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Start Here : The anticipation of what the night was to bring, had Bruce so stimulated that he was having difficulty paying attention to anything else. His eyes drifted once again to the dashboard where the digital clock mercifully now at last showed it was a mere hour until Anne was to get what he knew she needed, wanted, and deserved. The last thought caused him to simultaneously both lick his lips and adjust the growing bulge in his pants.

The truth was, just thinking of Anne often caused this same reaction. His wife was a living, breathing wet dream, who delighted in driving not just her husband, but all men crazy with lust. She was 5’7”, 120 pounds, long legs, and gorgeous green eyes that were alternately smoky and blazing. She also had a tiny waist, round ass, and the most delectable large, and natural tits. Most women disliked her without even knowing her because of the way she made them feel insecure. On the other hand, more than one man had accidentally destroyed the canned vegetable display at the supermarket by having his eyes glued to her body.

Those men weren’t as fortunate as those that frequented the “Doll House”, an upscale gentlemen’s club located near downtown. There, you could see “Jade”, as Anne was known there, covered by only a shimmering G-string, as she gyrated seductively on the stage. Or, for an agreed upon price, you could get a private dance upstairs in the VIP lounge. She made good money, and had many “regulars”. Bruce was always amused when “Jade” told him about a customer saying, “If she was their woman, she wouldn’t have to dance”. All men thought this to be the sure-fire method to get in her pants. Bruce made enough money without her dancing. She didn’t have to dance. She wanted to, and that’s what they didn’t understand. Bruce wasn’t jealous, because he knew Anne loved him, and only him. He liked the idea of other men staring at her gorgeous body wanting her. This was power in its purest form. The passion it added to their sex was an added benefit. She would tell him about her customers, and how badly she made them want her. She knew it turned him on. He also knew that when she came home with an unusually large amount of cash that she had let men suck on her tits in the VIP lounge while she stroked their cocks while whispering in their ear how much she liked playing with their large cocks and how much she would like to have it in her tight pussy.

They had occasionally had another man to their house for a threesome, but tonight was going to be different. It was all arranged. She had told him about Steve, and Terry, who were both regulars, and spent a lot of money on her. Steve was a wealthy investment banker, and Terry was an attorney. She had given both hand jobs in the VIP lounge, and she had talked lustfully about their large, thick cocks. She knew how much he liked hearing about they had shot wads of hot thick cum all over her hands and long fingernails underneath the table. He also knew that Steve was black, and had a thick 9” cock. Terry was white with an even thicker 8” cock. Bruce had told her while fucking her, that he was going to have both of them over and the three of them would use her like the whore she was. Bruce knew that the orgasm that came right after that statement had hit the mark. She had cum like a wildcat after hearing that.

She kept all of her regular’s phone numbers in her little black book. It had been a simple matter to get these 2 numbers, without her knowing he had done so. Bruce had called them, and after explaining that no, he wasn’t a jealous husband and wasn’t interested in kicking their ass, but that he did want to meet them for lunch and discuss something that he thought they would find extremely appealing. Over lunch, Bruce had outlined his plan. They were skeptical at first, but Bruce could tell that his plan excited them. And so, it was agreed. Bruce gave them the address, and the time they were to arrive. That time was now only less than an hour away.

Bruce had called ahead and told her to be wearing something revealing and sexy. This wasn’t unusual, as he did this often. She had chosen a sheer see through halter top that tied behind her neck. 6” heels and a very short mini-skirt with a pair of crotch less black pantyhose completed the vision. He kissed her passionately, and then suggested they both have a drink or three. She laughed and agreed. She wasn’t a heavy drinker and knew that 2 drinks would loosen her up immediately.

She was nearly though with her second drink when the door bell rang. She said, “I wonder who that could be? Were you expecting anyone?”

Bruce simply said, “I’ll see who it is.”

Bruce answered the door. Standing there, looking somewhat nervous were Steve and Terry. “Come on in”, Bruce said. The look on Anne’s face as the three of them entered the living room was one of confusion, and shock. The last thing she expected to see were her customers from the Doll House.

What are you two doing here? Do you know Bruce? What’s going on? The questions were spilling out of her red lips rapidly.

Bruce calmly said, “ Relax, it’s okay, I invited them over.” And yes, we have met before. Bruce then turned to Steve and Terry and said, “I bet you 2 could use a drink.” Both of them nodded rapidly, and smiled sheepishly. Come with me baby, and help me make them a drink, and I’ll explain. As she followed him into the kitchen, he couldn’t help but look back over his shoulder at Steve and Terry, and just as he suspected, their eyes were glued on Anne’s ass as she walked away.

“What is going on?” Anne said.

“Well, Bruce said, it’s a surprise.”

“No shit, said Anne.” Bruce laughed and reached for 2 glasses. As he prepared the drinks, he said, “I thought it was time we did something about what you have been telling me about. I know you want both of them and they sure as hell both want you. So, we are going to do just that”. Bruce noticed at that point, that her expression softened, and changed at the same time. He saw a slight smile beginning to form at the corners of her luscious mouth.

“Is that right? And you set this up all by yourself, huh?”

“That’s right, he said, and we are going to fuck the shit out of you, and you can be our whore tonight.” Bruce then spun her around and from behind he reached his hand down and began to stroke her pussy, which was already moist. He whispered in her ear, “ that’s what you want isn’t it, you nasty little slut?” She was now beginning to moan lightly as he thrust a finger into her wet cunt. “You need to go back in there now and make our guests feel welcome. After all, they came here to make you feel good, and you don’t want to disappoint them now do you? He was still fingering her now dripping wet pussy. She was now grinding her hips as he teased her clit. “We’re all going to have our way with you, you little bitch.” She moaned again. “Now take these drinks into your men and tell them how glad you are to see them.”

Anne put Steve and Terry immediately at ease when she entered the room and gave them that million dollar smile. “Bruce explained everything to me, and I just want to say welcome.” With that she handed them their drinks and kissed both on the cheek. “And, I might add, I am looking forward to what’s to cum.” She laughed mischievously, and that broke the ice.

Bruce said, “Have a drink and we’ll talk a bit.”

“Sounds good to me”, said Terry.

“Looks pretty good too, doesn’t it? said Bruce, and nodded at Anne.

“Fuck yeah”, said Terry.”

“I just explained to Anne that she is going to be our little whore tonight, and that seemed to make her pussy wet”, Bruce said. Anne giggled and both men eyed her hungrily as they drank deeply from the glasses that Anne had provided. “Why don’t you dance for us baby. We would all like to see you dance, wouldn’t we guys?”

Terry said, “I never get tired of watching that body dance, do I baby?”

Steve chimed in, “She’s got the hottest body, and I love those tits.” Bruce could tell that all this attention was having the desired effect on Anne. She was getting more turned on by the minute. She turned the music on and began to bump and grind for them.

“Would anyone like a lap dance? Anne said.

“I think we all would, baby,” said Bruce. “But, why don’t we all stand around you instead, while you dance for us.”

“Okay, she said, sounds good to me. All three men put their drinks down and stood up and formed a loose circle around her. The physical exertion of dancing, the alcohol, and the closeness of 3 men now circling her was exciting Anne now. There was now a shiny sweat on her neck, as she brushed her ass against each one of them. All three men at once began to touch her. Steve’s hands clutched her waist as she ground her ass against his crotch. She could feel how huge it was through his pants. Terry was squeezing her left tit as Bruce was pawing at the right. Her breath began to quicken and she was now completely turned on, and very, very horny.

Bruce nodded at Steve and Terry. It was time. Bruce grabbed both of her arms right above the elbow, and turned her around to face the other two. “ I think this little whore has too many clothes on, don’t you men. I think she needs to share those gorgeous tits and pussy with us. Steve’s large black hands grabbed the middle of her halter top and ripped it away from her large glistening tits. He immediately began squeezing both tits and rolling her nipples between his fingers. She gasped and stiffened. She then arched the small of her back, which caused her chest to thrust outwards towards Steve. As she moaned softly, Terry reached underneath her mini-skirt and began to finger fuck her pussy.

“You like that don’t you, you little whore. You like having those tits squeezed and your pussy fingered.”

“Oh yes”, Anne said. She was now writhing on Terry’s finger, and quite obviously enjoying it.

Steve said, “You have driven me crazy for so long telling me how much you wanted my big black cock. Well, it’s time you gorgeous white slut. Get down on your knees in front of me. You hold her arms behind her Terry, and I’m gonna fuck this bitch’s face. Terry stepped behind her and pinned her arms behind her back as she was forced to her knees. She was now whimpering, which was driving all the men crazy. Steve unzipped his pants, letting them drop to his ankles. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and there was his thick 9” cock with precum already oozing from the tip. He stepped closer to Anne’s face and began to smear the precum all over her face. Then, holding his cock towards the base, he swung his cock back and forth slapping Anne’s face with it” Now open your mouth bitch and suck my big black cock! Anne didn’t need any further encouragement. She opened her mouth and began to slowly swallow his throbbing cock into her waiting mouth. He grabbed the hair on her head and began to fuck her mouth. She was now moaning and the saliva was bubbling out the sides of her mouth as she took his huge cock again and again. “Goddam, this bitch can suck cock! I can’t wait to fuck her! “Look up at me while you suck my cock, you nasty slut.” Dutifully, Anne looked up at Steve as his glistening black cock stroked in and out of her mouth. She pulled it out momentarily and began running her tongue first over the swollen head, and then up and down his shaft. Bruce was still standing behind her, and as he released her arms he reached around and began squeezing her luscious tits, pinching her erect nipples.

“God, that black cock looks so good fucking your mouth baby. I told you we were going to fuck the shit out of you, and this is just the beginning.” Terry had managed to maneuver himself between her legs by lying on his back and was now hungrily licking her pussy. This caused her to moan even more. Now that her hands were free, she wrapped both of them around Steve’s cock and began to stroke it as she sucked away like the cock-crazed whore she was. Steve was now beginning to thrust his cock further and further down her throat. She tried to pull away because the immense length of it was gagging her.

“Is it big enough for you slut? You like having your gorgeous face fucked with this big black cock don’t you? Tell me how much you want it, bitch! Beg me for it!”

Catching her breath, she looked up at him and said, “Oh yes, it’s so big, and it tastes so fucking good. I want you to cum all over my face, baby.”

Steve roared, “Then take it back in your mouth whore, so I can fill your slut mouth with hot, thick cum.” He slammed it past her wet lips and began fucking her mouth faster. Terry was now devouring her pussy as she ground her pussy against his mouth, all the time trying to do what Steve wanted. “Here it comes, whore! Suck my cock! Suck it! Suck it good, bitch.” Anne was massaging his massive balls and felt them about to explode. Steve held her head tight and began to shoot load after load of hot cum into her mouth. Letting go of his cock, she managed to push herself back away from him slightly by pressing on his thighs. She felt her mouth fill with cum. There was no way she could swallow such a load, so opening her mouth slightly, the cum began to pour out of the sides of her mouth and run down her chin. He pulled out of her ravenous mouth and began to spray yet another wad of cum all over her face. She was now moaning and grinding even harder onto Terry’s mouth as she began to cum herself. Her gorgeous body began to wrack with spasms as she grabbed Steve’s cock and kept licking the cum off of his still hard cock. Finally, she collapsed onto her elbows.

Terry rose to his feet and rapidly began to get naked. “Damn, your pussy is sweet tasting, baby. Now I’m going to fuck it, and fuck it good and hard. Her gorgeous ass was thrust upwards and still thrusting on an unseen cock it seemed. She was now delirious with lust. Terry was all too happy to try and satisfy the cock crazed slut he saw before him on her hands and knees. Having now completely stripped, he simply straddled her from behind and rammed his 8” swollen cock straight into her wet pussy.

She cried out as he entered her. “Oh, God, that’s what I need. Fuck me, please! Fuck my pussy! Fuck it hard! Ram it in me you bastard! Fuck me like a whore! As Terry continued to pound away at her cunt, Bruce moved in front of her. He grabbed her hair and pulled her face up. She looked so incredibly slutty with Steve’s cum still all over her face. He got down on his knees and shoved his cock into her still hungry mouth.

“Suck me, bitch. Suck my cock, while he fucks the shit out of you slut. We’re just getting started you fucking slut! She greedily sucked his cock as Terry was now thrusting his cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. She was now constantly whimpering. The whimpering noises, plus the combined sounds of Terry’s balls slapping against her wet pussy, as well as the sucking sounds coming from her mouth were rapidly driving both men to a thunderous climax.

“Here it comes, bitch! I’m fixing to fill that sweet pussy up with cum! That’s what you want isn’t it ,bitch! Let me hear you say it!”

She pulled her mouth off of Bruce’s cock. She turned her head around as far as she could to look at Terry, and said, “Oh yeah, baby! Fuck me like I’m your whore! I want to be your slut! Fill my pussy up with cum!”

Bruce roared, “Yeah, fuck the little bitch! Ram your cock in her until she screams!” With that, he grabbed her head with both of his hands and began to furiously fuck her mouth.

Through clenched teeth, Terry said, “Fucking bitch! You fucking whore! Fuck my, cock you slut!” Terry began shooting his hot jizz into her hot pussy at the same time Bruce began filling her mouth with his hot cum. She was cumming hard now.

“Swallow that cum down your throat, bitch! You filthy cock sucking slut. When both men withdrew their cocks from her, she rolled onto her side breathing hard. She was still moaning, and was now squeezing her tits. She wanted more. “Time out”, Bruce said, and everyone laughed. Bruce produced a towel, and gently wiped the cum from Anne’s body. He then handed her a drink.

“All this cock sure makes me thirsty” she said as she downed it quickly. The men all made another drink for themselves, and each had to go piss. Anne had another drink. Bruce brought out a joint, and shared it with everyone. The three men made small talk. The alcohol, the pot, combined with the drone of the men’s voices was making her drowsy.

At first, she thought she was dreaming. She thought she was floating. As she opened her eyes though, she struggled to figure out what was happening. Then, as her senses cleared, it became very clear. She wasn’t floating. Her wrists were enclosed in cuffs, which in turn were attached to a separating bar above her head. The bar was then attached by a chain to an eyehook in the ceiling beam. “What are you doing? What’s going on”, she stammered.

Then she heard Steve say, “You were right Bruce. Seeing her tied up like this is so hot!” It was then that she noticed the soft cotton rope tied tightly around both of her tits. Her tits were almost purple, and swollen huge. Her nipples were extended straight out, and had nipple clamps attached. There was a pulsing, burning sensation in both her swollen tits.

“Let me go” she said. She meant for it to sound like a command, but instead, it sounded like a plea.

“Shut up” said Bruce. “We’ll let you go when we’re through using you. I know how many times you’ve told me me about your fantasy of being tied up and raped. That fantasy is now going to come true.” All three men had been standing behind her up to this point. But now, she could only take a sharp inward breath as they stepped into view. Each man wore a hood that exposed only their eyes, mouth, and nose. Each also wore a black leather and chain harness that also had a metal ring around their cocks. The sight of 3 masked men dressed like dungeon keepers created a strange stirring in the pit of her flat stomach.

“Don’t hurt me” she croaked. Terry, she knew it was Terry, brought out his hands from behind his back. In one hand was a 3’ long riding crop. Attached to the other end of its flexible shaft, was a small piece of leather. He reached out and began to slow move up the inside of her thigh with it.

“We’re not going to hurt you slave. We’re going to please you in so many ways. You’d like that wouldn’t you slave?”

“I don’t” she started to say. He brought the leather tip sharply against her exposed cunt lips. The stinging sensation didn’t hurt her as much as it startled her. But a sharp “ow” escaped from her throat. Steve’s large black hands reached out and tugged roughly on the nipple clamps. This produced another yelp and caused her to arch her head back.

“Yes master, this is what you are to reply slave bitch. Do you understand?”

Realizing she had little choice, she said “Yes master.”

“Yes master, what?” Steve said.

“Yes, I would like that,” she said.

“That’s better,” he said. Steve then began roughly squeezing her giant swollen tits. This caused her to moan. Bruce grabbed her hair forcing her head back and roughly shoved his tongue down her throat. Terry began to lightly spank her squirming ass with the whip. Being whipped, having her swollen tits handled roughly, and the tongue down her throat, were producing steady whimpering sounds from her now. She realized that she wanted this. She wanted to be their submissive slut. She was now twisting and squirming against her restraints. Bruce let her head up.

“Please master, fuck me. I need to be fucked hard.”

“See if the bitch’s cunt is ready, Steve.” Steve inserted his large middle finger into her now dripping cunt.

“Oh yeah, this bitch is ready to be raped.” “Are you ready to be raped slut? Let’s hear you beg for it!” He then pulled the clamps from her swollen nipples, and pinched them hard.

“Aaaagh” she cried. “Yes, rape me! I want to be raped by all of you! I’ll do anything you want.”

After throwing a large cushion on the floor, Bruce untied her swollen tits, All 3 men took turns alternately sucking and biting her nipples. They were so sensitive now, that each time they would bite her nipples, it caused her to cry out. If anything, that drove all 3 men on. Steve released her hands from the cuffs. Then he said, “All right you white whore, on your knees bitch! Start sucking my black cock slut, and I want to hear you moaning and wet sucking sounds whore!” She immediately grabbed his huge cock and began to suck on it like the cock craving whore she now was. He grabbed the back of her head and began fucking her mouth. The other 2 men pulled her arms back and placed her hands on their rock hard cocks. She soon found a rhythm of stroking their cocks as Steve was raping her mouth. He pulled his glistening cock out of her mouth making an audible wet sucking noise. He stepped over to the cushion on the floor and lay on his back. “Get over here slave. I’m gonna rape that white pussy.” She eagerly straddled him and began to sink to her knees. She needed cock, and now. But he only let her get her pusy lips over his huge cock before he grabbed her tiny waist and stopped her. She whimpered and strained to insert his cock. “Beg me bitch! Tell me how bad you want my big black cock in your cunt!”

“Oh please fuck me! I need you inside me. I want to be your white bitch. I want you to rape me!” In one motion, he lifted her slightly, and moved her directly over his cock. Then, he slammed the entire length of it into her at once, driving in all the way to the base of his shaft. She threw her head back and screamed. “It’s too big, I can’t take all of it!”

“Good bitch, I want it to hurt. I’m gonna tear up that white pussy with this big nigger dick. Scream you fucking whore!” As she opened her mouth to scream again, Terry grabbed her head, pulled it forward, and began to fuck her face. The cock in her mouth muffled her screams as Steve kept ramming his cock into her throbbing pussy. Just when she started relaxing on Steve’s huge cock, she felt Bruce’s cock pushing into her tight ass. This drove her over the edge. As Bruce drove the full length of his cock up her ass, she began to cum. She had never had an orgasm like this. Her whole body was quivering. The orgasm traveled up and down her entire body in waves of pleasure. She was now enjoying the huge black cock that was trying to split her in half with its violent thrusts. All three men were pulling her hair, squeezing her tits and nipples, and calling her a whore, nasty slut, cock sucking whore, tramp, and anything else that came to their now sex-crazed minds. Then they switched places. Terry was now on the floor, and Bruce in front of her. She began to whimper, realizing that Steve was about to fuck her in the ass. Steve pulled her head back by her hair, and shoved his long tongue down her throat until she felt she would gag.

“Bitch, I’m going to fuck that tight white ass of yours so hard, you won’t want me to stop. I’m going to make you my white whore, and you’ll be begging me to come over all the time and fuck your ass.” She felt the massive head of his cock pushing against her asshole. Her mouth opened, but no sound came out, as he slowly pushed all his thick 9” cock into her wet and stretched asshole. As he began to pound harder and harder, she began another violent orgasm. It was then that all 3 men began to fill every hole of her voluptuous body with hot, thick, cum. They rolled her over on her back and drained the rest of their cum all over her as she lay their writhing and moaning. She began to rub the sticky cum all over her.

“That’s how a whore is raped bitch!” Bruce said.

She looked up at them, and said, “I want more. I want 5 cocks to rape me.”

“I think that can be arranged, slut”, said her husband.