh towel around Melissa's cum-covered naked body. After collecting the discarded clothes from the floor, the beautiful mother put her arm around the young woman's shoulder. As they started to leave the room, Karen said softly, "Let's get you into the shower."
Before walking out the door, Karen took a final glance at her sleeping son. He looked so innocent, lying there on his back with his boyish body covered in a sheen of sweat. His hairless chest was rising and falling with his gentle breathing. Her eyes widened as she noticed the not so little anaconda resting between his legs. After spending the afternoon inside Melissa's wet mouth and hot pussy, the thing was still pulsing and semi-hard. It appeared the vile creature was gearing up for its next victim.
A while later, Melissa walked out of the master bathroom wrapped in a soft towel while drying her long black hair with another. She found Karen by the king-sized bed laying out the clothes that she had discarded earlier that day. "That shower was great… I feel like a new woman."
Karen turned and smiled at her, "I'm glad you feel better." She then looked back to the clothes on her bed. "I took the liberty to freshen up your dress while you were in the shower."
Now standing beside Karen, Melissa responded with a smile, "Wow! That's so nice of you… thanks so much."
"You're welcome," Karen replied. "It's the least I can do for… you know… your help with Jake." While Melissa continued to dry her hair, the grateful mother sat down on the bed and continued, "Speaking of helping with Jake… I hope you know you don't have to let him treat you in any way you're not… comfortable."
Stepping over to where her clothes lay, Melissa cocked her head and asked, "What do you mean?"
Starting to regret bringing it up, Karen forced herself to continue, "You know… letting him… get behind you and take you like that."
Picking up her skimpy panties, Melissa replied, "Oh, you mean doing it doggy-style?" She giggled then continued, "Don't worry about that… it just happens to be one of my favorite positions."
Karen could feel her cheeks burn with embarrassment. She looked away from the younger and more worldly woman.
Melissa sat down beside the lovely mother and asked, "Karen… you mean to tell me that you have never tried that position?"
The conservative mother shook her head.
"Ever?" Melissa asked with a hint of disbelief.
"It just looks so vulgar and… dirty," Karen said in a loud whisper.
Melissa scoffed then said, "Wow, Karen… you don't know what you're missing. I think you should at least try it once with…" Karen arched her brow, then Melissa finished with, "you know… your husband." Melissa, not wanting to make the lovely wife and mother any more uncomfortable than she already was, continued, "I have a sneaky suspicion that you will love it." As she stood up, Melissa chuckled then finished with, "In fact… I can guarantee you will ask yourself why you waited so long."
Karen replied, "Well, I guess I can give it some…" Before she could finish her sentence, Melissa loosened and dropped the towel to the floor. Karen's eyes went wide with shock at the young woman's bold action to get naked in front of her so casually.
The conservative mother couldn't help but admire Melissa's beauty and confidence as she once again gazed upon her flawless nude body. Karen could feel the tingle in her nether regions return as she watched the engaged lawyer step into and pull her panties up her long and shapely legs. Her eyes remained locked on the gorgeous woman as she adjusted the skimpy garment on her curvy hips.
Feeling somewhat flushed, Karen quickly stood up and said, "I-I'll leave you to get dressed."
Melissa smiled and softly replied while she began to put on her bra, "Please, Karen… don't leave on my account."
The embarrassed mother tore her eyes away from the beautiful lawyer and stammered, "I- I need to get Jake up and moving anyway. His father will be home before too long."
Once outside the bedroom, Karen closed then leaned back against the door. With her pulse racing, the Christian wife asked herself, "What is wrong with me?" Karen was not a lesbian, and to have such immoral thoughts about another woman was downright sinful and wicked. She took a couple of deep breaths, then muttered, "It must be these wretched hormones… yes… it has to be that."
After collecting her thoughts and some fresh sheets from the linen closet, Karen made her way back down the hall to Jacob's bedroom. She entered the room to find her son awake and somewhat dressed. He was wearing a pair of boxers and a Star Wars tee-shirt while sitting at his computer desk typing on the keyboard.
"Oh good… you're up," Karen remarked as she set the clean linen down onto the nearby dresser. She continued, "We need to change your sheets before your dad gets home."
While keeping his eyes on the computer monitor and typing away, Jacob replied, "Sure, Mom… just a few more minutes, okay? I'm almost done with this English assignment."
Nodding her head, Karen replied, "Okay… but let's take care of it as soon as you're finished." She then turned her attention to the clothes that remained in the laundry basket from earlier. As she began putting Jacob's underwear away, she said, "Before I forget… I'm going shopping this weekend, and you are coming with me."
Jacob stopped typing, then turned to face his mom and asked, "I am?"
Karen nodded and replied, "Yes, you are… have you seen your underpants lately? Just about every pair you own are stained with semen." She held up a pair of boxers and shook them for emphasis, "Whatever is in your… stuff, will not come out in the wash."
Shaking his head, Jacob chuckled and responded, "Thanks, but uh… no thanks, Mom."
Cocking her head to the side, Karen asked, "What do you mean no? You love going to the mall."
Giving her a horrified look, Jacob said, "Not to buy underwear… especially with my mother!! What if someone I know happens to see us? I'd be the laughingstock of the entire school."
"Oh, stop being so dramatic," Karen said while putting a hand on her hip. "No one is going to see you. Besides, you can't go around in these terrible looking things. What if you happen to be in an accident or something?"
Jacob crossed his arms, "Believe me, Mom… if I'm ever in an accident… the last thing I'm going to worry about is the condition of my underwear."
Putting away his clothes, Karen replied, "Well, you're going… and that's final."
Seeing no way out, Jacob surrendered, "Okay, Mom." He then sighed, "Underwear shopping, it is."
Instead of returning to his homework, Jacob sat and watched as Karen moved about the room, putting away his laundry. He couldn't help but admire his mother's mouthwatering figure in her tight tee-shirt and form-fitting yoga pants. His eyes widened when she bent over to put his socks away in a bottom drawer. It was as if her curvy heart-shaped ass was calling out to him. He once again thought of how bad he wanted to take her from behind.
The plotting teenager stood up from his chair and decided to follow his sister's advice and try being more assertive. "Hey, Mom?"
"Yes, Sweetie?" Karen replied, still bent over sorting through her son's sock drawer.
Jacob walked over and stood right behind his mother. He had an incredible urge to reach out and grab hold of her cushiony butt cheek; however, he reminded himself the plan was to be more assertive… not stupid. Instead, he sat down on his bed and said, "After Ms. Turner leaves, maybe… you know… we could have a go."
Closing the dresser drawer, Karen stood up straight and spun around. She looked down at her son and scoffed, "No… absolutely not!" Seeing the disappointment on Jacob's face, she motioned towards the bed with her hand and continued, "Jake… you just spent the entire afternoon 'having a go' with Ms. Turner. Remember, that's the main reason she's here… so I don't have to help you as much." Putting a hand on her hip, Karen added, "Besides, haven't you had enough for today?"
Jacob quickly replied, "I always have something in the tank for you, Mom." He then gave her a sly smile, "Just remember, if Dad is not available or too tired to do his job, I'm here for you."
Karen shook her head and chuckled. "That's sweet." She then put her hands on Jacob's shoulders and continued, "A little twisted and disturbing coming from my son, but… still sweet." She then bent down and kissed the top of his head.
After picking up the empty laundry basket, Karen began walking towards the door. "You go ahead and get started changing those sheets. I'm going to go see Melissa out, and then I'll be back to help. Oh, and don't forget… Rachel and Scott will be here for dinner."
After Karen left the room, Jacob began stripping his bed. As he performed his chore, he thought to himself, 'Oh well. I may have struck out with Mom today, but there's always tomorrow.'
Later that evening, the family sat at the formal dining room table, enjoying Karen's latest culinary feat. The proud wife was in her element and tickled to have everyone together. Jacob and Grandpa George were on one side while Rachel and Scott sat across from them. Robert sat at the head of the table with Karen at the opposite end from her husband.
Since dinner was taking place in the formal dining room, Karen expected everyone to dress appropriately. It's just how her mother raised her. The lovely housewife wore a black knee-length pencil skirt along with a sleeveless blouse that was form-fitted and exposed just a hint of creamy cleavage. Rachel dressed similarly; only her skirt was about four inches shorter than that of her more conservative mom.
Robert, Scott, and Grandpa George all wore slacks with dress shirts. Even Jacob cooperated while wearing khakis and a Georgia Tech polo shirt that his dad gave him a couple of days ago. With the evil stare Rachel kept giving him, Jacob could tell she was not a fan.
"I must say, Mom…" Karen turned her head and looked to her son-in-law Scott as he continued, "This is probably the best pot roast I have ever tasted."
With a smile, Karen replied, "Well, thank you, Scott." She then picked up her wine glass and continued, "It just happens to be one of Jake's favorites. I made it in his honor." The proud mother looked over to Jacob and said, "Honey, do you want to tell everyone your good news?"
All eyes turned to Jacob as he was in the middle of taking a sip of tea. After setting down his glass, he proudly announced, "Today in the mail, I received my acceptance letter to the University of Georgia."
Everyone cheered… especially Rachel. She looked across the table at her younger brother and stated, "Good… now you can take off that ridiculous rag you're wearing."
Robert chuckled and said, "You know Rachel… your attitude towards my alma matter… it's starting to sting a little."
Turning to her father, Rachel replied, "Sorry, Daddy. You know I love you to pieces, but I can't stand that school."
Meanwhile, George leaned into Jacob and congratulated him. "Way to go, kiddo!!" He pulled out his wallet and said, "Let's see what I have in here."
Putting up her hand, Karen said, "No, Daddy!!" Both George and Jacob turned and looked at Karen, "You cannot give him any more money. You are not Jake's personal ATM."
In a sad tone, George replied, "But Sweetheart. Just a little… for his accomplishment."
Karen said nothing more. Instead, she gave her dad a look that Jacob knew all too well when she was dead serious. Begrudgingly George put his wallet back into his pocket.
Once Karen turned her attention to Rachel, George leaned over and whispered, "Don't worry, Buddy. I'll slip you a little something when your mom's not around." In a bewildered voice, he continued, "I don't understand how I raised such a wet blanket of a daughter." The comical line caused Jacob to laugh out loud.
Hearing the boisterous laughter, Karen turned back to her father and son and asked, "Okay… what's going on with you two?"
Shaking his head, Jacob replied, "Nothing, Mom… just another one of Grandpa's jokes."
Suddenly Rachel's voice rang out, "So Squirt." Jacob looked across the table at his sister just as he took a mouthful of his mom's delicious mashed potatoes. "Have you made a final decision?"

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