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Hi friends! I am Rahul from India. I am living in Salem district at Tamil understate. I say my real sex story with a widow lady& her daughter.

I am working in d private company as asst. Manager. Last month I go2 the Bangalore for official work 4 two week. But that work finished with in a week. So I return 2 d office (but I don’t inform to my office. Because I planned 2 take a leave) I returned by d bus. The front seats of bus were filled. So I seat on the last long seat in d bus and I start 2 read d sex story in Tamil language. After 5 minutes a 38years old beautiful lady cum 2 sit 2 my close seat. She is having a big booobs. So I stop 2 read that book. She knows which kind of book I read. After 30 minutes she go2 sleep (she was acted as sleep, but I don’t know about her drama). So I again start read d book. After 10 minutes suddenly I saw her she is read enjoying that book. I was shacked, but her simply doing an erotic smile.

She is simply introduced voluntary. Her name is Nisha. She is Tamil girl live in dharmapuri she is widow aunty, her husband dead afters10 years of their marriage. She is having a one daughter, and her age is 16. Her family is rich & having good respect in their place. So she is not fuck by anybody still her husband dead. She wants a sex with some body. I shacked an aunty talk openly. Suddenly she touches my drink. Can’t control my self. She invite me 4 fuck her. I agreed with her. Both they go2 her home at dharmapuri. I pulled her chudidhar tuppatta. She is requested 2 wait for go 2 her form house that located in 15 kilometers in their home. I saw her 16 years old daughter’s pic. She is so beauty & has a big boob. I planed 2 fuck that girl with her mother permission. She informed her daughter 2 cum their from houses.

Both they go2 form house with in 15 minutes through d car. At d travel time I kissed her boobs. She is say wait. I’m fully for u. U does what u like in my whole body. We reached her form house. She invited me in her bed. I locked her bed room door, & pulled her 2 my chest, & I stared 2 kiss her lips in five minutes & bite her lower lip. On that time she pressed my hard dick fastly & pulled it. I m doing first play of sex on her body. Now pulled down her chudidhar tuppatta & squeezing her big booooooobs fastly, she is started to moaning as mmmmmmmmmmmm press more fastely. Now I took her and laid her on the bed. And I removed her top of her chuddi, she is wearing black bra. Her booobs wait 4 removed her bra. I kissed her boobs with her bra and bite that hardly.

Then I removed her black bra. Wowwwwwwww what a big boooos she has. I laid on her suck her boobs .now she is started 2 remove my pant zip & put her hand in my pant & pulled my dick fastely. Now she wake up & doing suck my hard dick. She is sucked my hard dick 15 minutes. My dick I dropped my juicy water her mouth, she taste that. Now I removed her chuddy pant and her panties. I saw a hairy pussy. And start 2 sucked. After 10 minutes she says 2 insert my dick in her pussy. She is begged me. Now I given one demeaned & condition. She ask d my demeaned & condition now I say u have beautiful virgin daughter like u. She is very sexy. I want 2 fuck her. At first she is not accepted, but I touch her booobs she is agreed

She say 2 me her daughter cum with in 2hrs. And till then u fucked me. Now I insert my dick in her pussy. I start at first slowly. My 8” hard dicks go 2 fully in her pussy. I make fast and suck & bite her booobs. She cried her my attack in her pussy. She is moaning mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. After 45 minutes I dropped my juicy water in her pussy& give lips kiss her. She is taking relax, suddenly I turned her and pulled her 4 doing ass fucking. Now she is in doggie style. She is 4 wait 5 minutes. But I forced and bend her.

I insert my dick 2 her ass. And do fastly attack her ass hole. She is can’t 2 accept my fast attack. She is begged me because she having lot of pain. She cried a loudly. But I don’t go 2 tired; she is down on the bed. She is saying enough 2 fuck her. But I took her & went 2 bathroom 4 taking both. I applied a soap on her body. She is also do my body. Now she is pulled my dick & suck that & she request me 4 one more fuck in d both room. Now she bite my dick fastely & sucked my dick become a hard & tempered, now laid on the floor & she laid on me took my dick in her pussy. She is fuck me fastly. Both I moaned as a mmmmmmmmmhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, suddenly I bike her nipple then she and moaning sought as a hhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Now she seat on my dick in her ass hole & jump, rotate. After 10 minutes we finished us fuck time because her daughter Nirmala cum 2 d form house. In the next story I say my experience with Nirmala.

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