Widow Aunt’s Raunchy Road Trips

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Hi all, its Ali here!
I'm back with another post of my slutty widowed Aunt, Sheen. This is a compilation of THREE of the most memorable road trips with Aunty Sheen. I hope you enjoy this post as much as you did the previous ones. I'm eager to hear your reaction to this so feel free to Like my story and drop in a Comment!
A little background first…
About me –
I'm Ali. I'm very fair-skinned, stand over 5" 10" tall with sharp features and straight, long dark hair. I have a tall and trim muscular physique from being a soccer player for years.
About Aunty Sheen –
Aunt Sheen is unlike the typical tall, fair Indian Muslim MILF. Instead she is dark, short and curvy. Sheen aunty is barely 5' 5" tall, has dark brown hairless skin and dark, wavy hair. She has large, dark eyes with a short nose and thin, severe lips. Aunt Sheen is voluptuous, with large, soft D-cup breasts that were crowned with thick, dark nipples. She was in her late 40s, a mother of two, but still had a noticeably slim waist which flared out to make her wide, curvy hips. The sexiest part of Aunty is her enormous, round 55-inch ass. Aunty Sheen has huge, firm booty cheeks that jiggled enticingly whenever she walked. I also loved her thick, shapely legs and tiny feet.
Our History –
Sheen aunty had seduced me a couple of years earlier, just a few weeks after her husband's death. Ever since, Aunty Sheen and I have had sex hundreds of times till now.. The best part about Aunty Sheen is her brazenness and the hunger to experiment sexually which has took on some really wild and adventurous sexual adventures.
Our Family –
I can't reveal the name of my hometown for privacy reasons but I can tell you that it is one of the largest cities in central India. I have a huge, extended family, which includes the families of my father and his seven real brothers all living together. We are significantly well off and own a huge piece of land on the northern outskirts of my city and live in an expansive gated and walled compound. There are three 3-storied buildings spaced around the private compound with large, luxurious apartments for each family. My family, despite being rich, belongs to an ultra-conservative Muslim sect and every member of the family is expected to follow our religious edicts strictly. So, most of us, normally live a simple life.
This means that the women in my family would always wear conservative traditional clothing. When stepping outside, they have to put on a Hijab to cover their head and face and wear a loose Niqab to cover their bodies from strangers' stares. I believe it was these and similar restrictions which prompted a few female members of my family to rebel and form illicit, sexual partnerships with me.
Sultry Sex at Sunset
(6 PM — 8 PM — Friday, May 2006)
This incident happened four months after Aunt Sheen had seduced me and had started a taboo but regular sexual relationship with me. Now that she had shed her inhibitions, Aunty Sheen had started becoming bolder and more brazen.
It was late afternoon on a sweltering hot Friday in the peak of summer, around 5 PM when I got a call from Aunty. I was hanging out with some friends. I walked away a few steps and picked up my cell phone.
"Hello, Aunty." I answered the call.
"Hello, son. Where are you?" Aunty Sheen asked sweetly.
"I'm just hanging out with friends." I replied.
"If you're not too busy could we go for a drive, please? I'm getting very bored at home." She said.
"Of course, Aunty." I agreed, as I didn't have any specific plans for the evening.
"What about Dee?" I asked.
She was not aware back then that her daughter, my older cousin Dee, and I had lost our virginity to each other several years ago and had been in a sexual relationship since then. Aunty Sheen had obviously kept her illicit relation with me a secret from her everyone, including her daughter.
"It's okay. I'll tell her I've got some work outside." She explained.
'All right. I'll be home in half hour."
"Great!" I heard her excited reply, "I'll be ready by then. I hope you can get your car. It's too hot for a bike ride."
"Sure. I think I can arrange that. Don't worry. See you!" I assured her and ended the call.
I excused myself and rode my Royal Enfield Bullet home from the wooded area outside our city where we would usually get stoned and chill.
I parked my bike in the common parking lot right inside the huge, black wrought iron gate. I looked up at the first floor of my building and saw a curtain twitch. I smiled quickly because I knew Aunty Sheen was looking from the window. I quickly walked into our ground-floor apartment and told my mom I had to take Aunty Sheen to get some things from downtown. Ever since my uncle passed away, my folks always encouraged me to help Aunty Sheen any way I could. So they didn't have any problems when I said that.
As I stepped out of my apartment I looked to see Aunty Sheen already standing beside our dark grey Ford Escort. I smiled wide and hurried over.
"Hi, Aunty!" I said, grinning as I reached the car.
"Hello, Ali." She replied though her smile was hidden behind her Hijab.
Aunty Sheen was dressed in a loose, black-colored Niqab which still failed to hide her enormous, round assets. The thin fabric of her Niqab outlined her large, round boobs and I was excited as I looked lower and saw the way her outfit clung to her enormous, curvy hips. Her face and head were hidden behind her grey Hijab while she had on a pair of dark sunglasses to cover her eyes in the harsh summer sunlight.
"You're looking cute!" Aunty Sheen said softly as I unlocked the car and helped her into the passenger seat.
"Thank you!" I said, grinning excitedly now and looked down at my plain black tee and the pair of black jeans I had on. I wore a pair of aviators to shield myself from the harsh May sunlight. It was over 45 C and sweltering hot outside. I was glad that we'd be driving in the comfort of the A/C.
As I walked around to the driver's side I knew that Aunty Sheen must have another motive for the drive. It was just the fact that every time we had been alone anywhere, Aunty Sheen and I ended up fucking.
It was around 6 PM when we left our house and without being told I drove to meet the west highway because it was one of the most scenic drives around my city. Aunty Sheen sat looking out the window, commenting some times, till we left the city behind and started on the four-lane highway. As I drove west, the sun was low in front. The asphalt highway gleamed grey and silver with the bright light of the summer sun reflecting off of it. I was glad to have my sunglasses on.
"God! It feels hot in this!" Aunty Sheen suddenly exclaimed.
I drove slowly in the left lane and sensed Aunty Sheen removing her Hijab from her face. I glanced across and noticed her thin, dark lips gleaming with the lip gloss she had on. Aunty Sheen loved makeup and would often over-do it, in my opinion. She would always wear thick makeup whenever we were out of town on a trip together. Although it did little to make her look good, it definitely made her look slutty. I didn't have a problem with that because that's exactly the way she behaved away from home.
I tried not to peek at her as she started to undo the buttons down the front of her long, loose Niqab. She did not remove her Niqab completely but let it open at the front. My smiled turned to a grin when I noticed what she was wearing underneath.
Aunty Sheen had on a flimsy but fitting black-colored satin nighty. It rested on a pair of thin spaghetti straps over her smooth shoulders and the low neckline showed off almost all of Aunty Sheen's deep, dark cleavage. The cold air of the A/C immediately made her thick nipples harden and they stood out stiff against the flimsy fabric of her outfit. I looked lower and became excited at the way the soft, shiny fabric clung to her rounded tummy before stretching across her huge, wide hips. Her nighty ended just above her knees and showed off her smooth, thick legs. I noticed the pair of black, high platform heels only then.
"Got smokes?" Aunty Sheen asked and I forced myself to look up at her face.
Believe it or not, Aunty Sheen – the seemingly strict and religious mature Muslim – had started smoking at around the time she had seduced me. Her husband's death had seemed to break her inner bonds of decency. She had no problem in smoking, drinking and would later on start getting high daily. I know because I've had to score large packs of top-quality dope for her from years now. As Dee was studying in Pune from the past year and she had disowned her son, Aunty Sheen lived all alone and could smoke whenever she liked.
I smiled and nodded as I pulled out the pack of cigarette I'd bought in anticipation. Aunty Sheen smiled and took out a lighter from the large, black handbag she was carrying.
"Mmhh!" Aunt Sheen moaned satisfactorily as she blew out the first puff of smoke inside the car. "I've been out of smokes since morning, son." She explained and took another drag on the Classic Regular she smoked.
"You should've told me, Aunty." I said as I was the one who would sneak in a carton of cigarettes to her once or twice a month.
"I thought we'd buy it now." She answered and took another drag.
The smoke was filling the car now so I rolled down all four windows. Almost instantly the hot air drove the smoke out of the vehicle. Aunty Sheen put on the radio and we listened to the music for a while as the hot wind whipped my hair around. The sun had gotten quite low but there was still half hour left for sunset.
I have a habit of driving a car with my left hand resting on the gear shift and clutching the steering wheel with the right hand. Aunt Sheen had reclined the backrest of her seat and sat low on her seat, with her legs spread apart casually. I loved the way her thick, soft thigh felt as it pressed against my left hand.
After a while, I started to caress her smooth, upper thigh absentmindedly with my fingertips. I felt her shift and lean closer while spreading her knees wide apart. A little while later, I stopped and instead rested my warm palm on her bare, thick thigh. I felt her tense for a second before she relaxed. I stared ahead at the road and heard her light another cigarette.
"When did you fuck me last, son?" Aunty Sheen suddenly asked, over the loud radio.
"Mm…" I mumbled, caught by surprise at her bluntness, "I think it was the day before yesterday. Remember? It was in the afternoon, when Dee was asleep in her room." I answered quickly.
"Hmm…" I heard her mumble as she took another drag, "Too long, don't you think?" Aunty Sheen said straight-faced.
I immediately turned to look at her and noticed her grinning wide. I didn't know what to say so I just grinned back and nodded my head. Aunty Sheen passed me the cigarette and I caught it in my left hand. I took a puff and glanced to the side and caught Aunty Sheen pulling her large, motherly boobs out of her low-necked nighty. The bright sunlight coming in from the windshield highlighted her voluptuous, round tits perfectly. I risked a few seconds to watch her knead her bountiful breasts and leer at me.
I quickly looked back at the road and slowed down. The traffic was light on the large highway, with mostly large cargo trailers and trucks barreling along. I drove at a steady 50 km/h and soon started tailgating a large trailer truck. I took a couple of drags on the cigarette and passed it back to Aunty Sheen. Again, I looked away from the road for a few moments which were enough to show me her lust-filled expression. I grinned before turning back to face the front. I sat straighter and rested my left hand on her bare, thick thigh once again.
"Mm…" I heard Aunty Sheen moan softly over the loud music on the radio.
My palm moved effortlessly up her smooth, soft thigh and came to the hem of her nighty. Aunty Sheen reached down and immediately pulled up her tight nighty all the way to her round, brown tummy. She eagerly spread her legs even more and my hand slid over to her soft, clean-shaven crotch.
"Mmhmm…" Aunty Sheen moaned approvingly when I turned my hand and cupped her mature, large labia in my palm.
Her hands went back to fondling and kneading her breasts. Sheen aunty continued to take drags on the cigarette caught between her lips. Soon, she flung the cigarette butt out the window and shifted lower on her seat. She finally settled low on her seat, with her feet now resting wide apart on the dashboard. I lifted my arm and she slipped her thick right thigh under it. I rested my hand once again on her wet, welcoming cunt and snuck my middle finger in.
"Yesss…!" She hissed as my middle finger slipped between her large, moist pussy lips.
Wow! I thought, shocked at the immense wetness inside her slick, hot cunt. Initially into our sexual relationship, I was amazed at the way Aunty Sheen could get horny at the drop of a hat. Later on, I understood that she is a nymphomaniac who has suddenly found the perfect way to satisfy her craving for sex.
"Mm… mmhmm… Ohh… Yess…" Her moans were loud enough to be heard over the rush of the wind and the loud music on the radio.
I wriggled my finger around casually, hearing her moan loudly every time my palm rubbed against her thick, hard clit. My fingertip kept slipping in and out of her hot, mature cunt while my palm brushed against Sheen aunt's large clit faster and faster. I glanced around and watched as she squeezed her large, soft tits hard now. She pulled at her thick, prominent nipples and kneaded her round, dark breasts faster and faster too. The interior of the car was hot and despite the wind blowing in from the open windows, I felt Aunty Sheen's cunt was hotter to touch. It was around this time that I noticed my young, thick cock making a noticeable bulge in my jeans.
All this time, I kept my eyes on the trailer in front and followed it at a steady pace, keeping a safe distance. The faster trucks and cars on the highway passed us by on the right but the dark, tinted windows prevented anyone from looking in at us.
"Mmmhh.. Ohh.. Yess.. Yess… Yess… Ali.. Ali.." Aunty Sheen kept moaning and calling out my name repeatedly as she neared climax.
"Aah!" Aunty suddenly exclaimed when I pushed my forefinger in her wet, mature cunt. "Mmhmm…. Mmhhmm.. Mmhh…." She continued to moan again as I started to fuck her with two fingers now.
Her mature cunt could easily accommodate my fingers and I leaned closer to her. I kept a steady grip on the steering wheel with my right hand while my left hand curled around the thick, mushy mound of her clean-shaven crotch. I slipped my fingers deeper into her warm pussy and soon found her G-spot.
"Ooohhh.. Yes! Yes! Yes!…" Aunty moaned very loudly followed with encouragement to continue doing what I was.
I could feel the textured surface of her G-spot on my fingertips as the heel of my palm pressed and rubbed against her thick clit. Her dark, warm cunt was already oozing enough juice to have made my hand wet till my knuckles. I could feel her thick, large labia lips clench and unclench around my finger as she moved her crotch in rhythm with my fingering.
"Aahh.. Aahh.. Aaahh… Ooohhh… Yesss!" Aunty moaned again and again but soon hissed aloud.
"Aaagghhh!" She growled out loud as the first wave of orgasm hit her.
I kept a steady grip on her crotch and my fingers kept rubbing against her G-spot and her thick clit which drove her into frenzy. Her body thrashed under my tight grip. Her high-heeled feet flopped down from the dashboard and she clenched her thick, soft thighs tightly together. My hand was caught in between as Aunty Sheen reveled in an intense climax. The warm, slick juiced gushing out of my widow aunt's pussy rushed around my palm and soon covered her upper thighs from the inside.
"Mmm… Hmm… Hmmm…" I could hear Aunty Sheen's labored breathing over the rush of the wind as she slowly recovered from an intense orgasm.
It still took a good minute for my mature aunt to recover her breathing. She opened her eyes lazily and popped her legs open. I immediately pulled my slick, wet hand out. Aunty Sheen reached to the back seat and pulled out a bunch of tissues from her hand bag. She quickly wiped my hands clean with the wet-wipes and later on cleaned her creamy, warm pussy as best as she could while sitting in the passenger seat.
"Ah!" I groaned when I shifted to sit straighter in my seat.
I had only realized that my large cock was painfully stiff under my jeans. Of course, I had been fingering her or almost 10 minutes now and my cock was ready with anticipation.
"Thank you so much, son!" Aunty Sheen said gratefully over the loud music on the radio.
I reached out and turned down the volume.
"You're always welcome, aunty." I said, cheekily.
I was following the huge trailer at a steady 40 km/h and could see the sun had gotten a lot lower. My thick cock was straining hard against my jeans. Aunty Sheen must have noticed it too.
"Aww… son. You're so hard!" Aunty Sheen said, reaching out and grabbing at my stiff erection over the jeans.
"Hmm…" I moaned softly as Aunty started to trace her fingers along the length of my thick, young cock.
"Let me take a look." Aunty said in a teasing tone and bent closer to me.
I knew what she wanted to do and moved my left arm quickly to the backrest of her seat and allowed her free access to my crotch. Aunty Sheen lifted my tee and pulled at my fly. She soon had it down and reached inside.
"Aah!" I groaned with relief as my aunt's warm palm wrapped around my large, stiff dick.
Sheen aunty expertly pulled my large, hard cock out of my fly and I welcomed the warmth of the wind with another moan.
"Ohh…" I moaned as she lowered her grip and caught the base of my thick dick in a tight grip.
I was sure the veins in my long, stiff cock were standing out like thin cords. I looked straight ahead as Aunty Sheen leaned lower and put her face in my crotch.
"Oh, yesss!" I hissed in pleasure as soon as Aunt Sheen's wet, warm lips wrapped tight over my thick dick head.
The engorged head of my circumcised cock was ultra-sensitive and reacted to the lightest stimuli.
"Aahh…" I sighed and relaxed when aunty lowered her lips over my cock and licked the thick head with her tongue.
I was finding it hard to focus on the road with aunty sucking my cock. I desperately wanted to fuck her now.
I started looking for byways to get off of the busy highway. There was nowhere I could pull up at the side of the highway without risking someone stopping to help thinking we were in distress. In the meanwhile, Aunty Sheen's lips had reached half-way down my long shaft and I felt my thick dick head press against her throat deep in her mouth.
"Aack!" Sheen aunty gagged almost immediately and raised her head up.
"Hmmm…" I moaned approvingly when she sat facing me on her seat and began to stroke my large, wet cock.
Fortunately, in a couple of minutes, I found an exit on the left coming up and pulled into small, dirt road that wound over small barren hillocks and reached some tiny village a few kilometers away. Aunty Sheen immediately understood and I felt her grip tighten over my cock.
"Ow!" I cried out, "Let me search for a good spot at least." I pleaded with her as she started to pump my thick shaft in a tight grip.
As I drove down the small, dusty road, I noticed a few young couples on a bike standing to the side, cozying up. They would all jump at the sound of the car but would continue back to petting as we drove by. I understood what it was. It was one of those spots every major city has — close, isolated and within an hour's driving distance — where young, unmarried couples could go for some 'privacy'. This was the only option for those who couldn't afford the high charges for renting rooms at the several motels and water-resorts that lined the highway between my town and Amravati.

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