Wife & her tailor

Hi all. Thanks for your all lovely mails. I really like some of your comments. This is Vishal again with priya series. Hope you have not been bored yet reading her stories. Let me introduce myself . I am a man of mid 30 with average height ,well built body & of course with a truly nasty brain & dick. My lust for beautiful ladies is never ending. I am not a lady hunter at this age but neither misses opportunity nor perform below expected level if the dealing is with a sex bomb. I am on & on & on. Of course First appeal has to come from other end to stop. You may think how bullshit is this writer. Trust me if you are a good fucker you don’t need to hunt fucking pussy. They can smell your dick.

Anyway Priya is my only lovely wife who is around 26 of 5’2” a good toy to play. She too is a never-ending sex toy. Someone can fuck her for at least six hours still she will say fuck me. If you have read my previous stories you may have better idea of her looks & attitude. Trust me I always become miser while appreciating her . Sometimes she laughs at me & kisses me saying poor boy when I indulge myself too much in caring her. Anyway I like her, love her. We try to do all unexpected things in this world. We trust each other. We know life is not at all only a fuck. Everyday we confess to each other for half an hour & we speak open heartedly. This is a class we never miss. Since last August our lives have changed. We are now much active in social activities. I have been able to come out of my conservative nature. I thank her for this change in me & of course our second honeymoon.

Let’s come to the story. It happened in the month of March after around a month of shifting to this city. Priya bought number of dresses from a shop that month. She told me about that shop near our flat. That was a showroom. They keep cut pieces as well as readymade. They do have tailoring also in the same shop. Not much big or renowned but he makes her dress perfect. That day Priya & me were coming back from one shopping mall. Suddenly her phone rang. It was around 9.00pm. That shopkeeper cum tailor called her & said, Madam, your dress is ready. You can collect it at any time. Priya said, Ok your shop is on the way to our home. I am going to collect it now. How long are you open?

We generally close at 9.30. If you are coming we will be open for you. He said.

Thanks. It will take around 45 min to reach there. She informed. No problem. We will be waiting. He said. Priya cut the phone. Vishal you know this guy is very handu & I think he is trying his luck on me. Is it? I asked. Yeah, he takes long time while taking my measurement & look at me like I am the only woman he sees. She said smilingly. I see, so he wants to do to you. I too laughed. Priya gave a seductive smile. We parked our car near the shop. It was located at residential area. Power was cut then so street lights were off in that place. This shop was having it’s own gen set so lights were on inside. It’s around few hundreds meter far from our residence. It was in the ground floor of a double storied building. Two three other shop was there too but already closed. That owner could be seen from the car through their glass door. It looked well decorated inside. So is it that guy? I asked. Yes. Priya replied looking at him. As Ac was on our colored glass was closed. I asked her to take her jeans off & put on a skirt we bought from the shopping mall that evening. Why ? She asked. Do it & go. I said. Aren’t you coming? She asked. I will come later. You go inside. Our car was just in front of the gate of the shop. The owner was there & his assistant was there too.

Will he do me now? She asked. I hugged her laughingly & pulled her top up to her shoulder .She was wearing a white bra too. I sucked her nipples .The cups of her bra was drenched in no time. Then I took out her jeans, squeezed her fair, well fleshy thigh & gave her the skirt from back seat. Holding the skirt in her hand she said. Vishal I am going like this. Ha ha she took out her panty in one push lifting her hips. I kissed her lips & inserted one finger into her cunt. It was dry then. I started licking her clit. Soon she became wet. I bent & sucked her cunt lips. Wao. Yeah. She kissed my lips again. She tried to put on her skirt. I stopped her & continued sucking her lovely cunt lips. She started moaning. Yea yea yea , slowly she started moving her hips after spreading her legs wide. I sucked her ass too. Vishal if he doesn’t fuck me now I will kick his ass. She cried. Don’t worry he is ready with his dick .I laughed. Mmmmm. She moaned looking at him through the window She applied some lipstick sitting in the car while I was licking her cunt. Apply some here too. I said. I don’t need this darling. Without anything I get enough care. She expressed. Enough care or enough torture. I laughed. What ever it is I enjoy it fully, see he will come inside his pant seeing this. She cracked. I was too aroused listening to her all nasty talk. Look vishal how big he would be. She asked. He is big enough to rupture your cunt. I replied. Hope so. Last time when he was taking my measurement in trial room for my blouse, I threw my pallu down . He rubbed his dick number of times on my pussy mount & hips. He touched his full size in my ass. She explained. You must have fucked him that day. I said. You were not there. So I was afraid. She said. Such a bitch you are, do fuck all in front of your hubby. I teased . Vishal I love to see your lustful eyes when someone does vigorously to your wife in front you & vishal you can’t blame me alone as you also fuck others in front of me. She complained. Ok now put on it. I said . Hey you are forgetting something. I said keeping her panty hanging near her face. I can let him open it but I don’t want to waste his time darling. She shouted. I left her. Finally she was ready. She opened the door of the car & went out. I went out from other side. We entered in the shop. Shopkeeper seemed was delighted seeing her & welcome her with his exciting face. Priya’s big round voluptuous boobs were hard in excitement. Her top was deeply cut over her chest & hardly covering her back. Her florescent blue skirt was too short & good enough to show her round fatty, heavy thighs. You are looking wonderful. He praised her looks.

Thanks. She gave him a very romantic & lust full smile. Meet my hubby. He is vishal. I shook hand .He seemed posh guy of around 5’10”, well shaped fair body. A perfect combination for her .I is Atul. He introduced. He asked us to sit. It was nice shop. Almost all walls are covered by glass. Number of different ladies dresses mostly salwars were hanging in two sides & racks were there on the back wall. Your wife comes here regularly. Hope I make her dress well. He said. Yes she looks bomb in your dress so I have come to thank you. I laughed. Thanks He said. She looks bomb in any dress. He said smilingly. Without dress also? I whispered in priya’s ear. Till now you are the right man here to comment on this. He said smilingly. It was pint of silence for few second. Priya gave me a wicked looks. I haven’t been lucky so far. He said smilingly looking at priya. The situation became very romantic as it was almost 10.30 pm & no one was there except us. Priya was looking gorgeous as well as horny. All we were talking in very erotic tone specially priya . It seemed to me they have already become friend. She was checking every dresses hanging over there & making comments. He too accepting her criticize & if required putting his comments too. Atul ,see I bought this today .How is it? She asked showing her skirt. Yes good one. See it well .She requested him coming to the middle of his shop & displayed him well. Her bare back & thighs were capable enough to erect all the dicks there. We all looked at her very lustfully. She walked few steps back & front & became a model in his shop for some minutes. He went few step close to her. He was out of control & very much keen to grab her. Two three times he extended his hand to touch her. May be because of me he hesitated. She was looking so sexy even a monk would tear her skirt. Her deep navel was visible & when she was bending her ass mounts also could be seen. Her cleavage is also clear for us. Her bra straps are clear from her each side. This skirt is looking good on you. He said. But it is loose in my waist. Can you get it tight? Priya asked going close to him. Now she was very close to him. Atul slid his finger inside her skirt without saying anything. Her skirt was very low & because of loose it came down further. He touched her skin on her hips. You can insert two more fingers. Priya passed comment looking at her own hips. He slid his all fingers inside the skirt. It went easily few inch inside. I am sure he touched her ass chick well. He felt something unusual inside. To be confirmed he slid few inch more & shook his hand inside. Ouch. Priya moaned pushing her boobs to his chest once. They were doing it in front of his staff & me. His staff would be of around 18 year’s young chap. I think he is student & working part time. We laughed. Are you looking for some thing? I asked. No .He said . Priya looked at him seductively. He didn’t bother to take his hand out. Still he was feeling her naked flesh. Will you mind taking it out? Priya asked licking her own lips. Hmmm Sure, He said & started pushing her skirt down. Atul ,not this, I am talking about your hand. Priya uttered smilingly seeing his eyes. Oh sorry. He apologized but I am sure he rubbed her asshole. It’s ok. Priya smiled. His hand was there inside her skirt for another one minute then he took out his hand & took his mouth close it her ears & said something. Priya’s eyes became big & naughty listening to him. Are you sure? Let’s check it. She said. She read this ticks in one adult magazine ha ha . How long it will take to alter. She asked.

It will take time. I have to re stitch it & will take time. He said. Can you do it now? Sure, Anything for you. You don’t go home otherwise I will be bore alone. He requested her. I will be waiting. She said. Then atul looked at me with doubtful eyes .He was thinking whether I would make his feast hell. He will be waiting too. Priya shouted. His staff took out her dress which she gave to make. I asked him about his personal things. He disclosed all like obedient child. That building is his own house. In the top floor his parents live & his room is there at back side in the ground floor. He asked me whether I locked my car or not ,then said to his staff to pull the shutter. His staff did so. He told us to go inside. I said ,I am fine here. He then looked at her. I will join you, without me you can’t do this. Priya whispered seductively looking at him. Priya was licking her lips several time looking at his eyes.

Vishal then you stay here .please let me know if you need something. Let’s go inside. He said to priya. You sit here. He ordered his staff. He then switched off all the light except one low watt bulb in his showroom & asked me, is it Ok. Vishal? Yes. No problem. I replied checking the dresses inside the showroom. He went inside & priya followed her. Priya took her cell from her purse. He waited till priya went to the door inside. They went inside & I found my mobile was vibrating immediately .I saw priya called me I received & asked, what happen? No response from other side. It took few second to understand what she wanted to do? She dialed my number from her fast dial menu. I could hear their discussion. You can ask vishal to go home .I will drop you. He said to priya. Hmmmmmm. That will be fine but I don’t trust you .Priya said. Why? He asked. They were speaking in very seductive voice. I don’t want my hubby to be alone for a night long. Priya whispered smilingly. But why don’t you trust me? He asked. You know it well. She replied. Can he make any differences tonight? He asked again. No, but I want him here. She replied. Are you sure? He asked . Hmmmm. she moaned. How long you want him sitting alone there? He asked. Till you finish. Priya whispered. I may loose perfection if I do in hurry. He cried. No please. Don’t do in hurry. Take your total time. She too cried. Ok let’s start fast. He said. Ouch. I will kill you. She was arousing him.

Kill me. Just take out your skirt. I will die. He uttered.

You are naughty. Do you want to clear your doubt now? Priya was in high then.

I already cleared my doubt there. He smiled & said. Then there is a pause for some time. Priya started moaning. Mm mm ah ah ah ah mm mm atul you are having my lipstick. Priya said teasing him. It is no more. ha ha I am going to suck now where there is no lipstick. He said. Mmm mmm mmmm aaahhh what are you doing? She asked smilingly.

Licking your pussy mount & taking your skirt out. He uttered what he was doing.. Oooooooo it is new atul. She shouted. Don’t do this otherwise you have to . She stopped saying this. What? He asked. I won’t say. She said shying. Say. He ordered. No. She was pretending to be shy. You have to say. He forced her. Don’t do it to me other wise I will be pregnant. Take me inside. Priya said moaning. Ouch. You lifted me like a empty basket. So strong you are. Hey this is your bedroom. Priya shouted. So you thought I would fuck you on my sewing machine. He asked. Listen I am here to give you company darling not to cool down your dick. She said laughingly. But you must pay for my work. He begged. How much do you want? She asked seductively. A night long .He replied.

Will you? He continued. I don’t know. Aahhhh . She moaned. Then I heard the sound of bed. May be he pushed her on bed. Can’t you put me on couch? She suggested. Atul you didn’t do well last day. Priya complained. What did I do? He asked. You know that. Priya whispered. I forgot. He whispered. You forgot? You made me topless while taking measurement for my blouse. First time I saw someone taking measurement like this. Your staff saw us. You know? Priya was saying seductively. Only my staff? He asked again. No .two more lady was there. What they thought about you? She complained. May be they were jealous. He said. They saw you when you were taking out my bra. She was recalling that day. I just told you it would be better if I could see your actual size. Immediately You took out your bra. He recalled the incident of that day. No atul I told you that you can unhook my blouse but you took it out totally. She was explaining.

No Priya , I unbuttoned your blouse only. You then asked, Is that ok for you. You can unhook my bra too if you need it. Then only I did so. He said. That doesn’t mean you will make me nude in public .She cried. Priya I told you I am closing the door, You said ,it is Ok. Ok I agree .I said so but how could you keep me topless for almost an hour. Twice you went out & kept your fucking door open. You fondled my boobs for long time. Priya still was recalling that day. So what. This boobs have to be sucked all time. He laughed. Aaahh. Atul it hurts. Priya moaned. Aaaaahh….. Mmm mm yea yea yea aa yes yes ye s yes yes aaahh suck me aaahh. Priya was moaning high. I think a number of people have had the contribution to get your boobs in this huge size. He said laughingly. Atulllllll. Yes Suck me aaah aah yes you are too good atul aah please do it ,do it honey. Aaaaaaa hhh aaaaa. Priya was in heaven then. Stand up. He said. Ouch. Priya moaned again. Wao, what a shape. He was happy seeing her cunt. Don’t do anything there. This is my hubby’s property. She whispered. Then there was a silent for around 10 second. Aaahhh atul your zip is scratching my cunt. Take your jeans out. Priya cried again. That’s like a good girl. He said happily. So where have you lost your panty? He asked again.

Aaahh yes yes. We went to disco. All of sudden his phone rang aa aaaaah aaahhhhh…. Oooooooo… & he went out to receive it. One guy there was watching me for long time. Getting me alone there he took me to a corner. Before I say anything He poured his dick inside his whisky glass & then in my mouth. He used me, licked me, sucked me even he fucked my mouth hard. Priya explained Didn’t he fuck your cunt? He asked. Mm mmm mmm I was sure he pours his dick into her mouth listening to all her bullshit erotic story. Nothing happened such in that evening. She sucked him for five minutes. As I could hear his moaning. Yes yes priya aaaa aaa your mouth is better than anybody’s pussy yaar. Priya too moaned taking his dick inside. Atul it’s too late now .Let me go. She cried. I am not going to leave you bitch as long as I make you exhausted. He became a bit arrogant. Atul don’t say this .No body so far could do it. It is next to impossible. She came back to her horny mood. Don’t give me challenge. He said. Aaaahh aah aah aah. I give you. She said moaning. Aaaah Priya shouted. Oh sorry .Did It hurt you? He asked. No it’s all right. .keep my legs over your shoulder& Pull me to the edge. Yes. Priya advised him.

Oh god so beautiful. I have never seen such gorgeous cunt. Thanks priya .He was pleased seeing thick lips of her cunt. It seemed he spread her legs wide keeping her on the couch.

Can I suck it? He asked very seductively. I don’t know .She moaned. Tell me? He asked again. I said ,I don’t know. She said in very low voice. You have to tell me. He was teasing her well. Mmm please atul my hubby is waiting. Finish it first. She was doing all kind of drama. Thanks. He moaned. Spread your cunt lips for me .He requested. NO. Priya shouted. Does it please. He again requested. NO. You do it. This time her tone was different. How can I ? I am holding your ass . He said. Yes. Yes. What a cunt. I think your cunt lips are more sexy than your lips. It’s like rose yaar He praised her. Ok kiss me here. She said. Next 10 minute’s priya was in sky. He made her mad. I think he licked her cunt, asshole, inner thighs all. He slapped on her ass several times. It could be heard over phone. Hold your legs tight on your boobs. He ordered him. Yes aam aam he was making noise too while giving her tongue fuck. Priya again started moaning aaahh yes yes yes yes yesmm mmm mm mmm aaah atul yeah yeah. Then their moaning stopped. You are salty. He said then. Yes suck me dry. She begged. I am planning to keep for your hubby. He laughed. He got his share enough now you eat me. She became arrogant this time. My hubby will kill me if he knows what we are doing inside .He is thinking you are working with my dress. If he sees you are working between my thighs. He will kill both of us. Priya said. I will suggest him to keep his nasty wife with me for a night long. He said . I will die. He was in seventh heaven. You are so romantic. Aah aah yes. Give me it. Yes yes.yes slow slow yes wao. It feels superb Atul. You are too big . Give me your full size. Yes, yes let me am familiar with it. Aah aah aah yes. Suck my boob. Yes aah aah aah aahaha ooooooooooooooooooo

You know priya, very first day I understood you are a whore & I am waiting to dig my dick inside this cunt since that day. He expressed how he missed her. You took longer time to bring me in your bedroom. If you would have asked me that day today it could be our silver jubilee session ha, ha. She said while moaning high & high. I was also planning to fuck you that day & you were looking the sexiest bitch when you were waiting outside while I was working with other ladies in the trial room. That day you were wearing a black tight hip trousers & a black short shirt. Can you remember? You were reading a magazine but your eyes were on me. He said. Your eyes too were on me .I saw your dick & am quiet sure you couldn’t concentrate on your work. She said. How could I ? If a gorgeous bomb like you is around. You stood seeing me ,looked at my eyes then turned back to show me your huge butt .You know I saw your pink panty as your pant was too low cut. He recalled. I know. Priya said. I came first but you took my order last. You called me inside the trial room & closed the door & the first thing you did, touch my pussy mount & said, it is too tight on you. I thought I would get a damn fuck that time. She said. So why you started unfasten your belt. He recalled. But you did all nasty things with me except what I wanted. You rubbed my pussy mount, teased it with your fingers, put your hand between my thighs several times. She was explaining continuously. I was planning to do to you that time but I didn’t fuck you because I was waiting for you to come without underwear someday as you have done today. He said while fucking her hard. Don’t worry by day after tomorrow we will do our silver jubilee session. He laughed. My hubby will shoot you. She said smilingly. I don’t know what he will do but now I can show him how I am shooting inside her wife’s cunt. Aa aa aa He increased his pace after saying this. Ha ha .They both laughed. Aaah aaah am mm No atul you are not going to do this aaahh He will divorce me. She was moaning high. Don’t worry. Let him do .I will be there to tear your cunt. He was panting. He fucks my ass too. She teased him again. I will tear that too. He was breathing heavily.

Now don’t talk. Fuck me hard. Yes yes. yes aaah mm mmmm mm mm mm mm mmm mmm mm ouch. I could count his stroke by her moaning. Let me ride you. She asked.Yes darling. Come on to the top of the world. This dick has waited long for your cunt. Let me see how you do fuck me. I want to grab your hanging boobs. He was enjoying. Wao You took it inside in one try. He praised. Priya did not say anything. Started grinding. Yes rub it.yes wao wao you are doing too good. Yes yes keep your hands on my chest. Fuck me bitch. Let my dick feel your cave. Yes fast fast. You are doing right. Do it first. He was saying all this naughty things while priya riding his dick. Aah aah aah aah aaah mm suck my boobs yes hug me yes priya was groaning. He was slapping her ass chick while she was crushing her cunt on his pelvis. Your cunt has taken my full dick inside .wao, yes, yes press it hard, yes. I will make your every dress free of cost if you fuck me this way. Yes you are too good.aah aah see how your balls are jumping. Your cunt is no more a hole ,it has become my dreamland. Yes ride on me. You are a good dick rider. Give your boobs to me. Yes. Good, good. I don’t think you got this expertise by fucking your hubby only. Kitno ne diya? He was using all slang. Jo bhi diya bharpur diya. Priya replied. Aah aahh mm mm mm mm mm I was sure priya locked his mouth & sucking his tongue hard. He stopped talking for some time. Abe mera lund tohkhali kar rahi hai aab mu se bhi sab nikal legi kya. Un logon ko bulaoo teri mu mein dalne ke liye. He was groaning Aah aah aah atul was coming. Yes priya fast fast I am coming yes He groaned high. Yes how is it? Now? Now? Aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. Aaa he became normal in two three minutes. Then priya started moaning aah aaaahh aaaaaaahh yes fuck me fuck me . I am sure he lifted her ass up straight on top of his dick & stroking from down. Priya too came in no time.

They were there for around 15 minutes. Give me some water. She asked. He got up & came back with water. Priya see, my juice is coming out of your cunt. He said. I think you need more. Still you kept your legs wide. He said again. See my legs are wide open pointed to the ceiling just to welcome you in my pussy. She said laughingly & sure she did what she said. You bitch. Le kitna chahiye. He jumped on her. Aaahh aahh aaaah aah yes fuck me. She begged. Your cunt is wonderful priya .I would love to fuck it everyday. He said. Thanks. Priya said moaning. Tumhara chota ho gaya hai. Nehi jayega. She complained. Kaise nehi jaye ga dekh chala gaya. He pushed inside her. Aaaah aaaah aaaah she started moaning. Abe tere andar jaake yeah kaise khara ho gaya. He was surprised. Meri chut mein lund chota nehi rehe sakta Atul. She smiled praising herself. Sali kitni garam hai teri chut. Kaise chota rehega. Aaaj tujhe aaj baraf ke tarah thanda karenge. He started fucking her hard. This time they were too vigorous as they wanted that round get finished in the earliest. Soon they both started moaning like animal. Aur chahiye kya? He asked stroking hard inside her cunt. Haan mujhe aur do yeah yaah yaah She was crying. Le, Aur chilla sali, pehele din hi tuhe dekhke samaj gaya tha tu mujhse chudwane aai thi. He was in heaven. Yes aaj bhi usi ke liye hi aayi hoon. Chodo mujhe. Aaah aaaah ha ah ah They both came almost together. They fucked for another 20 minutes. Priya your hubby is waiting. What’s the time now. We can do it for another half an hour. She suggested. Priya If I had to stay all night with you next morning I need to see doctor. He shouted . Ok let’s break. She said smilingly. Can I use your toilet. She said. They both came out after some time wearing their respective cloths. Is your dress ok now? I asked priya. Yes. He did fine job. Now it is perfectly fit on me. Priya said smilingly. Priya had intense orgasm .That was clear in her face. She sat near me . Atul went inside to bring drinks for us. That was midnight. Atul’s staff saw them clearly as he was sitting at right direction & their door was open. He was smiling very frequently seeing her. I think priya was aware of that. She looked at a salwar kameez & asked him to give that to her. Will it fit me? She asked. Hope so. You can try it. You don’t need to try salwar. Just put on kameez. He said. That kameez was too much to get his dick rock hard as it was too short & deep neck. You can change here. I said. Are you sure?Priya asked with smiling face. Yes he may go outside for a minute. I suggested. I need his help. It could be too tight. She said looking at him.

Yes come on help me. She turned opposite. He came close to her back & open knot of lace on her shoulder. He immediately took out her top. He saw her erect nipples in the front mirror. He helped her to put on kameez. It ended almost above on her pussy mount.

Is it kameez or top .Priya said laughingly seeing herself in the mirror. He immediately pushed her skirt down. It fall on the floor. You could have told me that you want me nude. Priya commented on his action. Priya took her skirt out lifting her legs. Her bare heavy pink thighs were our center of attention. As that kameez was too tight she took her hand inside from the top & arranged her boobs inside. She arranged the kameez on her hips too. Atul came with four glass & a bottle in a trey. He said seeing her, Oh my god. Priya will you please take it off for us? We all laughed. Her thighs are completely bare from her from her arse. Her kameez was of biscuit color & it almost matched with her fair complexion. I asked her to sit beside me. She did so. Atul’s staff brought two chair & kept opposite to our seats. Atul& his staff sat on those. He is Raghav, my cousin stay with us. He is doing his graduation here. He shifted here very recently. Atul said. In the day time I go to college & in the evening I work here. Radhav described his routine.

We were sitting over there for another half an hour & having general chat. Priya crossed her legs so no much vulgarity except few exchange of naughty glances. Raghav wants to stay separate. If you know any small flat or anybody wants to share with him please let us know. Atul said to us. Ok I said. Can we go now priya? I think your skirt is perfect on you now. I said smilingly.Yes. She replied & went to changing room to change her dress. We walked to the back door & came out. Atul came & thanked me for his lovely feast.

He asked me to come next day as his gf would come from Mumbai. We got into the car. Priya showed him her cunt for the last time while getting off. I smiled seeing her. She did not say anything. I put my car inside the garage. Are you going to fuck me here or in the room she asked. I lifted her with my hands took her to our floor. I left her in our dining. She went to bathroom & had bath. I sat on the couch. She came out wearing a towel went to the balcony in that. She was arousing me lifting her legs ,showing her ass, pussy & doing all nasty things there. I couldn’t resist anymore, came to balcony& stood in front of her.

Fuck my ass she uttered. She grabbed my dick & said it’s ready. Next one & half hour I fucked her in every corner of our room, balcony, dining hall etc etc. Next morning I got up at 9.00am .Saw priya was in deep sleep. I made coffee & breakfast. Our flat is compact but one more room with attached bathroom is there outside of our flat near stair & in the same floor as I already described in my one story. We did hire that also for safety purpose. Usually we keep this room locked . While making breakfast I thought of Raghav as he needs a room to stay. I called atul from her mobile & informed about it. He was more than happy to hear this. I went for the office. Still priya was in sleep. It was 3.00pm I called her from the office & informed about my idea & received a stunning reply from her, “sona are you sure you want your wife gets melted in one more arm, one more guy fucks my brain out,tear my pussy & unload his semen deep inside my vagina?” If you have problem then it’s ok. I said. I don’t have problem darling rather I will love to be sandwich between you two. She replied seductively. You are a whore. I uttered.

Say whatever you like but don’t deprive me from your dick. Ha ha ha . She said laughingly. I smiled myself. This is what I have. She is as sexy as hell.

Tell me how you like it. I tried to narrate as much as it occurred. Please write to me . I will love to swap with someone really interested. Be sure you will get most sexy darling to fuck & your wife will win a passionate, vigorous, nasty fuck of her life.

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